2.4 QA Bugs To Verify

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2.4 BUGS

2.4 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (251 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
12134 0.01Typo in bbappend for linux-yocto_4.9 prepends FILESEXTRAPATHS with ${PN}-4.8 instead of ${PN}-4.9Medium+Armin Kuster2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10362 5yocto-bsp: several config fragments yield multiple warnings when building virtual/kernel'sMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11426 5yocto-bsp: several kernel configurations are ignored when creating a new bsp based on ARMMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11562 2poky-tiny: Error with "GNU gettext"when building core-image-tiny-initramfsMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11829 image including multilib:lib64 python3-dev package does not reach loginMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11879 3Testimage: multiple "uvesafb" errors present in log in minnowmax on genericx86/genericx86-64Medium+Alejandro Hernandez2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11180 Switch RPM4, dnf and co to Python3Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11181 5Remove Python 2 as a host tool or needing to be built for our core imagesMedium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11635 32bit x86 webkitgtk builds fail on Ubuntu 17.04Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11091 10update openssl to 1.1Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDLET
11316 5Trim down LSB supportMedium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11896 2checkpkg needs to have exemption in metadataMedium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11983 1dnf selftest has date wrapping bug?Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10513 3Show Yocto Project compatible status in the layer indexMedium+Amanda Brindle2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11452 5Add a YP Compatible (V2) flag/column for layers on layers.openembedded.orgHighAmanda Brindle2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11931 2"Starting bitbake server" message shows up in update logsMedium+Amanda Brindle2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7040 5Support for /usr merge (à la systemd and Fedora)Medium+Amaranth Valluri2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8962 5AUH: Add support for meta-intelMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9038 5extensible sdk - generates empty manifests/needs file with what is installedMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11450 6oeqa core add support for parallel runsHighAníbal Limón2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11482 0.5yocto-compat-layer.py: return non-zero exit codesMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11571 0.1yocto-compat-layer-wrapper: does not generate the output log when given the -o optionMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10604+ 5Add an autobuilder worker capable of HW image testingMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10828 1get_tests_from_module() shouldn't assume oeSelfTestMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11622 0.05oe-selftest: output no longer suitable for manual runsMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11632 0.25oe-selftest doesn't run all testsMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11650 0.5Ctrl+C from oe-selftest corrupts local.confMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11682 oe-selftest does not clean-up properly the build/conf metadataMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11741 0.1sdk: generates empty manifests when doing do_populate_sdkMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8938 3oe-selftest: refactor command line arguments so usage is simplerMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11827 1oe-selftest: report currently executing testMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11214 1perl and systemd-boot failing on configure steps with poky-tiny policyMedium+Aníbal Limón2.4 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10730 1bitbake -e shows no history with memresHighPaul Eggleton2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11474 2devtool add / upgrade will not work if native sysroot dependencies requiredHighPaul Eggleton2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11491 devtool modify from eSDK failsMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7555 3make oe-init-build-env-memres default instead of oe-init-build-envHighPaul Eggleton2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11383 2tinfoil: enable running tasks with dependenciesMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11710 5Fetching from recipetool no longer works with memresMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10807 1Extensible SDK: sdk-update deletes some meta-dataMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
10981 1devtool: upgrade fails, recipe file not foundMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11275 2tinfoil: some output gets duplicatedMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1 ?
11306 3eSDK fails to build for openbmc projectMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11903 1Server log needs separation between instancesHighPaul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11929 2preparing tinfoil twice with config_only=False is failingMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11947 devtool upgrade needs to have some git configs set to get correct resultsMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11972 devtool upgrade+finish failed to drop patch it should haveMedium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12074 oe-selftest hangs in vim on debian8.yocto.ioHighPaul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11102 2Cannot (devtool) add a kernel recipe inside the eSDKMedium+brian avery2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11387 2devtool edit-recipe fails within crops/extsdk-containerMedium+brian avery2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11732 meta-java: openjre-8 build fails when using shared state mirrorHighbrian avery2.4 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11895 Nightly-arm: do_testimage failing on Fedora26Medium+brian avery2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12001 QEMU hangs and tests are abortedMedium+brian avery2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11878 1kernel tools (spp) should fail if only KTYPE matchesMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12132 1Running diffconfig task from BitBake returns errorMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11282 1Write a wic tips and tricks for Minnowboard & JouleMedium+California Sullivan2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11503 1.5iso image not booting in EFI modeMedium+California Sullivan2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9878 5feature request: secure boot layerHighCalifornia Sullivan2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11447 Configurability to boot from UEFI boot partition or direct boot without bootloaderMedium+California Sullivan2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11243 1binary reproducibility: perl-pod_5.24.1-r0_amd64.debMedium+Cinly Ooi2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9867 2yocto-bsp: listing values for some properties throws exceptionMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10803 5Patchtest migration from python2 to python3Medium+Daniela Plascencia2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9960 5patchtest-oe: implement 'selftest' validation patches for the test suiteMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11377 1Move Toaster lookup to YP-2.3 releaseMedium+David Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11224 2Compliance: LTP, POSIX, LSB tests are not creating results file (.targz)Medium+dengke2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
