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Medium+ Bugs

IDSummary (227 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
14907packaging debugsrc breaks for recipes with externalsrc and debug-with-srcpkgnormalMedium+4.0.17Pavel ZhukovACCEPTED
14909file_5.41.bb:do_configure error with GCC 11.3.0 from SDK 4.0.3normalMedium+4.0.17Pavel ZhukovACCEPTED
14879'Fix for target definitions returning 'NoneType' for arm' results in 'NoneType when arch_abi is arm-eabinormalMedium+4.0.20Ross BurtonNEW
14044STAGING_KERNEL_DIR symlink has been broken if externalsrccriticalMedium+5.1Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGNBackport to 3.1.x
14681Different .config files between linux-yocto and kernel-devsrcnormalMedium+5.1Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION2
15430qemuarmv5 has multiple display headsnormalMedium+5.1Jon MasonNEW
13218classic SDK installer missing stuff?normalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
13378native programs from RSS that alias hosttools can cause non-reproducible buildsnormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
13679Buildtools tarball python performance degraded by reproducibile buildsnormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
13917yocto-check-layer can fail if a layer adds new licensesnormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
14407Static linked libraries do not appear in license manifest nor in sources tarballnormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
15185AB-INT: rust do_create_spdx failurenormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattACCEPTEDAB-INT
15442do_create_spdx failures if DISTRO changes PV of the packagenormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
14576[meta-mingw] nativesdk-openssl: Configure failednormalMedium+5.1Joshua WattNEW
13338SDK build fails if image contains bashnormalMedium+5.1Pavel ZhukovIN PROGRESS REVIEWbackports
10731bitbake --observe-only doesn't work with memresnormalMedium+5.1Pavel ZhukovNEW5
14066bitbake core-image-base -c populate_sdk fails when image contains bash, core-utils and package_deb is usednormalMedium+5.1Pavel ZhukovIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14995do_populate_sdk: target-sdk-provides-dummy fails to provide perl for postgresqlnormalMedium+5.1Pavel ZhukovIN PROGRESS DESIGN
15084For some reason using of same user in two recipes does not work properlynormalMedium+5.1Pavel ZhukovNEW
15427qemuriscv64 images show mouse cursornormalMedium+5.1Khem RajNEW
11781bitbake --observe-only may get KeyErrornormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieACCEPTED3
11899broken 'bitbake --status-only' and 'bitbake -m' for multiple connectionsnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW2
13808do_task[noexec] = "" marks task noexec, which is inconsistent with docsnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
13424devupstream doesn't work with mutilibnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
14717OEToolchainConfig.cmake sets wrong and unsuitable compiler flagsnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieACCEPTED
14870Dangling bbappend behaviour can lead to unexpected surprises (error vs warn)normalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
15102Using overrides on security flags may produce an incorrect meta-environment for the generated SDKnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
15213?Using icecream leads to error during parsingnormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieACCEPTED
15273multiconfig race in sstate/SDE with combined tmp/work-sharednormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
15276perf: setting PACKAGECONFIG in .bbappend does not work as expectedminorMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
14811Incorrect path matching in pseudo cause package failure in yoctonormalMedium+5.1Richard PurdieNEW
14963qemuarm64 doesn't have a wks filenormalMedium+5.1Ross BurtonNEW
15425Make the 'loaded' desktop dbus signal unraceynormalMedium+5.1Ross BurtonNEW
15435Clock in the desktop panel resizesnormalMedium+5.1Ross BurtonNEW
14946Image rebuilds with rm_work result in missing license manifestsnormalMedium+5.1Ross BurtonNEW
15426dbus-wait timeout uses a 'success' exit codenormalMedium+5.1Ross BurtonNEW
15256Use images built with Autobuilder for patchtest guest modenormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinNEW
15257meta-patchtest layer needs to be checked for Yocto Project Compatible statusnormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinACCEPTED
15258Patchtest should test an entire series together, rather than checking patches individuallynormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS DESIGN
15259Patchtest should report test results back to PatchworknormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinNEW
15260Patchtest automated test process should boot the VM once per seriesnormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinNEW
15269patchtest test_lic_files_chksum_modified_not_mentioned is inconsistent between local and automated runsnormalMedium+5.1Trevor GamblinNEW
15329Default https://localhost:8081/accounts/login throws a 403 error; CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS needs the port appendednormalMedium+5.1Tim OrlingNEW
14736setuptools3.bbclass: Add check for pyproject.toml and [build-system] to advise usersnormalMedium+5.1Tim OrlingIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
15466devtool uses a gitsm URI for a version not using submodules if HEAD doesnormalMedium+5.1 M1 IN PROGRESS REVIEW
