2.3 QA Bugs To Verify

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2.3 BUGS

2.3 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (272 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
11167 rpm 4 has a different set of subpackages then rpm 5Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10863 1RRS hasn't updated itself since early DecemberMedium+Aníbal Limón2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10871 0.2RRS: "Commit" link points to non-existing URLMedium+Aníbal Limón2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11162 0.5yocto-compat-layer: filter out false positives (?)Medium+Aníbal Limón2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11164 1yocto-compat-layer: Add support to isolate the environmentMedium+Aníbal Limón2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11041 LSB 4.1: lsb_release script incompatible with busybox head and findMedium+Athanasios Oikonomou2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9689+ Create a python library for automatic device manipulationMedium+Benjamin Esquivel2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10369 1Performance degradation on eSDK, install time is twice on 2.1Medium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10797 1ESDK can contain path to build sysroot as SDK sysrootMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10908 devtool needs to check to see if locales are set properly for utf-8Medium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10961 1Toolchain environment variables cleaned from environment during devtool usageMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10963 0.5devtool sdk-update fails at subsequent runsMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11414 devtool breaks if an invalid image name is passed to build-imageMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11375 testimage; runqemu not working when images are downloaded (not built)Highbrian avery2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10792 ARM-LPAE-Invalidate-the-TLB-for-module-addresses-dur.patch fails to applyMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10402 1ACPI: No IRQ available for PCI Interrupt Link [LNKD]. Try pci=noacpi or acpi=offMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10916 lib/oe/rootfs: alternative symlinks not reliably removedHighAndré Draszik2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11512 LSB image failed to boot in Cherry Hill platformMedium+California Sullivan2.3 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11549 cannot select systemd-boot for UEFIMedium+California Sullivan2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10064 1patchtest: Series Details must contain the revisionMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10411 5Provide a working python-pylint recipeMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10721 2patchtest-oe: improve issue and fix strings for test_mbox_format testMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10861 perl is not compiling on a OpenSUSE distroMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M2RESOLVEDINVALID
10789 5patchtest-oe: Include a test case that fails in case pylint issues are found on new patch changesMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10930 1Skip SRC_URI checksum related tests on GIT recipesMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10783 2wic should not be writing out to /var/tmp/wicMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10881 1Add warning message to the esdk installer if version (build_host_gcc) > (install_host_gcc)Medium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10618 3Increase oe-selftest coverage of wic codebaseMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10833 5runqemu / wic: IP of tap is not being set when launching .wic image on qemux86*Medium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11295 2do_image_wic: fails when rm_work is activeMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11307 sstate.bbclass tries to modify mirror filesMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10670 1AUH: Upgrade status email should indicate the URL of the log folder instead of the tar's URLMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11050 5kexec-tools fails to build with x32 as DEFAULTTUNEMedium+Flavio2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9088 3Extensible SDK add tests for devtoolMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10958 LIBXML2 error package requirements libxml-2.0 >= 2.6.26 on eSDKMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4144 2Runtime performance testingMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
4527 3create a Runtime performance test layer to enable runtime performance testsMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4528 2boot time should be tracked for systemd and SysVinitMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5369 3Create test plan to do performance analysis of x32 runtimeMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5477 2Check for any performance degradations with gcc security flags enabledMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5478 2test build time performance degradations with gcc security flags enabledMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6296 2Add support for runtime performance tests to image_testsMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10951 12Runtime Performance testing frameworkMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.3 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
10352 15Performance of bitbake -S is horribleHighJianxun Zhang2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5546 2Optimise away meta-oe X init mechanismHighJussi Kukkonen2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11026 1cve-check: Error in executing cve-check-updateMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11221 1pTest: various quilt test cases are failingMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11239 3native recipes should not care about DISTRO_FEATURES / MACHINE_FEATURESMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11296 openssl.cnf not in expected location for openssl-nativeMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11384 image does not contain all RDEPENDS with package_rpmMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11396 OpenSSL soname "wrong"HighJussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9941 2patchwork: ensure series are created for all submittersHighJose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9942 2patchwork: ensure patches are not marked as Accepted when a newer Series revision is modifiedMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10625 2Don't show "Series without cover letter" for series without cover letterMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10507 3Patchwork: Create Patchtest results viewMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10627 3Way to navigate through patches in a seriesMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10734 1patchwork: fail tests should send email to submitter and mailing listMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10735 2patchwork: patchtest email should reply to the original patchesMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10762 1patchwork: Enable automatic status update when patches are merged for all projectsMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10764 0.5patchwork: Make "PATCH" prefix in subject mandatory for emails to be considered patchesMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10875 2oe-selftest failure in test_find_path (oeqa.selftest.pkgdata.OePkgdataUtilTests) on autobuilderMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10876 2oe-selftest failure in test_list_pkgs (oeqa.selftest.pkgdata.OePkgdataUtilTests) on autobuilderMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10877 0.5Patchwork is creating new series and/or revisions on behalf of user replies to the original seriesMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10624 1Ability to set patch metadata from a mailMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10756 1patchwork: New patch revision messages should be processed even if they have a duplicated message-idMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10819 0.5Support range select in patch listMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10822 3Multiple select/change state controls in series viewMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10823 0.5A V2 series wasn't detected as suchMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10812 1python3 fails to run with multilibMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11140 0.5patchwork: Web UI throws an error instead of series view when user is not authenticatedHighJose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11156 Patches containing long lines are split by patchworkMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10467 2Link to BuildLog entries from autobuilder UIMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10502 1Ensure BuildLogger doesn't try and update whilst the target wiki page is being editedMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDINVALID
10933 None-validated host distro such as debian-testing results in oe-selftest failuresMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9460 1Provide a way to automate testing of meta-mingwMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10623 0.25removing hardlink removes xattrsMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10678 0.5Drop usage/support of bb.data.expand() and replace with d.expand()Medium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10986 0.25Re-Enable distro_check and distrodata on Main AutobuilderMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11052 pseudo x32 target build failsMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11088 1wikilog must handle non-Latin characters in wiki page contentMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11098 3Wikilog logs jumbled up when multiple controllers reporting to the same pageMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11099 0.5nightly-wic build: Autobuilder should build wic-toolsHighJoshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10448 2Package files already existed at Publishing Artifacts stepMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10582 1Automated Git storage of build perf test resultsMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11326 nightly-mips64 SDK sanity check failure on master-nextMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10658 1Support for IAMCU baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10659 1.5Support for ARC baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10660 2Support for Nios2 baremetal toolchain for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10662 3Provide "newlib" for Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10894 1.5Zephyr BOARD value in local.conf is ignoredMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10914 0.5[meta-mingw] nativesdk-mingw-w64-runtime_3.1.0.bb fails in do_configureMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10661 2Provide support to run Zephyr images in QEMUMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10971 1[meta-mingw] nativesdk-pthreads-win32 fails to build with poky master & meta-mingw masterMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11116 [meta-mingw] nativesdk-mingw-w64-runtime_3.1.0.bb fails in do_compile on the ABMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11210 1tinfoil: parse_recipe() fails for multiconfig pnsMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10059 2patchtest-oe: check bitbake datastore variables on classes or includesMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10112 5Patchtest-oe: tests summary must provide patch nameMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10469 2Install package dependencies for patchtest image (poky) developmentMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10765 patchtest: patchtest guest execution yields a 'Too many open files' message before haltingMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10766 2patchtest: patchtest deletes the content of .git/config in openembedded-coreHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8525 1selftest needs to control distro configurationMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9944 1patchtest-oe: check that patch was sent to the correct mailing listMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10626 3git-pw needs bundle supportMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10688 2Add a test looking for common paths that indicate patch is for the wrong layerMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10878 1source code lines should not exceed more than 80 charactersMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10903 1test_recipetool_create_git fails on poky-distro due to x11 feature requirementMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11057 1yocto-layer creates faulty exampleMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11231 1gpgme: do_configure task failsMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9660 3Create a YP-2.3 test plan for SWUpdMedium+Libertad2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7887 3Add support for user networking to runqemuHighRobert Yang2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10428 2*.qemuboot.conf files are left in DEPLOY_DIR after other image artifacts are removedMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8570 2problems with gdk-pixbuf and pango loading on multilibMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
10471 3runqemu handling of machine not specified needs improvementMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11073 3runqemu: do no rely on grepping imagesMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11141 3runqemu ignores the environment variables KERNEL,MACHINE, and ROOTFSMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11349 1nightly-x86 acl compilation failure on master-nextMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9954 4report tool: a communication mechanism for sending resultsHighMariano Lopez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10233 2oeqa: Runner add the ability to output XML test resultsMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10235 2oeqa: Implement OETiemout decoratorMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10236 2oeqa: Implement OETag decorator.Medium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10353 3oeqa allow to filter tests based on different criteriaMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10686 8oeqa: migrate runtime to use the new frameworkMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10935 0.5systemd tests should automatically be run on systemd imagesMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11037 5selftest: Optimize use of get_bb_varMedium+Mariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10433 2syslog-ng rc5.d symlinks missing after install, broken postinstMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDNeed backport to 2.2.1
10590 3build-perf-test: suitable test report formatMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11054 1selftest: Signing packages failing on ubuntu 16.10 with gpg (GnuPG) 2.1.15Medium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
11069 1rpm: signing fails with too many subpackagesMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10695 sqlite: upstream performance problemMedium+Maxin B. John2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8078 3useradd.bbclass: useradd_preinst not run when rebuilding on second MACHINEMedium+Maxin B. John2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11124 Problem with RSS and functions that modifies files installed into RSS by other recipesMedium+Maxin B. John2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11322 nightly-checkuri failed edMedium+Maxin B. John2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11410 gtk-play visualizations seem broken againMedium+Maxin B. John2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10153 1patchwork: create new patchwork staging instanceMedium+Michael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10509 Include patchwork repository into git.yp.orgHighMichael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10511 Patchwork production instance code base must point to git.yp.org repoHighMichael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10860 patchwork: security certificate expired on patchwork siteHighMichael Halstead2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9620 2Update layer index to django 1.8 ltsMedium+Michael Halstead2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10376 4patchtest: deploy patchtest on serverMedium+Michael Halstead2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10558 3.5Create Nexus instance (a java repository manager)HighMichael Halstead2.3 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10967 Merged commits are no longer sent to openembedded-commits MLMedium+Michael Halstead2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10382 5master - nightly-mips-lsb failedMedium+Michael Halstead2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11101 0.25autobuilder.yocto.io is not accessible from some browsers (due to invalid cipher?)Medium+Michael Halstead2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11117 1patchwork not sending emails on behalf of patchtestHighMichael Halstead2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10924 5RMC: Bring supported RMC functions to systemd-boot efi stubMedium+Mikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11298 1RefKit: eSDK toolchain environment variables have incorrect pathMedium+Mikko Ylinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11319 "go" recipes trigger warnings/error messages for unrecognized MACHINEs.Medium+Nathan Rossi2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDVERIFIED
10101 2When power cycling in masterimage.py, 'shutdown -h now' can return a non-zero exit status because the ssh connection is cutMedium+Nic Donaldson2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11276 CI: oe-selftests must have BUILD_ID setMedium+Olev Kartau2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11017 2wic: per-image native tool dependenciesMedium+Patrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED04 April 2017: RESOLVED
11161 2yocto-compat-layer: show signature differencesMedium+Patrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8880 5Need better allarch multilib sanity or automated QA testsMedium+Chen Qi2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9894 1Investigate porting smartpm, createrepo to python3Medium+Chen Qi2.3 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
11193 runqemu can not launch image if enable "rm_work"HighChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10707 Fix CVE defects in openssl by upgrading bugfix/letter releaseMedium+Randy MacLeod2.3 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10866 tinfoil2 breaks the prserv functionalityHighRichard Purdie2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1560 5Enable recipe specific sysrootsHighRichard Purdie2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10976 0.5Broken openssl-native symlinksHighRichard Purdie2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11123 Stripping fixincl fails in gcc-cross-arm and gcc-cross-initial-arm do_populate_sysroot on Debian 9Medium+Richard Purdie2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9037 1Consider alternate methods for maintain Yocto releases after 1yrMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10596 5Enable tests of layers for compatibility (YP Compatible v2)HighRichard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED27 March 2017: Setting to 2.3 M4
10983 1[Test Case 810] Avoid cache reload for incremental development using a backgrounded bitbake serverMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11237 kernel repo does not exist during unpackMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10645 1oe-core builds need uninative enabledHighRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10449 3tar-native - task do_populate_sysroot_setscene fails - likely raceMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10498 2adwaita install failed on autobuilderMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10215 4Add a class which allows buiding git upstream versions of code using BBCLASSEXTENDMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10700 2buildtools + deb packaging: Package nativesdk-buildtools-perl-dummy not foundMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10761 1Building Debugfs with nfs-utils-client and ipkgMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10794 5Update sanity tests to cope with minimal eSDK installerMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10814 1populate-volatile.sh causes confusing boot messages with read-only-rootfsMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10960 Using distrodata.bbclass causes task mismatch errorsMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10985 1Dbus recipe fails when systemd is enabledMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11002 1dbus: user-session dbus.socket contains path from native sysrootMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11014 package_qa_check_dbg tries to call a dict as a functionMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10271 3KeyError exception when pushing buildhistory failsMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
11104 2boost libboost_python3.so.1.62.1 links incorrectly against Python 2 C APIMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11135 1irda-utils do_populate_lic warning indicates encoding handling issueMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11139 Locale settings does not have effectsHighRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11153 Generated locales does not support UTF-8 encodingMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
11190 ERROR: file-native-5.28-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://github.com/file/file.git'.HighRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11240 libjpeg-turbo fails to build for aarch64/arm targets on aarch64 hostMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11256 HOSTTOOLS can link to directoriesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11259 1systemd.bbclass doesn't wipe units in native / or should nativesdk unset DISTRO_FEATURESMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11313 As a developer, I want to avoid churn of cross,crosssdk,nativesdk,cross-canadian do_populate_sysrootMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10697 10x32 world build fails badlyMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M3RESOLVEDMOVED
10698 5meta-intel doesn't support x32Medium+Saul Wold2.3 M3RESOLVEDMOVEDNeed to further evaluate and possibly file more bugs
10942 linux-firmware-ath9k fw ver 1.4.0 in main packageMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10999 meta-intel: Recipes multimedia:libva need to be updated to point to github upstream projectsMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11051 2gnu-efi fails to build with x32 gnu/stubs-64.h missingMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11230 Building the virtual/kernel of a i386 BSP created by yocto-bsp failsMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11336 Testimage [Test Case 195] rpm.RpmInstallRemoveTest is failing on corei7-64Medium+Saul Wold2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10909 1.5build-appliance-image requires pip3 but it isn't installed everywhereMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED25 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
10905 2Difficult to find status of patchMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 Jan 2017: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9675 30Replacing/updating smartpm/createrepoMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
10350 4devtool: deploy-target: deploy run time dependenciesMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED12 April 2017: RESOLVED
10888 4Add documentation about releases and release processMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED16 Mar 2017: RESOLVED
10995 1AUTOREV/AUTOINC not autoincrementing?Medium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED19 April 2017: RESOLVED
11310 1host packages wrong for Ubuntu 16?Medium+Scott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED26 April 2017: RESOLVED
10612 2Don't perform git clone on shared volumeHighStephano Cetola2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10654 5Investigate binary component functionalityMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10663 5Create BSP binary package classMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
11009 2patchelf inflates filesize and causes performance problemsMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10949 3do_rootfs: missing file dependancies should error regardless of PACKAGE_CLASSESMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8724 3Automate information collection for runtime errorsMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED4
