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Yocto Bug Triage AutoBuilder Searches

IDSummary (2 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
14835Need autobuilder to build docs with at least Sphinx 4.0normalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
15140AB-INT: yocto-testresults tagging failure, tag already existsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Alexis LothoréIN PROGRESS REVIEWAB-INT
IDSummary (5 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
13470Autobuilder NFS loses open deleted filesnormalMedium4.99Michael HalsteadNEW
13930Port the CROPS toaster-container selenium tests to the AutobuildernormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13979yocto-autobuilder-helper repository value appears to be ignored in a-full builds.normalMedium4.99Sakib SajalNEW
14345Autobuilder rebuild button doesn't always work when using shared reposnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
15098AB-INT-NET: network failure when fetching repositoriesnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-INT-NET

Yocto Bug Triage BitBake Searches

IDSummary (21 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
5389bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2: filename too longnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION4
10061Ctrl+C during BB_HASHCHECK_FUNCTION execution does not interrupt processing nicelyminorMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW3
10731bitbake --observe-only doesn't work with memresnormalMedium+4.3 M3Pavel ZhukovNEW5
11781bitbake --observe-only may get KeyErrornormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieACCEPTED3
11899broken 'bitbake --status-only' and 'bitbake -m' for multiple connectionsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW2
12066Locked signature change triggers taskhash mismatch errornormalMedium+4.99Richard PurdieNEW2
12090bitbake memory resident server reconnect handling needednormalMedium+4.99Richard PurdieNEW 1
13181persist_data sqlite database mixed with forking is irreparably brokennormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13306bitbake starts up to n^2 processes with n cpusnormalMedium+4.99Randy MacLeodNEW
13464Argument list too long when do rootfs when install too many packagesnormalMedium+4.99Changqing LiNEW
13808do_task[noexec] = "" marks task noexec, which is inconsistent with docsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14015URL Arguments in MIRROR/PREMIRROR get encodednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14157git fetcher: consider using different git commands for repo packing, eliminating "git pack-redundant"normalMedium+4.3 M3New Comer BugsNEWbackports perhaps, NEWCOMER
14512bitbake-diffsigs -t does not worknormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
14513bitbake-diffsigs does not work recursivelynormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
14691Bitbake does not check for all required perl modules to build oe-corenormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14693cmake-native do_configure fails when rebuilding without sstate on NIS hostsnormalMedium+4.3 M3Randy MacLeodNEW
14918Devtool fails if SRCREV is set to ${AUTOREV}normalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW
15005ParseError in None: Not all recipes parsed, parser thread killed/died? Exiting.normalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEWAB-INT
15060AB-INT: libgcc_s.so.1 must be installed for pthread_cancel to worknormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedACCEPTEDAB-INT
15218Using SSTATE_MIRRORS does not work with https and basic authenticationnormalMedium+5.0 M1 NEW
IDSummary (19 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
5395Nativesdk postinstalls directory issues.normalMedium4.99Richard PurdieNEW 5
7852bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch doesn't respect branch (-b|--branch) optionnormalMedium4.99UnassignedIN PROGRESS DESIGN1
7879Similar recipe names cause problems with PN auto setting (usability issue)normalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 3
9279Issue with PREFERRED_PROVIDER interaction with overridesnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 1
9504knotty doesn't delete lines if the number of output lines is larger than then number of lines in the terminal (tmux specific?)normalMedium4.99Randy MacLeodACCEPTED 2
10867bitbake with external layer fetcher fails to allow SRCPV to worknormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW3
11199Fetch.checkstatus() should work on git URIsnormalMedium4.99Maia XiaoNEW3
13801offline build fails when character '&' is present in SRC_URI for svnnormalMediumFutureGeorgiNEW
13995\ without a newline passes the parsernormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14156fetch/gitsm: submodules are checked out as mirrors with altered origin informationnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14355Conditional append to distro feature causes infinite recursion parsing errornormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14701convert-overrides.py breaks file links containing _normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14758Toaster: add overrides to UI and parameter generationmajorMedium4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION2
14867key expansion in conditional override doesn't worknormalMedium4.3MarkIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14961addtask between do_populate_sysroot and do_package breaks useradd classnormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieNEW
15012crate fetcher doesn't verify checksum of primary artefactnormalMedium4.3DeepthiNEW
15069ParseError exception raised when recipe is indirectly using PLYminorMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
15126Github Mirror does not work if SRC_URI contains downloadfilenamenormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
15197bitbake does not recognize that git-lfs is not installed when usehead=1 is usednormalMedium5.0Richard PurdieACCEPTED
IDSummary (3 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
7355Strange outcome in Toaster 'covered' tasks queriesnormalLowFutureDavid ReynaNEW
10782git fetch has multiple progress barsminorLowFutureUnassignedNEW 2
10834fetch progress bar doesn't account for multiple URLsminorLowFutureUnassignedNEW 1

Yocto Bug Triage BSPs Searches

IDSummary (3 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
12755Separate boot config recipes are at odds with setting APPEND at the image levelnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
14804busybox and dpkg versions of start-stop-daemon disagree on symlink locationnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14963qemuarm64 doesn't have a wks filenormalMedium+4.3Ross BurtonNEW
IDSummary (2 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
12584Generic EFI booting needs to support random UUIDsnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
13548meta-intel do_testimage tasks failednormalMedium4.99Chee YangIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION

Yocto Bug Triage Eclipse Plugin Searches


Yocto Bug Triage Hob Searches


Yocto Bug Triage Kernel Searches

IDSummary (2 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
8743configme --allnoconfig breaks defconfig generated with kconfig / make savedefconfignormalMedium4.99Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION 3
12283Building a fitImage including INITRAMFS_IMAGE (wo/ BUNDLE) cause the kernel to depend on rootfs which is badnormalMediumFutureUnassignedACCEPTED3

