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These contributions are in alphabetical order by first name.

Adrian Alonso (1):

     librsvg: fix gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders not found in path

Alex deVries (4):

     Stop using hardcoded paths, use new Ubuntu and generic filters.
     Swabber's update_distro automatically updates the blob now.
     Calculate CCACHE_DIR by calling host's ccache config.
     Update to the latest swabber.

Andreas Oberritter (2):

     fetchers: Add parameter scmdata=keep to include .git/ and others in generated tarballs.
     manual: document scmdata=keep for CVS, SVN and Git

Bernhard Reutner-Fischer (22):

     bb.cache: only log if the respective action was taken
     BBHandler: simplify supports()
     BBHandler: use os.path in inherit()
     fetch: rename suppports_srcrev to supports_srcrev
     fetch: add common helper _strip_leading_slashes()
     fetch: use os.path.join
     fetch: be more pythonic
     svn fetcher: warn people to switch to SRCREV
     bzr: use utils.remove instead of os.system
     utils: don't overwrite builtin dir() function
     utils: fix typo in error message
     runqueue: use fewer newlines in error path
     runqueue: fix typo in documentation of calculate_task_weights
     parse: Use constants from stat instead of magic numbers
     data: fewer newlines for (un)export
     BBHandler: use basename directly in handler()
     cache: defer marking fn as clean
     event: fix unicode handler registration
     ConfHandler: commentary typo fixes
     codeparser: fix spacing in diagnostic messages
     *: use utils.remove() some more
     build: remove duplicate import of utils

Beth Flanagan (12):

     quilt: Fixed configure test for patch --version.
     Adding check for DL_DIR permissions: sanity.bbclass
     Initial commit of license reporting:
     Buildstats commit: buildstats.bbclass
     Doing uname without subprocess: buildstats.bbclass
     Emenlow Removal from Poky Core: meta-emenlow
     [BUG:650] Fix LICENSE parsing: license.bblcass
     Fixing my bad license parsing: license.bbclass
     Fix to the libtool LICENSE field:
     Fixing type: license.bbclass
     Merge branch 'bernard' of ssh:// into bernard-1.0
     cairo_1.10.2: Fix DEPENDS to include glib-2.0

Bob Foerster (5):

     Prefer xrange over range for small performance gain.
     cooker: don't fire unnecessary parse progress events
     Show the user progress when loading the cache
     depexp: add sorting of all package lists
     Resurrect alternative UIs

Bruce Ashfield (63):

     wrs_meta: emenlow updates
     mpc8315e-rdb: align PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS with tuning
     gst-ffmpeg: powerpc build errors
     qemumips: re-enable wacom and standard USB UI options
     wrs_meta: add USB options for wacom tablet support
     linux-wrs: rename force_revisions and allow override
     kernel: prefer the kernel produced uImage
     linux-wrs: implement BSP bootstrapping via fallback branches
     linux-wrs: BSP bootstrap
     linux-wrs: rename to linux-yocto
     yocto-kernel: factor common routes, update to 2.6.37 and branch renaming
     linux-libc-headers-yocto: use common linux-yocto routines
     qemu: update arm timer handling
     qemuppc: update 2.6.37 SRCREV
     linux-yocto: fix machine compatibility
     linux-yocto/stable: add blktrace configuration to standard branch
     linux-yocto: remove or adjust to _ in branch names
     linux-yocto-stable: fix qemux86 branch name
     qemu: match kernel headers to preferred kernel
     linux-yocto: update to 2.6.37-rc6
     linux-yocto: add dropped qemuppc configuration
     yocto-kernel: fix kmachine to deal with overrides
     yocto/meta: update to 2.6.37-rc7
     linux-yocto: update to 2.6.37-rc8
     linux-yocto/stable: update SRCREVs for 2.6.34.x -stable update
     kernel-yocto: pass the build directory to configme
     routerstation: disable command line overrides
     linux-yocto: update SRCREV to pickup debug/ftrace config changes
     kern-tools: create generic variables for platform/board/kernel
     linux-yocto: update to 2.6.37
     linux-yocto: add routerstation pro and mpc8315e-rdb support
     linux-yocto: add systemtap config to -stable and -dev kernels
     linux-yocto-stable: add atom-pc preempt_rt support
     linux-yocto: enable arch ARM config settings for KARCH based boards
     linux-yocto: beagleboard enablement
     linux-yocto: streamline new BSP creation
     linux-yocto: update validate_branches to detected invalid commit IDs
     linux-yocto/stable: update beagleboard SRCREV
     linux-yocto/stable: update crownbay kernel configuration
     linux-yocto/stable: update beagleboard SRCREV
     linux-yocto: allow multiple BSPs per branch
     linux-yocto: update SRCREVs for emenlow
     linux-yocto/stable: perf: hard-code NO_LIBPERL/NO_LIBPYTHO
     kern-tools: update to the new repository
     mpc8315e-rdb: set UBOOT_ENTRYPOINT
     linux-yocto: export kernel configuration audit to the console
     linux-yocto: BSP updates
     linux-yocto: uprev lttng to 2.6.37-lttng-0.242
     linux-yocto: streamline BSP bootstrapping
     linux-yocto: streamline BSP bootstrapping
     linux: factor dts/dtc/dtb handling into a specific include
     dtc: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to dtc-native
     mpc8315-rdb: add dtb generation configuration
     linux-libc-headers-yocto: disable device tree generation
     linux-yocto: add jasperforest BSP and fix lttng NMI bug
     linux-yocto: update to
     linux-yocto: enable audio for selected qemu targets
     linux-yocto: update to
     linux-yocto: add crownbay BSP infrastructure
     u-boot: remove do_install from
     kernel: remove explicit bash call in do_menuconfig
     linux-yocto: update machine configurations
     linux-yocto: update to

C Michael Sundius (1):

     Allow %20 in a file name in the SRC_URI

Chris Larson (137):

     When shutting down, send SIGTERM, not SIGINT
     Make realfile optional for better_exec, using the existing fn in the code object
     Drop the 'ui failed to start' message, as the ui_init does more in knotty
     Fix IndexError encountered when a 'depends' flag references a nonexistant task
     Add the ability to use runqueue schedulers from the metadata
     Let the RunQueueScheduler control the number of active tasks
     Split out 'find next buildable task' into a separate generator function
     Make DataSmart inherit the MutableMapping ABC
     Ignore python warnings that come from places we don't care about
     Use the python logging module under the hood for bb.msg
     Use logging in the knotty ui, and pass the log record across directly
     Switch bitbake internals to use logging directly rather than bb.msg
     Add pending deprecation warnings to the bb.msg functions
     Drop 'fn' arguments to bb.msg functions
     Fix providerlog NameError
     Apply fix for issue where the loggers were constructed with the wrong class
     Don't show uncaught exception message for KeyboardInterrupt
     Work around issue with pickling of traceback objects
     Turn Event into a new style class
     Simplify build exception handling
     Fix exit code display for task failure
     Don't show tracebacks for SystemExit or KeyboardInterrupt
     Fix bitbake -k issue introduced by build exception cleanup
     Only reference logfiles that exist
     Restore FuncFailed argument compatibility
     Fix FuncFailed construction
     Reduce bb.cache memory usage a bit
     bb.cache: fix bug from last commit with loading from cache
     Fix another little bug with undefined var from cache
     Queue up events before the UI is spawned
     Fix syntax issue and don't include 'd' in ui_queue
     Fix __getitem__ for DataSmart
     Access metadata vars as locals in python snippets
     Resurrect display of failed files
     Make 'cache is clean' message debug
     Fix GraphViz .dot output for rdepends and rrecs
     Move the pysh package into the bb package
     bb.pysh: fix writing pyshtables all over the place
     bb.pysh: add Case support to format_commands
     persist_data: handle locked db for SELECT
     Pre-explode rundeps/runrecs in CacheData
     cache: make use of defaultdict
     cache: use set for clean, checked
     cache: pyflakes/pep8/pylint cleanup
     cache: use new style classes
     cache: Add debug msg for a nonexistant dep file
     cache: make loadDataFull a classmethod
     Revert "svn fetcher: warn people to switch to SRCREV"
     cache: create and use a RecipeInfo class
     cache: don't write out the cache unnecessarily
     Implement parallel parsing support
     Experimental usage of the 'progressbar' module
     Simplify cache syncing
     cache: sync the cache file to disk in the background
     cache: don't add info to cache if cache is disabled
     cooker: stop loading the cache for -b
     cooker: save progress chunk value (total/100)
     cooker: show progress bar before initializing the cache
     cooker: don't add info for skipped recipes
     cooker: get number of threads in constructor
     cooker: ensure that the cache sync completes
     knotty: drop the ETA from the progressbar for now
     cache: ensure 'pn' is included in the pkgvars
     Use __file__, not sys.argv[0]
     vercmp: don't choke on empty first version components
     cooker: pass back child exceptions to the server
     cache: change to more incremental format
     cooker: no cached in progressbar and add ETA
     cooker: don't choke on <100 recipes to parse
     Don't show a traceback for a python version error
     Error more pleasantly when trying to use python2.4
     Fix the <100 recipe progress fix
     knotty: shift non-interactive progress into a class
     knotty: use enumerate for task waiting
     cooker: use a pool, abort on first parse error
     cooker: merge cookerState and cookerAction
     cooker: add shutdown/stop methods
     taskdata: use 'any' in re_match_strings
     cooker: use re match, not search in re_match_strings
     Rename the ui 'init' method to 'main'
     process: add subprocess-based bits
     build: use bb.process instead of os.system
     build: use a contextmanager for locks
     utils: fix calls to close() in the lock/unlock functions
     build: send logging messages to the log file for python functions
     build: fix -D with shell functions
     Kill the uncaught exception handler
     bb.event: fix MsgBase ref in fire_class_handlers
     utils: fix 'lock' variable reference
     event: use cPickle for events
     Rename command events, adjust compareRevisions
     Silence python 2.7 nested context manager warning
     Move the runq task start/failed messages to the UI
     build: set PWD in the subprocess preexec hook
     Ensure that the invalid UI error goes to stderr
     Fix PWD issue with new exec_func_shell
     build: ensure LogTee has a valid name property
     process: handle OSErrors other than file not found
     build: fix FuncFailed for the no logfile case
     cooker: don't swallow recipe parse errors
     knotty: exit with 1 if we see a critical log message
     utils: drop unnecessary debug msgs from mkdirhier
     Use os.devnull, not /dev/null
     Fix logging level names for post-server-ui-split
     parse: use bb.utils.which
     Move LAYERDIR expansion hack into DataSmart
     logger usage cleanup
     pysh: add missing os.path import
     process: fix handling of the input argument
     Revert "persist_data: cache connection and use cursor"
     Rework the persist_data API
     persist_data: resurrect the lock wait for selects
     Update persist_data usage to the new API
     build: use logger.isEnabledFor, not getEffectiveLevel
     event: use BBLogFormatter in print_ui_queue
     parse.ast: avoid code duplication for inherit
     parse.ast: drop __word__ regular expression
     cache: don't expand variables for skipped recipes
     parse: pass filename, lineno into the ast
     utils: show the actual exception in better_exec
     Inject taskpid into log records via our log handler
     vim: add an ftplugin for indentation settings
     vim: handle highlighting exports without assignment
     vim: properly highlight python inside of ${@}
     msg: no need to hardcode the logging levels
     persist_data: loop on database lock for table creation
     Add initial bitbake-layers script
     cache: fix docstring usage
     bitbake-layers: fix bug with env vars leaking in
     persist_data: kill unreachable break line
     runqueue: pass a copy of the RunQueueStats to events
     runqueue: simplify RunQueueStats.copy
     uihelper: import, kill commented lines
     siggen: add, bb.parse imports
     build: switch to old cwd handling
     build: add missing newline
     bitbake-layers: drop 2.6 from #!, per Joshua Lock

Darren Hart (52):

     git pull: remove the existing create_pull_request script
     git-pull: add the new create-pull-request script
     git-pull: add send-pull-request script
     Correct DESCRIPTION typos in various recipes
     image-swab: Correct PARALLEL_MAKE typo
     Correct LIC_FILES_CHKSUM typos
     tcl: Correct license checksums
     linux-libc-headers: Correct license checksum
     bsp-guide: correct BBPATH example
     README.hardware: Add Atom PC image flashing documentation
     send-pull-request: Use current date in mail headers
     send-pull-request: allow users to select git-send-email or sendmail
     rootfs_rpm: fix rootfs generation rm error
     trace-cmd: fix cross-compilation
     trace-cmd: license file updates
     glib-2.0: fix g_once_init_enter compile failure
     kernelshark: add ftrace gui viewer
     trace-cmd: Bump SRCREV and recipe PV and PR values. add a script to look for undocumented variables
     meta-rt: Initial PREEMPT_RT layer and kernel recipes
     meta-rt/rt-tests: add the PREEMPT_RT rt-tests testsuite and recipes-tests directory
     meta-rt/poky-image-*rt: Add initial PREEMPT_RT image recipes
     machine/qemu: Allow for users to override the preferred kernel version
     meta-rt: atom-pc support
     x-load: us TI upstream repository, update recipes accordingly
     u-boot: Add a new upstream u-boot recipe
     beagleboard: add x-load and u-boot depends
     overo: use the new upstream u-boot recipe
     u-boot-omap3: remove in favor of upstream u-boot
     README.hardware: add beagleboard documentation
     send-pull-request: send all patches as the local user
     send-pull-request: ensure a proper FROM header is included
     beagleboard: set kernel provider to linux-yocto (2.6.37)
     beagleboard: allow kernel provider override don't overwrite an existing uImage
     kernel.bbclass: use defconfig if it exists
     uboot: build with -O2 on all architectures
     uboot: move license data into recipe with SRC_URI
     xkeyboard-config: make depend on intltool-native
     README.hardware: update the beagleboard serial port documentation
     zaurus: remove zaurus linux includes
     linux-2.6.23: remove the linux-2.6.23 recipe
     linux- remove linux- recipe remove the obsolete kernel recipe include
     module: build hostprogs for each module
     hello-mod: add a module for testing module.bbclass
     qemux86-64: Enable latencytop and profiling (temporary)
     formfactor: Assume HAVE_TOUCHSCREEN=0
     atom-pc: work around gcc bug for core2
     gtk+: remove per-machine gtk+ FULL_OPTIMIZATION in favor of
     qemu: warn user if nVidia libGL is detected (leads to qemu segfault)
     qemu: make warning messages consistent in format