11067 4Reference Kit Industrial Robotics profileMedium+Dmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11137 1WIC needs to support FAT16Medium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11283 7wic: allow wic to update a kernel or bootloader in a disk imageMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11372 4image.bbclass forces some flags for do_image_X tasksMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11459 2buildhistory-diff needs to filter out DNF noiseMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11662 2wic should mount /bootMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11709 2Support EFI System partition with 4K FAT clustersMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11760 5squashfs_xz and squashfs_lzo image compression failedMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11278 4wic: create an option to use entire diskMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11785 2On Debian 9 m4 segfaults making impossible to build autoconf-native due to the uninative featureMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11822 nightly-arm-lsb BuildImages_1.stdioMedium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11869 2FAILED runqemu.RunqemuTests.test_boot_deploy - Testcase 2007: Ubuntu1604Medium+Ed Bartosh2.4 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
10975 3Setup lastest DAFT version upon vm inside GDC Autobuilder clusterMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11215 4Decouple test injection mechanism in DAFTMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11219 5Newer test specification format needed for DAFTMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.4 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11436 3selftest: runtime-test install test is testing two different featuresMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11395 audio playback broken on skylakeMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M1RESOLVEDINVALID
11228 1Make decision on default Xorg driver for intelMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11380 1Get rid of gnome-commonMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11610 1gdk-pixbuf: improve reproducibilityMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11636 32bit x86 piglit builds fail on Ubuntu 17.04 hostMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11100 3Fix wayland-scanner lookup for good, submit patches to upstreamsMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.4 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11907 slang: Fail to build sltest for ptest (issue with static linking)Medium+Joe Slater2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8673 2distutils3 packages installed via an egg file cannot be imported by the python3 interpreterMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10641 2Python manifest script should also generate native RPROVIDESMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11305 0.5patchwork: Improve Series naming when no cover letter is providedMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8716 4Build summary page for incoming patch testingMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETEGUI design pending
10506 3Patchwork: Improve Bundle view to include build resultsMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8717 2patchwork: keep build page up-to-date with important patch status changesMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11962 0.5recipe reporting system missing all upstream informationMedium+Jose Lamego2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10848 2Add support for testing wic images on qemux86*Medium+Jose Perez C2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11713 3testimage for core-image-sato-sdk fails on musl due to iptables compile failuresMedium+Jose Perez C2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11366 0.5Need to test non-minimal esdk buildsMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11428 3Support building intel-iot-refkit with yocto-autobuilderMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11500 1Verify sstatebuilds with different build directoryMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11454 2Rationalise autobuilder configurationMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11613 1[Help] why and when the release files may update?Medium+Joshua Lock2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11850 [Autobuilder] Eclipse-plugin files are not found in autobuilderMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10937 2remove from oe-selftest buildsets the step for building an image prior the test sessionMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11788 0.5Drop package publishingMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11846 1Move nightly-checkuri out of nightly and automatically trigger for master and maintained branches on a weekly basisMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11848 0.5Run checkpkg oe-selftest separately from nightly/nightly-oe-selftest on a weekly basisHighJoshua Lock2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11924 test_checkpkg (distrodata.Distrodata) failing in several packagesHighJoshua Lock2.4 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11804 2Convenience branch dropdown when starting new buildsMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11974 1Make wiki logging more resilient to network issuesMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12047 2Run yocto-compat-layer scripts as part of AB runsMedium+Joshua Lock2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12076 PYTHONPATH pointing to python2.7 site-packages causes bmaptool to crashHighJoshua Lock2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10785 2shell logging function appears to break task outputMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11627 3update max10 reference board to boot with 4.10 kernelMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11241 2binary reproducibility: .pyc files contain timestampsMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11587 1add "fence flag" to cross toolchainMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11738 2[gcc] compilation fails when using pre-compiled headersMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.2.2, 2.3.2 if needed.
11108 1.5bash: update-alternatives break Build ApplianceMedium+Juro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12143 Ptest-runner does not run python, in 2.4rc1HighJuro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12144 3ptest-busybox cases failed in 2.4rc1HighJuro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12145 ptest-bash cases failed in 2.4rc1HighJuro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12146 2ptest-e2fsprog cases failed in 2.4rc1HighJuro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11469 Graphics support for IoT Reference KitHighJussi Laako2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11698 Git shallow fetcher sometimes fails selftestMedium+Christopher Larson2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11715 1Developers repeatedly miss Minnowboard section in Quick Start GuideMedium+Kristi2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED10 August 2017: RESOLVED
11968 1remove oe-init-build-env-memres from documentationMedium+Kristi2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
10677 1\n in DESCRIPTION creates invalid (ipk) packagesMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10689 4oeqa: migrate selftest old framework to new frameworkMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10918 1devtool fails to build linux-yocto with yocto-bsp generated configurationMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11233 1Improve test_archiver_allows_to_filter_on_recipe_name runtimeMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDINVALID
