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Q: How do I change and add startup scripts?

A: Edit meta/recipes-sato/matchbox-sato/matchbox-session-sato/session. Of course, if you have your own meta-layer, append the matchbox-session-sato_0.1.bb recipe.

Disable 'matchbox-desktop' and 'matchbox-panel', however, do not disable 'exec matchbox-window-manager ...'

Don't forget to run your app as a background process

For example, the following code will start the fifteen game:

#matchbox-desktop &

# Lines containing feature-[foo] are removed at build time if the machine
# doesn't have the feature "foo".

#END_APPLETS=openmoko-panel-gsm,$END_APPLETS # feature-phone

#matchbox-panel --titlebar --start-applets $START_APPLETS --end-applets $END_APPLETS &

/usr/games/fifteen &

exec matchbox-window-manager -theme Sato -use_desktop_mode decorated -use_cursor $SHOWCURSOR $@
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