Yocto Bug Triage Meta-yocto Searches

15145module conf files missing when KERNEL_SPLIT_MODULES=0normalMedium+4.3 M3 NEW

Yocto Bug Triage OE-Core Searches

IDSummary (100 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
9883curl-native: invalid builtin ca-bundle path when restoring from sstatenormalMedium+FutureUnassignedNEW1
10820devtool: -d/--debug doesn't show bitbake debug outputminorMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW.2
11839buildhistory + multiconfignormalMedium+4.99Joshua WattNEW 1
11933oe-selftest: unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS automatically when oe-selftest is launchednormalMedium+4.99Richard PurdieNEW3
12273Shlibs should only be public if they're in $libdir etcnormalMedium+4.99Ross BurtonNEW 2
12290cross recipe kernel module dependency generation stopped workingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedACCEPTEDBackport 2
12323automake does not support buildtest-TESTS in parallel modenormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW 3
12342lib32-core-image-sato -ctestimage failed due to wrong package namesnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedIN PROGRESS REVIEW2
12395kernel set up with devtool modify builds with wrong config after cleaningnormalMedium+4.99Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
12674devtool modify does not preserve patch header after scissors linenormalMedium+4.99Paul EggletonNEW
12688yocto-check-layer should allow PV changesnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED
12715cross compiler for 'mips64 + libn32' cannot work correctly inside SDKnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
12760CMake Toolchain File Has Wrong Module PathnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedIN PROGRESS REVIEW1
12927Cannot strip and sign kernel modulesnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
12963nativesdk-opkg prefixes all internal paths with $SDKPATH and won't worknormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW3
13097mips ifunc support appears brokennormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
13251Symlinks overridden when building multitple kernelsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN2
13279Make sure users/groups exist for package_write_* tasksnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13285YoctoProject Compatibility script improvements needednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13378native programs from RSS that alias hosttools can cause non-reproducible buildsnormalMedium+4.3Joshua WattNEW
13407Enable PGO for python when reproducible builds are enablednormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
13419recipes that add users to groups cannot rely on other recipes creating those groups (when population from sstate happens)normalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13424devupstream doesn't work with mutilibnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW
13425Add bblock and bbunlock helper toolsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Julien StephanIN PROGRESS REVIEWNEWCOMER
13480gcc-cross plugins feature cannot be usednormalMedium+4.99Richard PurdieNEW
13508Meson detects googletest installed on systemnormalMedium+4.3 M4New Comer BugsNEWbackport 3.1
13533Devtool finish on _git package with SRCPV in PV points to wrong WORKDIRnormalMedium+4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS REVIEW
13567Add QA check for recipes that use AUTOREV by defaultnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
13613KERNEL_IMAGEDEST variable not taken into accountnormalMedium+5.0 M2Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN3
13674master dnf failures on qemumipsnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13679Buildtools tarball python performance degraded by reproducibile buildsnormalMedium+4.3Joshua WattNEW
13766Using TCLIBC=musl results in SDKs producing incompatible binariesmajorMedium+4.3 M3Sakib SajalNEW
13868Python cache files get lost in packagesnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13878xserver-nodm-init: broken XDG_RUNTIME_DIR setupnormalMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEW
13896gtk-icon-cache.bbclass passes wrong parameter to update_gtk_icon_cache postinst interceptnormalMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEWbackport 4.0.x
13904do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: postinst-useradd-* does not run in order of dependency and sometimes failsnormalMedium+4.3 M3Sakib SajalNEW
13909Intermittent kernel reproducibility failurenormalMedium+5.0 M2Bruce AshfieldACCEPTED5
13910Intermittent host UID contamination highlighted by devtool testsnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13917yocto-check-layer can fail if a layer adds new licensesnormalMedium+4.3Joshua WattNEW
13919Multi License GPLv3 -lic cannot be installed into the image because it has incompatible licensenormalMedium+4.3 M3Anil Kumar RathNEW
13920uninative tarball license compliance in ESDKnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14020environment-setup script in multilib eSDK doesn't work for multilib variantmajorMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14044STAGING_KERNEL_DIR symlink has been broken if externalsrccriticalMedium+5.0 M1Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGNBackport to 3.1.x
14066bitbake core-image-base -c populate_sdk fails when image contains bash, core-utils and package_deb is usednormalMedium+4.3 M3Pavel ZhukovNEW
14098absolute path in TEMPLATECONF should be rejected or warned, makes ext-sdk uninstallablenormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEWbackport 3.2
14118systemd services not enabled when using package feednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14126resolvconf incompatible with busybox flocknormalMedium+4.3 M4New Comer BugsNEWbackport to 3.2, 3.1 NEWCOMER
14136If u-boot defconfig is incomplete, 'bitbake u-boot -c configure' hangs and eats all memorynormalMedium+5.0 M1Yoann CongalIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14139systemd user/groups different on opkg vs rpm imagesnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14146Post-patch hook fails with submodules and PATCHTOOL=git and PATCH_COMMIT_FUNCTIONS=1normalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
14154yocto-check-layer fails incorrectly with kernel hash changesnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14155yocto-check-layer fails with hash changes if license addednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14206oe-selftest perl errors on rpm based distrosnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14218Recipe rebuilds can contaminate buildsnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14383archiver.bbclass:do_ar_mirror copies entire contents of ${DL_DIR} to ${WORKDIR} when used with npm.bbclassnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14386patchelf breaks go -native executablesnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14403Qemu error messages not clear when command line is corrupted.normalMedium+4.3 M3Sakib SajalNEW
14407Static linked libraries do not appear in license manifest nor in sources tarballnormalMedium+5.0Joshua WattNEW
14492Error when installing split kernel modules on rootfsnormalMedium+FutureUnassignedNEW
14520A qemuboot.conf file isn't generated if the rootfs wasn't modifiednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14523oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files doesn't ignore target-sdk-provides-dummy.bbnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14681Different .config files between linux-yocto and kernel-devsrcnormalMedium+4.3Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION2