10500 4Benchmark meta-intel build VS generic-x86* build in OEMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10092 5RMC: RMC Project - Provide dumpers for fingerprint and database fileMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11019 1Fix chameleonsocks so it works with Docker Toolbox terminalMedium+Todor Minchev2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11090 1linux-firmware-carl9170 doesn't set LICENSEMedium+Ng, Wei Tee2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10747 Add support for testing wic images on non x86 platformsMedium+Yi Zhao2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11226 Remove all use of fedorahosted SRC_URIMedium+Choong Yin Thong2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Benjamin Esquivel
10394Benjamin Esquivel2Creation of component to emulate keyboard with USB-KM232HighJair Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
David Lopez Barriba
10338David Lopez Barriba0.3perl-native embeds host-dependent variables in sysrootMedium+Aníbal Limón2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9592David Lopez Barriba4Add a mechanism for creating build appliance as a container imageHighbrian avery2.3 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10426David Lopez Barriba1Kernel config warnings while building linux-yocto-4.8 for intel-corei7-64Medium+California Sullivan2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10691David Lopez Barriba2buildhistory-diff should detect directory renamesMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10195David Lopez Barriba1Move to libinput as default x input driverMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10853David Lopez Barribappp fails to build on musl with libc headers for 4.9Medium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10287David Lopez Barriba1gst-play is brokenMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
10679David Lopez Barriba0.5Drop unneeded expansion parameter to getVar and getVarFlagMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10780David Lopez Barriba4buildlogger doesn't cope well with builds being cancelledMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10305David Lopez Barriba2do_package_qa should not error on 64 bit kernel modules + 32 bit rootfsMedium+Robert Yang2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10508David Lopez Barriba3bitbake fetcher does not always check for trusted_networkMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10188David Lopez Barriba3sanity.bbclass: config re-write doesn't appear to workMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10676David Lopez Barriba0.25cooker: event queue overflowedMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10423David Lopez Barriba1PKGSIZE double counts hard linked filesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10838David Lopez Barribaopenssl-qat fails to build as opensslfoundation.com seems to have dropped of the netMedium+Saul Wold2.3 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10740David Lopez BarribaHandle exceptions while populating data to transmit using xmlrpcMedium+Sujith H2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10533David Lopez Barriba1Enable Maven/Tycho Command line build for Eclipse CROPS pluginMedium+Tim Orling2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
10563Francisco Pedrazadevtool: traceback when trying to generate a patchMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10568Francisco Pedraza0.5Extensible SDK: TEMPLATECONF value causes failures if poky repo is used without meta-pokyMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10616Francisco Pedrazadevtool: cannot 'devtool build hello-mod'Medium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10447Francisco Pedraza1eSDK: runqemu fails unless unless DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE is setMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9596Francisco Pedraza0.5Build "minimal" extensible SDK installers instead of "full" onesMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9481Francisco Pedraza2Add example to "5.23. Debugging With the GNU Project Debugger (GDB) Remotely"Medium+Mark Hatle2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED18 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
9502Francisco Pedraza5Add a way to build container images using oe-coreHighRandy Witt2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8493Francisco Pedraza5Automate manual BSP test casesMedium+Sonia Delgado2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10993Francisco Pedraza1eSDK installation log file is incomplete in case of failureMedium+Stanley Phoong2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
Jair Gonzalez
10611Jair Gonzalez1[Test Case 1059] Parselogs is failing on corei7-64 in Joule giving several error messages.Medium+California Sullivan2.3 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5319Jair Gonzalez3Need a test to verify firstboot postinst script orderMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11065Jair GonzalezReference Kit RealSense SupportHighIsmo Puustinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11084Jair GonzalezReference kit OpenCL supportHighIsmo Puustinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10086Jair Gonzalez3RMC: RMC Project - single library, single APIMedium+Jianxun Zhang2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10671Jair Gonzalez2RMC: Compiling error with musl C libraryMedium+Jianxun Zhang2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8433Jair Gonzalez4Add test for package postinstsMedium+Jose Perez C2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10655Jair Gonzalez3Add support for ZephyrHighJuro Bystricky2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10656Jair Gonzalez1.5Support for out-of-tree development of Zephyr imagesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11074Jair GonzalezReference Kit must support MinnowBoard Turbot platformHighJussi Laako2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11075Jair GonzalezReference Kit must support 570x platformMedium+Jussi Laako2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10729Jair Gonzalezdevshell: Exception: TypeError: Can't convert 'bytes' object to str implicitlyMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Juan Ramos
10566Juan Ramos1populate_sdk_ext: uninative.bbclass is a mustMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10864Juan Ramos.wks(.in) search pathsMedium+Ed Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10478Juan Ramos1run-postinsts doesn't update package manager database on target deviceMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to YP 2.2.1 and 2.1.2
10442Juan Ramos0.5avahi: deluser and delgroup in postrm scriptMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10718Juan Ramos0.5send-pull-request: Avoid creating duplicated email reference headersMedium+Jose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10466Juan Ramos3Update BuildLog with build progressMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10523Juan Ramos0.25api-documentation DISTRO_FEATURE should be enabled and tested on at least one build configurationMedium+Joshua Lock2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10496Juan Ramos1wrong security.SMACK64 when unpacking with bsdtarHighPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10583Juan Ramos3buildstats.bbclass + pybootchart: record and render system utilization statisticsMedium+Patrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10883Juan RamosIMAGE_TYPEDEP_* doesn't add dependencies needed for conversion typesMedium+Randy Witt2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10311Juan Ramossupport netbios name resolution when using samba containerMedium+Randy Witt2.3 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10359Juan RamosImprove taskhash mismatch diagnosticsMedium+Richard Purdie2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10992Libertad2devtool: add: check for nodejs-native broken since recipe specific sysroots changesMedium+Paul Eggleton2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10578LibertadUsing django>=1.8.16 prevents access from hosts other than localhostMedium+brian avery2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10587Libertad0.3Using django>=1.8.16 prevents access from hosts other than localhostMedium+brian avery2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
11148Libertad1switch crops/poky to ubuntu 16.04 LTSMedium+brian avery2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11213Libertad2Cannot add layers in Machine pageMedium+David Reyna2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9449Libertad5[meta-swupd] Reduce runtime of do_swupd_updateMedium+Patrick Ohly2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10520Libertad2[meta-swupd] unnecessary changes during updatesMedium+Patrick Ohly2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11171Libertad1devtool: finish/update-recipe fail to capture kernel config changesMedium+Stephano Cetola2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Yi Zhao