15288systemtap is not reproduciblenormalMedium+5.1 M1Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGNAB-INT
15342Serial issue with 6.6.9 linux-yoctonormalMedium+5.1 M1Bruce AshfieldACCEPTEDAB-INT
154636.6.23 qemux86 boot hang [qemu, not kernel]normalMedium+5.1 M1Bruce AshfieldNEWAB-INT
15474[kernel] Oops (page fault) in mmc driver on multiple hardware when using mmc-utilsmajorMedium+5.1 M1Bruce AshfieldACCEPTEDbackport 5.0
15478do_menuconfig for linux-yocto fails with kernel-fitimage and UBOOT_CONFIGnormalMedium+5.1 M1Bruce AshfieldNEW
15061Rust multilib sdks brokennormalMedium+5.1 M1DeepthiIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15464OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT set but not exported in the external SDKnormalMedium+5.1 M1Gauthier HADERERNEW
15364glibc/gcc test suite causes false positives in regression reportnormalMedium+5.1 M1Harish SadineniNEW
15333bitbake/lib/hashserv/sqlite.py:294: DeprecationWarning: The default datetime adapter is deprecated as of Python 3.12normalMedium+5.1 M1Joshua WattNEW
15398create-spdx creates SPDX document with wrong externalDocumentRefsnormalMedium+5.1 M1Joshua WattIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15162devtool build does not cope with multiple SRC_URI in a recipenormalMedium+5.1 M1Julien StephanIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15335AB-INT: sstatetests.SStateMirrors.test_cdn_mirror: Missing objects in the cachenormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael HalsteadACCEPTEDAB-INT
14835Need autobuilder to build docs with at least Sphinx 4.0normalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15218Using SSTATE_MIRRORS does not work with https and basic authenticationnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14121Implement sphinx switchers.js for bitbakenormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14670Promoting a Function to a Task: example is wrongnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15111Expand documentation of BB_PRESSURE_* variablesnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
13417Development manual coverage of devtoolnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED1
13835KCONF_BSP_AUDIT_LEVEL is not properly documentednormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION1
14368Where can I find how to produce containers?normalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED
14410[documentation] clarity regarding specifying license of layer/recipes versus layer/recipe resultsnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14509Add security configuration documentationnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15106Move ptest doc to Testing manualnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15107Add package specification for ptest (upstream test suite, ...)normalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14534Online search feature really needs usability improvments.normalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14747initramfs-framework missing from documentationnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEWbackport 3.5.x
14802Docs are generated with version 4.0.999, DISTRO value incorrectnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15459docs.yoctoproject.org breaks search queriesnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
12688yocto-check-layer should allow PV changesnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED
14377devtool: deploy-targetnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15345do_qa_patch no longer process patch-status-core/patch-status-noncore optionsmajorMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14503Need to document EOL dates for supported releasesnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14432Document RECIPE_SYSROOT and RECIPE_SYSROOT_NATIVEnormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
14498Document SRCREV_* variable when multiple source controlled URLs are in SRC_URInormalMedium+5.1 M1Michael OpdenackerNEW
15470Leading space before } silently breaks parsenormalMedium+5.1 M1New Comer BugsIN PROGRESS REVIEWNEWCOMER
15454wic: rootdirectory of the partition is always owned by rootnormalMedium+5.1 M1Pavel ZhukovACCEPTED
15101AB-INT: dnf.DnfRepoTest.test_dnf_reinstall failurenormalMedium+5.1 M1Pavel ZhukovNEWAB-INT
10820devtool: -d/--debug doesn't show bitbake debug outputminorMedium+5.1 M1Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW.2
15286AB-INT: PTEST: valgrind callgrind/tests/clreq ptest failuresnormalMedium+5.1 M1Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15465AB-INT PTEST: valgrind ptest failure: in memcheck/tests/leak_cpp_interiornormalMedium+5.1 M1Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
14125busybox wget ssl is exposed to MitM attack due to CVE-2018-1000500normalMedium+5.1 M1Randy MacLeodIN PROGRESS DESIGN
15473Source MIRROR not work for svn when change the hostmajorMedium+5.1 M1Richard PurdieIN PROGRESS REVIEW
13896gtk-icon-cache.bbclass passes wrong parameter to update_gtk_icon_cache postinst interceptnormalMedium+5.1 M1Ross BurtonNEWbackport 4.0.x
15291Non identical glib 2.0 schemas with multlibnormalMedium+5.1 M1Ross BurtonNEW
15337SERIAL_CONSOLES_CHECK removed, but behavior changednormalMedium+5.1 M1Ross BurtonNEW
15485meson.cross: wrong host_machine fields in SDKnormalMedium+5.1 M1Ross BurtonIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14787AB-INT: systemd.SystemdServiceTests.test_systemd_status failurenormalMedium+5.1 M1Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT AB-FREQUENT
