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The Yocto AutoBuilder

The Yocto AutoBuilder is a buildbot based autobuilder implementation that can be used to build out and test custom distros utilizing OE-Core (either bare or through the poky repository)

The source code can be downloaded from the [yocto-autobuilder] repository.

For details on the design and configuration of the AutoBuilder, refer to the YoctoAutobuilderDevelopersDocument.html document in the docs directory of the yocto-autobuilder git repo.

The yocto-autobuilder maintainer is Joshua Lock. All patches to the yocto-autobuilder should be sent to with "[yocto-autobuilder]" in the Subject line. Please CC:

If you have access to our production autobuilder, please read the documentation on how to kick off builds.


AutoBuilder Automated Testing

The AutoBuilder is able to execute automated testing too when the proper configuration is added. The AutoBuilder relies on what the Yocto Project exposes as automated test tools and it doesn't include support for directly executing tests. The AutoBuilder has been used for test execution (runtime, selftests) in the Yocto Project long before it was chosen as the automated test framework over LAVA. Instructions on how to add tests to the AutoBuilder can be seen here.

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