Dexuan Cui (58):

     libtheora: add DEPENDS on libogg
     busybox: enable more options for tar to support more file formats.
     eglibc: install the missing /etc/ into target
     damageproto: upgrade from 1.2.0 to the latest version 1.2.1
     fixesproto: upgrade from 4.1.1 to the latest version 4.1.2
     fontsproto: upgrade from 2.1.0 to the latest version 2.1.1
     glproto: upgrade from 1.4.11 to the latest version 1.4.12
     kbproto: upgrade from 1.0.4 to the latest version 1.0.5
     randrproto: upgrade from 1.3.1 to the latest version 1.3.2
     recordproto: upgrade from 1.14 to the latest version 1.14.1
     scrnsaverproto: upgrade from 1.2.0 to the latest version 1.2.1
     videoproto: upgrade from 2.3.0 to the latest version 2.3.1
     xcmiscproto: upgrade from 1.2.0 to the latest version 1.2.1
     xextproto: upgrade from 7.1.1 to the latest version 7.1.2
     Distro Tracking: update distro tracking field for recipes of Graphics libs
     gnome-desktop: add --disable-desktop-docs
     renderproto: upgrade from 0.11 to the latest version 0.11.1
     inputproto: upgrade from 2.0 to 2.0.1
     xproto: upgrade from 7.0.19 to 7.0.20
     compositeproto: upgrade from 0.4 to 0.4.2
     resourceproto: upgrade from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
     scrnsaverproto: upgrade from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1
     pixman: upgrade from 0.20.0 to 0.21.2
     libdmx: upgrade from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
     libxxf86misc: upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
     librsvg: upgrade from 2.32.0 to 2.32.1 updated for lastest package updates update for lastest package updates
     libgcc: use the new recipe (rather than gcc-runtime) to install* and crt*.o
     libc-package.bbclass: should not rm scsi/*.h
     cross.bbclass: make MULTIMACH_TARGET_SYS adjustable for bindir, libdir, libexecdir
     sstate.bbclass: allow each step of toolchain bootstrap processes to do populate_sysroot independently
     gcc-cross-initial, gcc-crosssdk-initial: change CROSS_TARGET_SYS_DIR and insall into new locations
     gcc-cross-intermediate, gcc-crosssdk-intermediate: change CROSS_TARGET_SYS_DIR and install into new locations
     gnome-doc-utils: upgrade from 0.20.2 to 0.20.4
     freetype: upgrade from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4
     liburcu: upgrade from 0.4.8 to 0.5.2
     lttng-ust: upgrade from 0.8 to 0.11
     lttng-viewer: upgrade from 0.12.35 to 0.12.36
     pixman: upgrade from 0.21.2 to 0.21.4
     dmxproto: upgrade from 2.3 to 2.3.1
     printproto: upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
     xineramaproto: upgrade from 1.2 to 1.2.1
     xf86driproto: upgrade from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1
     xf86vidmodeproto: upgrade from 2.3 to 2.3.1
     libxp: upgrade from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1
     libunique: update DESCRIPTION, HOMEPAGE, BUGTRACKER remove libfs, update xvinfo, pixman, dmxproto, printproto, xineramaproto, xf86driproto, xf86vidmodeproto, libxp update the info for some recipes
     xkeyboard-config: upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1
     gdk-pixbuf: add jpeg into DEPENDS
     pixman: downgrade from development release 0.21.4 to stable release 0.20.2 update pixman
     lttng-ust: fix ppc build by removing ppc specific time reading function
     mklibs-native: fix the build on Ubuntu 9.04 by defining STT_GNU_IFUNC
     oprofileui: upgrade to the latest version maintained by the Yocto project update the info for oprofileui
     poky-qemu-internal: force oprofile into using timer interrupt mode for qemux86/qemux86-64 for now

Dongxiao Xu (133):

     sstate.bbclass: Remove the temp sstate-build-* directories in WORKDIR
     gstreamer: Upgrade to version 0.10.30
     gst-plugins-base: Upgraded to version 0.10.30
     gst-plugins-good: Upgraded to version 0.10.25
     gst-plugins-bad: Upgraded to version 0.10.20
     gst-plugins-ugly: Upgraded to version 0.10.16
     distro_tracking: Update distro tracking for gstreamer and gst-* recipes
     bluez4: Upgraded to version 4.79.
     neon: Upgraded to version 0.29.5
     libogg: Upgrade to version 1.2.1
     libvorbis: Upgraded to version 1.3.2
     quota: Upgraded to version 4.00-pre1
     kexec_tools: Upgraded to version 2.0.2
     libical: Upgraded to version 0.46
     libproxy: Upgraded to version 0.4.6
     tremor: Upgraded to rev 17572 (2010/10/27)
     valgrind: Upgraded to version 3.6.0
     glib-2.0: Upgraded to version 2.27.3
     taglib: Upgraded to version 1.6.3
     libmusicbrainz: Upgraded to version 3.0.3
     distro_tracking: update distro tracking fileds for bluez4, neon, etc.
     gst-plugins-base: Fix build error
     matchbox-panel: Change function name "sync" to avoid conflict
     libfm: add missing definitions and declarations
     pm-utils: Upgrade to version 1.4.1
     netbase: Upgrade to version 4.43
     mtd-utils: Upgrade to version 1.4.1
     msynctool: Upgrade to version 0.38
     polkit: Upgrade to version 0.99
     polkit-gnome: Upgrade to version 0.99
     distro_tracking: Update distro tracking fields for pm-utils, netbase, etc.
     utility-tasks.bbclass: Move distro related tasks to distrodata.bbclass
     cmake-native: Upgrade to version 2.8.3
     gypsy: Upgrade to version 0.8
     telepathy-python: Upgrade to version 0.15.18
     telepathy-mission-control: Upgrade to version 5.7.0
     connman: Upgrade to version 0.63
     minicom: Upgrade to version 2.4
     wpa-supplicant: Upgrade to version 0.7.3
     gst-openmax: Upgrade to version 0.10.1
     gupnp-tools: Upgrade to version 0.8
     gssdp: Upgrade to version 0.9.0
     ofono: Upgrade to version 0.33
     gupnp-av: Upgrade to version 0.7.0
     libgsmd: Upgrade to rev 5394
     distro_tracking: gupnp-av, gupnp-tools, ofono, etc.
     linux-firmware: Update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     clutter-gst: Update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     gst-ffmpeg: Update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     gst-fluendo-mp3: Update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     gst-fluendo-mpegdemux: Fix LICENSE info
     gupnp: Update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     libomxil: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     libsamplerate0: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     libtelepathy: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     pulseaudio: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     telepathy-idle: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     zeroconf: Fix LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     run-postinsts: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-lsb: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-sdk: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     formfactor: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-x11-sato: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-base: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-tools: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-standalone-gmae-sdk-target: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-sdk-gmae: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-basic: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     telepathy-glib: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-apps-x11-pimlico: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-standalone-sdk-target: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-qt: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     ppp-dialin: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-nfs: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     task-poky-boot: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     bluez-hcidump: update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     gssdp: upgrade to version 0.9.0
     gupnp: upgrade to version 0.14.0
     gst-fluendo-mp3: upgrade to version 0.10.15
     gst-fluendo-mpegdemux: upgrade to version 0.10.62
     pulseaudio: upgrade to version 0.9.21
     distro_tracking: update gupnp, gst-ffmpeg, gst-fluendo-mp3, etc.
     makedevs: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     orinoco-conf: update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     bluez-dtl1-workaround: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     hostap-conf: update LICENSE and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM info
     gst-ffmpeg: upgrade to version 0.10.11
     connman-gnome: Remove the applet and properties desktop icons
     distro_tracking: Add RECIPE_LAST_UPDATE info
     pulseaudio: upgrade to version 0.9.22
     ofono: upgrade to version 0.37
     netbase: upgrade to version 4.44
     bluez4: upgrade to version 4.82
     gstreamer: upgrade to version 0.10.31
     gst-plugins-base: upgrade to version 0.10.31
     gst-plugins-good: upgrade to version 0.10.26
     telepathy-glib: upgrade to version 0.13.6
     telepathy-idle: upgrade to version 0.1.7
     telepathy-python: upgrade to version 0.15.19
     dpkg: upgrade to version
     glib-2.0: upgrade to version 2.27.5
     telepathy-mission-control: upgrade to version 5.7.1
     libogg: upgrade to version 1.2.2
     linux-firmware: upgrade to rev 40c0f950be7040614dc45df54e25e54d00e3b73b
     tremor: upgrade to rev 17636
     connman: upgrade to version 0.65
     connman-gnome: update service name
     distro_tracking: update pulseaudio, ofono, netbase, etc.
     staging: relocate *.la paths in destination dirs
     bitbake: Introduce stamp-extra-info task flag into stamp filenames
     bitbake: fix parameter order for flaglist()
     meta-environment: Remove the recursive dependency on do_compile
     staging: Use relative path in sysroot-destdir for target recipes
     package_ipk: Do not depend on the existence of "D" to create ipk package
     bitbake: machine specific sysroots implementation
     emenlow: Change PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS and BASE_PACKAGE_ARCH to core2
     perl: Remove ${MACHINE} dependency in compile and package.
     distro_tracking: update distro tracking fields
     wpa-supplicant: change dbus interface
     dbus: change owner and mode for dbus-daemon-launch-helper in postinst
     gypsy: Change gypsy upstream repo address
     connman-gnome: Enable config menu popup even services are not available
     gstreamer: reenable PARALLEL_MAKE
     gst-meta-base: add uridecodebin library support
     package.bbclass: Use hard link for package split instead of copy
     attr: Change SRC_URI to a correct location
     ncurses: Change ncurses patch SRC_URI location
     connman: add xuser to the dbus permission list
     telepathy-python: Fix parallel make issue.
     tinylogin: Fix rotate passwd check logic
     gst-plugins-bad: add missing dependency librsvg
     xserver-nodm-init: add xuser to group audio

Eric BENARD (1):

     bitbake: lib/bb/fetch/hg: fix fetching from a mercurial repository

Gary Thomas (5):

     image.bbclass/initscripts: Make /etc/timestamp usage consistent.
     libart-lgpl: Add missing config file - allows builds on PowerPC
     poky-env-internal: Allow the environment variable POKYCONF to provide the basis for the working "conf" directory.
     linux-igep: Add required LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     Suppress useless warnings during udev startup

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (1):

     misc: Update the email address to a working one.

Ilya Yanok (5):

     linux-dummy: add license and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     openssl: drop the valgrind patch that introduce a security hole
     linux: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     u-boot: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     u-boot: compile with -O2 on PowerPC

J. Aaron Gamble (2):

     Added qemumips /etc/pointercal file for touchscreen calibration
     tslib: 32bit big endian support

Javier Martin (2):

     Fix comparison with SRCREVINACTION constant
     Export KRB5CCNAME variable

Jessica Zhang (5):

     Introduce SDK_VERSION which is based on DISTRO_VERSION for fixing bug 586
     sanity.bbclass: remove SDK_ARCH check
     meta-toolchain-sdk: Rename meta-toolchain-sdk to meta-toolchain-gmae
     local.conf: change i586 to i686 for 32bit SDK
     adt-installer: change to adopt the adt public repo directory layout

Jiajun Xu (12):

     imagetest-qemu: Add test case for dmesg check in target
     imagetest-qemu: Add sanity test cases for scp/shutdown in target
     sanity.bbclass: Check if DISPLAY is set when IMAGETEST is set
     qemuimage-testlib: Add check for existence of image and correctness of ip address
     qemuimagetest: Add basic function check for zypper command
     qemuimagetest: Add basic function check for rpm command
     qemuimagetest: Add basic function check for gcc/g++/make command in target
     qemuimagetest: Add basic function check for connman
     qemuimagetest: Remove connman test for lsb image and fix one warning in Test_Create_Qemu
     qemuimagetest: Use the same image in sanity testing to fix the timeout issue on autobuilder
     qemuimagetest: Use same image during sanity testing instead of copying a new image for each case
     qemuimagetest: Rename test scenario file from poky-image-sdk to poky-image-sato-sdk

Jingdong Lu (22):

     tcltk: Fix moving into tcl-lib.
     texinfo: Add new package
     perl: Fix adding GDBM_File module for LSB test.
     libxml-parser-perl: Fix bug of empty package of libxml-parser-perl.
     libxml-perl: Add libxml-perl
     liburi-perl: Add perl-uri
     Enable '-opengl' option for qt4 in order to generate     qt4-x11-free: Only build opengl for x86 platforms since only these have GL support at present
     qt4: Enable accessibility and sm option for LSB.
     glib-2.0: Enable debug option for LSB test.
     libxml2: Enable "--with-docbook --with-debug --with-catalog" for LSB test.
     poky-lsb: Add poky-lsb.conf as distro of lsb image
     python: Fix failures of LSB python-runtime tests.
     perl: Add GDBM module for perl
     liburi-perl: Rename liburi-perl
     base-files: Add to make some directories needed by LSB.
     mailx: add mailx 12.4
     msmtp: add msmtp 1.4.23
     libxml2: Enable "--with-legacy" for LSB test.
     cups: add cups 1.4.6
     task-poky-lsb: add necessary packages name
     libxml-parser-perl: remove FILES_${PN}
     task-poky-lsb: add python-misc

Joshua Lock (72):

     poky-default-revisions: define SRCREV for pseudo-nativesdk
     gnome-icon-theme: fix build
     documentation/bsp: update to reference FILESEXTRAPATHS
     eglibc: fix build of eglibc-initial for make 3.82
     busybox: import upstream patch for make 3.82
     procps: fix for build against make 3.82
     bitbake-runtask-strace: simple shell script to wrap tasks in a strace call
     image-swab: introduce a class for generating swabber reports
     gitignore: ignore the default downloads directory
     poky-default-revisions: bump swabber version
     image-swab: update swabber command for latest version
     local.conf.sample: Note extra variables required when disabling en_US locale
     sanity.bbclass: Warn people when TERMCMD is set to a non-installed program
     bitbake/crumbs: Fix crumbs UI for bitbake event class name changes
     bitbake/crumbs: do the test for ignored messages sooner
     bitbake/crumbs: fix the event name determination
     bitbake/goggle: interaction tweaks
     bitbake/depexp: Factor ProgressBar into a separate class in crumbs/
     bitbake/crumbs: add optional pbar parameter to RunningBuild.handle_event()
     bitbake/xmlrpc: Modify xmlrpc server to work with Python 2.7
     bitbake/goggle: automatically show most recently added  message
     bitbake/goggle: add a ProgressBar for parse progress
     bitbake/cooker: fix idle command processing in servers
     poky.conf: move the SDK install into version directories
     chrpath: add nativesdk variant
     external-python-tarball: add chrpath to the tarball
     gstreamer: fix to comply with make 3.82's stricter parser
     libowl-av: fix for Make 3.82
     owl-video-widget: fix Makefile for super strict make 3.82
     web-webkit: fix for make 3.82
     dates: fix for Make 3.82
     contacts: fix for make 3.82
     gst-plugins: fix for make 3.82
     gst-plugins-base: add avahi to DEPENDS
     gst-plugins: fix for make 3.82
     gnome-common: add native variant via BBCLASSEXTEND
     gnome-doc-utils: ensure a native variant exists for document generation
     gnome-doc-utils: use BBCLASSEXTEND for native variant
     owl-video-widget: bump PR after recent patch
     bitbake/depexp: fix early exit
     bitbake/uievent: fix queueing of events for xmlrpc before UI has loaded
     bitbake/goggle: closing the progress dialog kills the UI
     bitbake/depexp: closing progress dialog kills gui
     bitbake/goggle: don't drop events
     util-linux: tidy up metadata
     external-python-tarball: include multiprocessing module
     license.bbclass: handle | (or) in the LICENSE field
     scripts/bitbake: remove bashisms
     gobject-introspection: fix DEPENDS
     Ensure Bash is used when spawning terminals
     bitbake/cache: store a list of inherited files in the cache
     bitbake: implement command to get all possible targets and their dependencies
     bitbake: implement command to find configuration files for a config variable
     bitbake/cooker: add generateTargetsTree method
     bitbake/cooker: reduce code duplication
     bitbake/[cooker|cache]: cache summary, license and group. Add to targets tree
     bitbake: introduce crumbs.TaskListModel a gtk.ListStore subclass
     bitbake/event: fix some whitespace issues
     bitbake/crumbs: update documentation header
     bitbake/progress: add method to pulse the progress bar
     bitbake/cooker: don't drop possible_world ref count
     bitbake: Add new UI hob, a prototype Gtk+ GUI for creating images
     bitbake/progress: make progress dialog modal for parent window
     bitbake/cache: bump cache version after recent changes
     bitbake/codeparser: fix raising of ShellSyntaxError
     dropbear: add SRC_URI checksums
     bitbake/hob: only show one progress dialog when changing machine
     util-macros: fix DEPENDS for nativesdk
     bitbake/cooker: don't error in prepareTreeData for unbuildable targets
     bitbake/hob: fix cancel button
     bitbake/bitbake-layers: fix to run with recent changes
     bitbake/xmlrpc: only use BBTransport for affected Python versions

