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2.2 BUGS

2.2 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (303 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
9757 1python3-git requires operator and enum modulesMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8640 2Remove vala from oe-core?Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.2 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9756 2Plan clean up and improvements for oeqaMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10157 3rpm: Segmentation fault when running parallel multiple "rpm -qi" commands as rootHighAníbal Limón2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10225 3Signs of a race in do_testimageHighAníbal Limón2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10330 3bitbake with memory resident don't report SSTATE progressMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10399 0.3bitbake is unable to handle exceptions past the clean_environment() callHighAníbal Limón2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10370 selftest: test_invalid_recipe_src_uri fails to locate fetcher errorMedium+Benjamin Esquivel2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10397 1oe-init-build-env-memres <directory> loops indefinitelyMedium+Benjamin Esquivel2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9940 autobuilder will need an eclipse-poky recipe for the Neon branchMedium+Bill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10020 Handle oe-core layer version 9HighBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9704 layer index update script needs to handle python 3 for masterHighPaul Eggleton2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8884 1Locked signature warning is shown even if package can be fetched from SSTATE_MIRRORSMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10149 Crash in image.bbclassMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10118 3Make a bitbake container similar to the extsdk container, but for multiple releases like the toaster containerMedium+brian avery2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9466 7enhance kernel configuration audit to include reasons for missing configs, and required config checkingMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10139 CVE-2016-5696 kernel: challenge ACK counter information disclosure.HighBruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
1989 4Default module selections need attentionMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9874 2patchtest-oe: check that patches are removed if these are removed from the SRC_URIMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9875 2patchtest-oe: in case upstream link change (SRC_URI), check that checksums flags also indicated this changeMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9959 1patchtest-oe: the check for 'signed-off-by' format is failing on unicode namesMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10049 2patchtest-oe: use a template when on the scripts that creates the final summaryMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10065 patchtest-oe: replace 'subject' for 'shortlog'Medium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9953 3patchtest-oe: some series cannot be parse correctly and no checks can be doneMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9955 5patchtest-oe: string encoding error on some seriesMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10374 2patchtest: guest machine halts on power offMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10410 3Solve conflict on python-unidiff v1 recipeMedium+Daniela Plascencia2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9712 buildhistory-diff depends on python3-git, which is not in Debian StableMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED8 June 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9741 0.2buildhistory-diff should recommend python3 version of GitPythonMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9863 Changing files in packages-split with populate_packages_prepend does not impact rpm packages, while it does for deb and ipkMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9869 5Provide a per-target manifest of files which were, or would have been, producedMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10201 1BBSERVER permutes the hash preventing toaster/(memory resident bitbake) from using sstate generated without BBSERVERHighEd Bartosh2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9752 1ptest results do not include all the components testedMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9871 patchtest-oe: make sure description is present on patchesMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8576 2QemuRunner logging for qemu start failure does not log anything to the console in oe-selftestMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9667 2Image types in quick start guide should be appropriate and consistentMedium+Henry Bruce2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED03 Oct 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10015 1oe-selftest --coverage produces empty coverage report on OpenSUSEMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10245 qemu 2.7.0 target recipe fails to buildHighJianxun Zhang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10367 0.5Upgrade to sqlite version 3.14.1 results in increased build time (performance related)Medium+Jianxun Zhang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10427 4installing a intel-corei7-64 image failsMedium+Jianxun Zhang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3169 15Implement Shuku proposalMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9714 Avahi 0.6.32 build with uclibc failedMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9851 0.5piglit fails to build on qemux86*Medium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10290 gnutls has relocations in .text on x86Medium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8704 3patchwork: support history tracking of patch statusMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9872 1patchtest-oe: check LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM is present on new recipesMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9873 1patchtest-oe: in case LIC_FILES_CHKSUM changed, make sure commit message indicates the reasonMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9904 1patchwork: show cover letter message in series created with pull requestHighJose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9876 patchtest-oe: check that attached SW patches does not contain trailing spacesMedium+Jose Perez C2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9340 5Improve tooling around BuildLog and SWAT processHighJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9599 4Reduce bundle overheads by not depending on os-core when generating bundle sysrootsMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9538 10Review common security hardening flags and expand security_flags.incMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9857 3sstate install doesn't preserve extended attributes on filesMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9929 pseudo 1.8.1: potential performance regressionHighJoshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10211 New runqemu makes it harder to use on hosts other than the build machineMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10238 0.5new runqemu fails when you change the DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR variable for the testMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10240 Python3 runqemu doesn't support calling testimage on QEMU artefacts copied from another host/build dirMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10171 2Autobuilder fails to push into buildhistory repoHighJoshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10320 2nativesdk signatures changing between certain MACHINE settingsMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10340 0.5nightly-mips-lsb sanity tests timeoutMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10349 renameat() loses extended attributesMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10419 Old images disappear from my $TMPDIR/deploy/images when a new image is builtHighJoshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9281 1Changing SDK_OS hits warnings unless you wipe tmpMedium+Juro Bystricky2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10116 busybox parallel make raceHighJuro Bystricky2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10354 gcc-runtime_5.3: misplaced include filesMedium+Juro Bystricky2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10380 multilib-example2.conf fails testsdkMedium+Juro Bystricky2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7658 4patchwork: provide means of recording additional patch statusesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9401 1patchtest: show assertion messages on summaryMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9403 1patchtest-oe: show the solution on the assertion messageMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4078 5A method to validate the contents of changes to recipes, configuration files and classesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8648 10Automatic testing of incoming patchesHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDTesting in Progress
9881 1patchtest-oe: check patch's subject lengthMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10057 1patchtest: create a cron job to monitor oe-core mailing listMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9457 10patchtest: document deployment with isolation featuresHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10375 2patchtest: result summary must be created inside guestMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8318 20Avoid unnecessary package feed churn due to packages rebuildingMedium+Robert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10024 5Warning "Child process exit status 4: lock_held" when building imageHighRobert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9249 1patchwork: test that CVE patches contain the proper formattingMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9515 1update-rcd class should add build dependencies if requiredMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8532 3runexported.py parameter support for: -a <tag>Medium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10162 oe-selftest: When using xml reporting runqemu failsHighMariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10114 1Insufficent error-handling in SDK installerMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDShould require backport also