11234 1improve test_bmap_long runtimeMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11238 1improve test_postinst_roofs_and_boot performanceMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11339 2Error and probable hang during testimageMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11620 0.25oe-selftest: fails with a traceback if python git module not installedHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10599 5oeqa: migrate selftest's test to use the new frameworkMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10720 1patchtest: Create a script for OE-Core to fetch and set up environment for patchtestMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11707 3openembedded-core share folder between host and guest get corruptedHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10510 5devtool: add ability to export / import work in progressMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10996 1test_ccache_tool taking too long on main ABMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11847 1Add an option to oe-selftest to run all tests except for [...]Medium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11914 2gpg: signing failed due to lack of memory on nightly-oe-selftestHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10900 1selftest test_sstate_allarch_samesigs_multilib fails with 'nodistro' distroMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11702 0.5oe-selftest fails if local.conf doesn't end with a newlineMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11818 5Allow oe-selftest to work with BB_SERVER_TIMEOUTMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12012 1hosttools" dpkg-deb -b failsHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12113 1Last 25 lines of log isn't displayedHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11935 Connman fails to scan wifi ap on automatic refresh due to firmware loading errorsMedium+Libertad2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8578 5opkg-make-index skips some packages so the package index is not up to date during rootfs generationMedium+Robert Yang2.4 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11376 Autobuilder: nigthly-world failing webkitgtk on Ubuntu17.04Medium+Robert Yang2.4 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11547 5Add regression check for ptestMedium+Robert Yang2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11254 3runqemu tap cleanup broken when interruptedMedium+Robert Yang2.4 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11652 5mkfs.ext4 changes folder permissions when creating imageMedium+Robert Yang2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1 & 2.2.2
11748 3Machine given to runqemu util is overwrittenMedium+Robert Yang2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10317 2oeqa tests are incompatible with python's unittest runnerMedium+Mariano Lopez2.4 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11676 10recipetool: create: add support for ROS modulesMedium+Mark Horn2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
12088 yocto-compat-layer does not resolve layer dependenciesMedium+Mark Hatle2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
5049 1Create a WDD like charts for the Performance Test script that we are running regularlyMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDTRT
6319 1Automated storage and graphing of build performance metricsMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDTRT
11355 2oe-build-perf-report: support viewing buildstatsMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
12136 go-dep and go-helloworld fail to link with MUSL on x86-64 machines typesjHighMatt Madison2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11331 2volatile-binds preventing systemd-resolved to workMedium+Maxin B. John2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDPlease also backport to 2.3.1
11413 Remove all the DEBIAN ftp server usage in SRC_URIsMedium+Maxin B. John2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11460 useradd postinst refers to recipe sysrootHighMaxin B. John2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11437 2gstreamer: playbin visualizations broken with vaapiMedium+Maxin B. John2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11976 Show the full name of artifacts published on Yocto AB (autobuilder.yocto.io)Medium+Michael Halstead2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12026 Refkit clone sometimes fails with artefact missing errorsHighMichael Halstead2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11493 1Enable building extensible SDK installer for profilesHighMikko Ylinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11925 iwlwifi: fails to connect to a Wifi AP (on 570x)Medium+Mikko Ylinen2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11594 0.5update docs to note gitsm fetcher does not mirror and list the sources it pullsMedium+Mikko Ylinen2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11608 distro-testing: Add ubuntu 17.04 to supported distrosMedium+Monserrat2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11917 2(buildoptions) Failure on test_arch_work_dir and layer_with_out_git_dirMedium+oscar lopez arandas2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12108 go-runtime does not build for mips32r2Medium+Otavio Salvador2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11443 0.2QemuRunner: should not modify os.environMedium+Patrick Ohly2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
11467 14integrate a system update solutionHighPatrick Ohly2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11126 1"su --login" fails when using pam + util-linuxMedium+Patrick Ohly2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
11127 1mesg does not work after su --loginMedium+Patrick Ohly2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
11782 sstate.bbclass: handle networking errors betterMedium+Patrick Ohly2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11529 0.1Add LLVMMedium+Khem Raj2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11679 0.1"cannot make copy relocation for protected symbol" build errors with musl and ld-is-goldMedium+Khem Raj2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11696 3systemd: gold linker fails for ppc machineMedium+Randy MacLeod2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11764 3useradd/groupadd: 'command did not succeed' in some multilib buildsMedium+Randy MacLeod2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11575 1ERROR: cryptodev-tests-1.8-r0 do_checkuri: Fetcher failure for URL: 'http://download.gna.org/cryptodev-linux/cryptodev-linux-1.8.tar.gz'Medium+Rebecca Chang2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1, 2.2.2, 2.1.3
11885 [meta-openwrt][meta-configuration] integrating OrangeRPCD for JuciMedium+Rebecca Chang2.4 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10741 4memres: heartbeat and disk monitoring needs further testingMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11045 2Heartbeats don't get maskedMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11457 1bb.plain() isn't plain anymoreMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11461 2Poor interaction between sstate, devshell and addto_recipe_sysrootHighRichard Purdie2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11834 if you have a bad layer in bblayers, bitbake server connection hangsHighRichard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11836 [master] nightly-no-x11 barfedMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11898 2bitbake server timeout on first 'server.runCommand' call after build startsHighRichard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11913 musl image launch with runqemu did not reach the login bannerHighRichard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11939 openssl-1.1.0f-r0 QA ErrorsMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11940 bind-9.10.5 QA errorsMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11941 ltp-20170516-r0 QA errorsMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11953 nightly-oe-selftest failed: FAIL: test_stoptask_behavior (buildoptions.DiskMonTest)Medium+Richard Purdie2.4 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11952 2runqemu - ERROR - Acquiring lockfile /tmp/qemu-tap-locks/tap0.lock failed: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailableMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11966 1Multiple providers are available for pkgconfig-nativeMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11993 2oe-selftest devtool.DevtoolTests.test_create_workspace fails with bb_server_timeout setHighRichard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12017 some published toolchain artifacts for eSDK have SDK_GCC_VER emptyMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