Kang Kai (4):

     recipe: add chkconfig for LSB command test
     recipe: add newt from OE
     recipe: add slang from OE
     slang: export INST_LIB_DIR to fix compile problems

Kevin Tian (33):

     poky.conf: add PWD to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST
     package.bbclass: make sure 'sysroots' created before lockfile fix comparison around runtaskdeps
     update-alternatives.bbclass: don't expand var when appending do_install
     poky.conf: add "virtual:native:" to BB_HASHTASK_WHITELIST
     librsvg: append SRC_URI after inherit
     libfontenc: add dependency on font-util
     xproto: disable spec generation set 'runtaskdeps' correctly fix the wrong usage on BB_TASKHASH_WHITELIST
     poky.conf: add more hash whitelist use correct task ID when checking validity of setscene tasks make sure stamp directory existing
     kernel.bbclass: Rename do_deploy so the function can be overridden in recipes
     kernel.bbclass: Set vardepsexclusive for KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME print taskname when seeing mismatched hash in cache set BB_TASKHASH approriately after moving to fork()
     acl: use correct Savannah download link
     gcc-4.5.1: make c++ include path relative to "--sysroot"
     binutils: use default ${CC} instead of defining it own
     perl: use ${CCLD} instead of its own LD definition
     flex-native: create a wrapper script for sstate installation
     bison-native: create a wrapper script for sstate installation
     bitbake.conf: add USERNAME to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST better print for task hash comparison
     base-files: remove ending colon from default $PATH for root user
     bash: use /bin/bash as default shell when bash is included
     task-poky-sdk: add 'file' and 'ldd'
     license.bbclass: don't mark it as 'nostamp'
     cronie: enable multi-user crontab usage and make cron environment complete
     at: allow normal user to use 'at'
     bitbake.conf: add POKYBASE to BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST
     slang: specify --x-includes to pass qa sanity check

Khem Raj (9):

     fetchers: Use tar --exclude pattern to remove SCM files
     lib/oe/ Use bb.utils.mkdirhier instead of bb.mkdirhier Add checksums
     qemu-0.13.0: Add patch to avoid mmap_min_addr
     fetch, fetch2: Get rid of DeprecationWarning notice
     rpm: Fix linking error encountered in rpm-native Change LINUXLIBCVERSION "2.6.36" -> ""
     sanity.bbclass: Check for /proc/sys/vm/mmap_min_addr to be >= 65536 Add immediate evaluation otherwise it ends in circular dependency

Koen Kooi (16):

     cross-canadian bbclass: replace hardcoded -pokysdk with SDK_VENDOR
     sstate.bbclass: fix multimachine builds when PACKAGE_ARCH = MACHINE_ARCH
     machines: move PACKAGE_EXTRA_ARCHS to tune files
     wpa-supplicant 0.7: fix GNU HASH QA issue
     wpa-supplicant 0.7.3: fix dbus service activation
     kernel bbclass: add 'perf' to kernel-modules blacklist
     external-python-tarball: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     setuptools bbclass: import from OE
     python-dir bbclass: import from OE
     distutils(-common-base) bbclass: sync with OE
     opkg: Update to svn r596 to fix segfault when upgrading packages
     wpa-supplicant 0.7.3: fix packaging of dbus service files and fix layout variables
     rpm: catch up with fetcher2
     bitbake.conf: fix SDK_NAME disable -werror like -cross does

Lianhao Lu (25):

     cross-canadian: pkg name includes target arch
     meta-environment: Added package of meta-environment-${TARGET_ARCH} for     environment files.
     scripts/bitbake: Skip building pseudo if necessary.
     bitbake/ corrected the output for shell syntax.
     meta-environment: Remove c++ include dir from CXXFLAGS.
     libtool: Adjusted content of various libtool packages.
     cross-canadian.bbclass: Correct deb package arch.
     apt-native: Added licence checksum.
     image/package_xx/rootfs_xx.bbclass: move rootfs_xx_log_check().
     rootfs_deb/package_deb.bbclass: move func from rootfs_deb to package_deb
     rootfs_ipk/package_ipk.bbclass: Move func from rootfs_ipk to package_ipk
     rootfs_rpm/package_rpm.bbclass: Move func from rootfs_rpm to package_rpm
     populate_sdk_rpm.bbclass: Added rpm support for populate_sdk task.
     populate_sdk_deb.bbclass: Added deb support for populate_sdk task.
     populate_sdk_ipk.bbclass: Added ipk support in populate_sdk task.
     populate_sdk.bbclass/meta-toolchain: Made populate_sdk task more generic
     linux-libc-headers-yocto: Added RPROVIDES.
     toolchain-scripts.bbclass: Added libtool sysroot support.
     toolchain-script/populate_sdk/meta-toolchain: moving common code.
     recipe-core/meta/ Set correct value for CONFIG_SITE.
     toolchain-script.bbclass: Added --sysroot to LDFLAGS.
     gcc/collect2: Added --sysroot support into collect2 in gcc. Added missing dependencies.
     toolchain-scripts.bbclass: Added --sysroot to CPPFLAGS.

Liping Ke (11):

     Add extra parameters options for poky-qemu scripts
     adt-intaller feature implementation, including the bitbake recipe file for creating the intaller tar file under /tmp/deploy/sdk, and the adt-installer script files and config files, set the reference to adt repo entry empty before it's setup
     ADT: Fix check_result script cond comparison bug
     ADT: Fix several bugs for adt installer
     Add libtool-nativesdk for ADT
     ADT: Bug fix for Suse Linux
     adt: Update to svn r596 to fix symbolic link issues
     adt: removed unused repo source and opkg options
     Disable wget server side cache
     adt: fix ppc/powerpcc naming bug
     ADT: bug fix for nameing and do_patch sequence

Lu Jingdong (1):

     ed: Change bin path

Mark Hatle (66):

     busybox/sysklogd: syslog.conf files
     at: Fix nonstripbinaries.patch
     avahi: Fix typo in summary
     recipes-devtools: Add Summary information
     recipes-extended: Add Summary information
     recipes-gnome: Add Summary and Description information
     recipes-graphics: Add SUMMARY and update DESCRIPTION
     recipes-kernel: Update SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION
     recipes-multimedia: Update SUMMARY and DESCRIPTIONS
     poky-init-build-env: Breakup the environment script
     poky-init-build-env: Enable all POSIX shells
     pseudo: Update to the latest upstream version
     Workaround issue with latest version of pseudo.
     sanity.bbclass: Disable TERMCMD checking with noop patching
     pseudo: Revert msg cache changes
     BerkleyDB: Uprev db from 4.2 to 5.1.19
     rpm: Uprev to RPM 5.4.0
     rootfs_rpm: Setup the platform configuration
     sat-solver: upgrade to newer git version
     package_rpm: Fix package-split summary
     rpm: Add relocation to rpm-native
     bitbake.conf: Fix missing NM definition
     recipes-graphics: Add more detailed SUMMARY and DESCRIPTIONS
     bitbake.conf & package.bbclass: Use default SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION
     prelink: Temporary workaround for documentation build
     pseudo: Uprev pseudo and fix a few minor bugs
     busybox: Support DHCP refresh without restarting the interface
     coreutils: Add various bug fixes
     sysfsutils: Merge bug fix
     util-linux: Add mount lock patch
     insane.bbclass: Fix config.log error message
     fetch2: Add SRPM knowledge
     package.bbclass: Preserve hard links!
     Misc hard link fixes
     fetch2: unpack revision
     busybox: Rework busybox to fix limitations in initscripts
     package.bbclass: Breakout the strip from the populate_packages
     recipes: pre/post actions
     rpm: Add the ability to use the platform file during install
     rpm: Avoid fsync when writing files
     image.bbclass: Disable shell debug messages
     package_rpm: Fix solverdb generation
     lttng-viewer: Fix rootfs contruction
     rpm: Increase the number of solvedb's allowed
     Revise stripping and splitting of debug information
     package.bbclass: Refactor split and strip function
     rootfs_rpm: Fix rootfs generation using RPM packages
     rpm: Fix rpm usage of prelink on the target
     rpm: Fix rpm-dbg package split
     prelink: Add missing macro.prelink file
     populate_sdk_rpm.bbclass: Add the necessary solvedb lock
     insane.bbclass: Fix ELF bitsize comparison
     poky-env-internal: Add FETCH2 enablement Fix a typo when evaluating bitsize
     gcc-runtime: Ensure that gcc-runtime builds a debug package
     package.bbclass: Change the debug directory to avoid conflicts
     package_rpm: Fix rootfs generation
     gcc-runtime: Fix dbg files
     libzypp: Fix release query
     sat-solver: uprev to the latest version
     sat-solver: Add workaround for RPM 5 db construction
     rpm: Disable repackage on upgrade/erasure by default
     package.bbclass: Fix missing debug src files
     sat-solver: Fix solution DB generation and general cleanup
     rootfs_rpm.bbclass: Add additional system configuration to RPM space
     db: Fix path of arm-thumb patch

Martin Jansa (4):

     sanity.bbclass: some multilib systems have symlink /lib -> /lib64
     python: add script and regen
     debian.bbclass: call auto_libname in reverse sorted AUTO_LIBNAME_PKGS
     distutils-base: Only RDEPEND python-core on target packages

Mei Lei (95):

     at: remove nonrootinstall patch and modify some relevant files remove some packages information from it remove some invalid packages information from it
     galago-daemon: Add license file checksum and update GPL information
     gccmakedep: Add license checksum to bb file
     gnome-doc-utils:Add LGPL file and GPL file checksum to bb file
     libart-lgpl:Add license file checksum and update the GPL information
     liberation-fonts:Add license file checksum to bb file
     libunique:Add license file checksum to bb file
     libxpm: Add license file checksum to bb file
     libxprintapputil:Add license checksum to bb file
     libxprintutil:Add license checksum to bb file
     ttf-bitstream-vera:Add license file checksum to bb file
     libxtrap:Add license file checksum to bb file
     lttng:Add license file checksum and update the GPL information
     dpkg:Add license file checksum to bb file
     minicom: Add license file checksum and update the GPL information to bb file
     acpid: Add license checksum to bb file
     apr:Add license checksum to bb file
     apr-util:Add license checksum to bb file
     apt:Add license checksum to bb file
     beecrypt:Add license checksum and update the GPL to bb file
     chrpath:Add license checksum and update the GPL to bb file
     dosfstools:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     expat:Add license checksum to bb file
     gssdp:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     insserv:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libacpi:Add license checksum to bb file
     libatomics-ops:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libffi:Add license checksum to bb file
     libgdbus:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libpam:Add license checksum to bb file
     modutils:Add license checksum to bb file
     mtools:Add license checksum to bb file
     pax-utils:Add license checksum to bb file
     psmisc:Add license checksum to bb file
     autoconf:Add license checksum and add the GPL information
     automake:Add license checksum to bb file
     bison:Add license checksum to bb file
     byacc:Add license checksum and add the GPL information
     diffstat:Add license checksum to bb file
     distcc:Add license checksum to bb file
     gmp:Add license checksum and add the GPL information
     intltool:Add license checksum to bb file
     libmpc:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libpcre:Add license checksum to bb file
     m4:Add license checksum to bb file
     makedepend:Add license checksum to bb file
     quicky:Add license checksum to bb file
     modutils-collateral:Add license checksum to bb file
     opkg-collateral:Add license checksum to bb file
     poky-feed-config-opkg: Add license checksum to bb file
     consolekit:Add license checksum to bb file
     gobject-introspection:Add license checksum to bb file
     console-tools:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libxml-parser-perl:Add license checksum to bb file
     libtimedate-perl:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     libconvert-ans1-perl:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     gnu-config:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     gdb:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     gcc:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     mpfr:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     perl:Add license checksum to bb file
     prelink:Add license checksum to bb file
     python:Add license checksum to bb file
     python-dbus:Add license checksum to bb file
     python-imaging:Add license checksum to bb file
     python-pygobject:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     python-pygtk:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     python-pyrex:Add license checksum and update the License information
     python-scons:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     quilt:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     make:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     lsof:Add license checksum to bb file
     dtc:Add license checksum and add the GPL information
     libtheora:Add license checksum to bb file
     libxml-simple-perl:Add license checksum to bb file
     mc:Add license checksum to bb file
     qmmp:Add license checksum to bb file
     base-files:Add license checksum to bb file
     flex:Add license checksum and add the license information
     gthumb:Add license checksum to bb file
     opkg-config-base:Add license checksum to bb file
     initscripts:Add a patch of GPLv2 license and its checksum to bb file
     initramfs-live-install:Add license checksum to bb file
     initramfs-boot:Add license checksum to bb file
     initramfs-live-boot:Add license checksum to bb file
     fstests:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     keymaps:Add license checksum and update the GPL information
     modutils-initscripts:Add license checksum to bb file Change poky boot logo to yocto logo
     distrodata.bbclass: Imporve the checkpkg task more precisely and generate data for pkg-report-system
     distrodata.bbclass: Fix some bugs for rpm,icu and quicky recipe when checking upstream version
     distrodata.bbclass: Fix some issues when checking upstream version on sourceforge
     distrodata.bbclass: Get git repo tag information