10319 2cp failures during PublishArtifacts should cause the step to failHighMariano Lopez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9351 1Issues using bitbake with externalsrc and gitMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9499 1license.bbclass find_license_files does not process LICENSE_pn variables correctlyMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9624 1build-perf-test: store test results in GitMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9625 1build-perf-test: re-organize test output dataMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10244 smart runtime testing sometimes fails with obtuse errorsMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9416 3rpm: tmpfile creation failsMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9975 5Analyse performance regression against 2.1Medium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10186 1Typo in adding an event handler leads to confusing errorMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10299 Daemon stop after update-alternatives prevent package upgradeMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10192 0.5layer index recipe parsing brokenMedium+Michael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10284 FTP failures on new cluster resulting in bitbake-selfcheck and checkuri failuresHighMichael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10339 1Fedora24 builder fails oe-selftest with "AssertionError: This test needs GnuPG"HighMichael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10371 patchtest: patchtest-oe: make code publicHighMichael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10328 Kernel oops with linux-yocto-rt 4.8Medium+Paul Gortmaker2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10436 core-image-rt for qemux86 fails to bootMedium+Paul Gortmaker2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9575 5Test SDK EXT failed on core-image-sato for MIPS architectureMedium+Chen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9577 3gen-lockedsig-cache fails when populating sdk ext on PPC architectureMedium+Chen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8642 3The "32" is a broken symlink in aarch64's mutilib SDKMedium+Chen Qi2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10255 SDK siteconfig has HOST information instead of TARGET'sHighChen Qi2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9608 pkg-config 0.29 compilation error after gcc update (5.3 -> 6.1)Medium+Khem Raj2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10155 usersetup in the extsdk container is not doing a sudo -H so our user is getting the wrong $HOMEMedium+Randy Witt2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10119 1eSDK container solution should be extended to run on windows (and mac)Medium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10120 5Bitbake container solution should be extended to run on windows (and mac)Medium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10148 1extsdk container: devtool modify fails due to missing git configMedium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10115 Stack overflow on persist_data moduleMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10129 gcc-runtime fails to build if libunwind in sysroot with muslHighRichard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10227 nightly-oecore do_testimage fails with "core-image-sato - FAILED to start qemu - check the task log and the boot log"HighRichard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8771 5test_smart_channel_add (oeqa.runtime.smart.SmartRepoTest) failed in AutobuilderMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9737 1[PATCH] ui/knotty: give out start time of taskMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10030 Spurious populate_sysroot warningsMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10282 Prelink: doesn't work on qemux86-64 on the qemu targetMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9528 1dbus-test: installs libtool wrapper for binariesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9994 yocto-uninative.inc: please create and use a new uninative tarballMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10052 Stop known selftest failures making it to error reportingHighRoss Burton (Arm)2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10106 Using local mirror in SSTATE_MIRRORS results in "changed cwd" warningsMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8851 5Add bashism checks for shell script functionsMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9639 1cmake-native autodetects libidn-nativeMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10102 2gdk-pixbuf-native missing dependency on pcre needed by glib-2.0-nativeMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10280 1LIC_FILES_CHKSUM error is no longer fatalMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10420 Exception when executing gdkpixbuf completion hookHighRoss Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10136 qemumips machine failed to start for a core-image-lsb imageMedium+Saul Wold2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10278 2Switching PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel leads to errorsMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10366 trouble with perf do_installMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10610 meta-intel unconditionally overrides scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/systemd-bootdisk.wksHighSaul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10709 core-image-sato-sdk-intel-quark.wic doesn't bootMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9554 2Add section for on-target debuggingMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED03 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
9679 1Add a small section on dependencies in the Writing a New Recipe sectionMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED04 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
9491 Enable explicit removal of support packages when not neededMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9815 SSTATE_MIRRORS does not support http* with basic authenticationMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10264 1On-target postinstall failure results in a wrong state of an rpm packageMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10326 devtool modify with file entry using subdir no longer works properlyMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10346 Git should be able to apply patches when in an unconfigured state.Medium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10379 FAIL: test_devtool_update_recipe_local_filesMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10336 Unclear error message from SDK installer when host architecture is not compatibleMedium+Todor Minchev2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Georgescu
7654Alexandru Georgescu2patchwork: ensure superseded patches are marked as suchMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9244Alexandru Georgescu5patchtest-oe: Create tests to validate recipes, classes or config filesMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8383Alexandru Georgescu2smart runtime test failureMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8162Alexandru Georgescu4patchwork: clear out the superseded and already merged patchesMedium+Michael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8245Alexandru Georgescu0.1dmesg qa check: fbcon_init: detected unhandled fb_set_par error (timeout case)Medium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Aníbal Limón
8657Aníbal Limón1extensible SDK: improve handling for sanity checksMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Cathy Shen
8478Cathy Shen5Decoupling export test with Yocto build environmentMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8481Cathy Shen5Generate test tar balls for export testMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8536Cathy Shen5support un-extracted package (e.g. rpm) as one type of test binariesMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8694Cathy Shen5Add support for multiple binaries in one testMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9432Cathy Shen3Add test for exported test functionalityMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
8535Cathy Shen15export the test scripts under all layers' ./lib/oeqaMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8179Costin10It should be possible to disable kernel features using config fragmentsMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Daniel Istrate
8142Daniel Istrate5avahi daemon fails to start on systemd while testing core-image-satoMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
David Rodriguez
9632David Rodriguezgcc: Security fix CVE-2016-4490Medium+Armin Kuster2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8508David Rodriguez3Remove knowledge of MACHINE from distutils3Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.2 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9934David Rodriguezopenssl-1.0.2h open CVEs: CVE-2016-2177, CVE-2016-2178Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.2 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9935David Rodriguezbzip2 v1.0.6 has open CVEs: CVE-2016-3189Medium+Alexander Kanavin2.2 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9870David Rodriguez0.5patchtest-oe: check bugzilla entry in patches is correctly formattedMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7095David Rodriguez4Can't install kernel-dev and kernel-devsrc togetherMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9755David Rodriguezbuildhistory-diff contains loads of PKGR spam when used with PRSERVMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9868David Rodriguezyocto-bsp: help command throws exception and messes terminalMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10018David Rodriguezpulseaudio server crashes on bluetooth disconnectMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9774David Rodriguezsystemd-boot: Add new test target as what the existing gummiboot doesMedium+Jose Perez C2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10067David RodriguezHost sanity check fails for CentOS 7Medium+Jose Perez C2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10108David Rodriguezfile ownership is not preserved when IMAGE_BASENAME is changed in image recipeMedium+Joshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9317David Rodriguezpseudo: incorrect xattr semantic for hardlinksMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9556David RodriguezThe EFI bootloaders should deploy startup.nsh for wicMedium+Christopher Larson2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9309David Rodriguez3patchtest: detect the target branch from mbox before patchingMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9310David Rodriguez1patchtest: check if the patchwork instance is alive before merging/testingMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9311David