10768Yi ZhaoTests for Build Appliance need to be translated to run on the poky containerHighbrian avery2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11022Yi Zhao2Fail to build BA for 2.3 M2 rc3Medium+Juro Bystricky2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED

2.3 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - MEDIUM, LOW

IDQAESummary (238 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
10799 2compatibility with rm_work.bbclassMediumAaron Zinghini2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11003 wic plugin rootfs_pcbios_ext crashesMediumAdrian2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11095 1Error building tpm-tools v1.3.9MediumArmin Kuster2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10332 3gummiboot: purge all gummiboot features and support from OEMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10955 1ed: upgradeMediumAlexander Kanavin2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9542 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in expectMediumAlexander Kanavin2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11400 rpmspec tool not properly relocated for nativeMediumAlexander Kanavin2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11080 Enabling testing TPM(v1.2) Support on QEMUMediumAmaranth Valluri2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9373 1ptest for perl hangMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5427 5Extend and tidy up layer sanity checkingMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10325 1.5license.bbclass should only copy licenses for packages actually installedMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6128 2Incorrect wildcard unpack behaviour in fetcherMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6129 2Local directories unpack to a different location than local filesMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9349 2Jethro build fails for core-image-x11 with package_debMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8278 0.5devtool: update compressed patches gracefullyMediumPaul Eggleton2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10464 0.25recipetool: create: shows warning when fetching npm modulesMediumPaul Eggleton2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
8223 1bbwarn warnings during do_rootfs printed twiceMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10413 0.25recipetool: use & to split licenses in LICENSE valueMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10484 0.5devtool: finish command fails if destination layer isn't in bblayers.confMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10561 0.5SDK_OLDEST_KERNEL does not influence nativesdk-glibcMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10836 0.1Files with names containing square brackets populated by sstate may not be removed properlyMediumPaul Eggleton2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10384 knotty errors out sometimes when running many cores over tmux/sshMediumbrian avery2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11047 1add cmake tool to sdk generation for published sdk'sMediumbrian avery2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10327 sstate mirror does not serve up the (contents of ) the uninative tarballMediumbrian avery2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6607 Auto-detect client locale and use for date formattingLowbrian avery2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9799 Ctrl-c does'nt stop the build for the ostro cli containerMediumbrian avery2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10755 1AUTOREV: morty definition results in a RecursionError when setting PV=SRCPV as documentedMediumbrian avery2.3 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME06 Jan 2017: NEEDINFO
3420 6Audit *-standard.scc and move non-hardware items up into standard.sccMediumBruce Ashfield2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10470 I would like to be able to set kernel CONFIGS from my local.conf fileLowBruce Ashfield2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
9609 4.1.x: musb fails to compileMediumBruce Ashfield2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10845 2test-image: compile and load a kernel module under the qemu-lsb image is failingMediumBruce Ashfield2.3 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10809 usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/all, error -110MediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10608 1.29[Test Case 1059] dmesg log shows various error on NUC with image corei7MediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7096 2Document how to use initramfs featuresMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED25 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
10058 1patchtest-oe: check SUMMARY presence on new recipesMediumDaniela Plascencia2.3 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10795 1patchtest:patchtest-oe: clean import statements on both projectsMediumDaniela Plascencia2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10224 2oeqa/utils/sshcontrol.py:SSHProcess decode stdout data failMediumdawei2.3 M4RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11061 2RMC DB: qemu virtual machines need serial console settings (or default?)MediumDmitry Rozhkov2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11068 2QEMU as a supported platformMediumDmitry Rozhkov2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10637 1WIC image dependencies are not included in the buildMediumEd Bartosh2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10857 3sstate: .siginfo files are not accessed from local or NFS-mounted SSTATE_MIRRORMediumEd Bartosh2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11044 2wic should support multiple boot labels such as boot and install targetsMediumEd Bartosh2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
8719 10Ensure bootable images can be supported by wic for all reference BSPsMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDLET
10501 do_image_wic fails with "Error: Couldn't find HDDDIR, exiting"MediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10815 wic does not obey ROOTFS_SIZE / IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACEMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10816 2wic: errors from exec_cmd don't show the error outputMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10619 10Refactor wic codebaseMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDLET
10835 2WIC should not rely on hddimg creation for finding all needed artifactsMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8192 5python3.4.3 os.fork and os.waitpid (prelink related)MediumPlauchu Edwin2.3 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10440 3Create a reference HW design and a python controlling library for a single power control unitMediumPlauchu Edwin2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11115 7Downloading cvs tarball for buildcvs.py selftest shouldn't use /tmpMediumyeoh ee peng2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10991 eSDK: Update decoratorsMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9962 1Suggested additions to the --help output re. -v and -DMediumDiana Thayer2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10323 1Sample script to create source release for specific licences failsMediumHenry Bruce2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED14 Mar 2017: Marked doc flag to "done"
10704 add OSTree to update mechanism overviewMediumIsmo Puustinen2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11083 GPLv3 free computer vision profileMediumIsmo Puustinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11085 Computer vision demo/testing setupLowIsmo Puustinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3990 qemuarm and qemuppc poky-tiny images can not boot up via "runqemu qemuarch ramfs" commandMediumJackie Huang2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
11081 BT Audio SupportMediumJaska Uimonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10125 RMC: RMC Project - Provide test suites to run on host and targetsMediumJianxun Zhang2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10839 5RMC: Clarify to use RMC_BOARD_DATA_DIRS to specify board data directoriesMediumJianxun Zhang2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10925 meta-intel: Update systemd-boot versionMediumJianxun Zhang2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10288 0.5mesa and wayland: mesa master now requires native wayland-scanner in order to buildMediumJussi Kukkonen2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11004 gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: missing x11 packageconfigMediumJussi Kukkonen2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