12052 nightly-ppc-lsp test_dnf_reinstall sanity test failedMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
12067 1Random basehash value changes during buildMedium+Richard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12100 1add rocko branch to yocto-docsHighRichard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
12116 bitbake server timeout - race condition on fast machinesHighRichard Purdie2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11182 1Make it easier to add Python to an imageMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11247 1binary reproducibility: ncurses-staticdev_6.0+20161126-r0_amd64.debMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11290 3fetcher: donestamps for git repos are zero sized - missing Pickle dataMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11574 1ERROR: kconfig-frontends- do_compile: Function failed:Medium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11584 2ARCHIVER_MODE[src] = "configured" causes /bin/sh: quilt: command not foundMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11417 2Avoid checksums invalidation when inherit from ccacheMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11697 1master builds shouldn't include qt4 anymoreMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11631 2sysroot population needs to give better errors if files already existMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11792 2glib: RRECOMMENDS shared-mime-infoMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12045 GOARM value can be set incorrectlyMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12219 1nothing provides linux-firmware-imx-sdma-licenseMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11155 5make menuconfig fails in the sdk and esdk.Medium+Saul Wold2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11882 iwlwifi: packaging errorMedium+Saul Wold2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11982 linux-intel: i915 driver times out during drm initialization causing 30s delay in boot to login promptMedium+Saul Wold2.4 M4RESOLVEDMOVED
11046 5Investigate instability in Phoronix benchmark cacheMedium+SJ2.4 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11600 1PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS documentation is wrongMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED06 June 2017: RESOLVED
11209 3RPM package feed signing is currently not supportedMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED29 August 2017: RESOLVED
11970 1Eclipse section has some issuesMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED29 August 2017: RESOLVED
11451 17Bring in Juci from openWRT as an on target network configuratorMedium+Stanley Phoong2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10926 1Buildhistory fails to write to repo on new clusterMedium+Stephano Cetola2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11640 1Autobuilder calls exec on `. ./oe-init-build-env`, which fails on systems with /bin/sh set to dashMedium+Stephano Cetola2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11720 1nightly-refkit BuildImages fails with "nothing to do"Medium+Stephano Cetola2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11721 2nightly-refkit shouldn't run for older releasesMedium+Stephano Cetola2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11367 Support NVME block devices in EFI installer script (to be synced with the latest in poky)Medium+sweeaun2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11448 1RMC: update Intel 570x and 550x fingerprints to match the latest BIOSMedium+Todor Minchev2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11323 3RMC: Handle fingerprints and file blob name collisions in rmc.bbclassMedium+Todor Minchev2.4 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11327 3Install opption is not not displayed when booting core-image-sato-sdk-intel-core2-32.hddimgMedium+Todor Minchev2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Plauchu Edwin
11218Plauchu Edwin5Merged devauto library with DAFTMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.4 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
yeoh ee peng
11949yeoh ee peng0.1qemu-2.10-rc2 build error (patch failed)Medium+Mikko Ylinen2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11823yeoh ee pengAB: test intel-iot-refkit with the right submodulesMedium+Stephano Cetola2.4 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11628yeoh ee peng4implement uboot for nios2 softcore on max10 reference boardMedium+Yau Wai Gan2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
11883Francisco Pedraza1esdk: taskhash errors generated during 'devtool modify linux-yocto'Medium+Paul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Jair Gonzalez
10817Jair Gonzalez4oe-selftest: add a test for devtool modify on the kernelMedium+Jose Perez C2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11086Jair GonzalezFlatpak-based 3rd party application supportMedium+Krisztian Litkey2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11665Libertad0.5crops/yocto-ubuntu-16.04-base missing /usr/share/zoneinfoMedium+brian avery2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11660Libertad1build fail on change to command.py' updateConfig()Medium+David Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11717Libertad1large package set causes 'too many SQL variables' errorMedium+David Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11833Libertad3Toaster timeout for bitbake serverMedium+David Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11851Libertad1Toaster broken with bitbake move to default XMLRPCMedium+David Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9924Libertad2Prevent users from using HEAD as Git revision when importing layersMedium+David Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12036Libertad1'ToasterSetting' import missing from lsupdatesHighDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12037Libertad1Need to update Toaster to new YP-2.4 release name and bb versionHighDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12038Libertad3Update Toaster manual for YP-2.4Medium+David Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12056Libertad2toaster: catch early build and server exceptionsMedium+David Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12194Libertad1Toaster server lost "toaster.conf" environment, user settings lostHighDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12206Libertad1remove "prettify.js" for license conformanceHighDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12109Libertadeclipse-plugin-neo fails on akuster/pyro-next with STOPPED!Medium+Joshua Lock2.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11923Libertad[Eclipse] Failed to debug a Project in Eclipse and displays error: java.lang.NullPointerExceptionMedium+Libertad2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
Choong Yin Thong
11202Choong Yin Thong3QA: Validate Flatpak-based 3rd party application supportMedium+yeoh ee peng2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED

2.4 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - MEDIUM, LOW

IDQAESummary (242 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