15180AB-INT: mips rust.RustSelfTestSystemEmulated.test_rust failurenormalMedium+5.1 M1Sundeep KokkondaNEWAB-INT
15341False positive on missing S-O-B !normalMedium+5.1 M1Trevor GamblinACCEPTED
15390patchtest didn't report that the patch was still authored by AUHnormalMedium+5.1 M1Trevor GamblinACCEPTED
15336error-report-web: Django 1.8 has been EOL since April 1, 2018normalMedium+5.1 M1Tim OrlingIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
15332layerindex: Branch Comparison throws Internal Server ErrormajorMedium+5.1 M1Tim OrlingACCEPTED
15388Pagination needs to be rewritten (e.g. Machine -> Browse isn't paginated)normalMedium+5.1 M1Tim OrlingNEW
15391Statistics page timeoutnormalMedium+5.1 M1Tim OrlingNEW
14989layerindex cannot add layers with "main" (not "master") branchnormalMedium+5.1 M1UnassignedNEW
14622bsps-hw.bsps-hw.Test_Seek_bar_and_volume_control manual test case failurenormalMedium+5.1 M1UnassignedNEWbackport 5.0 4.3 4.0
15095recipes-devtools/go-1.20 native: not possible to build with go 1.4normalMedium+5.1 M1UnassignedNEW
15444meta-ide-support: depend recursively on populate_sysrootminorMedium+5.1 M1UnassignedNEW
15477AB-INT PTEST: gawk ptest failure: in clos1way[2,6]normalMedium+5.1 M1UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15225AB-INT PTEST: openssl 80-test_ssl_new.t ptest failurenormalMedium+5.1 M1William LyuACCEPTEDAB-INT
14876rust: Improve reproducibility patchnormalMedium+5.1 M1Yash ShindeNEW
15423glibc toolchain tests leave stale qemu processesnormalMedium+5.1 M1Yash ShindeACCEPTED
15241"oe-selftest --newbuilddir" fails when BB_LOGCONFIG contains the old builddirnormalMedium+5.1 M1Yoann CongalNEW
14136If u-boot defconfig is incomplete, 'bitbake u-boot -c configure' hangs and eats all memorynormalMedium+5.1 M1Yoann CongalIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
13251Symlinks overridden when building multitple kernelsnormalMedium+5.1 M2Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN2
13613KERNEL_IMAGEDEST variable not taken into accountnormalMedium+5.1 M2Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN3
15424Can use fragments with no defaults if previous build had defconfignormalMedium+5.1 M2Bruce AshfieldACCEPTED
13533Devtool finish on _git package with SRCPV in PV points to wrong WORKDIRnormalMedium+5.1 M2David ReynaIN PROGRESS REVIEW
12723mysql requires unicode and char length filteringnormalMedium+5.1 M2David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION2
13103[Bug][QA 2.7 M1 rc1][Toaster] "Recipes" table  and  "machines" table are not getting populated after clicking on imported layer as well as after clicking Machines Tab on project pagenormalMedium+5.1 M2David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION3
15439python-cryptodomex has inconsistent internal imports causing ImportErrornormalMedium+5.1 M2 NEW
13878xserver-nodm-init: broken XDG_RUNTIME_DIR setupnormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEW
15227bin_package.bbclass can not find objcopy or stripnormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEW
15486Meson broken in eSDKnormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEW
15408AB-INT PTEST: gstreamer ptest failure: in gstreamer/elements_queue.testnormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT
15410AB-INT PTEST: glib-2.0 glib/gsubprocess.test failurenormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT
15330Sato home and switcher icons sometimes show up half missingnormalMedium+5.1 M2Ross BurtonNEW
15239cve-check corruption of cvss3 datanormalMedium+5.1 M2Marta RybczynskaNEW
15352AB-INT PTEST: gnutls naked-alerts test failurenormalMedium+5.1 M2Simone WeißNEWAB-INT
15270patchtest-send-results should reply to specific threadsnormalMedium+5.1 M2Trevor GamblinACCEPTED
14804busybox and dpkg versions of start-stop-daemon disagree on symlink locationnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
15371eSDK can not build image - if icecc class is involvednormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
15318AB-INT: devtool.DevtoolModifyTests.test_devtool_modify_virtual failure initial_rev not foundnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEWAB-INT
13766Using TCLIBC=musl results in SDKs producing incompatible binariesmajorMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
14154yocto-check-layer fails incorrectly with kernel hash changesnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
14155yocto-check-layer fails with hash changes if license addednormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
14206oe-selftest perl errors on rpm based distrosnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
14386patchelf breaks go -native executablesnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
15403devtool sync does not worknormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
15491libz-src is not reproduciblenormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15244pseudo: support for io_uring syscallsnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
13190RRS cannot handle multiple recipes with same PNnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
14866testsdk logs missing informationnormalMedium+5.1 M2UnassignedNEW
13909Intermittent kernel reproducibility failurenormalMedium+5.1 M3Bruce AshfieldACCEPTED5
14885We need to rebuild all modules when the kernel is rebuildnormalMedium+5.1 M3Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN
