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Bugzilla Guidelines

We like to have fun but we also like the communications to run smoothly. To that end here are some guidelines for participating in the Yocto Bugzilla.

  • Be patient with others: Sometimes people post imperfect bug reports. In case of missing information, kindly tell reporters how to provide it, and/or suggest what they can do to improve the bug report.
  • Stay on topic: Don't start endless debates on topics not directly related to the scope of a specific bug report.
  • Use proper quoting practices: Avoid quoting complete previous comments by stripping unneeded lines, and avoid answering above the quoted text.
  • Don't abuse your privileges: Submitters have permission to edit their bugs. If you abuse this privilege - for example, by reopening a bug that the maintainers have closed - your privileges will be revoked.

What to do if you find a bug

  • Search first: Try to avoid filing duplicates by searching to see whether your issue has already been filed.
  • Ask: You can ask on our mailing lists or IRC channels to see if anyone has seen this issue before to gather more details or see if someone has a workaround.
  • Submit a bug report: Give us as many details as possible about what happened and how your issue can be reproduced. IMPORTANT: please include the build/commit ID as reported by BitBake, as this will help the team determine whether your bug has been fixed already.
  • Track our progress: Get feedback from the development community and track resolution status.
  • Provide a fix: Use the tools, project wiki and git source repository in the Yocto Project to fix the problem yourself.

Learn more about our process for reporting bugs.

Bugzilla Templates

Here are 3 options for different templates, which can be cut an pasted into the Description Section of the bug, if these do not suite your needs feel free to create a new one.

Feature Enhancement Template

1. Feature Description:

2. Feature Present Code Status(including location and version):

3. Code License (e.g. GPLv2):

4. Business Impaction:

5. Other Justification:

General Bug Template

List here what is the setup used.

Triggering Action/Cause
What how to make the phenomenon to happen.

What should happen.

Actual Result
What really happens


n = total number of attempts
m = number of times the phenomenon is visible

QA Report Template





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