11365 Building SDK using yocto and compile package in .ipk formatMediumAbhishek2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11703 pkgconfig 0.29.2 fetch failureMediumAbhishek Dwivedi2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11739 2do_image_wic fails on core-image-tiny-initramfsMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10314 3Installing Yocto on EFI systemsMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10425 6poky-tiny distro shows Kernel config warnings during qemux86 buildMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDAdd release notes for 2.2
11712 3poky-tiny core-image-tiny-initramfs WIC image is not built correctly for meta-intelMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11742 264 bit builds show a kernel warning for CONFIG_X86_BIGSMPMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11743 1mohonpeak and rangeley meta-data adds smp.scc twiceMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11031 1Regularly run checkpkg on yocto autobuilderMediumAlexander Kanavin2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3786 1RPM packaging fails for pkgconfig files with '-' in version fieldLowAlexander Kanavin2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11718 2RPM injects /usr/lib/.build-id/ into packagesMediumAlexander Kanavin2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11932 Editing Layer Name returns 404 Page not found errorMediumAmanda Brindle2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11485 Refkit: Upgrade nodejs version(v5.11+)MediumAmaranth Valluri2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11645 0.5oe-selftest: Invalid tests specified on the commandline don't failMediumAníbal Limón2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9708 oe-selftest --list-tests with options to control fields shownMediumAníbal Limón2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11136 devtool: Being able to change a devtool generated recipe from git to a tagged versionMediumBehan Webster2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11036 1In certain cases devtool reset will fail, but bitbake -c clean will succeedMediumPaul Eggleton2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11634 buildhistory gets wrong command line in commit message with memresMediumPaul Eggleton2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11884 2Remove meta-intel-iot-middleware repo as it is no longer mantiained.MediumPaul Eggleton2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11188 1devtool: optimise task executionMediumPaul Eggleton2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11198 1devtool doesn't handle do_unpack dependenciesMediumPaul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12203 Bitbake fails when following getting started instructionsMediumPaul Eggleton2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10550 4Build yocto Eclipse CROPS documentation using Saxon/JaxonMediumbrian avery2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11039 4Finalize authentication (SSH keys desired) for Nexus instance (java artifact repository manager)Mediumbrian avery2.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11523 2qemuboot.conf files in the downloads.../machines/qemu/qemu<machine> should be scrubbed of ab pathsMediumbrian avery2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11661 runqemu: Could not initialize SDL(No available video device) for core-image-sato on ubuntu-16.04MediumBrownson2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
9125 2arm64 dmesg test fails show dmi Firmware registration failedMediumBruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11333 3kernel config checks even with defconfigMediumBruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11581 3Performance enhancement for kernel recipe kernel_configcheckMediumBruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11649 1kernel-yocto.bbclass doesn't catch missing config.queueMediumBruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1 & 2.2.2
11961 [linux-yocto] Build error with aufsMediumBruce Ashfield2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10628 0.75Parselogs: Failed to obtain handles for "Service Changed" characteristicMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
12024 initramfs-framework: split out optional modulesMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11475 Rock-paper-scissors demo based on RefKit computer vision profileLowChristian da Costa2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11656 4libtool contains build host referencesMediumCinly Ooi2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10804 3Patchtest-oe migration from python2 to python3MediumDaniela Plascencia2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11337 1Missing IDs on web elements of the toaster UIMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11378 1noweb options will not create initial databaseMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10632 2Add distro selection supportMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10650 1Import non-git layer directory path input validation is incorrectMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11352 3libpcap: do_configure failed when len(tmp) = 410Mediumdengke2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11354 3ovmf: do_compile failed when len(tmp) = 410Mediumdengke2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11341 Systemctl fails to rename usb network interfacesMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11462 5ROS-Core supportMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11463 5RefKit: Python version alignmentLowDmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11465 5Reference Kit Industrial Robotics Profile Detailed DocumentationMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11588 Can't resolve own hostname when running under QEMUMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11302 3IMAGE_DEPENDS_* are added to do_rootfs[depends]MediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11542 2runqemu does not display the error text from qemu-system-XXX when qemu-system-XXX fails to runMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11552 3wic: avoid unnecessary dependenciesMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11633 2Duplicated entries in fstab created by wic when rebuilding an imageMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11719 1Unneeded stack trace is printed when ruunqemu failsMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11767 1elf image compression failed due missing cpio.gz fileMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11817 1image_types_wic.bbclass: default dependency on e2fsprogs-native?MediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11819 multiubi and container rootfs is not being createdMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11842 2Setting NOHDD=1 and NOISO=1 no longer allows you to build a >4GB imageMediumEd Bartosh2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10948 5buildhistory not reporting srcrev's when using sstate cacheMediumEd Bartosh2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11790 1WIC creates wrong partition numberMediumEd Bartosh2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10512 3Create an automation module for a 2 to 1 USB MultiplexerMediumPlauchu Edwin2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10580 4attach an html results page at the Autobulider's testing jobsMediumPlauchu Edwin2.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11356 1oe-selftest: add an assertExists() function and change tests to use itMediumyeoh ee peng2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11592 3Add QA check for uppercase recipe namesMediumyeoh ee peng2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11370 core-image-clutter: ERROR: mesa is trying to install files into a shared areaMediumMOHIT2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11476 Nftables firewall supportMediumIsmo Puustinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11477 Detailed computer vision profile documentationMediumIsmo Puustinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11478 Move caffe from meta-refkit-extra to meta-refkitMediumIsmo Puustinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11481 Refkit image configuration guidelinesMediumIsmo Puustinen2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11480 Integrate YOLO to RefkitLowIsmo Puustinen2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11192 Generate development image suitable for all RefKit profilesMediumJaska Uimonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