9541 2Resolve string formatting issues in cmakeMediumJussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9545 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in kexec-toolsMediumJussi Kukkonen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10717 1KERNEL_IMAGE_BASE_NAME: morty definition does not match poky's codeMediumJoe Konno2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED31 Jan 2017: NEEDINFO
9390 10oeqa: don't write anything to local.conf or bblayers.confMediumJose Lamego2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8727 0.1fetcher: should not log errors but pass them for handlingMediumJose Lamego2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10739 2patchwork: pw should not create new revisions from comments/replies containing patch-like contentMediumJose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10973 0.5changing state of patch fails?MediumJose Lamego2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10959 1patchwork: failed to create new series revisions from emails in a threadMediumJose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11027 0.5patchwork: Notify if status-change-through-email was attempted without required privilegesMediumJose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11200 1patchwork: Bundle paging links drop "archive" query parameterMediumJose Lamego2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11118 selftest: some testexport tests need a previous build to runMediumJose Perez C2.3 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9224 3[meta-swupd] Try to speed up update generation by parallelising calls to swupd_* programs where possibleMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
9726 10Add support for autobuilder to create CROPS containersMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9948 0.5"-fstack-protector-strong" seems unnecessary in SECURITY_LDFLAGSMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10241 1Missing files in rootfs when adding links /bin ->/usr/bin and /lib -> /usr/lib in recipe base-filesMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10475 1Document correct usage of FuncFailedMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10591 0.5oe.lsb.distro_identifier() doesn't always return the same value for CentOS 7MediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10952 0.25no_proxy handling has changedMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11056 yocto-autobuilder-setup fails on openSUSE clean installMediumJoshua Lock2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10778 2Adopt skipStep() throughout the codebaseMediumJoshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10788 0.5Should default to not publishing artefactsMediumJoshua Lock2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3276 3PulseAudio isn't testedMediumJuan Ramos2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8074 1Graphic display using Virtual Box differs from VMwareMediumJuro Bystricky2.3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8447 1Host contamination in glibc-localesMediumJuro Bystricky2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10938 1non-deterministic oe-terminal spawningMediumJuro Bystricky2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10889 1Zephyr kernel tests fail to start if python module pexpect is not installedMediumJuro Bystricky2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED24 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
11134 1Python Exception <class 'ImportError'> No module named 'imp'MediumJuro Bystricky2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11076 Supported hardware definitionMediumJussi Laako2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11129 thermald should be included in images without explicit pull-inMediumJussi Laako2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9129 4Enhance Test Suite scanning and executionMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10078 1patchtest-oe: check patch authorMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10970 pybootchartgui.py has not been migrated to python3MediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.3 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10710 1make it be able to login as root by default when debug-tweaks is not setMediumRobert Yang2.3 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9404 3Smart will remove RECOMMENDS during a remove commandMediumRobert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
9423 5devshell: export CONFIGUREOPTS to envMediumRobert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9544 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in gettextMediumRobert Yang2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10669 2apt package missing systemd filesMedium 2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9931 oe-selftest: Increase organization of codeMediumMariano Lopez2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9468 3Export Tests execution (Runexport.py) execution log needs improvementsMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10703 add mender.io to update mechanism overviewMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10978 1oeqa: add validation to avoid importing build-insMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10979 1testimage.bbclass: Add a check to not run tests with empty suitesMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10342 2Lots of debug noise "while parsing exportTests"MediumMariano Lopez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10980 1oeqa: skip modules that start with underscoreMediumMariano Lopez2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10403 [PATCH] configure --cflags breaks when CFLAGS contain commasMediumMark Hatle2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10393 4bitbake fails: ERROR: local variable 'value' referenced before assignmentMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10743 build-perf-test: Add test to verify if parsing time is improved with a hot codeparser cacheMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10897 1license.bbclass attempts chown(root.root) in build host context, hiding errorsMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10075 nettle 2.7.1: inconsistency between LICENSE and LICENSE_<pkg>MediumMaxin B. John2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10497 3Adding master release fails to get default layersLowMichael Wood2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9997 1oe-selftest: make available unittest-xml-reporting at the autobuilder workersMediumMichael Halstead2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11078 does not boot on NUCMediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11270 RefKit: populate_sdk_ext fails with SDK_EXT_TYPE="minimal"MediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11272 RefKit: Full extensible SDK fails to installMediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11066 4Reference Kit Secure BootMediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11271 1RefKit: 'devtool modify mraa' fails when using eSDKMediumMikko Ylinen2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11111 3enable running oe-selftest tests in CIMediumOlev Kartau2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11277 14CI: enable the use of KVM for running selftestsMediumOlev Kartau2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5654 5Add EFI to qemux86 and qemux86-64MediumPatrick Ohly2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10584 3rm_work.bbclass: reduce maximum amount of disk space required for a buildMediumPatrick Ohly2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9189 1[meta-swupd] Creates a lot of duplicate filesMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10665 0.5swupd + tar extraction errors + IMAMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10666 0.5pack-from-0-*.tar lacks symlinksMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10702 1add meta-swupd to update mechanism overviewMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10898 1LIC_FILES_CHKSUM: unclear meaning of begin/endlineMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED27 March 2017: Marked the doc flag to "done." Fix should be complete now.