14717OEToolchainConfig.cmake sets wrong and unsuitable compiler flagsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieACCEPTED
14723patches not applied by devtool when using overrides in SRC_URInormalMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinACCEPTED
14736setuptools3.bbclass: Add check for pyproject.toml and [build-system] to advise usersnormalMedium+5.0 M1Tim OrlingIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14737recipetool/devtool: add support for Python PEP-517 (pyproject.toml and setup.cfg) packagesnormalMedium+5.0 M2Ross BurtonNEW
14760linux-yocto fails to build for qemuppc64normalMedium+FutureBruce AshfieldACCEPTED
14837devtool modify doesnt fetch all the crates on rust based recipesnormalMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
14843Need better messages for reproducibility errors where the only difference is in package filenamenormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14860Cannot build x86-64 Go SDK on aarch64normalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14870Dangling bbappend behaviour can lead to unexpected surprises (error vs warn)normalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW
14876rust: Improve reproducibility patchnormalMedium+4.3 M4Yash ShindeNEW
14879'Fix for target definitions returning 'NoneType' for arm' results in 'NoneType when arch_abi is arm-eabinormalMedium+4.0.14Ross BurtonNEW
14885We need to rebuild all modules when the kernel is rebuildnormalMedium+4.3 M4Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS DESIGN
14903SDK relocation can't be done for alternative SDK packagingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14905Error in compiling rustfmt does not cause do_compile to failnormalMedium+4.3 M4Yash ShindeNEW
14907packaging debugsrc breaks for recipes with externalsrc and debug-with-srcpkgnormalMedium+4.0.14Pavel ZhukovNEW
14909file_5.41.bb:do_configure error with GCC 11.3.0 from SDK 4.0.3normalMedium+4.0.14Pavel ZhukovACCEPTED
14921devtool failure: No such file or directory: '/tmp/devtoolqambdi_6eh/singletask.lock'normalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEWAB-INT
14930connman - sysvinit - nfs/dhcp hangs in langdale/masternormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEWbackports
14946Image rebuilds with rm_work result in missing license manifestsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEW
14960valgrind ptest fails 12 tests for arm64 targetsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodNEW
14995do_populate_sdk: target-sdk-provides-dummy fails to provide perl for postgresqlnormalMedium+4.3 M3Pavel ZhukovNEW
15023Cannot build SDK with api-documentation enablednormalMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15025Rust build failure on arm architecture.normalMedium+4.3 M4Yash ShindeACCEPTED
15061Rust multilib sdks brokennormalMedium+4.3 M3DeepthiIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15068busybox ptest should not depend on coreutilsmajorMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEW
15084For some reason using of same user in two recipes does not work properlynormalMedium+4.3 M3Pavel ZhukovNEW
15095recipes-devtools/go-1.20 native: not possible to build with go 1.4normalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
15102Using overrides on security flags may produce an incorrect meta-environment for the generated SDKnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW
15123AB-INT: gcc 12.3.1 segfault while building ccache - fedora 37 specificnormalMedium+4.3 M4Yash ShindeNEWAB-INT
15148Is uninative-tarball reproducible?normalMedium+4.3 M3Robert BergerIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15162devtool build does not cope with multiple SRC_URI in a recipenormalMedium+4.3 M4Julien StephanIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15171poky-tiny is failing to login to serial consolenormalMedium+4.3 M3Ross BurtonNEW
15172tzdata recipe: build tzdata.zi zoneinfo filenormalMedium+4.3 M3Randy MacLeodNEW
15185AB-INT: rust do_create_spdx failurenormalMedium+4.3 M4Joshua WattACCEPTEDAB-INT
15194AB-INT: python3-numpy is not reproduciblenormalMedium+4.3 M3Ross BurtonIN PROGRESS DESIGNAB-INT
15202"Replicating a Build Offline" does not work as documentednormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
15206qemumips BUG using smp_processor_id() in preemptiblenormalMedium+4.3 M4Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
15213?Using icecream leads to error during parsingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieACCEPTED
IDSummary (86 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
6044EFI_PROVIDER recipes deploy collisionsnormalMediumFutureUnassignedACCEPTED
7984RPM backend does not honor package overrides for PACKAGE_ARCHnormalMediumFutureYi ZhaoACCEPTED5
8879opkg-utils is built when build lib32-imagemajorMedium4.99Gregor ZatkoIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION 5
9171Consider limiting the scope of depchains to runtime depsnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 5
9233As a developer, I want initramfs bundled kernel could be installed into rootfsnormalMedium4.3Bruce AshfieldIN PROGRESS REVIEW2
9360devtool: update-recipe ignores SRC_URI_appendnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW.4
9479eSDK: breaks if python-dependent items added to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW2
9627devtool seems to mangle incorrectly the .bb file, when modifying the set of patches for a componentnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW.4
9638devtool changes the format of the SRC_URI unnecessarilynormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW.1
9692QA check for #! interpreter should handle '/usr/bin/env something'normalMediumFutureNew Comer BugsNEWNEWCOMER 5
9789systemd rootfs-postprocess command should check staticidsnormalMedium4.99UnassignedACCEPTED2
9982Move patches directory to WORKDIR/patches from S/patchesnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 3
9993fetch: uninative loader: no error on checksum failure for file:// urlsnormalMediumFutureRichard PurdieNEW 1
10130Excessive warnings for incorrectly formatted LICENSEminorMediumFutureUnassignedNEW1
10194bitbake-whatchanged is brokennormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 5
10308rpm installs bad signature package with option --nodigest --nosignature failednormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW5
10733Licences copied into the image don't include firmware/kernel licences if not in the rootfsnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW1
10737binconfig-disabled should install non-broken files to packagesnormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW2
10784devtool: Misleading error message when running "devtool runqemu" before building imagenormalMedium4.99Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW 2
11015devtool: fails to add node.js project that has local dependencynormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW2
11159Using RPM4, it is not possible to control a multiarch MIPS64 system w/o errornormalMediumFutureUnassignedACCEPTED
11407devtool should warn user of prior download after resetnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW.1
11674core-image-sato-sdk-ptest build error for cpio imagenormalMedium4.99Ross BurtonIN PROGRESS REVIEW8
11683sanity.bbclass: bblayers.conf upgrade broken for versions 5 to 7normalMedium4.99Richard PurdieNEW 5