Rodriguez2patchtest: track last poll series' event inside patchtest so we do not depend on patchwork gitHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9402David Rodriguez0.5patchtest: filter incoming series by usersMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9565David Rodriguez1Add copy dir and delete files, dir to sshcontrolMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9569David Rodriguez3Add extract package function to the package managersMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9764David Rodriguez3testimage: test installation of packages in the DUT without package managerMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9766David Rodriguez3testimage: test import of tests from other layersMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9763David Rodriguez1tar --exclude option is position-sensitiveMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9765David Rodriguez3testexport: Test SDK generation and installation for exported tests.Medium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9932David Rodriguez4testimage/testexport: Extracting packages with symlinks failsMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9131David Rodriguez10Prelink breaks fork IFUNCHighMark Hatle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9713David Rodriguezpackagegroup-self-hosted.bb needs to be updated for python3Medium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9640David Rodriguezlms8 fails with gcc6HighSaul Wold2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9961David Rodriguezintel-quark: 4.4.14 does not compileHighSaul Wold2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDmeta-intel blocker
9777David Rodriguezuseradd with static id mappings got broken in krogothHighStephano Cetola2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6945David Rodriguez4kernel-dev: multiple kernel buildMedium+He Zhe2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
David Lopez Barriba
9842David Lopez Barriba0.5CLI started builds dont show properly on All builds view plus no cancel buttonMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
9383Francisco Pedraza3Move to LSB 5Medium+Armin Kuster2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9729Francisco Pedraza1python-numpy script f2py is built with incorrect shebangMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10189Francisco PedrazaCannot install images Genericx86, Genericx86_64, Genericx86_64-lsb from USB, panic message is displayedMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9299Francisco Pedraza3Enable Tracing boot and process times in testing imagesMedium+Aníbal Limón2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9682Francisco Pedraza5enable xml output in OeTest class for report consumersMedium+Benjamin Esquivel2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9298Francisco Pedraza4.5Autobuilder enable KVM on the cluster for x86, x86-64HighBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9450Francisco Pedraza2Add automated runtime tests that use the musl libc rather than glibcMedium+Bill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9177Francisco Pedraza1Failed to install jethro eSDK image from AutobuilderMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9666Francisco Pedrazaesdk: 'devtool build' fails due to certificates problemMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9613Francisco PedrazaExtensible SDK: Improve perceived performance of preparation during installMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9826Francisco PedrazaExtensible SDK: eSDK built with live image doesn't workMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9083Francisco Pedraza1Extensible SDK: SDK installation ERROR: Unexpected tasks left over to be executedMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9537Francisco Pedrazarecipetool: support node.js code outside of npmMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9626Francisco PedrazaERROR: core-image-sato-1.0-r0 do_testsdkext: Couldn't install the SDK EXT:Medium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9751Francisco PedrazaExtensible SDK: add mode to include toolchain by defaultMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10210Francisco Pedraza1Setting TMPDIR breaks ESDK generationMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9680Francisco Pedrazabeaglebone kernel fails in poky-lsb with gcc6Medium+Bruce Ashfield2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9440Francisco Pedraza1SERIAL_CONSOLES_CHECK doesn't work if kernel console name and device node name differMedium+California Sullivan2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8668Francisco Pedraza2lttng-tools ptest output confuses QA analysisMedium+dengke2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9414Francisco Pedrazaadd support for bmap-toolsMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9412Francisco Pedraza5Implement python 3 support for wicMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9413Francisco Pedraza2bmap-tools support for wicMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9806Francisco Pedrazasstate doesn't detect when the recipe filename changesMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7561Francisco Pedraza1Port beaglebone BSP to use xf86-video-modesettingsMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9551Francisco Pedraza1.5Resolve string formatting issues in unzipMedium+Plauchu Edwin2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9292Francisco Pedraza0.1Update Graphic recipes with candidate versions in planned Graphic Stack 2016Q1 ReleaseMedium+Jianxun Zhang2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6362Francisco Pedraza10Runtime machine configurationMedium+Jianxun Zhang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDwork post 8761
9691Francisco Pedraza1new dosfstools changes sectors-per-track, breaks image generationHighJussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9652Francisco Pedraza2boot and install from USB shows warning message "(sdx): Volume was not properly unmounted...Please run fsck."Medium+Jose Perez C2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDNeeds to be backported to 1.8.3
9619Francisco PedrazaAutomate the process of updating meta patches in a recipeHighJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9112Francisco Pedrazapseudo connection startup/reworkHighJoshua Lock2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9448Francisco Pedraza3Add mechanism for running image level QA checksMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9576Francisco Pedraza1Extensible SDK test output needs to include preparing_build_system.log on failureMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8974Francisco Pedraza2Add eSDK benchmarkingMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9352Francisco PedrazaExternal modules fail to build when kernel is reused from sstateMedium+Martin Jansa2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9454Francisco Pedraza10improve on why a recipe is builtMedium+Chen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
9772Francisco Pedrazamusl libgcc_s.so.1 missing symbols on targetMedium+Khem Raj2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9991Francisco Pedrazagcc6: qtbase5 compile error.Medium+Khem Raj2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9004Francisco Pedraza4Produce container image providing extensible SDKMedium+Randy Witt2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9673Francisco Pedraza1perl ptest package tries to include generate_uudmap host executableMedium+Renato Caldas2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9798Francisco PedrazaFiles in ~/tmp being deleted during a buildMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10347Francisco PedrazaParselog failure on nightly-rpm builderMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9535Francisco Pedraza1Generated SDK environment files use 'source' to load additional environment filesMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9788Francisco Pedrazasystemd rootfs-postprocess command should check for -m flagMedium+Stephano Cetola2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9255Francisco Pedraza0.5Allow rootfs tasks to run in parallel with rpmHighStephano Cetola2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9361Francisco Pedraza3Failed to reconfigure a project in Eclipse with eSDKMedium+Tim Orling2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10039Francisco Pedraza0.5[meta-qt4, -lsb] master: qt4-native fails to build on gcc-6 host; has "already stripped" QA errorsMedium+Tim Orling2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
7515Lucian Musat10Add CVE testing toolMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Humberto Ibarra
9581Humberto IbarraCVE-2016-2107, CVE-2016-2108, CVE-2016-2105, CVE-2016-2106, CVE-2016-2109, CVE-2016-2176HighJussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Jair Gonzalez
10482Jair GonzalezSerial terminal shows no output in joule with meta-intelMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDPossible release blocker
Jose Lamego
8649Jose Lamego15Script to assemble patches for autobuilder testingHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Juan Ramos
9735Juan Ramos2Update suported distros under meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.confHighJose Perez C2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9800Juan Ramoscore-image-sato out of space when smart and rpm are installedMedium+Saul Wold2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7583Libertad5Gather and allow reporting all types of errors, not just task failuresHighAníbal Limón2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI desing available
9746Libertad5RRS: Update to work with python3HighAníbal Limón2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9747Libertad5AUH: Make sure that works with python3HighAníbal Limón2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9884Libertad3Better configuration on whether toaster event files are written or notHighBill Randle2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9866LibertadSanity tests fail due to permission problemMedium+Bill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9584Libertad5upgrade toaster to Python3Medium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5534Libertad3Bitbake resident server autoloading/unloadingMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9951LibertadToaster builds hang because of a runqueue exception in bitbakeMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10185Libertad2Image builds not showing as complete in the UI after finishingMedium+Ed Bartosh2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8556Libertad15Toaster: bitbake variables image_fstypes not being passed to build processMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8563Libertad5Improve detection and presentation of build artifactsMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI desing available