Nitin A Kamble (74):

     bison upgrade from 2.4.2. to 2.4.3
     Make upgrade from 3.81 to 3.82
     diffstat: upgrade from 1.47 to 1.54
     gdb upgrade from 7.1 to 7.2
     python-gst: upgrade from 0.10.18 to 0.10.19
     python, python-native upgrade from 2.6.5 to 2.6.6
     lsof: upgrade from 4.83 to 4.84
     eglibc: update svn checkout commit
     distro_tracking: update as per current state of devel/toolchain recipes
     poky-fixed-versions: update version for python recipe
     eglibc: rebase a nativesdk patch to the newer code
     task-poky-sdk: add tcl package in the sdk image
     gcc: upgrade from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 update gcc & linux-libc-headers versions
     libtool upgrade from 2.2.10 to 2.4
     linux-libc-headers: upgrade from 2.6.34 to 2.6.36
     m4: upgrade from 1.4.13 to 1.4.15
     makedepend: upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3
     git: upgrade from to
     tcl: upgrade from 8.5.8 to 8.5.9
     distro_tracking_fields: update fields for devel/toolchain recipes
     subversion: upgrade from 1.5.5 to 1.6.13
     distro_tracking_fields: update fields for devel/toolchain recipes
     patch_2.5.9: clean up the recipe
     patch-2.6.1: implement new patch recipe with latest upstream
     fstests: upgrade to svn revision #426
     eglibc: organize the recipes lic and other meta data in common file
     gcc_4.5.1: Move the license related information in the right file
     python-pygobject: upgrade from 2.21.1 to 2.27.0
     distro_tracking: update status for upgraded recipes
     distro_tracking: update status for upgraded recipes
     distro-tracking: update recently updated recipes
     git: upgrade from to
     byacc: upgrade recipe from 20100610 to 20101127
     python-dbus: upgrade from 0.83.1 to 0.83.2
     perl, perl-native: upgrade from 5.8.8 to 5.12.2
     cpan.bbclass: use LIBDIR instead of DATADIR
     cpan.bbclass: add a new parameter EXTRA_PERLFLAGS
     libxml-simple-perl: fix build failure with perl 5.12.2
     gcc_4.5.1: add DSO linking change patch
     sat-solver: fix the build failure caused by gcc dso linkcing change
     libmusicbrainz: fix the build failure caused by gcc dso linkcing change
     oprofileui: fix the build failure after gcc dso change
     settings-daemon: fix build error with new gcc dso linking change
     matchbox-desktop: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     xtscal: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     blktrace: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     fstests: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     dates: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     matchbox-stroke: : fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     screenshot: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     libzypp: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     zypper: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     apt: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     libmusicbrainz: revert the dso_linking_change patch as the new linker fixes it
     libzypp: revert the dso_linking_change patch as the new linker fixes it
     apt: revert the dso_linking_change patch as the new linker fixes it
     distro_tracking: update latest upstream versions
     mklibs-native: new recipe for optimizing size of library files
     distro_Tracking: update as per current devel/toolchain recipes
     subversion: upgrade from 1.6.13 to 1.6 15
     libconvert-asn1-perl: upgrade from 0.21 to 0.22
     mesa-demos: fix build issue with gcc dso linking change
     image-mklibs.bbclass: add the library optimization functionality
     perl perl-native: turn on parallel make
     perl-native: fix parallel build
     libtool: avoid absolute pathnames of general utils
     perl: import parallel build fixes from upstream git tree
     gcc: take out libiberty files from gcc packages
     gcc-runtime: fix LSB library checks for
     perl: another set of parallel build fixes
     bison: bring back GPLv2 version 2.3 of bison recipe
     m4: bring back GPLv2 version 1.4.9 of m4 recipe
     coreutils-6.9: fix man page building for the gplv2 recipe

Otavio Salvador (2):

     poky-init-build-env: unset BBPATH fix comments typos

Paul Eggleton (46):

     sanity.bbclass: add wget to required utilities
     qemu: fix failure to find zlib header files during configure
     openssl-native: disable execstack flag to prevent problems with SELinux
     bitbake: allow excluding dependencies of variables
     bitbake: add optional expansion to getVarFlag()
     poky.conf: adjust variable whitelisting to fix sstate checksums
     openssl: restore -Wall flag
     sanity.bbclass: make indenting consistent
     sanity.bbclass: allow minimisation of impact of more invasive sanity checks
     sanity.bbclass: add check for creation of long filenames
     sstate.bbclass: delete sstate files when doing cleanall
     qmake2.bbclass: add space to end of DEPENDS_prepend
     fotowall: fix runtime Qt4 dependencies
     quicky: fix Qt4 runtime dependencies
     qmmp: fix dependencies and packaging
     base.bbclass: fix parse error on recipes with '++' in their name
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: fix typo in variable name
     documentation/poky-ref-manual: expand discussion of PR and INC_PR
     gst-plugins-base: add util-linux to DEPENDS
     nfs-utils, e2fsprogs, mtd-utils, libsm: bump PR
     Add directfb 1.4.6 from meta-openembedded
     qt4: Bring in improvements from meta-openembedded
     qt4: add qt4-embedded 4.6.3 from meta-openembedded
     qt4: add 4.7.1 version from meta-openembedded
     qt4-tools-native: update from OpenEmbedded
     glib-2.0: extend to nativesdk
     dbus: extend to nativesdk
     qt4: Add qt4-tools-nativesdk based on qt4-tools-sdk from OpenEmbedded
     package.bbclass: add nodeprrecs flag to RRECOMMENDS_pkgname
     avahi: prevent unnecessary runtime dependency on gtk+
     qt4: Add meta-toolchain-qte and dependent tasks from OpenEmbedded
     qt4: set RRECOMMENDS correctly for qt4 demos and examples packages
     bitbake/server/none: remove leftover XMLRPC bits from none server
     bitbake/server/none: fix getEvent() to return events
     util-linux: split out uuidgen to a separate package
     zypper: add util-linux-uuidgen to RRECOMMENDS
     gst-plugins-good: remove dependency on hal
     bitbake/runqueue: show correct task name for setscene task failure
     sanity: detect if bitbake wrapper is not being used or pseudo is broken
     README.hardware: update for 1.0 release
     busybox: enable unmount all feature
     nfs-utils: fix "sh: bad number" error on start/stop of nfsserver
     sstate.bbclass: avoid deleting unrelated stamp files
     sstate.bbclass: always delete stamp files in sstate_clean
     README.hardware: add Freescale MPC8315E-RDB; other minor tweaks

Peter Chubb (1):

     Allow mercurial fetcher to follow tip

Qing He (79):

     bash: fix job control
     nfs-utils: fix nfs server initscript
     bzip2: upgrade to version 1.0.6
     shared-mime-info: upgrade to version 0.80
     tzdata: upgrade to version 2010o
     curl: upgrade to version 7.21.2
     nfs-utils: upgrade to version 1.2.3
     pciutils: upgrade to version 3.1.7
     iproute2: upgrade to version 2.6.35
     iptables: upgrade to version 1.4.9
     procps: upgrade to version 3.2.8
     libnss-mdns: fix package removal
     insane.bbclass: fix qa_configure and qa_staging
     libnl: upgrade to version 2.0
     libtasn1: upgrade to version 2.8
     syslinux: upgrade to version 4.03
     busybox: upgrade to version 1.17.3
     dbus: upgrade to version 1.4.0
     dbus-glib: upgrade to version 0.88
     dhcp: upgrade to version 4.2.0
     sysstat: upgrade to version 9.1.5
     openssl: upgrade to version 0.9.8p
     curl: fix native dependency
     aspell: update license
     diffutils: update license
     fakechroot: update license info
     hdparm: update license info
     ncurses: update license info
     parted: update license info
     resolvconf: update license info
     setserial: update license info
     tiff: update license info
     tinylogin: update license info
     v86d: update license info
     zaurusd: update license info
     yaffs2-utils: update license info
     ubootchart: update license info
     u-boot-mkimage: update license info
     bind: add new recipe
     dhcp: fix cross build
     libnl: fix parallel make
     libnl: fix typo in the Makefile fix
     udev: upgrade to version 164
     fakeroot: upgrade to version 1.14.5
     fakechroot: upgrade to version 2.13.1
     diffutils: upgrade to version 3.0
     udev-extraconf: add license info
     qemu-config: update license info
     usbinit: update license info
     update-modules: update license info
     attr: fix SRC_URI
     parted: upgrade to version 2.3
     libtasn1: upgrade to version 2.9
     gnutls: upgrade to version 2.10.4
     augeas: upgrade to version 0.7.4
     ncurses: upgrade to version 5.7
     lzo: upgrade to version 2.04
     distro-tracking: update some tracking fields
     coreutils: upgrade to version 8.9
     libnfsidmap: upgrade to version 0.24
     dbus: upgrade to version 1.4.1
     zaurusd: upgrade to svn revision 426
     resolvconf: upgrade to version 1.48
     util-linux: separately packaging blkid and uuid
     util-linux: fix dangling symlinks
     util-linux: fix lscpu packaging
     rpm: suggested change
     libzypp: upgrade to newer git version
     zypper: upgrade to newer git version
     createrepo: add new recipe
     creating the rpmrepo metadata
     createrepo: fix native binary
     quilt: fix patch version detection
     openssl: fix parallel make
     libpcre: fix the name collision with libc
     sat-solver: add machine arch support
     libzypp: add machine arch support
     zypper: add machine arch support
     qemux86-64: set qemux86_64 as package arch name

Richard Purdie (11): Stop eglibc-nativesdk providing eglib-thread-db and locale-base-*
     opkg: Stop opkg-nativesdk providing update-alternatives-cwrorth and libopkg
     poky.conf: Correctly set gdk-pixbuf PREFERRED_PROVIDER
     bitbake/ Fix runtime providers problems
     util-linux: Drop now unneeded DEPENDS on udev
     dbus: Drop now unneeded DEPENDS on glib-2.0
     glib-2.0: Add missing DEPENDS on dbus
     sstate.bbclass: Correctly handle empty sstate packages
     crosssdk: Drop PACKAGES setting as its set in cross.bbclass already
     bitbake/ Allow join_deps to return a list that isn't comman separated
     package.bbclass: Ensure dependency version information is preserved

Richard Purdie (411):