6378 1libfakekey patch to allow shift-ed version of symbol not already in keymapMediumJussi Kukkonen2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
9350 4As a developer, I want a global variable exist for choosing the default SSL/TLS provider.MediumJussi Kukkonen2.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11453 0.5misconfigured "diff" utilityMediumJussi Kukkonen2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7506 1udev-cache possibly incompatible with meta-selinuxLowJoe MacDonald2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11888 1patchwork: no way to send a link to a patch from a seriesMediumJose Lamego2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11294 0.5create-pull-request: add in-reply-to option to ensure patch/series threads don't breakMediumJose Lamego2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10667 2Define packagegroup for python3MediumJose Lamego2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10899 1version mismatch between recipe and tarball linkMediumJose Lamego2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10522 3python: test.regrtest failsMediumJose Lamego2.4 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11887 1patchwork: series page shows cover letter tab by default even if no cover letterMediumJose Lamego2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11868 1wic.Wic.test_mkfs_extraopts - Testcase -1 opensuse422MediumJose Perez C2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11871 1distrodata.Distrodata.test_checkpkg - Testcase -1: ubuntu1604MediumJose Perez C2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11872 1Update and add the ID to the TCs in testopia:ubuntu1604MediumJose Perez C2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11873 1These TCs need to be added to testopia Distrodata.test_checkpkg and Wic.test_mkfs_extraoptsMediumJose Perez C2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11265 buildgalculator.GalculatorTest tries to download galculator-2.1.4.tar.bz2 despite it being present in DL_DIRMediumJoshua Lock2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11507 Assertion error when two buildset configurations use GitPoller for same repositoryMediumJoshua Lock2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11840 [master] nightly-checkuri libtimedate-perl_2.30MediumJoshua Lock2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11768 0.5Run core-image-sato-sdk instead of core-image-sato for musl targetMediumJoshua Lock2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9998 5packaging: src separately from dbgMediumJuan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10564 5Fix PR Sharing PR server between builders with different metadataMediumJuan Manuel Cruz Alcaraz2.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11062 U-Boot doesn't build within an SDK containing pythonMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11602 5acl-ptest references host build pathMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11666 attr-ptest references host build pathMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11667 1flex-ptest references host build pathMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11668 1libz-ptest contains build host referencesMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11918 bash: improve reproducibilityLowJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11922 libgmp: improve binary reproducibilityLowJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11997 1libxml2-ptest : build host referencesMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
12083 1build failure with gcc-6.3.0: ./md-unwind-support.h:55:21: error: field 'uc' has incomplete typeMediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11916 0.5e2fsprogs-doc: improve reproducible buildLowJuro Bystricky2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11591 2Enable x86: Set dl_platform and dl_hwcap from CPU featuresMediumJuro Bystricky2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11843 RPM package feed layout doesn't match the documentation or target feed setupMediumKai Ruhnau2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
7671 Feature request: integrate task-level exports supportMediumChristopher Larson2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
7958 2Implement shallow git clone functionalityMediumChristopher Larson2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11779 autotools.bbclass breaks builds with nested autotools subprojectsMediumKrzysztof Nowicki2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8631 3Fully document sysroot populationMediumKristi2.4RESOLVEDFIXED27 September 2017: RESOLVED
10642 2BUILD_CC and such are missing from variable indexMediumKristi2.4RESOLVEDFIXED31 August 2017: RESOLVED
11675 1bitbake.conf URL link example should be updatedMediumKristi2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED04 July 2017: RESOLVED (backported to 2.3.1 manual)
10806 2dnf tests doesn't work when exporting testsMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11651 1test_sstate_noop_samesigs performance when there are differences is direMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11752 3selftest test cases should use the test data and/or tinfoil instead of bitbakeMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11824 1Show real host information instead of uninative infomationMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
9277 1Improve archiver testingLowLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9693 2oeqa/selftest/recipetool: runCmd's output is populated with previous outputMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11586 1scripts/yocto-bsp linux-yocto-custom.bb template faulty?MediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10931 5Improve indicators on automated performance reportsMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11146 3menuconfig changes do not result in kernel or image rebuildsMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDAffects TMUX Terminal usage only - reducing to Medium
11585 5scripts/yocto-kernel feature add does not seem to workMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9724 5Create a YP 2.4 test plan for package upgradesMediumLibertad2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
5533 3bitbake -g can't figure out non-existed packagesMediumRobert Yang2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10474 3Reduce runqemu's default loglevelMediumRobert Yang2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11286 2runqemu should validate the rootfs type it is trying to use and print clear message if unsupported.MediumRobert Yang2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11692 Recipe sub-pkg RDEPENDS being installed in image even with sub-pkg is notMediumMark2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8596 3Document proper way of adding a userspace header for the kernelMediumMark Hatle2.4RESOLVEDFIXED09 August 2017: RESOLVED
