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IDSummary (48 tasks) MilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboard
5921Task outcomes are sorted by database value, instead of alphabetically1.6.1David ReynaRESOLVED
6079The license manifest link in the build dashboard is going to the wrong page1.6.1Farrell WymoreVERIFIED
6094If do_rootfs does not execute, license manifest and image files are empty1.6.1Farrell WymoreRESOLVED
6109Failed to dismiss filter modal dialogs by clicking anywhere outside the modal dialog.1.6.1Farrell WymoreVERIFIED
6114Elapsed_time value null for tasks with outcome=01.6.1Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6145Wrong "Total number of tasks" in build dashboard page1.6.1Belen Barros PenaVERIFIED
6146Empty tasks filter not working1.6.1Belen Barros PenaVERIFIED
6147"Size over total" column displays when not selected1.6.1David ReynaRESOLVED
6148"Started on" and "Completed on" filters in builds table wrong counts1.6.1David ReynaVERIFIED
6152Wrong data for "layer branch" and "layer commit" in a recipes detail page.1.6.1Belen Barros PenaVERIFIED
6326Covered tasks with cache attempt "File not in cache"1.6.2Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
6445The value of the revision field from Package table doesn't start with 'r'1.6.2Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6899cpu_usage value for some tasks doesn't match the value in the stats file1.6.2Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5540Implement Toaster Project Manager1.7Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5542Implement ToasterMasterUI1.7Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5563toaster change REST API implementation to use Django REST framework1.7Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
6379RuntimeWarning: DateTimeField received a naive datetime while time zone support is active1.7Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6452"Size" column can't be hid by Edit columns.1.7David ReynaVERIFIED
5490Support multiple Bitbake server backends for each Toaster webserver1.7 M1Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
5491Toaster must be able to create a build environment and launch the Bitbake server (local use case)1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5492Toaster web must connect to a Bitbake server as controlling client1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDTC done
5493Toaster must be able to stop a bitbake server, and clean all artifacts1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIEDTC done
5494Toaster must be able to start a build command1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5536design Toaster Backend API1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5537Implement Backend API controller for localhost1.7 M1Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5541design Build REST API1.7 M1Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
6009Carry out performance testing for Toaster1.7 M1Ionut ChisanoviciVERIFIED
6214Toaster selftest - integrate toaster backend testing into oe-selftest - fully automated1.7 M1Ionut ChisanoviciVERIFIED
6232Design the ability to create new projects1.7 M2Belen Barros PenaRESOLVEDGUI design in progress
6504ToasterUI adds 'ready' message in log for scripts embedding builds with ToasterUI startup to prevent event loss1.7 M2Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6506Toasters reports 0 packages included for uhd-dev-image (meta-sdr)1.7 M2Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
5489Launch Toaster in webserver-only mode1.7 M3Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
5919Interaction between sorting and "Edit columns" menu not working as designed1.7 M3Farrell WymoreRESOLVED
6126Keep "Show rows" and sorting state in Toaster tables1.7 M3Marius AvramVERIFIED
6137excessive load time for All Recipes page1.7 M3David ReynaVERIFIED
6223Add kernel image information.1.7 M3Belen Barros PenaVERIFIEDGUI design pending
6235New project backend support1.7 M3Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6236New project GUI support1.7 M3David ReynaVERIFIED
6237Ability to identify build host and build directory1.7 M3Alexandru DamianRESOLVEDGUI design pending
6240Toaster must be able to create a build environment and launch the Bitbake server (remote use case)1.7 M3Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
6291refactor target display1.7 M3Farrell WymoreVERIFIED
6586create extension point in toaster1.7 M3Farrell WymoreRESOLVED
5878We should keep some state of Toaster tables1.7 M4Alexandru DamianRESOLVED
6134Wrong information of images.1.7 M4Belen Barros PenaRESOLVED
6508Toaster reports errors even though build succeeded1.7 M4Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6594Develop Toaster All distros page1.7 M4Belen Barros PenaVERIFIED
6612Auto toaster app discovery broken1.7 M4Alexandru DamianVERIFIED
6713Toaster Completed-on column always displays date on DD/MM/YYYY1.7 M4David ReynaVERIFIED
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