11686sanity.bbclass: bblayers.conf upgrade not happening on base config parse errorsnormalMedium4.99Richard PurdieNEW 5
12107useradd-staticids: groupadd: GID already existsnormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieNEW1
12172devtool build linux-yocto fails to deploy bzImage into tmp/deploy/images/<arch>/bzImagenormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW 5
12677devtool modify <recipe> errors out when the recipe uses ${WORKDIR} in do_installnormalMedium4.99Paul EggletonNEW
12678devtool finish ignoring PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernelminorMedium4.99Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
12807devtool: ERROR: Source tree is not cleannormalMedium4.3UnassignedACCEPTED
12884Extensible SDK: devtool sdk-update fails while Preparing build systemnormalMedium4.3UnassignedACCEPTED
12925add test for devtool fails because of missing ca-certificates.crtnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
12989qemumips64 libn32 build of valgrind fails: long-double[-32 vs -n32.h]minorMedium4.99UnassignedIN PROGRESS DESIGN
13029devtool doesn't preserve package classes (e.g. "nativesdk-") in recipe file name during upgradenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13120mandb fails in qemumips64-usernormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
13122Multilib check error: duplicate files pyconfig.h is not the samenormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieIN PROGRESS REVIEW
13690runqemu with slirp, forwarded host ports are not available on hostnormalMedium4.3UnassignedIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
13864archiver class incompatible with dos2unix classnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13871testimage assumes tools are installed on target for testimage_dump_target() functionnormalMedium4.3UnassignedIN PROGRESS DESIGN
13872testimage assumes tools are installed on host for testimage_dump_host() functionnormalMedium4.3Thomas RoosIN PROGRESS REVIEWNEWCOMER
13928KERNEL_FEATURES_append vs. "classic" kernel meta datanormalMedium4.3Bruce AshfieldACCEPTED
13938devtool modify virtual/kernel fails when EXTRAVERSION field is empty in MakefilenormalMedium4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
13949"libdir" QA test bombs out when adding a symlink into another packagenormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14018efibootpartition.GenericEFITest.test_boot_efi selftest failednormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-FREQUENT
14070Devtool modify failed if recipe doesn't do git properlynormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14110cve-check fails with 'attempt to write a readonly database'normalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14123License manifest loss when switching MACHINEnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14145pylibmount PACKAGECONFIG in util-linux causes circular dependencynormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14148yocto-check-layer argument parser is badnormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14176Random do_ar_patched failure due to race condition with do_configure autoconfmajorMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14259AB-INT: NFS mounting issue on qemu oe-selftest glibc.GlibcSelfTestSystemEmulated.test_glibcnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
14268ruby-ri-docs is not reproduciblenormalMedium4.3Thomas PerrotACCEPTED
14365lame: os.path.relpath gives abs path for rpath in chrpath.bbclassmajorMedium4.3Richard PurdieNEW
14393Worker process exited unexpectedly during selftestnormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieNEWAB-INT AB-INT-TMPFS AB-HAVE-PLAN
14401Test unable to login to serial consolenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-FREQUENT
14484xcb-util-image do_package_write_rpm failurenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14504qemuriscv eudev text relocation warningminorMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14511siginfo files in sstate using the wrong hash (probably from hashequiv)normalMediumFutureUnassignedACCEPTED
14572mozjs doesn't build for armv5normalMedium4.3Jon MasonNEW
14616pkg_postinst_${PN}_append doesn't always appendnormalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14645qemux86-64 oops on bootupnormalMedium4.99akusterACCEPTED
14654AB-INT: pseudo shutdown failurenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14686qemumips systemd logrotate failurenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14694logrotate.LogrotateTest.test_logrotate_wtmp failure: /var/lib/logrotate.status is already lockednormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14698valgrind xmllint might be depending on build host installationnormalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodNEW
14754npm app module symbolic link creation failsnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14777autoconf-native do_compile failure: m4:lib/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4f:1: expecting character `V' in frozen filenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14806AB-INT: psplash segfaultnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
14807oe.utils.ImageQAFailed is not BBHandlednormalMediumFutureOla NilssonNEW
14821recipename function doesn't return recipe name for packages renamed with debian.bbclassnormalMedium4.3UnassignedACCEPTED
14923devtool.DevtoolUpgradeTests.test_devtool_virtual_kernel_modify fails during 'devtool build linux-yocto'normalMedium4.3Bruce AshfieldNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14925perl-native sstate taintingnormalMedium3.1.29Ross BurtonNEW
14957AB-INT: inode mismatch in oeqa.buildperf.test_basic.Test1P3normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14965rust rebuilds not always cleannormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieACCEPTED
14975Installing cargo on target failsnormalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14976go crashes with "panic: runtime error: index out of range [0] with length 0"normalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
15031Upgrade to boost-build 1.8.0 breaks patchability of target jam filesnormalMedium4.3Jens GeorgNEW
15037'express-ws' npm failed during buildnormalMedium4.0.14UnassignedNEW
15082rust-cross sdk build failed with error 'nothing provides : libstdc++.so.6'normalMedium4.0.14DeepthiNEW
15099tar: `numeric-owner` doesn't apply to ACL entriesnormalMedium4.3Piotr ŁobaczNEW
15110pseudo use some system call which has been removed form new glibcnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
15120OVERLAYFS_WRITABLE_PATHS missing as vardeps for create_overlayfs_unitsnormalMedium4.3 NEW
15164externalsrc breaks dependency chain when calling cleannormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
15168elfutils: wrong licensenormalMedium4.3 M3Nick OwensNEW
15169devtool modify of linux kernel with cfg files in subdirectories fails and tries to copy cfg filenormalMedium4.3Brett BergquistNEW
15204go-cross-canadian-arm fails to compilenormalMedium4.3 M4UnassignedACCEPTED
IDSummary (4 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
6150SVN fetching trusts certificates by defaultnormalLowFutureZoltan KuscsikNEW
12862do_package_setscene is unwillingly skippednormalLowFutureUnassignedNEW
13217"bitbake -c create_manifest python" automatically overwrites upstream python-manifest.json, breaking python buildminorLowFutureUnassignedNEW
14375serial-getty@.service fails on gadget serial port ttyGS0normalLow4.3UnassignedNEW

