2.3 qa owned features

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2.3 Feature Implementation by QA

2.3 QA Assigned Features TO IMPLEMENT

IDAssigneeESummary (3 tasks) PRequesterQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Lucian Musat
7853Lucian MusatError handling during testing -- fail-safe to handle exception of DUT hangMedium+Cathy ShenCostin1.9 M3CLOSEDFIXED
Mihail Stanciu
5997Mihail StanciuBuild must work even if git is blocked by a firewallMedium+Dave Stewart 1.7 M4CLOSEDFIXED
Valentin Hangan
3772Valentin Hangan5Eclipse plugin should have a test frameworkMedium+Alexandru GeorgescuAlexandru Georgescu2.1 M1CLOSEDOBSOLETE

Future QA Enhancements

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