11070 2whole-disk encryptionMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11071 2installer imageMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11072 2integrity protectionMediumPatrick Ohly2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6287 5Release scripts for BSPs/images.MediumBeth 'pidge' Flanagan2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10250 2qemumips64 + systemd + pam results in login failureMediumChen Qi2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9540 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in console-toolsMediumChen Qi2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6016 5CrossTap has issues on running scheduler script against qemuppcMediumChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
6700 2systemd's resolved conflicts with connmanMediumChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8314 5warn when ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY are the sameMediumChen Qi2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10530 add dumbinit as entry point for crops containersMediumRandy Witt2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8173 2Wrong dynamic loader because of missing -mfloat-abi=hard in LDFLAGS (in scons)MediumRichard Purdie2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8779 update-alternatives.bbclass automatic renaming doesn't happen in sysrootsMediumRichard Purdie2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10965 2SDKTARGETSYSROOT and the other variables don't automatically get updated when OVERRIDES updates.MediumRichard Purdie2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11001 Failure in do_prepare_recipe_sysroot after interrupted buildMediumRichard Purdie2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11112 Building gcc-source fails when $PATH contains spacesLowRichard Purdie2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10796 1devtool: sdk-update fails as git detects changes in layers/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/pysh/pyshtables.pyMediumRichard Purdie2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11262 wget.py: Handling of ud.user is wrong/outdatedMediumRichard Purdie2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6153 2Archiver causes manifest warnings for the toolchainMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8302 1sstate_create_package fails to chmod fileMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9078 When changing SDKIMAGE_FEATURES to "dev-pkgs", some -dbg packages are still installedLowRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10242 Improve the detection of misplaced parametersMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10438 1Possible to infinite loop eSDK creationMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10601 1distrodata: replace MeeGo with ClearMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10800 RMC installs incorrectly with multilibMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10969 1slang fails to configureMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
7142 3cmake.bbclass fails when rebuilding after MACHINE changesMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDNIF 11/13, 11/20, 11/27, 12/04
8200 1Add acl to default DISTRO_FEATURES?MediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11152 boost: type error when including libs/python/src/numpy/dtype.cpp while compilingMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.3 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9859 1setcap doesn't workMediumSeebs2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9531 5Need a proper way to fix mismatched arch generated with bare-bone kernel recipeMediumSaul Wold2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10483 genericx86-64 does not boot in jouleMediumSaul Wold2.3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10445 1RDEPENDS doc should cross-reference EXTENDPKGVMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
10462 1mega manual: the building images section lacks sub-sectionsMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED27 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
7546 5Streamline application development manualMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
9166 1Need to document the do_devpyshell task that is in the devshell.bbclassMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
9553 1INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP docs need to be expandedMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
10076 3Docs should have pointer to latest manual at the topMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED05 Feb 2017: RESOLVED
10178 1Python version should be updated to 3.4 on Quick Start and Mega ManualMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
10183 1Needs documentation for PACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS variableMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
10267 1workaround for missing --with-libtool-sysroot has wrong sysrootMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED08 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
10886 1Improve event documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED23 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
10818 1add documentation on stabilizing host build machine performance for kernel>=4.3 and systemd>=228MediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED10 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
9001 2bootimg.bbclass does not document GRUB boot lodader supportMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED12 May 2017: RESOLVED
10095 1Suggested documentation for the currently undocumented *_task-foo override syntaxMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
10405 3[bitbake] Missing SRC_URI "path_spec" option for SVN fetcherMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED16 Mar 2017: RESOLVED
10692 1Add references to SYSROOT_DIRSMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED18 Nov 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10946 3Document correct use of BSP directory in layerMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED27 Mar 2017: RESOLVED
11021 2Section on source archiving needs to discuss filtering optionsMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
11048 2Missing documentation about generation of rpm signed packages.MediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
11263 1Eclipse download text refers to http://www.eclipse.org/neon, but hyperlink is to http://www.eclipse.org/marsMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED30 March 2017: RESOLVED
11079 0.5devtool deploy.py should allow for changing the port for ssh/scpMediumTim Orling2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3043 3runqemu: Investigate and implement (if possible) a local firewall sanity checkMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9591 0.5Zephyr project configuration should allow kernel and app to be in different folder hierachiesMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11229 Different major versions of QEMU produce different RMC fingerprintsMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9570 2Zephyr Container for Windows/Mac/LinuxMediumTodor Minchev2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10527 2Travis test for the build of an out of kernel app for Zephyr containerMediumTodor Minchev2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10212 5Support to deploy non-bootloader-specific files in EFI partition when build hddimg imageMediumTodor Minchev2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7691 1Locking of branch/repoMediumUnassigned2.3RESOLVEDWONTFIXWas Bill Randle