     bitbake/fetch/ Fix git fetcher to correctly use mirror tarballs
     bitbake/fetcher: Deal with a ton of different bugs
     bitbake/fetch/git: Ensure fullclone repositories are fully fetched
     documentation/poky-ref-manual: Update packages references to recipes and make sure bbappend files are included in example BBFILES lines
     task-sdk: Fix lttng-ust dependency to include the -dev version so headers are included
     bash: There is no such configure option as --with-ncurses and --with-curses breaks the build
     metadata_scm: Ensure that if an SCM isn't present, we dont print a revision of 'fatal:' as it looks bad
     local.conf.sample: Default to not building 32 bit libs on 64 bit systems as most people don't need it and it confuses them
     base/sstate: Add cleanall task to remove downloads and sstate cached files
     sstate: Fix broken plaindirs support
     base.bbclass: Ensure an empty do_build tasks exists to silence a warning
     package_rpm: Don't check for the existence of dvar as its never used
     package_deb: Fix a typo meaning the debian packaging was not running in the fakeroot evnironment
     pseudo/fakeroot: Move the pseudo directory creation into bitbake
     sstate: Fix mirror handling for file:// urls
     bitbake/fetch: Make URL checking slightly less verbose (distracting with the sstate code)
     classes: Only enable fakeroot on setscene tasks with packaging
     package_deb: The packaging command itself is run under fakeroot so these lines are totally unneeded
     bitbake/fetch: When fetchers return errors, ensure any partial download is cleared
     rm_work.bbclass: Handle case where pseudo directory doesn't exist
     documentation: Add Yocto quickstart guide
     documentation/pokt-ref-manual: Update with Yocto branding
     documentation/qs-guide: Fix urls for release
     documentation-project-qs: Remove stray ]
     docmentation/yocto-project-qs: Fix Yocto Environment graphic
     documentation/poky-ref-manual: Fix image makefile to reference the image
     documentation/yocto-qs: Fix references to a poky-qemu package and replace with the yocto toolchain tarball
     documentation: Update copyright to the Linux Foundation
     Poky -> Yocto name change
     bitbake/siggen: Fix finalise call arguments
     src_distribute: Set EXPORT_FUNCTIONS correctly
     base-files: Allow issue and hostname generation to be overridden
     base-files: Allow a basic issue file to be extended by the code, following the method now used by OE
     meta-emenlow: Rename packages to recipes in line with main repository
     gnome.bbclass: Use BPN instead of PN and set SRC_URI name similar to
     gnome.bbclass: Remove autotools_stage reference
     utils.bbclass: Add functions from
     base/utils.bbclass: Sync up overlapping functions
     python: Remove hardcoded python references and replace with PN, allowing use of BBCLASSEXTEND=nativesdk
     openssl/db/gdbm: Extend to provide BBCLASSEXTEND nativesdk
     external-python-tarball: Add ability to generate an externally usable standalone python tarball
     external-python-tarball: Include SDKMACHINE in tarball name
     bitbake/siggen: Provide better warnings about empty tasks
     sstate: Provide a temporary mechanism to stop collisions between toolchain components in builds from scratch using sstate
     openssl: Use STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE as the path to perl, not bindir which can point to incorrect places
     docmentation/poky-ref-manual: Remove unused Indexes title
     .gitignore: Update after documentation layout changes
     bitbake/siggen: Allow siggen code to control final stampfile format
     bitbake: Add support for 'noexec' tasks
     meta/classes: Mark do_package_write and do_build as noexec tasks Fix no exec task handling to correct counter housekeeping
     python: Fix hardcoded python references which should refer to PN, removing duplicate providers warning
     bitbake/fetch/local: Also check DL_DIR for files since they could already exists there
     bitbake/fetch/local: Fix os.exists reference
     Revert "bitbake/fetch/local: Fix os.exists reference"
     Revert "bitbake/fetch/local: Also check DL_DIR for files since they could already exists there"
     sstate.bbclass: Only create symlinks to different localpath urls if the fetch succeeded
     bitbake/fetch: Fix handling of mirrors when checking for url validity
     bitbake/fetch: Allow checking of a single url at a time (massive sstate speed improvement)
     bitbake: Rewrite profiling code so its functional for both none and xmlrpc backends
     poky-ref-manual: Drop non-commercial clause
     poky-init-build-env: Fix to show the error message with simple sh based shells
     bitbake/ Fix stamp handling for noexec tasks
     scripts/poky-env-internal/image-swab.bbclass: Remove OEROOT references
     scripts/poky-env-internal: Remove unset variables
     scripts/poky-env-internal: Further cleanups
     scripts: Remove obsolete stage-manager scripts
     curl: Fix gnutls option (append ordering was incorrect)
     rm_work: Set BB_SCHEDULER as done in to ensure disk space is freed sooner rather than at the end of the build
     utility-tasks: Switch listtasks to use bb.plain() for printing output
     bitbake: Simplfy pre and post cooker hooks
     font-util: Set RDEPENDS for virtclass-native to exclude encodings to copy DEPENDS
     font-alias: Set RDEPENDS to exclude encodings in the native case
     native.bbclasS: Add handing to remap RDEPENDS fields and avoid crossed target and native dependency trees
     bitbake/runqueue: Teach scenequeue about noexec tasks (since they don't do anything we can assume they're always successful
     native.bbclass: Mark various package functions as noexec since they don't do any work
     package-index: Fix after noexec changes
     font-alias: Drop patch already applied upstream
     gssdp: Disable gobject introspection explicitly
     Drop AUTOTOOLS_STAGE_PKGCONFIG variable as its not used anywhere
     bitbake/ Ensure the last lines of functions are printed in tracebacks
     bitbake/ Improve traceback to be more helpful/clear to users
     bitbake/data_smart: Fix append/prepend/override ordering issue
     bitbake/data_smart: Refactor _append/_prepend code to remove duplication
     imagetest-qemu: Allow the task to run after any rootfs is created and also standalone
     gnome-icon-theme: Disable PACKAGE_ARCH='all' until we unbreak it for multiarch builds
     telepathy-python: Make sure py files are packages correctly
     bitbake: Overhaul environment handling
     devshell: Clean up devshell code so this task doesn't polute the global namespace
     bitbake/bitbake-runtask: Since the parent has set the environment up cleanly we don't need to filter this ourselves anymore
     task-cross-canadian: Ensure it reflects TARGET_ARCH in PN
     cross-canadian: Update after PN changes to include TARGET_ARCH
     Drop variables that do nothing
     update-modules/udev-extraconf: Fix license checksum handling
     qemu-config: Fix License checksum issues
     usbinit: Fix License checksum issue
     scripts/poky-qemu: Improve tmp layout assumption
     bitbake/ We should just failoutright in scenequeue for noexec tasks, not skip them so stamps are created Fix override values to include correct prefix
     udev: Add rule to create /dev/fb to fix igep0020 platform X boot issue
     bitbake/runqueue: Clean up message log levels
     bitbake/runqueue: Revert previous setscene noexec changes and ensure setscene stamp exists for setscene noexec tasks
     poky-env-internal: Search scripts before the bitbake directory so we can override bitbake's main script Update pseudo revision to include exec/fork improvements and speed optimisations
     scripts/bitbake: Add wrapper script which ensures pseudo is built and available
     bitbake.conf/poky-env-internal: Adjust PSEUDO variables to match pseudo enabled/disabled modes
     pseudo: Fixup for cache problem
     bitbake Revert bitbake exec() and go back to fork() for performace wins (first draft)
     base/utils.bbclass: Drop former checksum code now bitbake is handling this for us
     shasum-native: Drop recipe since we have internal handling in python for this now
     bitbake/fetch: Checksum validity fixes
     bitbake/fetch: Add missing return so if a checksum isn't present, it isn't checked
     fakeroot/fakechroot: These have been replaced by pseudo, move to meta-extras
     rootfs_rpm: Add --ignoresize option when performing DB operations on a rootfs
     kernel.bbclass: Use KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME variable instead of the expanded equivalent. Fixes sstate rebuild issue
     perl-native: Make the sstate checksum for perl depend on the hardcoded path until this is fixed
     bitbake/ Somehow the python environment mapping is failing so do it manually
     bitbake/fetch: Only checksum downloads when they're first downloaded and a checksum is present
     rm_work: With the recent pseudo changes, this no longer makes sense
     Revert "consolekit: Update to 0.4.3" - was a duplicate commit
     sanity.bbclass: Add check for '.' in PATH and error if found (see bug #572)
     bitbake/fetch: Fix fetch error
     poky.bbclass: Move mirrors/premirrors to poky.conf
     opkg: Update to svn r590 to fix symbolic link issues
     eglibc: Only package, not /etc/rpc which then conflicts with netbase
     qemuimage-testlib: Ensure TOPDIR/BUILDDIR are set
     qemuimage-testlib: Fix the check for running qemu processes
     linux-yocto: Fix branch name on behalf of Bruce after recent renaming
     qemuimage-testlib: Improve quoting causing problems under certain circumstances
     rootfs_ipk: The most recent opkg errors upon file overwrite. Until we fix package conflicts, disable this for now
     poky-image.bbclass: Set LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     ldconfig-native: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     xserver-kdrive: Add missing DEPENDS on pixman
     task-cross-canadian: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     task-sdk-host: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     qemu-helper-nativesdk: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM and update LICENSE
     meta-toolchain Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     update-rc.d: Allow the primary deamon package to be specified in UPDATERCPN, update gsmd to use this Drop stale moblin override
     unfs-server: Fix PV so it obeys the version number policy
     kernel.bbclass: Ensure TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS is passed to KERNEL_CC and KERNEL_LD Userspace tools should be compiled with the userspace compiler, not the kernel one
     patch.bbclass: Move vardepsexclude flag to be along side the function using the variable
     bitbake.conf: Set a default hash policy globally, not just in the poky distro config
     classes: Drop Handled/NotHandled eventhandler keywords, they don't do anything
     base.bbclass: Correct bb.debug parameters
     gtk+: Fix BASE_RECOMMENDS, it doesn't need a PN suffix
     python-pygobject: Fix DEPENDS and RDEPENDS for native recipe
     unfs-server: Fix PV issues
     base.bbclass: Add error message for base_do_unpack failures
     FIXUP: runqueue bb.debug refs
     bitbake: Transfer noexec runqueue messages to the UI
     bitbake/contrib: Sync with bitbake upstream
     bitbake: Sync a load of whitespace and other non-functionality changes with bitbake uptream
     bitbake: Fix to accept None as the log option
     bitbake: logging updates
     bitbake: Misc syncups with bitbake upstream, mostly whitespace and a missed line from the last UI commit
     pciutils: Don't install the uncompressed version of pci.ids, the compressed version will suffice
     usbutils: Don't install the uncompressed version of usb.ids, the compressed version will suffice
     bitbake: Logging of None was losing the logs so force this to stdout so we can see function execution failures
     rootfs_rpm.bbclass: Remove temporary work files in install directory, saving the manifests as logfiles into ${T}
     bitbake/ Ditch the extract_stamp function as its just going to complicate improving the stamp handling functions
     poky-ref-manual: Fix my email address
     bitbake Use localdata for stamp handling, not d
     bitbake Stamp handling improvements
     bitbake build/siggen/runqueue: Fix stampfile parameters
     bitbake/ Fix a bug where do_setscene dependencies would be ignored
     base.bbclass: Use the new stampfile function in bitbake to determine the path to the stampfile
     bitbake/ Add a signature generator which adds the hash to the stamp files
     bitbake/ Expansion of variables in skipped recipes should not be attempted as they can trigger errors
     bitbake/ Fix merge conflict with upstream which was preventing clean bitbake shutdown
     bitbake/ Fix del_stamp work correctly after recent stamp function changes
     libcanberra: Fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     xvinfo: Fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     bitbake/ Remove duplicate TaskStarted event fire()
     insane.bbclass: Enable the package_qa_hash_style check
     bitbake/ Add named definitions for all logging levels
     bitbake/ Add taskpid to all LogRecords (subclassed to be BBLogRecords)
     bitbake/ Don't show log messages of NOTE and below for task processes
     bitbake: Sync environment handling function names and comments with upstream alterations
     bitbake/ Drop unused function extend_deps()
     bitbake/fetch: Sync up logger/whitespace improvements
     bitbake/ Sync with changes in upstream bitbake
     bitbake: Update event queue handling to match upstream bitbake Drop unneeded import and improve quieterrors handling as per upstream bitbake
     bitbake/codeparser: Fix import to match upstream bitbake
     bitbake/poky.conf: Add TARGET_LINK_HASH_STYLE option to TARGET_LDFLAGS as per
     bitbake/fetch/git: Add backwards compatibility code for branch name handling
     bitbake: Switch to fetch2 fetcher code based on the environment variable BBFETCH2
     bitbake: For poky only, force the use of fetch2 codebase
     Merge branch 'srifenbark/docs' of ssh://
     bitbake/ Fix del_stamp calls and -f option to bitbake with the BasicHash siggen code
     bitbake/ Simplify hashdata storage since we're not using an external script for tasks anymore, in line with bitbake-upstream Renable check_stamp_fn() for now since we still fork for task execution (as per bitbake-upstream)
     bitbake/ Ensure task note messages are only surpressed at default log levels
     bitbake/ Fix whitelisted variable handling
     bitbake.conf: Whitelist MACHINE variable in PACKAGE_ARCHS
     bitbake.conf: Whitelist FILESPATH as a variable not to include in taskhashes
     perl-native: Wrap the perl binary and set the LIB directory correctly removing the need to hardcode the paths and rebuild it
     kernel.bbclass: Remove a binary generated by recent kernel versions
     dpkg: Add dependency on perl since otherwise the module can be installed to an incorrect directory leading to build failures
     insane.bbclass: Make sure QA issues are reported as warnings
     glib-2.0: Fix path problems with libtool 2.4
     image.bbclass: Use the dedicated BB_WORKERCONTEXT, not bitbake internals to detect context
     perl-native: Ensure the wrapper appends to any existing PERL5LIB
     bitbake/ Rename message field to avoid DeprecationWarning: BaseException.message warning
     bitbake/ Allow FuncFailed error to have an optional message
     bitbake/ Add option of holding shared lockfiles
     package.bbclass: Take a shared lock when reading to improve do_package parallelism
     sstate.bbclass: Ensure clean/setscene sstate functions run under appropriate locking
     bitbake/ Teach unlockfile about shared mode lockfiles
     poky.conf: Add PREFERRED_PROVIDERs for gdk-pixbuf-loaders after gdk-pixbuf updates
     libtool: Move common version specific data to a common include file
     package_deb: Remove access to the D directory which isn't used and might not exist (same problem as the previous patch to package_ipk fixes)
     Drop remaining bootcdx86 references, the -live images for qemux86 and atom-pc replace this
     bitbake/utils: Ignore OSError in unlockfile
     gcc/libc: Change bootstrap to use an intermediate sysroot and hence no longer overwrite files
     sanity/sstate: Due to the sysroot layout changes, the toolchain bootstrap process changes and the recent pseudo bug, bump the tmpdir layout version number and the sstate version numbers Fix DEPENDS on gettext for native case
     perl: Remove MACHINE reference in do_configure, it causes perl to be rebuild many times
     meta-toolchain: Use --owner and --group options instead of using pseudo's overhead for a simple task
     staging.bbclass: No need to create these directories any more, also remove invalid comment
     cross.bbclass: Move sysroot_stage_all function to the only place that uses it now (gcc-cross-intermediate)
     bitbake/unlockfile: Fix exception handling
     meta-toolchain: Fix tar command
     autotools.bbclass: Only include aclocal directories if the exist, no point in creating them
     autotools.bbclass: Drop unused autotools_stage_dir dummy function
     rm_work.bbclass: Update to convert stamps to setscene stamps
     bitbake/ When looking up extra stamp info for setscene tasks, use the real taskname
     sstate.bbclass: Optimise to check if the manifest exists without taking locks
     sstate.bbclass: Handle whitespace in the list of files to 'fixup' to resolve log warning
     sstate.bbclass: No need to dump the contents of the sstate package to stdout
     sstate.bbclass: Fix stupid typo
     bitbake/ Avoid starvation of events to the server
     sstate: Ensure stale stamp files are removed as part of sstate_clean()
     staging.bbclass: Only clean out the sysroot if we rerun configure, not at setscene time
     scripts/bitbake: We only need pseudo-native in the sysroot, we can ignore any other pieces of the dependency tree
     scripts/bitbake: If pseudo isn't in staging for some reason, force a build of it directly
     poky.conf: Update gdk-pixbuf provider after gtk+ upgrade
     rootfs_rpm: Drop bogus inclusion of the run-postinsts package
     poky-image-minimal: Since we don't include package system data, we only need the package system bootstrap dependencies
     poky-image.bbclass: If not including package management, ensure the basics to handle postinstalls in images are present
     package.bbclass: Disable EXPORT_FUNCTIONS for do_package
     libgcc: Explicitly wait for the libc packaging to occur before libgcc packages
     kernel.bbclass: Add fix from for tmpnam() usage
     libxft: Drop explict package_do_package call and use anonymous python instead
     Revert "quilt: fix patch version detection"
     meta-toolchain-qte: Append to the toolchain env script and remove code duplication
     Revert "perl-native: Update for userelocatableinc and non-shared libperl"
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure the local revision counter takes a default value of 0, not None
     elfutils: Clean up old versions which are no longer required
     bitbake.conf: Set LC_ALL instead of requring bitbake or env scripts to do this
     scripts/poky-env-internal: We set LC_ALL in the core so no need to set LANG here now
     cross-localedef-native: Fix do_move_ports since the definition of  changes. Raises the question of whether we even need ports for this?
     package.bbclass: Ensure SUMMARY is written to pkgdata as well as DESCRIPTION
     autotools.bbclass: Drop info directory listings as they're going to be broken if generated at this point and cause file conflicts
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Add nocheckout option to disable checkouts and always add scm data to checkouts
     linux-yocto/linux-libc-headers-yocto: Adjust to git fetcher improvements
     linux-yocto-stable: Update SRC_URI after fetcher changes
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Ensure target directory exists when copying files
     bitbake/fetch2: Add missing parameter to localcount_internal_helper
     bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2: Assign a default name in the names array as empty strings as names cause problems for python
     rootrs_rpm.bbclass: Disable createrepo for now due to this error:
     rm_work: Retain package and package-split directories to be consistent with sstate code
     license.bbclass: Add coverage by sstate code (also use cleandirs and dirs task attribures for directory handling)
     bitbake/fetch2: When encoding a file:// url, drop user and host information
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure that mirror fetches are symlinked from the download directory
     bitbake/fetch2: Remove old local file acceleration code
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Ensure deleted branches upstream are removed, all branch tags are forced to the upstream revisions and all revisions and tags are always fetched
     package.bbclass: Optimise file dependency calculations to ignore locales and kernel modules as these never have dependencies we'd detect anyway
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Ensure we prune origin to remove stale branches
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Switch to completely use bare clones
     poky.conf: Turn off mirror tarball generation by default
     bitbake.conf: Force git fetches to a new location after fetcher layout changes
     bitbake/fetch2: Drop horrible SRCREV hack which is no longer needed
     bitbake/fetch2: Move ud.localfile setup into urldata_init
     bitbake/fetch2: Define a sane localpath function and remove code duplication
     bitbake/fetch2: Simplify localpath variable handling FetchData init
     bitbake/fetch2: Simplfy setup_srcrevs
     bitbake/fetch2: Drop unused parameter for localpath() and update comments
     base.bbclass: Update after fetcher changes
     bitbake/fetch2: Have all fetcher exceptions derived from a common BBFetchException class
     bitbake/fetch2: Rewrite and improve exception handling, reusing core functions for common operations where possible
     bitbake/fetch2: Drop old md5 handling code
     bitbake/fetch2: Rename Fetch class to FetchMethod
     bitbake/fetch2: Make srcrev_internal_helper a normal function, doesn't belong in the FetchMethod class
     bitbake/fetch2: Move getSRCDate to FetchData class where is more appropriate
     bitbake/fetch2: Drop legacy CVSDATE support
     bitbake/fetch2: Fix typo
     bitbake/fetch2: Define a new interface to the fetcher code though the 'Fetch' class
     meta/classes: Update classes to use new fetcher API
     bitbake/fetch2/svn: The concept of using dates with svn is totally insane, drop support
     bitbake/fetch2: Drop name/override ordering backwards compatibility code
     bitbake/fetch2: Use True instead of integer values
     rpm: Update extra unpack code after fetcher changes
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Fix localpath to point at the clone repo since we no longer always generate a mirror tarball and it isn't a good guide to fetcher success
     kernel-yocto: 'standard' isn't a valid git branch name for a SRCREV, fix
     bitbake/fetch2/ Ensure that forcefetch operates in the correct directory for calling _contains_ref()
     bitbake/fetch2/git: use clonedir as ud.localfile too since the mirror tarball may not exist
     utility-tasks: Update checkuri to new fetcher API
     distrodata: Update to new fetcher API
     bitbake: event/build: Drop stdout specific handling for python messages as this is no longer needed with newer log handling Fix debug log level handling to correct debug output
     bitbake/fetch2: Match Fetcher log domain to that in bb.msg
     bitbake/msg: Ensure lower level debug messages have DEBUG prefix and reuse log level values from formatter
     bitbake/fetch2: Update forcefetch and mirror handling to clean up, simplfy and bug fix the code
     bitbake/fetch2: Update mirror processing to ensure we look for mirror tarballs
     bitbake/fetch2: Fix pickling issues with fetcher exceptions
     bitbake/fetch2:Fetch Make using the fn based cache optional
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Ensure unresolved branches are translated into revisions
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Fix broken variable reference
     kernel-yocto/poky-default-revisions: Ensure SRCREV_machine is set for the kernels
     kernel-yocto: Ensure python code has awlays run before SRCPV is expanded
     linux-yocto-stable: Fix meta branch name
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure original ud is preserved in try_mirror
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure we only remove files, not directories when fetch failures occur
     bitbake/fetch2: When using BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY, set BB_NO_NETWORK after premirrors as there could be data processing needed by the real fetcher
     bitbake/fetch2: Move symlink handling into try_mirror where is belongs instead of the main download function
     bitbake/fetch2: Ignore UnboundLocalError in exception handler in try_mirror
     bitbake/fetch2: Fix negated if check for BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY
     Merge branch 'jzhang/adt-repo' of ssh://
     Merge branch 'jzhang/i686' of ssh://
     linux/u-boot: Update LICENSE fields to specify GPL version
     lib.oe.path: Update copytree function to call shell commands since its twice as fast
     image-swab: Convert to attach strace to the process to obtain the required swabber data
     pseudo: Add and use the 1.0 release version
     debian.bbclass: Only set rdeptask for do_package if packaging is enabled
     package.bbclass: Only set recrdeptask for do_build if packaging is enabled for the recipe
     ncurses: Apply unifdef-native dependency to the task that uses it, not globally
     util-linux: Correctly prepend to PACKAGES and stop corrupting linux-util-native PACKAGES variable
     task-poky-apps-x11-pimlico: Webkit is huge and the compile time means it doesn't make sense in our demo sato image
     rm_work.bbclass: Fix typo for package task directory preservation
     bitbake/fetch2/git: Write mirror tarballs if enabled and they don't exist, also set a default value for mirror tarball generation
     local.conf.sample: Drop some comments about things that either no longer apply or are obsoleted (now we have -dbg packages)
     bitbake: Remove bad commit hunk from old cvs fetcher Fix package name to match PACKAGES
     meta: Update mirror urls to new format and update yocto project urls
     bitbake/fetch2: Pass over malformatted (empty) mirror url lines
     bitbake/fetch2: Correctly handle git mirror tarball fetching
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure failed fetch attempts are logged in the debug logs
     bitbake/fetch2/wget: Fix missing string parameter reference
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure network access status is reset for each loop iteration in download()
     bitbake/fetch2: Add some debug output so its clear when PREMIRRORS, upstream and MIRRORS are being used
     bitbake/fetch2: Fix patch merge error
     bitbake/fetch2: Fix message about md5 checksums when sha256 is incorrect
     bitbake/fetch2: Add explict network access exception and handling to give users usable error messages
     mirrors.bbclass: Ensure we don't overwrite any existing MIRRORS variable
     bitbake/fetch2: Revert part of the unpack change until the issues with it are resolved Avoid deprecation warning
     Merge branch 'srifenbark/docs' of ssh://
     buildstats: Disable uname subprocess call for now since it appears to be breaking runqueue somehow
     buildstats.bbclass: Save ended time in TaskFinished events
     buildstats.bbclass: Fix expand call syntax
     bitbake/cooker: Ensure delays are accurately transfered to the idle loops from runqueue
     bitbake/runqueue: Add a SIGCHLD handler to ensure we wake from sleeps for SIGCHLD events
     bitbake/runqueue: When we have successfully collected a pid value return True to ensure we don't sleep in the main loop
     bitbake/runqueue: When we successfully fork off a task and there are more processes we can start do so immediately
     bitbake/ Ensure child has the default SIGCHLD handler restored
     bitbake/fecth2: Ensure BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY being set as false is handled correctly
     sqlite3-native: Drop dependencies on ncurses and readline plus enable in memory temporary tables
     mkfontdir/font-alias: Fix native RDEPENDS
     gypsy: Convert SRCREV to a git revision instead of an svn one after recipe migration
     buildstats.bbclass: Remove unneeded debug output
     libc-package.bbclass: Disable lib packaging dependenies for libc-initial versions
     bitbake/ Move SIGCHLD handler to wrap none server sleep call
     local.conf.sample: Update MACHINE list to match our website and documented supported list
     conf/machine: Drop older machines with no recent updates
     local.conf.sample: Handle the case the user incomments a machine entry and expects it to override the default
     meta/lib/oe/path: Use check_output for subprocess so we can see error info. Import code to be python 2.6 compatible.
     lib/oe/ Add expection class to handle the output argument
     rm_work.bbclass: Improve handling of noexec tasks
     tar-replacement-native: Add a target to replace the default tar
     tar-replacement-native: Fix install Fix unintended damage
     bitbake/runqueue: Drop PATH override. This was needed for the exec() change but not now we use fork()
     package_deb.bbclass: Place the whole task under fakeroot context to fix build failures
     Remove all comments from multiline expressions (as mentioned in bug #704)
     bitbake/BBHandler: Improve handling of multiline comments and warn users of the change
     bitbake/cooker: Fix parsing failure zombie problem
     bitbake/fetch2: Ensure SRCREV_pn-PN is checked for a revision when the SRC_URI is unnamed
     bitbake/data_smart: Improve the way lazyassignment works
     bitbake/data_smart: Improve Variable expansion error handling
     bitbake/ Fix TaskFailed parameters
     poky.conf: Weakly set PREMIRRORS
     mtd-utils: Set the revision to use explicitly else failures occur with BB_NO_NETWORK
     poky-setup-builddir: Update references to the manual
     package.bbclass: Unbreak per file dependencies and blacklist doc packages
     bitbake/ Only try and add read access to a file if we don't have it
     package.bbclass: Fix debug sources directory creation to reference the target system
     linux-libc-headers: Update to
     conf/machine: Use linux-libc-headers instead of linux-libc-headers-yocto
     package.bbclass: Rewrite package_do_filedeps() to reduce the amount of subprocesses created and improve speed
     bitbake/cache/ Move workload for recipe parsing to the child process
     base/utility-tasks.bbclass: Drop do_setscene and do_rebuild
     Fixup merge error and apply cleanups
     sstate: Ensure the SRCURI fetcher cache is not used for sstate
     bitbake/fetch2: Allow local file:// urls to be found on mirrors
     bitbake/fetch2/local: Fix inverted update required logic
     autotools.bbclass: Fix automake file race issues
     sanity.bbclass: Fix inverted mmap_min_addr logic Remove duplicate TARGET_ARCH entry to avoid ipk rootfs issues as temp workaround for problems pending a proper fix
     gnu-config: Use perl from the environment, not a hardcoded path
     gnome-vfs: Force acl to be disabled since its not a dependency
     openjade-native: Run make depend to ensure dependencies are correct and avoid parallel make failures
     bitbake.conf: Increase image overhead factor to account for rpm/zypper database size
     sstate.bbclass: Turn absolute symbolic links into relative ones for sstate packages
     xserver-nodm-init: Mark as machine specific after recent rootless X changes
     sstate: Ensure a clean removes setscene stamps as well as the main task stamps
     poky.conf: Set version to 1.0

