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YP Toaster Bugs needing Triage

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IDSummary (2 tasks) AssigneeStatusSeverityPMilestoneWhiteboard
15096Add cheese plugins interface to toasterUnassignedNEWenhancementUndecided0.0.0
15307Fail to display license manifest from a command line buildDavid ReynaNEWnormalUndecided0.0.0
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IDSummary (44 tasks) AssigneeStatusSeverityPMilestoneWhiteboard
8190The 'set in file' filters in the BitBake variables table seem to return the wrong informationDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalLow5.99
9115Added packages filter seems to show the wrong package listDavid ReynaNEWnormalLow5.99
9645The image recipe details does not show "Last build" informationDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalLow5.99
9657Saving an added variable seems to save all other added variablesDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalLow5.99
12142The color from the table from the project build changed when you use an special character.David ReynaACCEPTEDnormalLow5.99
12261[Toaster] Importing layers, confirmation label is misleadingDavid ReynaNEWnormalLow5.99
13173postgresql complain about long field name, the max is 200David ReynaACCEPTEDmajorMedium5.1 M2
14370Toaster fails to start in CentOS 8 because it can't detect the timezoneDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.1 M2
15267Error Importing 'Command Line' ProjectDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.1 M2
4284Presenting information provided by the diffsigs toolDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.1 M3
7502Show image information if rootfs files are generatedDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
8051Importing layer fails silently if the layer name already existsDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
9494Custom images created from the build history pages fail to buildDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
9530Arrows in directory structure do not expand directoriesDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
9586document and verify production setup for jenkins ci interactionDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
9630Show tasks currently running as part of progress bar updateDavid ReynaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium5.99GUI design pending
9743builds: The search result of the content of the builds table is incorrectDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
9915Show all layer revisions supported by Toaster, not just the ones compatible with the projectDavid ReynaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium5.99GUI design pending
10283Consume TaskArtifacts metadata event created in bitbakeDavid ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONnormalMedium5.99
10488Changing Git revision in Toaster has no effectDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
10943buildinfohelper does not consider IMAGE_EXTENSION while saving build artifactsDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
11023Read IMAGE_FSTYPES from the image recipeDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
11364Provide a wizard-based project creation optionDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
12003Incorrect performance tables if Edit Column drop down is usedDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
12005Cant download other artifacts when modifying built recipeDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
12007support loading fixtures from other directoriesDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
12133The search results for numbers are incorrect.David ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
12140The link and the x button from the search's result did not work as expectedDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
12171After building an image, checking the packages there's nothing.David ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
12200The button from New custom image is not working as expectedDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12201The button from New custom image is letting you press it and its supposed to be disabled.David ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12207New Project needs a cancel button in case you change your mind.David ReynaACCEPTEDenhancementMedium5.99
12208on the import layer page, the "add layer" button for dependent layers is active, when emptyDavid ReynaACCEPTEDnormalMedium5.99
12259[toaster] when building 3 or more images left hand summary is not shown correctlyDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12260[toaster]why arent the meta-qt3 and meta-qt4 present in the compatible layers for pokyDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12263[Toaster] project layers can be duplicatedDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12432Make Bitbake Variables settings a textbox so you can inject larger sets of variablesDavid ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
12433Allow toaster to store bitbake variables global to the toaster instance (not per build)David ReynaNEWenhancementMedium5.99
12436[Test Case 1958] Project names cannot be blankDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12437[Test Case 1958] Toaster exploratory testingDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium5.99
12723mysql requires unicode and char length filteringDavid ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONnormalMedium+5.1 M2
13103[Bug][QA 2.7 M1 rc1][Toaster] "Recipes" table  and  "machines" table are not getting populated after clicking on imported layer as well as after clicking Machines Tab on project pageDavid ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONnormalMedium+5.1 M2
12262[Toaster] Layer details page: optional layers cant be blank when importing a layerDavid ReynaNEWnormalMedium+5.99
13669Move Toaster testsuite-2 away from TestopiaUnassignedNEWenhancementMedium+5.99
  • Toaster default assignee
IDSummary (52 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
5811the variable history should collect and display the variable value for each modification sequenceenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTEDGUI design available; needs data completion test 5
8095Table results should be sorted in alphabetical order and other secondary criterias.enhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design available 4
8248Toaster recipe page: missing empty statenormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8326Build time counts the time a build spent queuedminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8425Toaster: A warning should be displayed when you delete a layer dependencyenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 4
8434Toaster: package classes (rpm, ipk or deb) should be display in the build configuration pageenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 4
8685Enter button doesn't apply your modification to bitbake variablesnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8807local cached layers don't get the branch checked outnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 2
8857Display number of search / filter results consistently across tablesenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 3
8858We should keep sorting state in our tablesenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 3
8859Provide a way of specifying the default sort direction in ToasterTableenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8860The 'clear search' icon in ToasterTable tables should clear any applied filternormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8865The project "updated" field shows the last time a project was saved, not its last activityminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 2
9117Allow "project builds" and "all builds" to be sorted by time and recipe namenormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9118Dead paths for meta-toaster-custom layer left behind in bblayers.confnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9141toaster when xmlrpc/cooker dies the web didn't tell the user about itnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 6
9209The unique name validation for custom images happens across projectsnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTED 1
9435Toaster throws an exception for images that have files on the / levelnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
9670Toaster does not set a correct MIME type for tasks' logs filesnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 1
9839The "clear search" button on the – "Add | Remove packages table" - does not clearnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9856Migrate remaining tables to ToasterTableenhancementLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9977Time, CPU and Disk I/O tables have the wrong core columnsminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
10205The layer typeahead shows the project release branch for non-git layersnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
10281Configuration variables: I can set a value for standard shell environment variable http_proxynormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
5255Provide access to tasks executable output in ToasterenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTEDGUI design pending 5
5648Add a field license_files to package informationenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTED 3
6712Modify the default Bootstrap behaviour of tooltips and popovers triggered on hoverenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
6910Use sticky headers for long tablesenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
7240Add declaration of image output file globs for ToasterenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 1
7596variable type support in project configuration pagesenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
7747Improve messaging when Toaster is launched with no releases setenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTEDGUI design pending 4
7751Toaster allows me to build when no machine is set in the default configurationnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design available 4
8218Provide a way to update layer information from the Toaster GUIenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 5
8366Build the specific recipe versionenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8424Toaster: Compatible recipes tab should display the machine compatible recipesenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 3
8488Collect variable information for the image scopeenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending
8705Store valid values for variables in the Toaster databaseenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8790Boostrapping package information for image customisation purposesnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8806Refactor localhostbecontrollernormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTED 20
8866Home-brew JSON encoding is ad hoc and incompleteenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8896Enable sorting by number of dependenciesenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending
8955Recipe explorerenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8959Allow Toaster to run images on simulator, even a custom oneenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9109Apply sleep 0.5 to other database operationsnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9164The toaster-custom-images layer should not show like any other layer, and should not be removablenormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design available 4
9297Toaster: Simplify building extensible SDKenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 5
9485Fix typeaheads for Bootstrap 3normalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
9518Rationalise the directory structure generated by ToasterenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 3
9519Consolidate used API into it's own viewenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION 10
9684"Edit Columns" Button on the Compatible layers view is missingnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9914For imported layers, remember the value of the last directory and the last Git repositoryenhancementMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9969Display target:task correctly on build dashboard (and elsewhere)normalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTEDGUI design available 3