9023Libertad4Improve the content of the "other artifacts" sectionMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9439Libertad1Verify that the REST API works with httpsMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9594Libertad5Toaster is not showing properly image files for buildsMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8440Libertad8Toaster has some issues when showing builds that fail at the build request stageMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
8443Libertad3Builds that failed at the build request stage need a custom dashboardMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDLook at 8440
9475Libertad20db locking - Nothing happens when you click the "Create custom image" buttonMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9631Libertad10add state Transitions to progress bar as well as build progress.Medium+Elliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9893Libertad0.5Exception from toaster_buildhistory_dumpMedium+Elliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9507Libertad1Misleading error message when conf/bblayers has problemsMedium+Geoffroy Van Cutsem2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9493Libertad1Support dummy/empty bundlesMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9452Libertad2[meta-swupd] update to latest swupd and adapt to changesMedium+Joshua Lock2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10044Libertadbitbake can use alternate download methods than gitMedium+Libertad2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9978LibertadToaster is showing incorrect task dependency informationMedium+Libertad2.2 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8489Libertad1Update DirectFB to git?Medium+Maxin B. John2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7574Libertad5The project release change process deletes imported layers without warningMedium+Michael Wood2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9184Libertad2Cannot delete layer from toaster databaseMedium+Michael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9676Libertad4ToasterTables does not take into account the target when displaying package dependenciesMedium+Michael Wood2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9425Libertad4Custom image cannot be downloaded until after it is builtMedium+Michael Wood2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6238Libertad2delete projects/builds through the toaster UIMedium+Michael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
8132Libertad4Implement deleting custom imagesMedium+Michael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9455Libertad4When I try to make a new project toaster cries "Fields missing: projectversion"Medium+Michael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7981Libertad2Set up procedure for layer index database upgradesMedium+Michael Halstead2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4431Libertad3Set up buildhistory-web for autobuilderHighMichael Halstead2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10109Libertadinstall Toaster Mailing list patchwork instance on https://patchwork.openembedded.org/Medium+Michael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9555Libertad1.5Create Toaster Docker containerMedium+Randy Witt2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9793LibertadToaster container solution should be extended to run on windows (and mac)Medium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
2398Libertadmake bitbake work using python 3.xMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7518Libertad15Build multiple machines in the same bitbake invocationHighRichard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9740Libertad[PATCH] fetch: copy files with -HMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9902Libertadthe tmp/cache can get corrupted and prevent buildingMedium+Richard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9709Libertadsystemtap has non-deterministic build dependenciesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9064Libertad1do_unpack does not wipe old source treeMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7828Libertad4Impossible to add a new image type in ToasterMedium+Sujith H2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9911LibertadImport a layer that points to a directory instead of a Git repositoryMedium+Sujith H2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9912LibertadBuild a layer that points to a directory instead of a Git repositoryMedium+Sujith H2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9913LibertadSwitch imported layers between directories and Git repositoriesMedium+Sujith H2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
9925LibertadSupport building non-Git layers with ToasterMedium+Sujith H2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7820Libertad10Replace Hob with Toaster in EclipseMedium+Tim Orling2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9907Libertad3eclipse-poky should support the latest Neon 4.6 release of EclipseMedium+Tim Orling2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9908Libertad1eclipse-poky builds have a LOT of warningsMedium+Tim Orling2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10156Libertad0.2[eclipse-poky][neon] scripts/setup.sh should give a warning when Java version incorrectMedium+Tim Orling2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Stephen K Jolley
7681Stephen K JolleyTracking bug to implement image recipe customisationMedium+Stephen K Jolley2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
Tracy Graydon
8210Tracy Graydon3Should be able to restart a crashed vnc serverMedium+Bill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Valentin Hangan
4209Valentin Hangan25Extend our developer experience to enable system and app development on Windows or MacOSMedium+Randy Witt2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDThis is a placeholder bug for Eclipse for non Linux platform bug, the estimate will be reflected in the blocking bugs
Yi Zhao
10026Yi Zhao3Kernel panic for custom qemux86-64 bsp with yocto-bspMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9505Yi ZhaoSDKs no longer provide opkg packaging dataMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10046Yi Zhao1Progress bar sometimes leaves old bars on screenMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10209Yi Zhaolist-packageconfig-flags.py doesn't workMedium+Paul Eggleton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9474Yi Zhao1epiphany doesn't work on ARMMedium+Gary Thomas2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10301Yi Zhao2Update yocto-bsp script for kernel 4.8Medium+Humberto Ibarra2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDYP 2.2 M4 RC1 BUILD BLOCKING BUG
10275Yi Zhao1Missing i686 toolchain sdk for 2.2 M3 rc1HighJoshua Lock2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9572Yi Zhao1sudoku-savant tarball not found when SDK testing on core-image-satoMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10228Yi Zhao3Very frequent SSH connection failures during oe-selftest on qemuppcHighLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10265Yi Zhao1nativesdk-qemu-helper: runqemu in sdk should check OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOT and OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOTMedium+Robert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9659Yi Zhaohidden symbol pthread_atforkMedium+Khem Raj2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9285Yi Zhao1Failed to build gobject-introspection for qemumips64 on i686 hostsMedium+Scott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED23 Sept 2016: RESOLVED

2.2 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - MEDIUM, LOW

IDQAESummary (339 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
8809 gcc 5.2: armv5te: vsprintf appends unwanted ' ' spacesMediumAndreas Fenkart2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9461 1upm PACKACGECONFIG fails to enable either python or nodejsMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8397 3ROOTLESS_X should be used as default for Poky BSPMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.2 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
7254 7PATCHRESOLVE's devshell opens up multiple new terminalsMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6020 5should libmad be replaced with libmpg123 as the default mp3 decoder?MediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
6972 1breaks build of software using cmake packages due to hardcoded pathsMediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9212 10rework oe-core's handling of python and sysrootsMediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9486 5security_flags.inc has many exception packages compiled without -PIE security flagMediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9489 5security_flags.inc has exception packages compiled without any -fstack-protectorMediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9768 libxml2: do_package fails when ptest is added to DISTRO_FEATURESMediumAndrei Gherzan2.2RESOLVEDINVALID
9546 0.5Resolve string formatting issues in leafpad (or its replacement)MediumAníbal Limón2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9547 0.5Resolve string formatting issues in libuserMediumAníbal Limón2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9548 0.5Resolve string formatting issues in ltpMediumAníbal Limón2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9211 0.3base.bbclass: insufficient error handling for LIC_FILES_CHKSUMMediumAníbal Limón2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6996 10cyclic symlinks in rootfs cause user-space qemu to infinite loop on startupMediumAníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10019 0.2build-perf-test-wrapper.sh failing to execute performance testMediumAníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10051 0.2Error log links (err.html and err.text) in build page show tracebacks from buildsteps.pyMediumAníbal Limón2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6546 1Supporting use of local layers in ToasterLowBelen Barros Pena2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETEGUI design available
7744 3Improve messaging in empty states when Toaster does not have any layer informationMediumBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIXGUI design pending