Saul Wold (242):

     task-sdk-gmae: fix typo in SDK-EXTRAS and convert to ?= for assignment
     poky.conf: Change default locale to POSIX create empty file
     eglibc: add en-us locale generation
     poky.conf: Default Locale Generation
     base.bbclass/poky.conf: Fix INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE Whitelist checking
     git: Update recipe for git to include configure options
     iproute2: update LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     task-poky-lsb: add new LSB Recipe
     libsndfile: Upgrade to 1.0.23
     telepathy: Update telepathy-glib and telepathy-idle for world build
     subversion: Fix host contamination
     web_svn: make it buildable for world build
     .gitignore: update for new bsp-guide location
     python-gst: Fix the configure patch & add LIC_FILE_CHKSUM
     clutter-gtk-1.0: Fix build issues for world build
     taglib: Change upstream location due to failing fetch
     taglib: fix SRC_URI
     glproto: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     libxvmc: Upgrade to 1.0.6
     linux-emenlow: Correct KMACHINE after kernel rename
     libfm: rename patch directory for package update
     ed: fix patch and LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     pimlico-tasks: remove patch
     Meta: Recipe Reogranization
     web_svn: Fixup Patching and add libowl
     libsndfile: remove patches that are no longer required by upstream
     task-poky-tools: fix up blktool
     liburcu: Update to version 0.4.8
     lttng-ust: Update to version 0.8
     lttng-control: Update to version 0.88
     util-macros: Update to version 1.11
     xproto: Update to version 7.0.19
     xtrans: Update to version 1.2.6
     libxxf86vm: Update to version 1.1.1
     libxxf86dga: Update to version 1.1.2
     xkeyboard-config: Update to version 2.0
     libxv: Update to version 1.0.6
     libxtst: Update to version 1.2.0
     libxt: Update to version 1.0.9
     libres: Update to version 1.0.5
     librender: Update to version 0.9.6
     librandr: Update to version 1.3.1
     libxpm: Update to version 3.5.9
     libxmu: Update to version 1.1.0
     libxkbfile: Update to version 1.0.7
     libxinerama: Update to version 1.1.1
     libxi: Update to version 1.4.0
     libxft: Update to version 2.2.0
     libxfont: Update to version 1.4.3
     libxfixes: Update to version 4.0.5
     libxext: Update to version 1.2.0
     libxdmcp: Update to version 1.1.0
     libxdamage: Update to version 1.1.3
     libxcursor: Update to version 1.1.11
     libxcomposite: Update to version 0.4.3
     libxau: Update to version 1.0.6
     libsm: Update to version 1.2.0
     libpciaccess: Update to version 0.12.0
     libice: Update to version 1.0.7
     libfontenc: Update to version 1.1.0
     font-util: Update to version 1.2.0
     font-alias: Update to version 1.0.3
     encodings: Update to version 1.0.4
     xrandr: Update to version 1.3.4
     libxcb: Update to version 1.7
     freetype: Update to version 2.4.3
     librsvg: Update to version 2.32.0
     libart-lgpl: Update to version 2.3.21
     libgnome-vfs: Update to version 2.24.4
     cronie: Update to version 1.4.6
     gnome-doc-utils: Update to version 0.20.2
     liberation-fonts: Added version 1.06, PREFERRED_VERSION is still 1.04
     preferred-xorg-versions: Updated to reflect recipe updates
     xrandr: fix License Checksum
     gobject-introspection: Fix pathfix.patch to correct glibconfig.h location
     eds-tools: Fix SRCREV and add LIC_FILE_CHKSUM correct version number
     world-broken: cleanup post reorg and world cleanup
     preferred-xorg-versions: updated for lastest package updates
     task-poky-clutter: remove cairo packages
     table move missing patch back to correct location
     Revert "gssdp: Disable gobject introspection explicitly"
     Revert "gssdp: Upgrade to version 0.9.0"
     Revert "qemugl: upgrade to git commit 33466cd83c2a9d7d3fb9fe437fb6a4d6fbd866b9"
     preferred-xorg-versions: Update to match new versions
     libart-lgpl: Add config.h for x86_64
     gupnp: add gnome-icon-theme to DEPENDS
     task-poky-tools: disable blktrace due to build failures
     libart-lgpl: add mips art_config.h
     world-broken: Update with Clutter items
     SRC_URI Checksums Additionals
     task-poky-lsb: removing missing packages
     distro_tracking_fields: added missing quote
     meta-ide-suppport: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     patch: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     rpm: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     gtkhtml2: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     clutter: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     table: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     mutter: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     task-poky-clutter: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     libxscrnsaver: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     gst-meta-base: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     libexif: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     libsoup: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     clutter-box2d: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     lsbsetup: fix install process
     Add glossary for PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION and PACKAGE_SUMMARY for binary packaging
     distro_tracking: fix VERSION Misspellings and add missing recipe versions
     distrodata: add eventhandler for checkpkg task
     distrodata: fix message
     Revert "gst-plugins: fix for make 3.82"
     distro_tracking_fields: Update entries with corrections
     lsbsetup: add missing directory install
     gtk-theme-darkilouche: moved to meta-extras
     web-webkit: Updated SVN Rev to 130 & added LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     patch: Fix SRC_URI[sha256]
     puzzles: Fix SRC_URI checksums
     python-pygobject: Fix SRC_URI checksums
     python-pygobject: add --disable-introspection
     libacpi: remove patch that is no longer needed by upstream
     task-poky-clutter: remove clutter-box2d from default build
     apt: update use-host patch to support x86_64
     apr: update x86_64 site config file
     insane.bbclass: make LIC_FILES_CHKSUM failures report errors
     apr: add configure for NODELAY to mips-common
     connman: Update to 0.64 to solve build issue with .37 kernel headers
     db: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     xf86-input-vmmouse: add COMPATIBLE_HOST set to x86*
     perl: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM to native recipe
     python-pygobject: remove older install of generate-constants and add BBCLASSEXTEND
     guilt: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     desktop-file-utils: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     icon-naming-utils: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     python: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     unifdef Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     tzcode: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     bootst-jam:  Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     gdb: Add LIC_FILE_CHKSUMS
     qemu-helper: Add LIC_FILE_CHKSUMS
     gtk: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     xserver-xf86: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     linux-yocto: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     cross-localedef: add LIC_FILES_CHKCSUM
     qemu-helper: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     unifdef: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     apr-util: add --without-odbc to EXTRA_OECONF
     xserver-kdrive: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     u-boot: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     xserver-xf86: fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM spelling and location
     cdrtools: add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     cdrtools: Fix LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     mc: update to 4.7.3
     qmmp: Update qmmp to 0.4.1
     qt: add fotowall back into qt task
     matchbox-theme-sato-2: Updated to svn rev164 and add patch
     man: updated to 1.6f, fixed patches
     bind: update to 8.7.2-P3
     libgdata: Updated to 0.7.1
     gthumb: update to 2.12.1
     man-pages: update to 3.32
     distro tracking updates
     man-pages: fixup LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     lttng-ust: add COMPATIBLE_HOST to prevent ARM/MIPS world build
     mutter: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE list to prevent PPC build
     xserver-kdrive: add DEPENDS for libdrm
     dtc: add patch to remove -Os for PPC
     rpm: Bump PR to force rebuild due to new beecrypt
     xserver: Add COMPATIBLE_MACHINE
     modutils: Extend gcc4 patch for obj_ppc.c
     insane.bbclass: Fix message for LIC_FILES_CHKSUM Errors
     xserver-xf86-common: Remove COMPATIBLE_HOST as it was wrong solution
     puzzles: update SRC_URI Checksum due to file changing upstream
     puzzles: Update SRC_URI Checksum
     task-sdk-host: add libtool-nativesdk to meta-toolchain
     puzzles: SRC_URI Checksum disabled
     distro-tracking: update manual checking
     task-poky-tools: move systemtap to machine specific tasks
     gdk-pixbuf-native: add jpeg-native as a dependency
     distrodata.bbclass: add .xz file type
     poky-image*-dev: Add -dev Images contianing headers and libraries
     update-rc.d.bbclass: Changed RDEPENDS for native
     beagleboard: Not ready for 2.6.37 kernel yet, use stable instead
     poky-image-sdk* renamed to poky-image-sato-sdk*
     distro_tracking: Update for poky-image-sdk renaming
     ofono: Fix missing dependency on udev
     linux_2.6.33.2: Add LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
     sat-solver: Add db as DEPENDS and bump PR
     libfm: remove add_missing.patch as part of glib-2.0 downgrade
     glib-2.0: Add stable version 2.26.1 inherit gettext instead of DEPENDS
     mailx: Disable parallel make
     Revert "docbook-utils: fix build errors"
     Revert "docbook-utils: new recipe v0.6.14"
     Revert "iputils: enable generation of man pages"
     fetch2/ Fix problem when fetching with no origin
     fetch2: add runfetchcmd to import for fetchers
     fetch2: add try/finally to ensure lockfile is unlocked on failure
     bitbake/ add glob name matching to remove
     makedepend: remove # from the beginning of DESCRIPTION lines
     fetch2: Correct the clean() mechanism for the fetcher2 code
     puzzles: Update to r9084
     lttng-control: Fix SRC_URL to point at
     distro tracking: minor fix to mc lastest version
     bitbake.conf: change revision fetching to use newer fetch2 code
     kernel.bbclass: add approproate X Environment variables to allow xterm to start
     libva: add libxfixes to DEPENDS
     xpsb-glx: add libxfixes and libxdamages to DEPENDS
     poky.conf: make the WHITELIST for INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE overridable
     gettext: reenable PARALLEL_MAKE
     ncurses: reenable PARALLEL_MAKE
     pango: reenable PARALLEL_MAKE
     eds-dbus: reenable PARALLEL_MAKE
     bitbake.conf: Add DISTROOVERRIDES variable
     poky-lsb.conf: Add DISTROOVERRIDES variable for poky
     poky-lsb.conf: remove OVERRIDES
     poky-qemu: Update -sdk image name due to recent change to sato-sdk add image for LSB SDK Build
     utils.bbclass: add new wrapper script
     file: add wrapper to file-native
     task-poky-lsb: libqtopenqgl4 should be for qemux86 and atom-pc only
     distro_tracking: update for newer packages added
     Revert "base/utility-tasks.bbclass: Drop do_setscene and do_rebuild"
     task-poky-lsb: add chkconfig
     distro tracking: Updates to Tracking infor for clutter and other changes
     task-poky-lsb: Remove new eglibc-* packages
     elfutils: add bzip2 to DEPENDS
     lsbsetup: Fix LIC_FILE_CHKSUM
     util-macros: add libgpg-error to DEPENDS list
     gst-plugins: Added hal to DEPENDS
     attr: Added ncurses to depends
     lsb-live image: add lsb-live and lsb-sdk-live image types
     cpio: Fix the SHA256 Checksum for the src tarball
     quilt: add autotools inheritance
     extended tasks: move binutils from basic to lsb
     poky-image-basic: remove POKY_BASE_INSTALL
     poky.conf: add additional Libraries to the LGPLv2 Whitelist
     poky.conf: remove gnome-common from WHITELIST_GPLV3
     gettext: Upgrade GPLv2 version to 0.16.1
     util-linux: Setup for GPLv2 Recipe