Yocto Bug Triage Reference Searches

14377devtool: deploy-targetnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
IDSummary (4 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
13225Need better explanation of how recipes create packagesnormalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerACCEPTEDOctober 17 2019: ACCEPTED5
14543ref-manual/structure.rst incomplete (missing stuff under build/tmp/)normalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14873Required packages for the build host is not accurateminorMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
15217Need to document sstate signingnormalMedium5.0Michael OpdenackerNEW

Yocto Bug Triage Sato Searches


Yocto Bug Triage Toaster Searches

IDSummary (4 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
12262[Toaster] Layer details page: optional layers cant be blank when importing a layernormalMedium+4.99David ReynaNEW 3
12723mysql requires unicode and char length filteringnormalMedium+4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION2
13103[Bug][QA 2.7 M1 rc1][Toaster] "Recipes" table  and  "machines" table are not getting populated after clicking on imported layer as well as after clicking Machines Tab on project pagenormalMedium+4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION3
15152Update Toaster to Django 4normalMedium+4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS REVIEW5
IDSummary (36 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
7502Show image information if rootfs files are generatednormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 2
7751Toaster allows me to build when no machine is set in the default configurationnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design available 4
8051Importing layer fails silently if the layer name already existsnormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 2
8189Variable history shows full paths to files inside the /bitbake directorynormalMediumFutureDavid ReynaNEW 2
8790Boostrapping package information for image customisation purposesnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8806Refactor localhostbecontrollernormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTED 20
9109Apply sleep 0.5 to other database operationsnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9164The toaster-custom-images layer should not show like any other layer, and should not be removablenormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design available 4
9485Fix typeaheads for Bootstrap 3normalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
9494Custom images created from the build history pages fail to buildnormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 5
9530Arrows in directory structure do not expand directoriesnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 2
9586document and verify production setup for jenkins ci interactionnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
9617Create Toaster Docker production containernormalMediumFutureDavid ReynaNEW 3
9684"Edit Columns" Button on the Compatible layers view is missingnormalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9743builds: The search result of the content of the builds table is incorrectnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 4
9812Add hints to project configuration page that recipes may overwrite or modify settings during the buildnormalMediumFutureDavid ReynaNEW
9969Display target:task correctly on build dashboard (and elsewhere)normalMediumFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTEDGUI design available 3
10283Consume TaskArtifacts metadata event created in bitbakenormalMedium4.99David ReynaIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION 3
10488Changing Git revision in Toaster has no effectnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 3
10943buildinfohelper does not consider IMAGE_EXTENSION while saving build artifactsnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 2
12003Incorrect performance tables if Edit Column drop down is usednormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 3
12005Cant download other artifacts when modifying built recipenormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 3
12133The search results for numbers are incorrect.normalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 2
12140The link and the x button from the search's result did not work as expectednormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 1
12200The button from New custom image is not working as expectednormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
12201The button from New custom image is letting you press it and its supposed to be disabled.normalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
12208on the import layer page, the "add layer" button for dependent layers is active, when emptynormalMedium4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 1
12259[toaster] when building 3 or more images left hand summary is not shown correctlynormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
12260[toaster]why arent the meta-qt3 and meta-qt4 present in the compatible layers for pokynormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 2
12263[Toaster] project layers can be duplicatednormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 2
12436[Test Case 1958] Project names cannot be blanknormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
12437[Test Case 1958] Toaster exploratory testingnormalMedium4.99David ReynaNEW 1
13173postgresql complain about long field name, the max is 200majorMedium4.3 M4David ReynaACCEPTED4
13191[Test Case 1439] Build Failure after when 'Image Name' missing in event for buildinfohelpernormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS REVIEW2
13764toaster: import build directory includes default layers in addition to the imported onesnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaIN PROGRESS REVIEW2
14370Toaster fails to start in CentOS 8 because it can't detect the timezonenormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW
IDSummary (23 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
8190The 'set in file' filters in the BitBake variables table seem to return the wrong informationnormalLow4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 2
8248Toaster recipe page: missing empty statenormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8326Build time counts the time a build spent queuedminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8685Enter button doesn't apply your modification to bitbake variablesnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
8807local cached layers don't get the branch checked outnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 2
8860The 'clear search' icon in ToasterTable tables should clear any applied filternormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
8865The project "updated" field shows the last time a project was saved, not its last activityminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 2
9115Added packages filter seems to show the wrong package listnormalLow4.99David ReynaNEW 1
9117Allow "project builds" and "all builds" to be sorted by time and recipe namenormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9118Dead paths for meta-toaster-custom layer left behind in bblayers.confnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
9141toaster when xmlrpc/cooker dies the web didn't tell the user about itnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEWGUI design pending 6
9209The unique name validation for custom images happens across projectsnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeACCEPTED 1
9435Toaster throws an exception for images that have files on the / levelnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 4
9645The image recipe details does not show "Last build" informationnormalLow4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 2
9657Saving an added variable seems to save all other added variablesnormalLow4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 2
9670Toaster does not set a correct MIME type for tasks' logs filesnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW 1
9839The "clear search" button on the – "Add | Remove packages table" - does not clearnormalLowFutureUnassignedNEW
9977Time, CPU and Disk I/O tables have the wrong core columnsminorLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
10205The layer typeahead shows the project release branch for non-git layersnormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
10206The add layer dependencies type ahead shows layers already in the list of dependenciesnormalLowFutureDavid ReynaNEW 3
10281Configuration variables: I can set a value for standard shell environment variable http_proxynormalLowFutureToaster default assigneeNEW
12142The color from the table from the project build changed when you use an special character.normalLow4.99David ReynaACCEPTED 1
12261[Toaster] Importing layers, confirmation label is misleadingnormalLow4.99David ReynaNEW 1