8034 2typeahead search needs words to indicate it is constrained to the added layers.MediumBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9215 Overeager pattern in libdir QA checkMediumBill Randle2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7963 2Release process needs to generate correct toasterconf.json files for tar.gz releasesMediumBill Randle2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9315 2nightly-world & nightly-world-lsb failed at PublishingArtifactsMediumBill Randle2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7568 3Create an image to run regular build tests for no-X11 caseMediumBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10082 Use sendmail, rather than mail for sending QA emailsMediumBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5383 1verbose do_fetch (12% 107MB 96.2KB/s 2:11:52 ETA)LowPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5853 BitBake should give some status indication when fetching sstate packagesMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8594 3devtool: provide easy means of moving a recipe in the workspace to a real layerMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8703 0.5PATCHTOOL = git, triggers error user.name/user.email unsetMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9367 4Extensible SDK: avoid double invocation of bitbake on installMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9574 [devtool] can't update gdbMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9882 recipetool: specify which licenses are unknown when multiple are foundMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9986 ETA reported for meta-swupd layer is off scale by 1 or 2 orders of magnitudeMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8653 Validate OLDEST_KERNELLowPaul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9605 Extensible SDK installer fails if the local.conf used to build it contains variable in DL_DIRMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9257 1extensible SDK: need an easy way of installing toolchainsMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9972 recipetool: setvar fails on empty bbappend fileMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10002 1Suggested glossary entries for PATH and EXTRANATIVEPATHMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: RESOLVED
10023 recipetool create breaks on github tarballsMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10134 UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM configuration failure on core-image-minimal's do_populate_sdk_ext taskMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10279 Pickle protocol used for donestamp is incompatible with older versionsMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10337 devtool: fails to add an npm project if nodejs-native is not already builtMediumPaul Eggleton2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7972 2lsof needed by start/stop toaster script but not needed on system to run Yocto builds.Mediumbrian avery2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9459 We should add IGNORE as an option for the diskmonitor so that a user can override what the system wants to doMediumbrian avery2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9593 Enable workspace folder to be changedMediumbrian avery2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9621 ostro.layers not copied from conf to workspaceMediumbrian avery2.2RESOLVEDINVALID
7418 3Perf/kernel-devsrc raceMediumBruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORMEWaiting for 4.7 release
8289 4kernel_configme step should use "oldnoconfig" instead of "allnoconfig" when silently upgrading user defconfigMediumBruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8970 5test_kernel_module fails with AssertionError: 137 != 0 : cd /usr/src/kernel && make scriptsMediumBruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10341 cve-check-tool fails to build (in master-next)MediumAndré Draszik2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7267 3unable to switch SPI SS to active-high in a board fileMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9587 4.1.x: gpio-pca953x.c fails to compile without CONFIG_ACPIMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9804 meta-intel: standard/intel/bxt-rebase lacks sounds/pci/hda bug fixMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6767 2kernel version mismatched on some BSPsMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10606 [Test Case 196] Install from USB device to HDD on NUC is failingMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9662 1patchdir fails silently if no trailing slash is presentMediumCarlos Rafael Giani2.2 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8188 10The variable history is missing the layer nameMediumDavid Reyna2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8742 2nativesdk-coreutils: a lot of warningsMediumdengke2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
3388 2perf: enable man pages for basic 'help' functionalityMediumdengke2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6120 5perf top command does not work on QemuPPCMediumdengke2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8810 3Some strace ptests failMediumdengke2.2 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
8812 2Some util-linux ptests failMediumdengke2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7973 10stopping toaster kills ALL django apps running on the machine.MediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9096 2wic: Add a way to specify an Arbitrary value to partition system-idMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9099 5Create sparse images with wicMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10145 1the -w writeeventlog should record all events from the beginningMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10159 2[rm_work] building VDI image twice fails with rm_work enabledMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9829 2WIC error when using rawcopyMediumEd Bartosh2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9549 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in makedevsMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9550 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in statMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9552 1.5Resolve string formatting issues in zipMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9017 4Sync and Upgrade AB configurationMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9159 0.5if recipe = git, 18 pages shownMediumElliot Smith2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9407 3bitbake reports log_check warning without stating in which log/recipe the problem occurredMediumHeinz Wrobel2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
10146 oe_soinstall fails with confusing error if shared library does not have elf tag 'SONAME'MediumHenry Bruce2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7058 20ERROR: QA Issue: File xxx in package contained reference to tmpdir [buildpaths]MediumHongxu Jia2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8784 IMAGE_LINGUAS did not support multilib correctlyMediumHongxu Jia2.2 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9169 add fix_buildpaths.bbclass to fix build pathMediumHongxu Jia2.2 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9896 groff_1.18.1.4 do_compile failureMediumHongxu Jia2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9750 1yocto-bsp create: no graceful error message for wrong format in input fileMediumHumberto Ibarra2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9834 1with python upgraded to version 3, "yocto-kernel patch add" script failedMediumHumberto Ibarra2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10207 1oe-selftest requires to document python-coverage requirementsMediumHumberto Ibarra2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: NEEDINFO
9205 Add functionality to the formfactor to check for keyboard and/or touchscreenMediumJianxun Zhang2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9785 0.5lms7 fails to buildMediumJianxun Zhang2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9805 Signing keys not available when signing out-of-tree kernel modulesMediumJianxun Zhang2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9419 0.1Enabling systemd-boot to replace gummibootMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9886 systemd-boot: Support construct direct-boot image with sd-boot in wic and wksMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10088 RMC:RMC Project - add dynamic linking option for C libMediumJianxun Zhang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
1985 5matchbox-panel doesn't build battery status appletMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
2646 0.5Windows switching failureMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8643 3GTK+3 depends on libepoxy which depends on eglMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9356 1piglit needs to be updated to run newer testsMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9524 0.5Drop libxsettings-clientMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9877 matchbox-keyboard: make a new upstream releaseMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9082 0.5Display network information on log-in screensMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9849 0.5libdrm autodetects dependenciesMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10191 1Fail to build galculator with toolchain SDK on Fedora 24 i686MediumJussi Kukkonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10386 1matchbox-terminal upgrade increased disk footprint by ~300 MBMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4223 2System tap plugin works only with a fixed poky/build folderMediumJose Lamego2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9389 2oeqa: split configuration from the codeMediumJose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10187 Add mtools_skip_check=1 to HOME/..mtoolsrc to skip sanity checks when using mtoolsMediumJose Perez C2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8968 2Issue with RPM4 and do_rootfsMediumJoshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8969 2With RPM4, RRECOMMENDS (Suggests:) are not installedMediumJoshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9488 1security_flags.inc does not use format string vulnerability prevention flagsMediumJoshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9568 bbexample recipe fails to build unless PARALLEL_MAKE is disabledMediumJoshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9199 3[meta-swupd] Enable updating of configuration files in swupd-clientMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9321 4[meta-swupd] Enhancements for use within a continuous integration systemMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9325 2[meta-swupd] Copy only required bundle contents, rather than copying the entire mega image and then pruning unwanted filesMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1882 5Verify and document package feed creation for each package management backendMediumJoshua Lock2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED16 June 2016: Set doc flag to done.