11169 prelink recipe checks USER_CLASSES for image-prelinkMediumMark Hatle2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11669 musl package doesn't provide "libc-staticdev"MediumMaxin B. John (inactive)2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11553 0.3Fetcher failure for URL: 'http://www.oberhumer.com/opensource/lzo/download/lzo-2.09.tar.gz'MediumMaxin B. John2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11555 0.3Fetcher failure for URL: 'http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/ed/ed-1.9.tar.gz'MediumMaxin B. John2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11556 0.5Fetcher failure for URL: 'http://distfiles.gentoo.org/distfiles/libpng-1.2.56.tar.xz'MediumMaxin B. John2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11614 write_image_test_data makes rootfs taskhash host specificMediumMikko Ylinen2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11402 Refkit: Error when sourcing refkit-init-build-env outside of intel-iot-refkit directory treeMediumMikko Ylinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11506 Selftests should be enhanced to disable compressed image typesMediumMikko Ylinen2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11441 0.2archiver.bbclass should not cause kernel rebuildsMediumPatrick Ohly2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11759 distrooverrides.bbclass DISTRO_FEATURE_OVERRIDES should be DISTRO_FEATURES_OVERRIDESMediumPatrick Ohly2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6132 4Have persistent log data (/var/log)MediumChen Qi2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED06 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
8087 2Bug in resolv patchMediumKhem Raj2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
9543 4Resolve string formatting issues in gccMediumKhem Raj2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11344 1ghostscript warning when building for arduino-101-sssMediumRebecca Chang2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11901 3[meta-openwrt][meta-configuration] integrating juci-lighttpd for JuciMediumRebecca Chang2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9888 1BB_NO_NETWORK prevents uninative fetch from file:// PREMIRRORMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10893 0.5Missing information of starting tasks in task-depends.dotMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10915 5interrupting bitbake can leave zombie processMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11289 1search order for patches and files (FILESPATH)MediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11439 1fatal: repository 'https://git.yoctoproject.org/yocto-kernel-tools.git/' not foundMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11536 1[PATCH] bb.data.setVar used when checking __SKIPPEDMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11653 5Remove uclibc-specific patches/overrides from recipesMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
12062 bitbake server fails to start when there are config errorsMediumRichard Purdie2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10896 2bad magic number in 'oeqa': b'\x03\xf3\r\n'MediumRichard Purdie2.4 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8593 2The head files of ncurses installing into sysroot seems different in multiple times compilationMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11894 iwlwifi fails to buildMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11403 4crosstap: Error: No target kernel build found.MediumSaul Wold2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11820 CEF 32-bit client binary does not run on 32-bit x86 machineMediumSaul Wold2.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11927 SI_KERNEL SIGSEGV occurred on JVM initializationMediumSaul Wold2.4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
12050 failed on udevd[342] inotify_add_watch /dev/loop when running test imageMediumSaul Wold2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11120 perf doesn't compile when devtool used with kernelMediumSaul Wold2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11405 5RMC: records in an existing RMC database cannot be updatedMediumSaul Wold2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11520 The perf package does not build when Linux kernel source is pulled out with devtoolMediumSaul Wold2.4 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11731 1Docs: poky and meta-intel branch names in quick start guide represent a moving targetMediumSaul Wold2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED07 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
11934 5sanity check fails with ccacheMediumShashwat Pandey2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11498 1INHERIT description ambiguousMediumScott Rifenbark2.4RESOLVEDFIXED19 May 2017: RESOLVED
11411 1native[sdk].bbclass: warn about naming conventionMediumScott Rifenbark2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED29 June 2017: RESOLVED
2658 5Create Kernel Device Driver SDK (host-side)MediumScott Rifenbark2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED26 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
12031 1Fix possibly misplaced example in section "3.4.5. INHERIT Configuration Directive"MediumScott Rifenbark2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED13 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
12032 1Explain differences between inherit and require/include directivesMediumScott Rifenbark2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED26 Sept 2017: RESOLVED
11456 LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION cannot contain capital letters for ipk packagingMediumssg.pg.faceless2.4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10383 1create test for subprocess calls to identify problemsMediumStephano Cetola2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11212 bitbake-layers throws a non-obvious error if a layer's dependencies are missingMediumStephano Cetola2.4 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11745 2nightly-refkit CreateBBLayersConf should be dynamicMediumStephano Cetola2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11345 7Support both MUSL and x32 as a build option combinationMediumsweeaun2.4RESOLVEDMOVEDLET
11446 7Flexibility and configurability to boot from any partitionMediumsweeaun2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11568 [Test Case 1542] test_2_logrotate fails in NUC with lsb-imageMediumsweeaun2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11569 [Test Case 1059] Parselogs is failing to send firmware data on corei7-64 LSB image in NUCMediumsweeaun2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11730 kernel-devsrc: various references to the host build systemMediumsweeaun2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10126 5RMC: Bring supported RMC functions to grub-efi bootloaderMediumTodor Minchev2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10638 5RMC: Refactoring database generation in rmc.bbclassMediumTodor Minchev2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11133 5RMC: Multiple fingerprints per BoardMediumTodor Minchev2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11320 3RMC: Extend grub-efi to process RMC database file from ESPMediumTodor Minchev2.4 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11541 3RMC: print the fingerprint and MD5 hash of the current boardMediumTodor Minchev2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11321 3RMC: grub-efi - append KBOOTPARAM to linux boot entry's cmdlineMediumTodor Minchev2.4 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11338 5RMC: records cannot be added to and removed from an existing RMC databaseMediumTodor Minchev2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11616 0.1Mesa build failed with gcc 7 (ARM)MediumTodor Minchev2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11897 checkvnc script fails on Centos 7 due to netstat being deprecatedMediumTracy Graydon2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
10087 RMC: RMC Project - reduce memory copyingLowNg, Wei Tee2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11329 Enable rpm packaging to include the netronome linux firmware into a noarch packageMediumNg, Wei Tee2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11530 5RMC:[EFI] modify shim to launch an EFI binary when not running in secure boot modeMediumNg, Wei Tee2.4 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11701 5Add mechanism that allows initramfs-framework to boot up live imageMediumNg, Wei Tee2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11725 3sanity.bbclass: check for libsdl-native is brokenMediumYau Wai Gan2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