Yocto Bug Triage Website Searches

IDSummary (2 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
14447404 on https://www.yoctoproject.org/software-item/poky/normalMedium+Q3Nicolas DechesneNEW
14950Wrong script referenced in yocto registration web page.normalMedium+Q2Michael HalsteadACCEPTED

Yocto Bug Triage Other Searches

14065Automated ptest regression testingPackage Testing (ptest)majorHigh4.3 M4Alexis LothoréIN PROGRESS REVIEW
IDSummary (74 tasks) ProductSeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
10716Patchwork: track older release branchesPatchwork/PatchtestnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedACCEPTED 2
10777[internalsolv] opkg: recommends are too strongopkgnormalMedium+---Alex StewartACCEPTED
11138eSDK: recipe-specific sysroots broke user additions to the SDK's shared sysrooteSDKnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW2
11737include selftest tests for devtool import/export pluginsBuild TestingnormalMedium+4.99Aaron ChanACCEPTED 4
12408Update wic documentation to remove outdated "help" referencesMega ManualnormalMedium+FutureMichael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
12411Add automation for eSDK artifacts downloaded from the autobuilderManual TestingnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
12571add IN PROGRESS DOCUMENTATIONBugzillanormalMedium+Q2Michael HalsteadACCEPTED
13005Patchtest did not detect missing bb files changesPatchwork/PatchtestnormalMedium+4.99Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS REVIEW1
13008toaster testingRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4David ReynaACCEPTED5
13016How to run our test suites for boards like beaglebone remotely on a LAVA board farm?Runtime TestingnormalMedium+4.99UnassignedIN PROGRESS DESIGN
13182Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-open.c: 274: dl_open_worker: Assertion xxx failedFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium+FutureUnassignedNEW
13190RRS cannot handle multiple recipes with same PNRecipe Reporting System (RRS)normalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedIN PROGRESS REVIEW
13218classic SDK installer missing stuff?ADTnormalMedium+4.3Joshua WattNEW
13288pseudo should not follow symlinks in /procPseudonormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
13338SDK build fails if image contains bashADTnormalMedium+4.3 M3Pavel ZhukovNEWbackports
13417Development manual coverage of devtoolDevelopment ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED1
13532Add SPDX license headers to all source files for patchtest-oePatchwork/PatchtestnormalMedium+5.0 M1Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS REVIEW
13625test_devtool_add_library fails in multilib setupsFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium+5.99UnassignedNEW
13835KCONF_BSP_AUDIT_LEVEL is not properly documentedDevelopment ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION1
13954Invalid layerindex data causing backtrace in `bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch`Layer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14121Implement sphinx switchers.js for bitbakeBitBake User ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14125busybox wget ssl is exposed to MitM attack due to CVE-2018-1000500SecuritynormalMedium+5.0 M1Randy MacLeodIN PROGRESS DESIGN
14311valgrind drd/tests ptest intermittent failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodIN PROGRESS REVIEW
14348Layer dependencies not updatedLayer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14368Where can I find how to produce containers?Development ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED
14385mode of sstate files created under pseudoPseudonormalMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinNEW
14410[documentation] clarity regarding specifying license of layer/recipes versus layer/recipe resultsDevelopment ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14430valgrind memcheck/tests/linux/stack_changes failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodNEW
14432Document RECIPE_SYSROOT and RECIPE_SYSROOT_NATIVEVariables GlossarynormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14443valgrind none/tests/amd64/fb_test_amd64 ptest intermittent failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M3Randy MacLeodACCEPTED
14461devtool sdk-update do not clean old version fileseSDKmajorMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14462devtool sdk-update does not update sstate-cacheeSDKmajorMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14464AB-INT PTEST ARM: glib-2.0 glib/timeout.test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT
14498Document SRCREV_* variable when multiple source controlled URLs are in SRC_URIVariables GlossarynormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14503Need to document EOL dates for supported releasesRelease ProcessnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14509Add security configuration documentationDevelopment ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14528remove floppy controller from qemuRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedACCEPTED
14534Online search feature really needs usability improvments.General DocsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14576[meta-mingw] nativesdk-openssl: Configure failedOther YP LayersnormalMedium+4.3Joshua WattNEW
14622bsps-hw.bsps-hw.Test_Seek_bar_and_volume_control manual test case failureManual TestingnormalMedium+FutureUnassignedNEW
14667Document variable scopeBitBake User ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
14670Promoting a Function to a Task: example is wrongBitBake User ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14700No tests for KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAMETest Plans/SuitenormalMedium+4.99UnassignedNEW
14747initramfs-framework missing from documentationGeneral DocsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEWbackport 3.5.x
14749Missing test cases for initramfs runtime testingRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14781Add indication that a layer/branch is no longer being updated.Layer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14787AB-INT: systemd.SystemdServiceTests.test_systemd_status failureRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT AB-FREQUENT
14802Docs are generated with version 4.0.999, DISTRO value incorrectGeneral DocsnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14811Incorrect path matching in pseudo cause package failure in yoctoPseudonormalMedium+4.3 M4Richard PurdieNEW
14825AB-INT PTEST: tcl socket.test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3Ross BurtonACCEPTEDAB-INT