3898 kernel menuconfig unusableMediumJuro Bystricky2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10054 [OE-core] multilib support: populate_sdk helpMediumJuro Bystricky2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
10080 git clone issuseMediumJuro Bystricky2.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
10142 SDK sanity test fails to build gpp for qemumip64 multilibMediumJuro Bystricky2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10036 ncurses-native fails at do_install using make 4.2MediumJuro Bystricky2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8402 LAYERDIR is used as-is in BBFILE_PATTERN, when it should be regex escapedMediumChristopher Larson2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9384 1wic should write startup.nsh for bootimg-efiMediumChristopher Larson2.2RESOLVEDINVALID
9176 1Default u-boot script is not able boot from eMMC on BeagleBone BlackMediumKevin Hao2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9501 'yocto-bsp create xxxx arm' generates bbappend file with 'bbapend' extensionMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8678 1Testing coverage of non-poky Toaster setupMediumLibertad2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9388 5A way to no build kernelMediumRobert Yang2.2 M1RESOLVEDINVALID
9512 5insane.bbclass: package_qa_check_license -> do_qa_populate_licMediumRobert Yang2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8477 5ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY conflictsMediumRobert Yang2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
1018 3runqemu script has bugs with the audio optionLowRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4827 15runqemu shouldn't hard-code machine knowledgeMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7554 0.5Ownership issue in package contentsMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9408 3create-pull-request: auto push the branch if not presentMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9409 2create-pull-request: add the ability to read env varMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9410 2create-pull-request: automatically add the subject when there is only one patchMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9421 10kernel: add an ability to build from an existing .configMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9495 5Can't boot efi image (iso or vmdk) in virtualboxMediumRobert Yang2.2 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
6957 5[toolchain/uclibc]very long pathsMediumRobert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
8939 Pseudo: Lots of [host-user-contaminated] warningMediumRobert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10313 libnl fail to build with muslMediumMing Liu2.2 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9235 1oe-init-build-env: to receive an argument/variable for appending to local.confMediumMariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9926 2testimage/testexport: When installed packages if there is more than json file just one will be processedMediumMariano Lopez2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9663 1do_populate_lic assumes that license basenames are uniqueMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9827 package.bbclass does not treat directory symlinks properly, leading to build failuresMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8380 2multiple pointer devices in qemuMediumMaxin B. John2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9365 Remove xtscal in preference of xinput-calibratorMediumMaxin B. John2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9523 openssl: dangling libcrypto.a symlinkMediumMaxin B. John2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9668 libarchive doesn't respect disable-aclMediumMaxin B. John2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10062 useradd dollar sign requires three prepending backslash characters to avoid unintended expansionMediumMaxin B. John2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7436 1kbd build raceMediumMaxin B. John2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9987 sysprof has floating dependency on polkitMediumMaxin B. John2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10040 Some recipes use DEBIAN_MIRROR for SRC_URIMediumMaxin B. John2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDBackport to Krogoth
10045 Media player cannot be closed Minnow32MediumMaxin B. John2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10074 hdparm: invalid usage of LICENSE and LICENSE_<pkg>MediumMaxin B. John2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
10223 libical build fails after changing machine (QA check for tmpdir in .pc file)MediumMaxin B. John2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9818 Fedora-22 goes EOL 7/19/2016MediumMichael Halstead2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9819 Support Fedora 24MediumMichael Halstead2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9820 Add Ubuntu 16.04MediumMichael Halstead2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8940 Allow Hob to run images on a custom simulator, other than qemuMediumMirela Rabulea2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9076 3The detection of the image type is incorrectly matching a wrong typeMediumPatrick Ohly2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9865 "inherit" invalid in .inc file when included in distro configMediumPatrick Ohly2.2 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
9436 3lib/bb/fetch2/git.py: print more friendly errors messages when failedlib/bb/fetch2/git.pyMediumChen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9835 Split container/vm related systemd services into a separate packageMediumChen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9890 gettext-native (0.16.1 version) do_populate_sysroot failsMediumChen Qi2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8870 uclibc fails to build occasionallyMediumKhem Raj2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9781 Broken binutils build for arm uclibcLowKhem Raj2.2RESOLVEDMOVED
8560 2xserver fails with xf86OpenConsole: Cannot open /dev/tty0 (No such file or directory)MediumRandy Witt2.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9595 Extensible sdk: error early if tasks to be ran cannot be provided from sstateMediumRandy Witt2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
7552 1Generated SDK has "expect" headers in wrong locationMediumRandy Witt2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9922 Need a webhook service for CROPS that allows us to kick off actions based on eventsMediumRandy Witt2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5280 3For tested hosts, we should use a wild card or other translations to group compatible sstate-cache (and other items)MediumRichard Purdie2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9175 5Remove os.chdir from fetch/unpack logicMediumRichard Purdie2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9603 bitbake example class uses old getVarFlag() syntaxMediumRichard Purdie2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10017 0.25base.bbclass: Having ${D} in do_install[dirs] is redundant, since it's already in do_install[cleandirs]MediumRichard Purdie2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7950 2gcc-cross-canadian-i586 doesn't work PREFERRED_VERSIONMediumRichard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8273 1openjade-native doesn't remove from sysroot correctlyMediumRichard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10335 Task failure not reflected in Tasks SummaryMediumRichard Purdie2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6042 10Integrate LLVM?MediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9214 Enable read-only IMAGE_FEATURE on at least one buildMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9288 1depexp does not show bitbake errorsMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9482 1Original compression command is re-run when chaining compressionsMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9699 LXDM only showing black screenMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDMOVED
9910 pstree isn't pretty since Py3MediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10028 Fail to build sudoku-savant with toolchain SDKMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9889 1cvs is required to be installed on host to support cvs SRC_URIMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED29 July 2016: Set documentation flag to "No"
9771 meta-intel is unconditionally modifying linux-firmwareMediumSaul Wold2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10251 linux-firmware packages include licenses from all firmware packagesMediumSaul Wold2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7883 0.13G/4G mobile hardware supportMediumStephen K Jolley2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8072 1Document using Build Appliance using Virtual BoxMediumScott Rifenbark2.2RESOLVEDFIXED21 June 2016: RESOLVED
9251 1Need flowchart style documentation showing progress of tasks and what they touch in a setscene vs non setscene setting.MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: RESOLVED
9671 1UPSTREAM_CHECK_* variables needs documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED8 June 2016: RESOLVED
9683 13.10 says d.getVar("X", expand=False) but that's wrong for 2.1MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED9 June 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9823 1Suggested additions to the shared state cache documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: RESOLVED
9843 1Suggested additions to the documentation on PRMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED30 June 2016: RESOLVED
9861 1Suggested additions to the dependencies sectionMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED16 July 2016: RESOLVED
9899 1Add REMOVE_PKG_SUPPORT to variable referenceMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
9909 1Suggested clarification re. implementation and limitations of BBCLASSEXTENDMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED16 July 2016: RESOLVED
9933 1Suggested additions to the DEPENDS documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: RESOLVED