Scott Garman (79):

     poky-qemu: Fix issues when running Yocto 0.9 release images
     tar: upgrade to version 1.25 update tar and openssh
     sudo: upgrade to version 1.7.4p4
     libpam: upgrade to version 1.1.3
     mtools: add version 4.0.15 update sudo, libpam, and mtools
     insserv: upgrade to version 1.14.0
     libatomics-ops: recipe updates, fix build for mips update insserv and libatomics-ops
     Add sanity test scenarios for -lsb images
     Remove unused tunctl-src/Makefile from scripts/
     Make poky-qemu and related scripts work with arbitrary SDK locations
     gettext: Add source and license checkums
     binutils: delete unused patches
     binutils*.inc: Recipe format cleanup
     pax-utils: upgrade to version 2.2.2
     apmd: delete unused patch
     apmd: added HOMEPAGE, minor formatting changes
     blktool: minor formatting changes
     libgdbus_git: metadata fixes and minor formatting changes
     dbus-glib: delete unused patch
     dbus-glib: upgrade to version 0.92 update apmd, blktool, dbus-glib, libgdbus, and pax-utils
     libtool: Small cleanups of metadata
     libtool: Changes to enable sysroot support
     libtool: fix library RPATHs
     autotools.bbclass: libtool sysroot support changes
     staging.bbclass, utils.bbclass: remove la mangling code
     insane.bbclass: skip checks on .la installed status
     binutils: upgrade to 2.21 and add libtool sysroot support
     binutils: forward-port the binutils-poison.patch
     binutils: Fix QA staging errors for target binutils
     binutils: fix library RPATHs bump binutils preferred version to 2.21
     poky-extract-sdk: allow relative paths for extract-dir
     send-pull-request: unset $TO and $CC from environment
     sudo: upgrade to 1.7.4p6
     distro_tracking_fields: Updated sudo tracking data
     sgml-common: new recipe v0.6.3
     docbook-sgml-dtd: new recipes - v3.1, v4.1, v4.5
     docbook-dsssl-stylesheets: new recipe v1.79
     sgmlspl: new recipe, v1.03ii
     opensp: new recipe v1.5
     openjade: new recipe v1.3.2
     docbook-utils: new recipe v0.6.14
     iputils: enable generation of man pages added docbook-utils and dependencies
     docbook-utils: fix build errors
     xorg-cf-files: new recipe v1.0.4
     libxext: add native support to recipe
     libxpm: add native support to recipe
     imake: add native support to recipe and update DEPENDS
     transfig: new recipe v3.2.5d
     prelink: add transfig-native to DEPENDS add openssl to DEPENDS
     openjade: fix build issues
     texinfo: recipe cleanup, add native support
     sgml-common-native: fix license info and checksum fields
     docbook-utils-native: new recipe v0.6.14
     opensp: improve configuration and install steps
     iputils: enable generation of man pages
     docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-native: add missing files to install
     openjade-native: Set datadir explicitly
     docbook-utils-native: set SGML_EXTRA_CATALOGS in jw
     gtk+: Fix build of documentation
     sstate.bbclass: add SSTATEPOSTINSTFUNCS run install-catalog from SSTATEPOSTINSTFUNCS
     docbook-dsssl-stylesheets-native: run install-catalog from SSTATEPOSTINSTFUNCS
     openjade-native: run install-catalog from SSTATEPOSTINSTFUNCS
     gtk+: disable build of faq and tutorial docs
     linuxdoc-tools-native: new recipe v0.99.6
     libuser: enable documentation
     poky-qemu: handle cases where an nfs directory contains -image-
     linuxdoc-tools-native: disable doc builds requriing latex and dvips add transfig and linuxdoc-tools recipes
     screenshot: change the order of LDADD arguments
     linuxdoc-tools-native: Fix build error with txt documentation
     openssh: allow the openssh meta package to be empty

Scott Rifenbark (223):

     Added the Anjuta Plug-in information
     Removed reference to pre-build in section 5.3.2, "Using OprofileUI".
     Updated this figure to correctly capaitalize opkg, zyper, and app-get
     Updated figure.
     Review changes applied.
     Edits as described below:
     Updated supporting text to reflect new poky-4.0-build directory in example
     Corrected link to the yocto website.
     Updated the first figure in the quick start.
     Removed first link to openembedded and replaced with more general text.
     Updated the yocto-environment picture and added example command edits.
     Re-installed the Poky Handbook image at the top of the manual
     Moved the Poky image file to the "Figures" folder.
     Re-inserted Poky Image as part of the front matter.
     Added package installation requirements.
     Corrected the package command for Debian-based hosts.
     Removed text from section
     Figure changed for building an image and yoctolinux removed
     Editing pass through the Introduction chapter.
     Changed the title and wording of the section about pre-built binaries.
     Changed a source command to have the correct source.
     General text edits through section 2.4.4 "General Bitbak Problems"
     General edits to the using poky and Extending Poky chapters.
     Created a new folder to hold the BSP Guide
     Poky Reference Manual: Completed editing pass of Chapter 3.
     Performed general edits to this chapter.
     Added a new PNG file into the tar command.
     Added a new PNG file (bsp-title.png) as the imagedata tag.
     Added a new PNG file into the tar command.
     BSP Developers Guide:  Edits to text
     BSP Guide Makefile:  HTML generation debugging edits.
     BSP guide:  Updated the book id.
     BSP Guide:  Created new file for XSL customization expansion.
     BSP Guide:  I created a new figure for the title page.
     BSP Guide:  Updated xsltproc command to pass the bsp-guide-customization.xsl style sheet.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Clean up of the XML tags
     Poky Reference Manual:  A couple more minor fixes.
     Poky Reference Manual: XML tag clean up and command example text indentation.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Cleaned up and checked all XML tags.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added consistency to literallayout text.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Spell check performed.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added BBLAYERS to glossary.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added BBFILE_COLLECTIONS glossary term.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added BBFILE_PRIORITY glossary term.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Fixed broken link in Ref Images appendix.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Clean up Makefile
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added XSL Customization layer use
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added XSL Customization layer file
     BSP Guide and BSP Chapter:  Sync'ed these two files
     BSP Guide:  Fixed tag mis-match.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Fixed list tag.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Changed source location of the bsp.xml file
     BSP Guide and BSP Chapter in Poky Reference Manual:  Changed wording
     Poky Reference Manual:  Removed the bsp.xml file.
     Poky Reference Manual:  General edits for English.
     Poky Reference Manual:  Task wording made consistent
     Poky Reference Manual:  Added a glossary definition for BBPATH.
     Poky Reference Manual:  General edits up to the "Debugging with GDB Remotely" section.
     BSP Developers Guide:  Edits to text
     BSP Guide and BSP Chapter:  Sync'ed these two files
     Poky Reference Manual: Added INC_PR documentation.
     Poky Reference Manual:  General edits to the developing chapter.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/development.xml:  Fixed orderedlist and itemizedlist spacing.
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml:  Corrected poky-qemu command example in the 'Using Pre-Build Binaries and QEMU' section.
     documentation/kerenl-manual:  New directory and files for kernel manual.
     documentation/kernel-manual/Makefile:  fixed mis-spelling of kernel for files
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernal-manual.xml: and yocto-project-kernal-manual-customization.xsl removed from tree.
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernel-manual.xml and yocto-project-kernel-manual-customization.xsl:  Renamed files with correct spelling for kernel.
     .git/.gitignore:  Added files for the new kernel document.
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernel-manual.xml:  Removed sections not fit for 0.9 release.
     documentation/kernel-manual/style.css:  Changed h2 through h6 styles.
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernel-manual.xml: Added a new section called "BSP: Creating:
     documentation/kernel-manual/figures/kernel-title.png:  Added a PNG file to display in the PDF version on the title page.
     documentation/kernel-manual/Makefile: Added code to create a PDF version.
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernel-manual.xml:  removed the code that inserts the image.
     poky/.git/.gitignore:  added the yocto-project-kernel-manual.pdf file
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-manual.xml: added this file so that PDF could be built.
     documentation/kernel-manual/Makefile:  changed the name of the PDF output file to "kernel-manual.pdf"
     poky/.gitignore:  updated the lines for the kernel manual
     documentation/kernel-manual/Makefile:  changed the pdf, tgz, and html output files to be named "kernel-manual"
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.xml:  Changed the revision date to 24 November 2010
     documentation/kernel-manual/yocto-project-kernel-manual.xml:  Removed this file so manual could be structured into a book with chapters.
     documentation/kernel-manual: Added these files so the book could have chapters.
     documentation/kernel-manual:  Modified to call new chapter structure.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-concepts.xml:  Updated the text so that the conceptual figure showing the kernel is out.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-manual.xml:  Changed the copyright statement to conform to sharing.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kerenel-how-to.xml:  Edits to clean up text.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml:  Completed scrub to the text.
     documentation/kernel-manual:  Added an image to the authorgroup so a title would display in the HTML version of the manual.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  Updated the list of links to include a link to the Yocto Project site.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  Fixed to mis-spellings
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  Fixed two typo's
     documentation/yocto-project-qs:  Added the gnome-doc-utils package to the Fedora required pacakge list.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  Updated Mailing Lists and IRC sections in Appendix I
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  English scrub performed for consistency.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual: Changed spelling of bitbake to "BitBake" when used in text.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  General edits up the Parsing section.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual:  changes applied from a patch submitted by Cyril Humbert.
     documentation/kernel-manual:  Added Bruce Ashfields review comments.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-concepts.xml:  Re-worded a note to state best practices for organizing shared features.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-bitbake.xml:  Completed general edits.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml:  fixed typo bug 588
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml:  added newline character
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  General edits.
     documentation/kernel-manual/figures/kernel-architecture-overview.png: updated figure
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Fixed grammar problem
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Changed meta naming convention
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Added note qualifying BSP file structure.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Fixed typo
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Added information about /binary
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Created better BSP example base names
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Inserted text before the file structure example
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated common form for file structure.
     documentation/bsp-work/bsp.xml:  Added crownbay BSP example to section 1.1.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated the introductary paragraph to the sections.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Added new "License Files" section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Added the README section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated the Pre-built User Binaries section.
     documenation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated the Layer Configuration File section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated the Hardware Configuration Options section
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Added a Miscellaneous Recipe Files section
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Removed the recipes-bsp/formfactor directory from the common structure.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: Added a Display Support Files section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated Linux Kernel Configuration section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Commented out three sections.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Changed numbering scheme.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: Updated Layer Configuration File Section
     documentation/bsp-guild/bsp.xml: Updated Miscellaneous Recipe Files section
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated Display Support Files section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated Linux Kernel Configuration section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: Added reference to Kernel documentation.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated the Linux Kernel Configuration section
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  replaced the append file line in the template
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Updated Linux Kernel Configuration section.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Spell checked the file.
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml:  Commented out three sections.
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml:  Corrections to Using Pre-Built Binaries and QEMU section.
     documentation/yocto-project-qs:  Updated the Packages section.
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: General edits to YP QS.
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/figures/using-a-pre-built-image.png:  Updated figure
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Corrected environment setup command
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml:  Added sub-sections to pre-built image section
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Updated list introducing pre-built section
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Updated <arch> value for environment setup command
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml:  Added note to poky-qemu command
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/extendpoky.xml:  Fixed make problem
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml:  [BUGID# 597] Fixed common_pc
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: [BUGID# 631] - Added tip for saving disk space during a build.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: [BUGID# 597] Reversing common-pc-standard
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: - Condense and merge example changed.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: Fixed type
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: More changes to the creating BSP section.
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: Fix to step 1 of section 3.4.4
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: Fix to step 3 of section 3.4.4
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: fix to step 3 and 4 of section 3.4.4
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: Changes to section 3.4.4 and new 3.4.5
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: [BUGID# 628] - Added note about Python 2.6 bitbake requirement
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/faq.xml: [BUGID# 628] - Added new question for Python 2.6 requirement.
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.xml: updated copyright date
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.xml: Updated copyright
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-manual.xml: Updated copyright date
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Added Copyright dates
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/ref-images.xml:  Update to Images Appendix
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: [BUGID# 553] - Fixed link in Nightly Build section
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: [BUGID# 553] - Fixed pokylinux URL
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: Fixed URL
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: fixed URL
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/development.xml: Fixed pokylinux URLs
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/development.xml: Fixed URL
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/faq.xml: Fixed reference
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/resources.xml: Fixed pokylinux URL
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/resources.xml: Text addtions in Links section in Appendix I
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/poky-ref-manual/resources.xml:  Fixed pokylinux URL
     [BUGID# 553] - documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: Re-write of click-through
     [BUGID# 695] - documentation/bsp-guide/figures/bsp-title.png: Updated title graphic
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.xml: Updated RP email address
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.xml: Updated revision history on title page.
     documentation/kernel-manual/figures/kernel-title.png: Updated title graphic
     documentation/kernel-manual: Kernel manual Style changes
     documentation/adt-manual: New file structure for ADT Manual
     documentation/adt-manual/figures: Added title PNG file, deleted kernel title PNG file.
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-manual.xml: Initial file
     documentation/adt-manual/Makefile: Initial Makefile
     documentation/adt-manual: cleaned up labels in chapter files
     documentation/adt-manual/style.css: Changed PNG file in the title page style
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-intro.xml: Initial text
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-prepare.xml: Initial draft of preparation chapter
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-package.xml: Initial file
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-eclipse.xml: Initial draft for Eclipse chapter.
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-command.xml: Initial draft of command line chapter
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-eclipse.xml: Removed Autotools plug-in requirement
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-eclipse.xml: Specified qemu options outside of brackets.
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-eclipse.xml: Re-inserted Autotools plug-in requirement.
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-manual.xml: Updated front matter
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp-guide.xml: Updated Title Page
     documentation/bsp-guide/style.css: Updated Style Sheet
     documentation/bsp-guide/bsp.xml: Spell check
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-manual.xml: Updated the title page
     documentation/kernel-manual/kernel-how-to.xml: Spell checked
     - documentation/poky-ref-manual/extendpoky.xml: Added text for choosing server
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/extendpoky.xml: Spell check
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/style.css: Updated to match other manuals
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/poky-ref-manual.xml: Updated title page
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/faq.xml: Spell Check
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: Removed link
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/introduction.xml: Wording and release update
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/usingpoky.xml: grammar fix and BitBake fix
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/usingpoky.xml: More BitBake changes
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/faq.xml: Added three FAQ entries
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/usingpoky.xml: Small edits
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/extendpoky.xml: small edits
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/extendpoky.xml: Formfactor path corrected
     documentation/poky-ref-manual/faq.xml: Added entry about proxy and firewall
     - documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: added groff package
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/style.css: Updated styles
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/style.css: Updated note text color
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: 1.0 edits applied to examples
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Added references to FAQs
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Note added about proxy
     - documentation/poky-ref-manual: Notes added for non-GPLv3 builds
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: Bug reference added courtesy Colin Walters
     documentation/yocto-project-qs/yocto-project-qs.xml: [BUGID# 931] - Removed Fedora 14 bitbake native note
     documentation/adt-manual/adt-prepare.xml: Added instruction for building ADT tarball