14866testsdk logs missing informationRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14875reproducibility failures in rustBuild TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Sundeep KokkondaNEW
14962imageoptions.test_read_only_image fails with qemuarm64Functional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14966virgl tests only run on qemux86-64Functional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14982Some layers in the layerindex data have breaking subdirectory changes in "master" branchLayer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14989layerindex cannot add layers with "main" (not "master") branchLayer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
14992layerindex: update.py fails to determine layer dependencies when collections contains "core <...>"Layer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
15055AB-INT: busybox compile fails and caused gdb self-test failure.Functional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15070AB-INT PTEST: glib-networking glib-networking/connection-openssl.test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS DESIGNAB-INT
15071AB-INT PTEST: strace ptest intermittent failure in syscall-times-ms.genPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M3Randy MacLeodNEW
15074syncfs probe fails with newer compilersPseudonormalMedium+4.3 M3Eilís Ní FhlannagáinIN PROGRESS DESIGN
15079AB-INT PTEST: strace count ptest failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15080AB-INT PTEST: strace regex.gen ptest failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15081AB-INT PTEST: tcl aaa_exit ptest failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15087AB-INT: prservice.BitbakePrTests.test_stopping_prservice_message failure PID file not foundFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
15093Add Yocto Compatible icon to Layer Index.Layer IndexnormalMedium+4.3 M4UnassignedNEW
15101AB-INT: dnf.DnfRepoTest.test_dnf_reinstall failureRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Pavel ZhukovNEWAB-INT
15106Move ptest doc to Testing manualDevelopment ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
15107Add package specification for ptest (upstream test suite, ...)Development ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
15111Expand documentation of BB_PRESSURE_* variablesBitBake User ManualnormalMedium+4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
15146AB-INT: baremetal.BaremetalTest.test_baremetal failureRuntime TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4AlejandroNEEDINFOAB-INT
15180AB-INT: mips rust.RustSelfTestSystemEmulated.test_rust failureFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Sundeep KokkondaNEWAB-INT
15193AB-INT: yoctotestresultsquerytests.TestResultsQueryTests.test_get_sha1 failureFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium+4.3 M4Alexandre BelloniIN PROGRESS REVIEWAB-INT
15220AB-INT: strace ptest failures: sh: write error: No space left on devicePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium+4.3 M4Alexandre BelloniNEWAB-INT
IDSummary (78 tasks) ProductSeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
5346Investigate build performance variance between different host OS-es on same HWBuild TestingnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
6580[PATCH] Breaks builds when running as confined SELinux userPseudonormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
8744Need to standardize on a format for security bugsBugzillanormalMediumQ4New Comer BugsNEWNEWCOMER
10798eSDK: sdk-update fails with error if no updates are availableeSDKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW0.5
10852eSDK: improve logic for setting core layer nameeSDKminorMediumFutureUnassignedNEW1
10940Tinfoil: Increase the test coverage for tinfoil suite on selftestBuild TestingnormalMedium4.99Paul EggletonACCEPTED 5
11011eSDK: Double parse on eSDK installationeSDKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW1
11385poky-container: clarify that meta-data should be checked out using native tools that run the host and not with tools in containerCROPSnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW1
11497eSDK: create test case for populate_sdk_ext using shared stateseSDKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW 0.5
11623eSDK: Can't generate eSDK when using a locked-sigs.inceSDKnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW1
11963QA: Create automated testing to cover ESDK artifacts downloaded from the autobuilderManual TestingnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW3
12115eSDK: building the eSDK for two different machines can trigger an sstate_install erroreSDKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW 1
12130Layer index update script outputs initial info to consoleLayer IndexnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW.1
12153in an esdk, devtool fails to build ovmfeSDKnormalMedium4.99UnassignedACCEPTED 5
12344eSDK: Unable to create derivative SDK within eSDK environmenteSDKnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
12389oe-selftest devtool tests fails when repository comes from a tarballRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.99Thomas RoosIN PROGRESS REVIEWNEWCOMER
12585Windows SDK ".XZ" archives do not correctly unpackOther YP LayersnormalMedium4.99Joshua WattNEW
12636patchtest is failing to understand the rename patchPatchwork/PatchtestnormalMedium5.0 M1Trevor GamblinIN PROGRESS REVIEW
12995Button to force refresh of data sourcesSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaACCEPTED2
13000Bad flowing when window isn't very wideSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaACCEPTED3
13017PnP target QARuntime TestingnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
13411ptest-perl.bbclass run-ptest is too greedy for SKIPPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Tim OrlingIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
13474go install/build fails on target for programs importing log/syslogGeneral RuntimenormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13489layer index: properly handle issues in first parseLayer IndexnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
13490layer index: log failures during initial parseLayer IndexnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
13620Add 'date' buttons to CVE editingSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW2
13621Add ability to specify CPESecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW3
13622Typo on the manage users pageSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW0.5
13623On triage page, sorting by published date or lastModifiedDate does not workSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW2