7724Costin5useradd.bbclass users cannot be safely referred to by dependent recipes due to sstate-induced race with base-passwdMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDTC needed
David Rodriguez
9636David Rodriguez5wic script should use argparse instead of optparse libraryMediumDaniela Plascencia2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8504David Rodriguez5Identify and add if needed BSP test cases specific to meta-intelMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.4RESOLVEDINVALID
David Lopez Barriba
9635David Lopez Barriba5buildhistory-diff script should use argparse instead of optparse libraryMediumDaniela Plascencia2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8126David Lopez Barriba2Messages are missing when "IMAGE_FSTYPES" field is not properly editedMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6618David Lopez Barriba2Make the layer name searchable and show item page when search returns only one resultMediumJose Lamego2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9132David Lopez Barriba5Toaster automated testing inclusion at the AutobuilderMediumLibertad2.4 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9484David Lopez Barriba5Port QA UI tests to Toaster's Django+Selenium frameworkMediumLibertad2.4 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
yeoh ee peng
11244yeoh ee peng2QA: Validate Reference kit has BT audio support on gateway profileMediumJair Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11246yeoh ee peng5QA: Validate Reference kit supports image installerMediumJair Gonzalez2.4 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11708yeoh ee pengCI: capture and display results of oe-selftest as JUnit XMLMediumOlev Kartau2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
9854Francisco Pedraza3Kernel hangs on LTP cgroup testsMediumEdgar Cherkasov2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11059Francisco Pedraza5Kernel Development Test Cases MaintenanceMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
9055Francisco Pedraza2pTest - acl (NUC) failed tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1MediumRobert Yang2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11590Francisco Pedraza1creating root file systems using elf failed applying patch fix-makefile-to-find-libz.patchMediumSaul Wold2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to 2.3.1
11589Francisco Pedraza5ubi and ubifs image compression failed on do_image_ubi and do_image_ubifsMediumChoong Yin Thong2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Humberto Ibarra
9930Humberto Ibarra5eo-selftest: add a coverage subcommand to handle coverage related tasksMediumAníbal Limón2.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11255Humberto Ibarra2QA: Clean up and enablement of single-node Bluetooth test cases on meta-iotqaMediumJair Gonzalez2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Jair Gonzalez
11490Jair GonzalezConfiguration Management Solution StudyMediumAmaranth Valluri2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10579Jair Gonzalez2create the devauto command line interfaceMediumPlauchu Edwin2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Juan Ramos
9770Juan Ramos2oe-selftest: test import of tests from other layersMediumJose Perez C2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11664Libertad0.5toaster containers need to be updated to ubuntu 16.04 ltsMediumbrian avery2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11149Libertad2buildinfohelper.py Could not match layer dependencyMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11335Libertad2The all builds, All projects, documentation buttons dont have an IDMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11440Libertad2'MockEvent' object has no attribute 'getMessage'MediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11570Libertad1get_last_build_id not called correctlyMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9916Libertad4Show git clone progress in most recent builds areaMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9971Libertad3Toaster does not report progress while setscene tasks are runningMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11515Libertad1test 'commit' first in get_vcs_referenceMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11684Libertad2address RemovedInDjango110Warning's for Django >= 1.9MediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11727Libertad0.5trim build target inputMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11744Libertad0.5set clone progress default to offMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11794Libertad3Add remote HTTP API to enable status aggregation of multiple Toaster instancesMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11915Libertad1Toaster: custom image updates and original creationMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11938Libertad1Add ability to do custom actions when Toaster is started and stoppedMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11957Libertad1support custom Layer Index URL and fixture overrideMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11040Libertad1Order column in Tasks table in toaster UI cant be selected and does not showMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11132Libertad1Toaster fails to complete image build due to buildhistory/toaster_buildhistory_dump failureMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11371Libertad4support custom layer index servers, file-based layer indexMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11956Libertad2problems with layer linksMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
12004Libertad2Views: Edit Columns button is not alphabetically orderedMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12006Libertad2Image recipes view: Recipe file link not redirecting correctlyMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12015Libertad1set default pokydirname if no external layersMediumDavid Reyna2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10947Libertad3Reintegrate fully functional and corrected toaster automation testcases from toaster_automation_tests.pyMediumLibertad2.4 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
12014Libertad1debug message during build lists layers missing separatorsMediumOlaf Mandel2.4 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
12097Libertad1Eclipse plugin uses (wrong) host include pathesMediumArno Steffens2.4 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
oscar lopez arandas
9081oscar lopez arandas2RRS should respect DEFAULT_PREFERENCE when multiple versions of the same recipe are availableMediumJose Lamego2.4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9903oscar lopez arandas2Add more test cases for Systemd-bootMediumJose Perez C2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
11401oscar lopez arandas2oe-selftest failed SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS asked to be unsetMediumJose Perez C2.4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9372oscar lopez arandas3Ptest for acl hang because of lack of two user bin and daemonMediumChen Qi2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
Stephen K Jolley
9119Stephen K Jolley1ptest fails tracker bug (Cont.)MediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
Yi Zhao
10025Yi Zhao4Missing 'Connection Manager' icon for qemumips and qemumips64MediumJussi Kukkonen2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11408Yi ZhaoFailed to build build-appliance image if set BA_INCLUDE_SOURCES = "1"MediumJuro Bystricky2.4RESOLVEDINVALID
10859Yi Zhao5crosstap doesn't work with error: runtime_defines.h: No such file or directoryMediumSaul Wold2.4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9259Yi Zhao3The rpm database costs lots of disk space after install a packageMediumYi Zhao2.4RESOLVEDFIXED
Choong Yin Thong
11251Choong Yin Thong5QA: Validate updated components for GPLv3 free Computer Vision profileMediumyeoh ee peng2.4 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
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