Tom Rini (3):

     perl-native: Update for userelocatableinc and non-shared libperl
     poky-{glibc,uclibc}.inc: Add libc-foo OVERRIDES
     initscripts: Make umountfs a bit more robust, bump PR

Tom Zanussi (13):

     blktrace: new package
     sysprof: add system-wide performance profiler for Linux.
     meta-emenlow: update to the new BSP layout
     blktrace: Fix parallel make issue re-enable blktrace add fields for blktrace add fields for sysprof
     linux-yocto: hard-code NO_LIBPERL/NO_LIBPYTHON
     systemtap: new package
     site/x86_x64: add entry to fix x86_64 compile errors add 'coldplug' udev trigger
     documentation: BSP Developer's Guide fixes
     documentation: Kernel Manual fixes

Wolfgang Denk (1):

     x11-common: Fix unusable serial console

Xiaofeng Yan (6):

     LSB: Add a new package
     lsbsetup: Set up lsb test environment on target platform
     creat-lsb-image: download lsb test suite and creat a image with lsb test suite LSB Test Suite and set lsb test environment
     creat-lsb-image: Add some functions for creating a appropriate image to make lsb test
     task-poky-lsb: Add packges needed by LSB Test Suite

Yu Ke (102):

     sysklogd: correct the syslog link and conf file
     xmodmap: upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
     xf86-input-evdev: upgrade from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0
     xf86-input-mouse: upgrade from 1.5.0 to 1.6.0
     xf86-video-vmware: upgrade from 11.0.1 to 11.0.3
     xf86-input-vmmouse: upgrade from 12.6.9 to 12.6.10
     xwininfo: upgrade from 1.0.5 to 1.1.1
     xset: upgrade from 1.1.0 to 1.2.1
     xauth: upgrade from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
     cracklib: upgrade from 2.8.16 to 2.8.18
     distro tracking: update the info for upgrade recpies
     libdrm: upgrade from 2.4.21 to 2.4.22
     xf86-video-intel: upgrade from 2.12.0 to 2.13.0
     xserver-xf86-dri-lite: upgrade from 1.9.0 rc4 to 1.9.2
     xrandr: upgrade from 1.3.2 to 1.3.4
     pixman: upgrade from 0.18.2 to 0.20.0
     cairo: upgrade from 1.8.10 to 1.10.0
     pango: upgrade from 1.28.0 to 1.28.3
     imake: upgrade from 1.0.2 to 1.0.4
     fotowall: add license checksum
     iputils: add license checksum
     libdrm: add license checksum
     qemugl: add license checksum
     xf86-video-vesa: add license checksum
     xf86-input-synaptics: add license checksum
     xf86-video-intel: add license checksum
     xf86-video-omapfb: add license checksum
     sqlite: upgrade from 3.6.23 to 3.7.3
     libxml2-native: remove the --without-debug option
     talloc: add new recipes talloc 2.0.1
     mesa-dri: upgrade from 7.8.2 to 7.9
     mesa-xlib: upgrade from 7.8.2 to 7.9
     mesa: enable glu
     glew: add new recipes glew 1.5.7
     mesa-demo: add new recpies mesa demo 8.0.2
     mesa-dri-glsl-native: upgrade from 7.8.2 to 7.9
     qemugl: upgrade to git commit 33466cd83c2a9d7d3fb9fe437fb6a4d6fbd866b9
     x11-common: add license checksum
     xserver-nodm-init: add license checksum
     xserver-xf86-config: add license checksum
     distro_tracking: Fix name inconsistency
     distro_tracking: change owner of some recipe
     FetchData: add SRC_URI checksum
     bb.utils: check if lock file is writable, to fix bug 606
     base.bbclass: add lock file for do_unpack task
     recpies: use SRCPV instead of SRCREV for PV
     bitbake: copy bb.fetch to bb.fetch2 as initial code base for fetcher overhaul
     bb.fetch2: replace bb.fetch with bb.fetch2 in the bb.fetch
     BBHandler: remove bb.fetch referrence
     bb.fetch2: add urldata_init call for Fetch class add git urldata_init add urldata_init
     bb.fetch2.hg: add hg urldata_init
     bb.fetch2.bzr: add bzr urldata_init
     Fetcher: break the "SRCREVINACTION" deadlock
     Fetcher: only set __BB_DONT_CACHE when SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"
     xhost: upgrade to 1.0.4
     mkfontdir: upgrade to 1.0.6
     xinit: upgrade to 1.3.0
     bigreqsproto: upgrade to 1.1.1
     xprop: upgrade to 1.2.0
     mkfontscale: upgrade to 1.0.8
     xdpyinfo: upgrade to 1.2.0
     xf86-input-keyboard: upgrade to 1.5.0
     xkbcomp: upgrade to 1.2.0
     xf86-input-evdev: upgrade to 2.6.0
     xf86-input-synaptics: upgrade to 1.3.0
     libdrm: upgrade to 2.4.23
     xwininfo: upgrade to 1.1.1
     xf86-video-intel: upgrade to 2.14.0
     cairo: upgrade to 1.10.2
     mesa: upgrade to mesa 7.10
     mesa-glsl: add mesa glsl 7.8.2
     mesa: add mesa 7.8.2
     xserver-xf86-dri-lite: upgrade to 1.9.3
     distro tracking: add graphics recipes tracking data
     bb.fetch2: add unpack method in fetcher
     bb.fetch2: revise the Fetch.unpack API
     bb.fetch: add fetch version to distinguish bb.fetch and bb.fetch2
     base.bbclass: use bb.fetch2 unpack API
     bb.fetch2: rename "go" with "download" to better reflect its functionality
     base/sstate.bbclass: Rename fetcher "go" method to "download" when using fetch v2 split download to download() and build_mirror_data()
     bb.fetch2: remove the obsolate Fetch.try_mirrors referrence
     bb.fetch2: add "BB_NO_NETWORK" option
     bitbake/fetch2: Instrument fetchers when making network access
     iputils: upgrade to s20101006
     xf86-video-omapfb: upgrade to 044617665d6737f4909aab96
     bb.fetch2: Add git unpack Remove the source tree tarball archives
     fetch2: Allow multiple src rev to be used in one src_uri
     mesa-dri-7.10: replace GPLv3 talloc with MIT-x licensed ralloc
     mesa-7.10: set mesa 7.10 as default instead of 7.8.2
     mesa-xlib: upgrade to 7.10
     talloc: remove talloc recipe
     mesa-xlib-7.10: add missing dependency makedepend
     mesa-dri-7.10: add missing dependency makedepend
     xf86-video-intel: add config option to support rootless X
     xserver-nodm-init: add rootless-x support
     shadow: upgrade to to fix security vulnerability
     x11vnc: fix the endian issue in mips for bug 782
     matchbox-desktop: add configure event handler to fix bug 658

Zhai Edwin (76):

     Fix adding new contact failure when starting contacts for the 1st time
     libgpg-error: Update to 1.9
     libassuan: Update to 2.0.1
     libuser: Update to 0.56.18
     xz: Update to 5.0.0
     ed: Update to 1.5
     avahi: Update to 0.6.28
     libowl-av: Update to svn r416
     tasks: Update to 0.18
     atk: Update to 1.32.0
     libsoup-2.4: Update to 2.32.1
     matchbox-panel-2: Update to svn r2111
     libgnome-keyring: Update to 2.32.0
     gnome-keyring: Update to 2.32.1
     libfm: Update to 0.1.14
     pcmanfm: Update to 0.9.8
     distro tracking: Updates for libgpg-error...
     libgdata: Add 0.6.5 as new recipe
     gtk-doc: Add license checksum
     gtk-theme-torturer: Add license check sum
     libcanberra: Add license check sum
     libgalago: Add license checksum
     matchbox-wm-2: Add license checksum
     metacity: Add license checksum
     xvinfo: Add license checksum
     libfakekey: Add license checksum
     matchbox-session-sato: Add license checksum
     matchbox-stroke: Add license checksum
     qemu: Add license checksum
     pointercal: Add license checksum
     tidy: Add license checksum
     acpid: update to 1.0.10
     consolekit: Update to 0.4.3
     ethtool: Update to 2.6.36
     puzzles: Update to svn r9023
     x11perf: Update to 1.5.2
     x11vnc: Update to 0.9.12
     web: Update to svn r129
     gnome-desktop: Update to 2.32.1
     gnome-icon-theme: Update to 2.31.0
     gtk-engines: Update to 2.20.2
     eee-acpi-scripts: Update to 1.1.11
     qemu: Enable KVM support on x86/x86-64 host
     consolekit: Update to 0.4.3
     matchbox-keyboard: Make as singleton
     matchbox-stroke: Make as singleton
     qemu: Add some checks before enabling KVM
     beecrypt: Update to 4.2.1
     xvinfo: Upgrade to 1.1.1
     libcanberra: Upgrade to 0.26
     metacity: Upgrade to 2.30.3
     matchbox-wm-2: Upgrade to svn r2106
     gdk-pixbuf: Add 2.22.1 as new recipe
     apr: Update to 1.4.2
     apr-util: Update to 1.3.10
     qemu: Upgrade from 0.12.4 to 0.13.0
     distro tracking: Add more info for qemu, gdk-pixbuf...., after last interation     of upgrade
     gtk+: Update to 2.22.1
     eds-dbus: Do not disable old API after upgrading gtk+
     webkit-gtk: upgrade to 1.3.7
     leafpad: Upgrade from 0.8.17 to
     libuser: Upgrade from 0.56.18 to 0.57.1
     distro tracking: Add info after upgrading gtk+, libuser and leafpad
     matchbox: Convert all the matchbox components' repo from svn to git including:     matchbox-wm     matchbox-panel-2     matchbox-terminal     matchbox-config-gtk     matchbox-stroke     matchbox-desktop     matchbox-keyboard     matchbox-themes-extra     libfakekey     settings-daemon
     clutter-1.0: Upgrade to 1.4 - latest stable version
     clutter-gtk-1.0: Upgrade to one version prior to 0.90.2 (clutter 1.4 series)
     clutter-gst-1.0: Upgrade to 1.3.4 (clutter 1.4 series)
     clutter-box2d: Upgrade to 0.10.1 via git
     gdk-pixbuf: Fix the native png load error and remove duplicated recipe
     mutter: Upgrade to 2.29.1 via git
     sstate: Fix bugs after new fetcher
     qemu: enable audio support
     x11vnc: Fix the start failure
     sato-icon-theme: Explictly use "Sato" as gtk icon theme
     gstreamer: install the sound card driver of es1370
     qemu-script: Remove mmap_min_addr check
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