13624Enhancement: Add SRT Update column to triage pageSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW1
13626CVE history does not capture some changesSecurity Response ToolnormalMedium4.3 M4David ReynaNEW2
13730devtool tests break with strange files in treeFunctional (self) TestingminorMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13735Performing Automated Runtime Testing with a custom hardware target / BeagleBone Hardware targetRuntime TestingminorMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13780layer index: Branch Comparison layer filtering does not workLayer IndexnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
13875Include YP docs in SDKGeneral DocsnormalMedium4.99UnassignedNEW
13908segfault in mb-wm on qemux86-64 intermittentlyMatchboxnormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonACCEPTEDAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14165AB-INT PTEST: strace ptest intermittent failure in qual_fault-syscall.testPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodACCEPTEDAB-INT
14195ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/home/student/resy_sdk/layers/poky-training/meta/recipes-devtools/pseudo/pseudo_git.bb:do_fetch) failed with exit code 'setscene whitelist'eSDKnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
14205[Poky] Poky's sanity.bbclass and path.py assume tar is gtarOther YP LayersnormalMediumFutureUnassignedNEW
14290golang test_go_dep_build accessing network during testingFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3Bruce AshfieldACCEPTEDAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14341BitbakePrTests.test_stopping_prservice_message failsFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14436mega-manual: singleindex.html - same name multiple timesMega ManualnormalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED1
14535Sec 3.18, "Making Images More Secure", could use updatingDevelopment ManualnormalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14564AB-INT: udev worker vda timeoutRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodACCEPTEDAB-INT
14614Empty variable index in the mega manualMega ManualminorMedium4.99Michael OpdenackerACCEPTED
14713AB-INT-NET: TLS Handshake failure during gotoolchainRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3Bruce AshfieldACCEPTEDAB-INT-NET AB-HAVE-PLAN
14808AB-INT PTEST: gstreamer ptest failure: in gstreamer/libs_gstnetclientclock.testPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
14830It is unclear what the SDK and eSDK actually containDevelopment ManualnormalMedium4.3 M4Michael OpdenackerNEW
14852If TEST_SUITES doesn't contain a valid module, all tests are runRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
14861AB-INT PTEST ARM: wayland ptest failure in tests/event-loop-testPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14872shared-repo-unpack timeoutRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14882AB-INT PTEST ARM: tcl cmdMZ.test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14891AB-INT PTEST: util-linux ptest failuresPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Richard PurdieNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
14895AB-INT: python module lock issue in importlibFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3Richard PurdieIN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATIONAB-INT
14931AB-INT: oe_syslog.SyslogTestConfig.test_syslog_logger failureRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
14933AB-INT PTEST: python3 test_storlines failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Trevor GamblinNEWAB-INT
14935AB-INT PTEST ARM: strace clock.gen ptest failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
14956AB-INT: buildperf: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'hashserv.db-wal'Functional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT AB-HAVE-PLAN
15014AB-INT/ PTEST: valgrind timerfd-syscall failingPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15026Unable to "devtool build <package>" in /build directoryeSDKnormalMedium4.3UnassignedIN PROGRESS REVIEW
15036oe-selftest failure: pid file not foundFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15038Submitting a layer at https://layers.openembedded.org/ results in "Page not Found"Layer IndexnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
15054AB-INT PTEST ARM: gstreamer gstreamer/libs_aggregator.test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15058AB-INT: rpm.RpmInstallRemoveTest.test_rpm_remove failureRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15109The variable DIRFILES is missing from the glossaryVariables GlossaryminorMedium4.3Ross BurtonNEW
15136AB-INT PTEST ARM: perl t/op/sigsystem ptest failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3William LyuNEWAB-INT NEWCOMER
15153AB-INT: qemu USB timeoutRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15156Create Yocto demo guide for Raspberry Pi devicesDemosnormalMedium4.3John WalickiNEW
15159PTEST mdadm 07revert-inplace failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Ovidiu PanaitNEW
15163AB-INT PTEST: python3 test_create_connection_local_addr_nomatch_family failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15166AB-INT: test_debuginfod failureFunctional (self) TestingnormalMedium4.3Yash ShindeNEWAB-INT
15175AB-INT PTEST: strace ptrace-y-Xraw failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Randy MacLeodNEWAB-INT
15178AB-INT PTEST: openssh banner test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15179AB-INT PTEST: openssh stderr_data_transfer test failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15181PTEST: mdadm 04update-uuid failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3Ovidiu PanaitNEW
15188AB-INT PTEST: util-linux script: options, script/options-size failuresPackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
15192buildtools testing that it can build virtual/libc duplicates downloadsRuntime TestingnormalMedium4.3UnassignedNEW
15208AB-INT PTEST: util-linux logger:_errors:_[11]_check_socket failurePackage Testing (ptest)normalMedium4.3UnassignedNEWAB-INT
IDSummary (5 tasks) ProductSeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
9451Document a cookbook procedure on how to change kernel versionDevelopment ManualnormalLowFutureMichael OpdenackerIN PROGRESS REVIEWNEWCOMER2
12154esdk/devtool cannot build both native and target componentseSDKnormalLowFutureUnassignedNEW
13095Use Django ORM instead of sqlite directlySecurity Response ToolnormalLow4.3 M4David ReynaNEW 5
13096Port scripts to be management commands?Security Response ToolnormalLowFutureDavid ReynaNEW 1
13686meta-mingw produces a symlink to host /etc/ld.so.cache in the x86-64_mingw32 folderOther YP LayersminorLow4.99Joshua WattNEW