14403Qemu error messages not clear when command line is corrupted.normalMedium+5.1 M3Randy MacLeodNEW
15265Make patchtest compatible with other layersnormalMedium+5.1 M3Trevor GamblinACCEPTED
11737include selftest tests for devtool import/export pluginsnormalMedium+5.99Aaron ChanACCEPTED 4
13919Multi License GPLv3 -lic cannot be installed into the image because it has incompatible licensenormalMedium+5.99Anil Kumar RathNEW
12674devtool modify does not preserve patch header after scissors linenormalMedium+5.99Paul EggletonNEW
13464Argument list too long when do rootfs when install too many packagesnormalMedium+5.99Changqing LiNEW
14723patches not applied by devtool when using overrides in SRC_URInormalMedium+5.99Chris LaplanteIN PROGRESS DESIGN
12262[Toaster] Layer details page: optional layers cant be blank when importing a layernormalMedium+5.99David ReynaNEW 3
11839buildhistory + multiconfignormalMedium+5.99Joshua WattNEW 1
14157git fetcher: consider using different git commands for repo packing, eliminating "git pack-redundant"normalMedium+5.99New Comer BugsNEWbackports perhaps, NEWCOMER
14126resolvconf incompatible with busybox flocknormalMedium+5.99New Comer BugsNEWbackport to 3.2, 3.1 NEWCOMER
12395kernel set up with devtool modify builds with wrong config after cleaningnormalMedium+5.99Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
13306bitbake starts up to n^2 processes with n cpusnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
14693cmake-native do_configure fails when rebuilding without sstate on NIS hostsnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
15087AB-INT: prservice.BitbakePrTests.test_stopping_prservice_message failure PID file not foundnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14960valgrind ptest fails 12 tests for arm64 targetsnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
15399valgrind: fix ptest regresssionsnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
14311valgrind drd/tests ptest intermittent failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14380valgrind gdbserver_tests ptest intermittent failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodACCEPTEDAB-INT
14430valgrind memcheck/tests/linux/stack_changes failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
14443valgrind none/tests/amd64/fb_test_amd64 ptest intermittent failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodACCEPTED
15071AB-INT PTEST: strace ptest intermittent failure in syscall-times-ms.gennormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEW
15316AB-INT PTEST: strace sched.gen failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15328AB-INT: PTEST: valgrind drd/tests/atomic_var timeoutnormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15409AB-INT PTEST: valgrind memcheck/tests/(multiple) tests failurenormalMedium+5.99Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
12066Locked signature change triggers taskhash mismatch errornormalMedium+5.99Richard PurdieNEW2
12090bitbake memory resident server reconnect handling needednormalMedium+5.99Richard PurdieNEW 1
11933oe-selftest: unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS automatically when oe-selftest is launchednormalMedium+5.99Richard PurdieNEW3
13480gcc-cross plugins feature cannot be usednormalMedium+5.99Richard PurdieNEW
12273Shlibs should only be public if they're in $libdir etcnormalMedium+5.99Ross BurtonNEW 2
13005Patchtest did not detect missing bb files changesnormalMedium+5.99Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS REVIEW1
10061Ctrl+C during BB_HASHCHECK_FUNCTION execution does not interrupt processing nicelyminorMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW3
13181persist_data sqlite database mixed with forking is irreparably brokennormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
14512bitbake-diffsigs -t does not worknormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
14513bitbake-diffsigs does not work recursivelynormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
12755Separate boot config recipes are at odds with setting APPEND at the image levelnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
11138eSDK: recipe-specific sysroots broke user additions to the SDK's shared sysrootnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW2
14461devtool sdk-update do not clean old version filesmajorMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
14462devtool sdk-update does not update sstate-cachemajorMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
13625test_devtool_add_library fails in multilib setupsnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
15055AB-INT: busybox compile fails and caused gdb self-test failure.normalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEWAB-INT
14348Layer dependencies not updatednormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
14781Add indication that a layer/branch is no longer being updated.normalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
12411Add automation for eSDK artifacts downloaded from the autobuildernormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
12290cross recipe kernel module dependency generation stopped workingnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedACCEPTEDBackport 2
12323automake does not support buildtest-TESTS in parallel modenormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW 3
12715cross compiler for 'mips64 + libn32' cannot work correctly inside SDKnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW