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Connecting to Autobuilders

We use an ssh jumphost called to connect to the autobuilders. Jumphosts enhance security by removing the threat of hijacked ssh-agents and limiting the services running on Internet exposed hosts.

Generate keys

In order to access any of the autobuilders your ssh public keys must first be installed. The preferred way to generate a key is type RSA with 2048 bits or greater. Please put your e-mail, the date of generation, and the host the key lives on in the comment. Please set a passphrase even if it's a simple one! Ideally your private key will never leave the host it is generated on - so if you have multiple machines please generate multiple keys. E-mail your public key named to Keep id_rsa(the private key) super safe. Please never share it with anyone or copy it onto the Internet. Don't e-mail it to yourself either.

 ssh-keygen -b 4096 -t rsa -C ""

Substitute your own e-mail and your computer's hostname in the command above. Setting these helps with troubleshooting in the future.

Configure ssh

Edit ~/.ssh/config and add:

   # Make sure your username matches your account on the autobuilder
   User [username]
   # Give the full path to the proper public key
   IdentityFile /home/[username]/.ssh/id_rsa
   # If your network requires you to use a SOCKS proxy enable it here
   # ProxyCommand nc -X5 -x [] %h %p
   # If your system uses 'ncat', rather than 'netcat', use these options to enable a SOCKS proxy
   # ProxyCommand nc --proxy-type socks5 --proxy [] %h %p
# We use an internal DNS server with the fake TLD .yp for ease of use
Host *.yp *
   # This proxy command actually does the of running ssh through ssh
   ProxyCommand ssh exec nc %h %p 2> /dev/null
   # Correct username and key repeated from above.
   User [username]
   IdentityFile /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa
   # We don't need strict checking on the private network.
   StrictHostKeyChecking no
   # Don't bother saving hostkeys we don't check
   UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null

Verify Fingerprints

Now actually ssh to and verify that the fingerprint you receive matches a fingerprint below. ECDSA 45:57:d2:e5:c9:93:40:a3:32:f4:a3:29:0b:1e:99:57
or                       RSA  15:90:e2:85:98:db:f6:75:55:3d:fb:fa:22:a7:06:44
or                ECDSA SHA256:xVq5zKfo7s2HCZmZOj/r39A8dRenI+YEfIBIv53LSTs


Now that you've added to your known hosts you don't need to worry about fingerprints anymore. Time to connect to a builder. Run:

 ssh ab01.yp

If all worked correctly you are now logged into autobuilder01.

Need to work on the build scripts?

If you are on the SWAT team you can access pokybuild using this sudo command:

 sudo -iu pokybuild

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