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2.8 Features Implementation by QA Team

2.8 QA Assigned Features TO IMPLEMENT

IDAssigneeESummary (53 tasks) PRequesterQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Aaron Chan
11737Aaron Chan4include selftest tests for devtool import/export pluginsMedium+Leonardo Sandoval GonzalezAaron Chan3.99ACCEPTED
Anuj Mittal
12927Anuj MittalCannot strip and sign kernel modulesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm) 3.99NEW
12936Anuj Mittalxserver upgrade probably broke video rendering using vaapisinkMedium+Anuj Mittal 3.99ACCEPTED
13701Anuj Mittalintermittent race in runtime parse logs failure in X on qemux86-64Medium+Richard Purdie 3.2 M3NEW
13906Anuj Mittal[QA 3.0.3 RC2] failure in ptest: valgrind.helgrind/tests/tc19_shadowmemMedium+Sangeeta Jain 3.0.5NEW
13907Anuj Mittal[QA 3.0.3 RC2] failure in ptest: zlib.zlibMedium+Sangeeta Jain 3.0.5NEW
418Anuj Mittal2uvesafb is required to be a module on qemux86/qemux86-64 targetLowKevin Tian 3.99NEW
12233ApoorvRun complete LTP Test, not just a subsetMedium+Saul Wold 3.99CLOSEDFIXED
Chee Yang
12189Chee Yang4wic cp should support recursive copiesMedium+brian avery 3.99NEW
11279Chee Yang1wic: honor IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE et alMediumStephano Cetola 3.99NEW
12320Chee YangEnable multiple kernels and multiple kernel command lines in systemd-boot, grub-efi menuMediumTim Orling 3.99NEW
13492Chee YangExploration to generate LVM partitions in (wic?) imagesMedium  3.2NEW
13548Chee Yangmeta-intel do_testimage tasks failedMediumAmanda Brindle 3.2IN PROGRESS IMPLEMENTATION
Chin Huat Ang
10548Chin Huat Ang4Eclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb to QEMUMedium+brian avery 2.5 M2CLOSEDWONTFIX
10549Chin Huat Ang3Eclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdb to hardware targetMedium+brian avery 2.5 M2CLOSEDWONTFIX
11838Chin Huat Ang2Automatic Cross GDB only works before running the first debug session.Medium+  3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12337Chin Huat AngPKG_CONFIG_PATH not read correctly from SDK environmentMedium+Dennis Menschel 3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12431Chin Huat Angeclipse-poky using host gcc/g++ for indexingMedium+Chin Huat AngLibertad3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12483Chin Huat Angcmake: toolchain.cmake contains not correct CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATHMedium+Lukas DurfinaToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12539Chin Huat Angautotools project debug config not properly configuredMedium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12540Chin Huat Angenvironment variables appear as "User Configured" instead of configured by "Build System"Medium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12541Chin Huat AngNew Project Wizard to create autotools project with Yocto Autotools ToolchainMedium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12574Chin Huat AngNew Project Wizard should not allow creating autotools project when SDK is not configuredMedium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12579Chin Huat AngUse CROPS container command launcher for Yocto C/C++ projectsMedium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12668Chin Huat AngC/C++ Remote Application launch configuration's RemoteResourceBrowser doesn't show OK and Cancel buttonsMedium+Chin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
13050Chin Huat AngEclipse autobuilder task timing outMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)Toaster default assignee2.7 M4CLOSEDWONTFIX
10547Chin Huat AngEclipse CROPS plugin support for debugging via gdbMediumbrian avery 2.5CLOSEDWONTFIX
10928Chin Huat Ang0.5[eclipse-poky] YoctoSDKUtils.java is missing support for qemuarm64 and qemumips64 targetsMediumTim Orling 3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12427Chin Huat AngUpdate eclipse-poky README to install libxslt instead of xlstproc for FedoraMediumChin Huat Ang 3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12498Chin Huat Angsetup.sh unintentionally installs latest Eclipse featureMediumChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12588Chin Huat AngYocto eclipse plugin java null pointer exception issue in Windows.Mediumrdhobi@slscorp.comToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12681Chin Huat AngBuild autotools project using toolchain containerLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12682Chin Huat AngBuild cmake project using toolchain containerLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12683Chin Huat AngBuild makefile project using toolchain containerLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12684Chin Huat AngLaunch runqemu in QEMU container using Run Docker Image launch configurationLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12685Chin Huat AngCreate first RCPTT automated test caseLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
12686Chin Huat AngBuild eclipse-yocto on WindowsLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDWONTFIX
12687Chin Huat AngBuild and launch Yocto Project SDK projects using containers on WindowsLowChin Huat AngToaster default assignee3.99CLOSEDOBSOLETE
yeoh ee peng
6862yeoh ee peng5input subsystem testingMedium+Darren Hart 3.99NEW
11394yeoh ee peng5Add tests to cover devtool handling of various git URL stylesMedium+Paul Eggleton 3.99NEW
11933yeoh ee peng3oe-selftest: unset SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS automatically when oe-selftest is launchedMedium+Rebecca Chang 3.99NEW
12411yeoh ee pengAdd automation for eSDK artifacts downloaded from the autobuilderMedium+Joshua Lock 3.99NEW
12465yeoh ee pengtest case test_check_rpm_install_removal_log_file_size failedMedium+California Sullivan 3.99NEW
11142yeoh ee pengUse artificial recipes for oe-selftest where possible to reduce workLowJoshua Lock 3.99NEW
12272MazlianaCreate new test cases for Kernel Development featuresMedium+Jair Gonzalez 3.99NEW
Naveen Saini
12755Naveen SainiSeparate boot config recipes are at odds with setting APPEND at the image levelMedium+Paul Eggleton 3.99NEW
13098Naveen Saini[2.6 RC2][Meta-Intel 10.0][BSP][Testcase 1059]: dmesg error: platform regulatory.0: Direct firmware load for regulatory.db failed with error -2Medium+Sudhir Sharma 2.6.2CLOSEDFIXED
13397Naveen Saini[QA 2.8 M1 RC2][BSP HW] audio is not playing on coffeelake and nuc7Medium+Sudhir Sharma 2.8 M2CLOSEDFIXED
12584Naveen SainiGeneric EFI booting needs to support random UUIDsMediumCalifornia Sullivan 3.99NEW
Yi Zhao
9858Yi Zhao5Make xattrs in images work [meta]Medium+Ross Burton (Arm) 3.99NEW
11766Yi Zhao5"nobody" group added by systemd sysusers.dMedium+Patrick Ohly 3.2 M3ACCEPTED
7984Yi Zhao5RPM backend does not honor package overrides for PACKAGE_ARCHMediumRandy Witt 3.2ACCEPTED
11862Yi Zhao3Package QA fails if library is installed in a non-standard location (tries to read the .so link to check if it's an ELF)Medium  3.2IN PROGRESS REVIEW

Future QA Enhancements

IDAssigneeESummary (6 tasks) PQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Aaron Chan
9917Aaron Chan1autobuilder: Add ability to get worker informationMedium FutureIN PROGRESS REVIEW
10034Aaron Chanoe-selftest: Field to select a subset of tests in the autobuildersMedium FutureNEW
9070Apoorv3Add test that locales are workingMedium+ApoorvFutureACCEPTED
Chee Yang
8769Chee YangIntegrating wic into ToasterLow FutureNEW
Chin Huat Ang
7556Chin Huat Ang10Create cross-compilation project with existing codeMedium FutureCLOSEDOBSOLETE
7821Chin Huat Ang7Add OpenOCD JTAG supportMediumyeoh ee pengFutureCLOSEDOBSOLETE
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