9964 1Suggested fleshing out of the do_compile documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED29 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9965 1Suggested fleshing out of the do_configure documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED18 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9984 1Suggested clarification of the '3.1.2. Variable Expansion' sectionMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: RESOLVED
9985 1Suggested clarification and motivation for the override-style operatorsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9988 1Suggested clarification of the STAGING_DIR_* glossary entriesMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
9989 1Two tiny documentation nits re. D and do_checkpkgMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10013 1Suggested changes to the INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: RESOLVED
7718 0.5target:task syntax not mentioned in --helpMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED29 July 2016: RESOLVED
8019 1Clarification of IMAGE_INSTALL variableMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9380 1The manual does not mention automatically added version restrictionsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 July 2016: RESOLVED
9580 1Missing package dependency in quick start guide for FedoraMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
9672 2Add documentation for package installation during runtime testingMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED7 June 2016: ACCEPTED
10011 1Suggested addition to the PROVIDES glossary entry to explain virtual targetsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10012 1Suggested rewriting of the (currently semi-nonsensical) INITRAMFS_IMAGE glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 August 2016: RESOLVED
10066 1Suggested new section on listing package contentsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDMOVED07 Sept 2016: RESOLVED/MOVED
10068 1Suggested rewording of the BPN glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED08 August 2016: RESOLVED
10071 1Suggested clarifications to [dirs] and [cleandirs]MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED04 August 2016: RESOLVED
10100 1Suggested documentation for bb.utils.contains(), bb.utils.mkdirhier(), and bb.data.inherits_class()MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED07 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10138 1Small suggested version/revision-related clarificationsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 August 2016: RESOLVED
10141 1Suggested fleshing out of the sigdata/siginfo documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 August 2016: RESOLVED
10144 1Very minor nit in '2.3.2. Viewing Variable Values'MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 August 2016: RESOLVED
10172 1Suggested new section to clarify stamps, input checksums, and the sstate cacheMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10173 1Suggested clarification of the OVERRIDES glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10174 1Suggested rewriting of the CLASSOVERRIDE glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10175 1Suggested rewriting of the MACHINEOVERRIDES glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10176 1Suggested rewriting of the DISTROOVERRIDES glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10196 1Suggested (currently missing) documentation for the 'export' keywordMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10197 1Suggested additions to the MLPREFIX glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10198 1Suggested new note in the DEPENDS glossary entryMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED01 Sept 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
10248 1Suggested new section on how automatically added runtime dependencies workMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10292 1Suggested addition to complete the description of 'bitbake -e'MediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10293 1Mention that single quotes can be used when assigning variablesMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10294 1Suggested addition re. empty packages in PACKAGESMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 August 2016: RESOLVED
10295 1Suggested documentation for the 'depchains' automatic dependency mechanismMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10296 1Suggested documentation on using overrides with functionsMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10297 1Two suggested notes in the Other Tips section re. removing tmp/ and searchingMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED22 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10298 1Suggested DEPENDS update to demystify the implementation and give more examplesMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED26 Sept 2016: RESOLVED
10345 1Suggested additions to mention 'bitbake -C' and clarify tainted tasksMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED03 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
10348 1Suggested note to clarify how native recipes find dependenciesMediumScott Rifenbark2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED03 Oct 2016: RESOLVED
9497 1systemd usersMediumStephano Cetola2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9578 1INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP breaks -dbgMediumStephano Cetola2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9610 openssh recipe has bad HOMEPAGE and out of date SUMMARY and DESCRIPTIONMediumStephano Cetola2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9529 sysvinit: inittab labels for consoles need to be restricted to 4 charactersMediumStephano Cetola2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
10029 testimage requires sudo password to execute runqemu-ifup and runqemu-ifdownMediumStephano Cetola2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9492 bluetooth does not work on BXTMediumSteve Sakoman2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
10055 pthread.h is not found by CMake 3.4Medium 2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
2072 python-dbus fails configure with "could not find Python headers"MediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9695 Add UUID to toolchain JSON filesMediumTim Orling2.2 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9590 Cannot update Zephyr project configMediumTodor Minchev2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9791 CODI server fails to register all toolchains if multiple containers are launched simultaneouslyMediumTodor Minchev2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7937 7https://www.yoctoproject.org/sites/default/files/kernel-lab-1.6.pdf is really nice and should be updated to 2.0MediumTom Zanussi2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7615 5Autobuilder should automatically create BSPs for major releasesMediumTracy Graydon2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9510 2gcc-cross-initial parallel make problem / build break (found on aarch64)MediumTristan Van Berkom2.2 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9075 2buildhistory-diff does not work if the build history is stored in a Git submoduleMedium 2.2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8652 1meta/recipes-devtools/ruby/ uses --disable-versioned-paths, but no such option existsLow 2.2 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Alexandru Georgescu
7490Alexandru Georgescu3AUH: Add testing support - master bugMediumAníbal Limón2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7855Alexandru Georgescu2Show blacklist information in layer indexMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
7837Alexandru Georgescu1site.conf not acting as implied by docs.LowRichard Purdie2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Roman
9011Alexandru Roman0.5Default sorting for recipes page not showing properlyMediumElliot Smith2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8275Alexandru Roman4Toaster: Suitable message and build box does not appear in build tab for a project with no buildsMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescu
8044Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescu2Stop building lsb-qt3 imagesMediumBill Randle2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5359Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescu[Yocto 1.5] su - USER -c 'COMMAND' env variable issueMediumChen Qi2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Cathy Shen
7850Cathy Shen10Handle native and target test dependency binaries in build test and export testMediumMariano Lopez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Cristina Agurida
8573Cristina Agurida[Toaster] the page heading doesn't change when search query returns no resultsLowBelen Barros Pena2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATEGUI design pending
7900Cristina Agurida3Dmesg error failed to setup card detect gpio on Minnow MaxLowCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8125Cristina Agurida4Filter does not work as expected after clearing the search resultsMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
Daniel Istrate
8457Daniel Istrate2package.bbclass: strip archive filesMediumHongxu Jia2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8554Daniel Istrate3Support for self-contained "baremetal" CPU meta-layersMediumRichard Purdie2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
David Rodriguez
9406David Rodriguez2dmesg test_parseLogs failed corei7-64 on NUC error BAR 14 and 15MediumDavid Rodriguez2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
8321David Rodriguez2yocto-bsp script should use argparse instead of optparse libraryMediumHumberto Ibarra2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
David Lopez Barriba
9646David Lopez BarribaThe validation for DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR variables fires for valid charactersMediumSujith H2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