10404 1MIPS: Use MACHINEOVERRIDES and reduce duplication in various recipes due to mips variantsMediumZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Georgescu
8193Alexandru Georgescu3add wiki reporting to public ABMediumUnassigned2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Benjamin Esquivel
10607Benjamin Esquivel3Creation of unit test suite for DevAuto package and its sub packagesMediumJair Gonzalez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10588Benjamin Esquivel1Exporting Tests section can lead to failed tests without proper specificationMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED14 Nov 2016: RESOLVED
David Rodriguez
7202David Rodriguez1Test for linux-dummyMediumJose Perez C2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
David Lopez Barriba
10581David Lopez Barriba1Provide example production settings fileMediumMichael Wood2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
8656Francisco Pedraza4ptest - perl tests fail for genericx86-64 on NUC - 2.0.rc3MediumAníbal Limón2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10254Francisco Pedraza2esdk tests take very longMediumAníbal Limón2.3 M2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10110Francisco Pedraza1.5parselogs/intel-core-i7-64 on cherryhill /irq stat interface fatal error/failed to enable keyboardMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
9053Francisco Pedraza2pTest - util-linux (NUC) failed tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1Mediumdengke2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
Lucian Musat
5520Lucian Musat40poky-tiny enhancementsMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.3RESOLVEDFIXEDOn Track for Initial Impl
Humberto Ibarra
10714Humberto Ibarra1Need to document workaround for NullPointer in Eclipse MarsMediumHumberto Ibarra2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED06 Jan 2017: RESOLVED
10685Humberto IbarraProject runs successfully but debugging throws NullPointerExceptionMediumTim Orling2.3RESOLVEDMOVED
Jair Gonzalez
10751Jair Gonzalez3Add help on all oe scripts exported to the path and display it when no required arguments are specifiedMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
11205Jair Gonzalez5QA: Validate Reference kit supports whole disk encryptionMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11206Jair Gonzalez5QA: Validate Reference kit supports integrity protectionMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11250Jair Gonzalez5QA: Validate Secure Boot is enabled on Reference kitMediumFrancisco Pedraza2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
11201Jair Gonzalez2QA: Validate testing TPM(v1.2) support on QEMU has been enabledMediumHumberto Ibarra2.3 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
11203Jair Gonzalez2QA: Validate QEMU as a supported platform in RefkitMediumHumberto Ibarra2.3 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
11248Jair GonzalezQA: Validate Reference Kit Industrial Robotics profile is enabledMediumHumberto Ibarra2.3 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
9369Jair Gonzalez4Extensible SDK: oe-selftest test does not test that update actually worksMediumJair Gonzalez2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Juan Ramos
9879Juan Ramos1Enable search for recipes that inherit a specific classMediumPaul Eggleton2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10640Juan Ramos0.5Parselog: dmi: Firmware registration failed.MediumCalifornia Sullivan2.3 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10481Juan Ramos1[Test Case 1059] Parselogs is failing on genericx86 (32 and 64 bits) WIC giving error: GPT: Use GNU Parted to correct GPT errors.MediumJair Gonzalez2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10489Juan Ramos1"test_1_logrotate_setup" fails on second run of test image due existing filesMediumJose Perez C2.3 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8721LibertadWe are not validating machine inputLowAwais2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9140Libertad3Eclipse plugin testing enable work on other distrosMediumBenjamin Esquivel2.3 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
10609LibertadThe TestLandingPage browser test is failing.Mediumbrian avery2.3 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9992Libertad1If we run oe-init-build-env with an argument for builddir, toaster start failsMediumbrian avery2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
11006Libertad0.5runbuilds prints its output to stdout and it should go into a log file and not spam the consoleMediumbrian avery2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9641Libertad2In the custom image recipe page, the last build information only shows successful buildsMediumDavid Reyna2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10524Libertad2Command line build monitoring broken when using custom builddir and config fileMediumDavid Reyna2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10849Libertad2esdk creation on Toaster has traceback errors from buildinfohelperMediumDavid Reyna2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10850Libertad4esdk creation on Toaster does not show necessary file in artifactsMediumDavid Reyna2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10851Libertad1sdk creation on Toaster does not show any files in artifactsMediumDavid Reyna2.3 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9852Libertad3Use the eventreplay mechanism for testingMediumEd Bartosh2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10151Libertad1Custom image recipe download button incorrect disabled state appliedLowMichael Wood2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10220Libertad4The toaster-custom-images comes up as "Unidentified layer" in the build history pagesMediumMichael Wood2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
10463Libertad[Test Case 910] "Recipe file" column isn't sortableMediumMichael Wood2.3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9418LibertadSupport using existing OE setupsMediumMichael Wood2.3 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10056LibertadTest failing test_new_duplicates_project_name (tests.browser.test_new_project_page.TestNewProjectPage)MediumMichael Wood2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10887Libertad5Add specific QA strategy section to the manualMediumScott Rifenbark2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED10 April 2017: RESOLVED
10343LibertadToaster fails to to build with image customization in non git layer for local releaseMediumSujith H2.3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10387LibertadToaster when run with non git layers fails to add packages that are built separately into new custom imageMediumSujith H2.3 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9597Libertad2RCPTT initial implementation so that we can automate testing of the pluginMediumTim Orling2.3 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10750Libertadadd some useful host tools to crops/pokyMediumTodor Minchev2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
11421LibertadCrops-ESDK: devtool build v4l2loopback-driver, fails when trying to access /lib/modules/<laptop_kernel_version>MediumTodor Minchev2.3 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Sonia Delgado
11114Sonia DelgadoMraaGpio test is failing on Common profile for RefkitLowMikko Ylinen2.3 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
Valentin Hangan
7819Valentin Hangan5Support multi-image debuggingMediumbrian avery2.3RESOLVEDINVALID
7824Valentin Hangan5Add functionality to modify existing Yocto recipes with devtoolMediumJose Lamego2.3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
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