9850Francisco PedrazaExtensible SDK OE toolchain missing cross-gdbMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9202Francisco Pedraza3[Test Case 898] Piglit 3D testing NUC (6i5SYH) s getting stuck when running script.MediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9050Francisco Pedraza3pTest - tcl (NUC) failed, tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1Mediumdengke2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9204Francisco Pedraza1Cleanup should be made after testing smartMediumPlauchu Edwin2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9995Francisco Pedraza2Network icon is not displayed properly on SATOMediumJussi Kukkonen2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9280Francisco Pedraza1[Test Case 1059], when running testimage several test cases for test smart failed on WIC imageMediumJose Perez C2.2 M1RESOLVEDINVALID
9721Francisco Pedraza1ptest - flex running results not generated as Ptest formatMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10053Francisco Pedrazacmake projects will not build as CMAKE_MODULE_PATH is set to wrong locationMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9405Francisco Pedrazarunning testimage dmesg test_parseLogs failedMediumSaul Wold2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
Lucian Musat
5134Lucian Musat3Add ptest for BlueZ5MediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7477Lucian Musat2runqemu should support running poky tinyMediumRobert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED08 August 2016: NEEDINFO
Humberto Ibarra
10008Humberto Ibarra[Test Case 25] connection to Target can not be carried outMediumJose Perez C2.2 M3RESOLVEDNOTABUG
Juan Ramos
9271Juan Ramos3dmi firmware registration failed, ioremap error on 32 bit MinnowBoardMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9462Juan Ramos3Boot and install from USB failed getting a xhci_hcd error after booting kernel panic is displayedMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
5351Juan Ramos2genericx86 auth.err getty[615]: tcgetattr: Input/outputMediumJianxun Zhang2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9447LibertadTest bitbake variables - IMAGE_FSTYPES allows you to choose type "tartar.gz"LowBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9611LibertadUnder Project->Bitbake variable, We disallow variables with a '/' in themMediumBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9832Libertad(Tasks executed) and (Tasks not executed) link in build summary dont query any task when clicking on themMediumBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9864LibertadThe "build summary" link in the left navigation is not active when the URL includes #errors or #warningsLowBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10037LibertadCustom image page details repeats layer informationLowBelen Barros Pena2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9647Libertad0.5Refactor the update scriptMediumPaul Eggleton2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10199Libertad5Toaster when fed with custom fixture raises error due to malformed pathMediumbrian avery2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8037Libertad5External link to recipe file links to non-existing page when recipe information comes from a buildMediumDavid Reyna2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8886Libertad3Toaster thinks do_shared_workdir is a shared state taskMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8918Libertad3Change the way we handle queued buildsMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9585Libertad5verify/fix eventreplayMediumEd Bartosh2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10107LibertadKernel artifacts not shownMediumEd Bartosh2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10163Libertad4having a poky git checkout that mixes http and git: urls for remotes fails to build if it is a local projectMediumEd Bartosh2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10221Libertad2Builds where you specify a task show as if they had 2 targetsMediumEd Bartosh2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8242Libertad3Builds started from Toaster no longer show the 'queued' or 'checking out layers' stagesLowElliot Smith2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9358Libertad[Test Case 1402] Test bitbake variables - IMAGE_FSTYPESMediumElliot Smith2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9498Libertad0.5Progress bar not behaving correctly on mysqlMediumElliot Smith2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8515Libertad5In analysis mode, if you interrupt the bitbake build, toaster erroneously reports a successful buildMediumElliot Smith2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9002Libertad6Move directory scan logic out of toaster.bbclass into buildinfohelperLowElliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9500Libertad4In multitarget builds, Toaster shows software recipes in the list of imagesMediumElliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9514Libertad2Builds of software recipes should not show a "New custom image" buttonMediumElliot Smith2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9833Libertad2There can be a Task and Recipes table of 0 columns when deselecting them on the "Edit Columns" buttonMediumElliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9836Libertad3Project builds table and Software Recipes: Sorting does not reset to default when hiding column that is currently being used as the sorting criteriaMediumElliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9837Libertad3When trying to Download task log it returns Page not found (404)MediumElliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9952Libertad4Impossible to access task details page for tasks with outcome "covered"MediumElliot Smith2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7198Libertad4Hiding a sorted column does not revert to default sortingMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATEfront-end
8131Libertad4All builds page "Errors"/"Warnings" filters doesn't workMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8327Libertad4Builds started from the 'all builds' page should show in the same pageMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8456LibertadAdd feature to add layers to Toaster from external sourceMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8953LibertadToaster ignores the subdirectory when cloning imported layersMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
9274Libertad4Port oe build selftest tests to django test frameworkMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9582Libertad14Replace toasterconf.json with Django fixturesMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9841Libertad4Build button in image detail page does not start buildMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9846Libertad4"Most built recipes" section does not show recipesMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8818Libertaderror in lsupdates when duplicate openembedded-core layers foundMediumMichael Wood2.2 M2RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
9853Libertad10Database refactoring to ease multiple configurationsMediumMichael Wood2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9093Libertad2Hide scary errors while importing recipe information from the layer indexMediumMichael Wood2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9097Libertad4Remove validation messages when layers checkout directory and build directory are correctly setMediumMichael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
10286LibertadDeleting builds and projects should be a modal processMediumMichael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design pending
10289LibertadDeleting a project while a build is in progress causes the "all builds" page to errorMediumMichael Wood2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design pending
9562Libertad0.2[Neon] Minimum required Java version is 1.8 for Eclipse Neon (4.6)MediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9615Libertadyocto-bsp: The design for the yocto-bsp wizard needs some workMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9616Libertadyocto-bsp wizard sources the Build location folder every time the field loses focusMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9622Libertad0.5build.sh: error trying to generate doc for adt-manualMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9688Libertadpowertop: "show pids in wakeups list" option fails with exit code 1MediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9697Libertad1Yocto Project ADT Preferences : Failed to save values for new profileMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9698Libertad1Yocto Project ADT Preferences: Odd behavior of removal dialogs on Standard ProfileMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9840LibertadBitbake Commander: populate button not working when creating new recipeMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
10032Libertad0.5BitBake Commander was deprecated in 2.1; it needs to be dropped from buildMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
10111Libertad3.5[eclipse-poky] readme.txt is out of date and not in an obvious locationMediumTim Orling2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9571LibertadAllow CROPS to install host tools in specified locationMediumTodor Minchev2.2 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Ross Burton (Arm)
8146Ross Burton (Arm)2ptest - some test cases are failing for aclMediumAjay Kumar2.2RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
Mihail Stanciu
8604Mihail Stanciu1Toaster per-build logs don't include build configuration for command-line buildsMediumElliot Smith2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9363Mihail StanciuWhen setting Bitbake variables the value reflected to toaster.conf doesn't respect the specified whitespaceMediumJoshua Lock2.2RESOLVEDINVALID
8328Mihail Stanciu3The progress bar for running builds only updates on page refreshMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
8545Mihail Stanciu3Builds started from Toaster are missing the layer branchMediumMichael Wood2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
Tracy Graydon
8083Tracy Graydon1Add n32 test case to autobuilder nightly-multilibMediumBill Randle2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8296Tracy Graydon3buildhistory infrastructure setup script.MediumTracy Graydon2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
Valentin Hangan
9302Valentin HanganFailed to start qemu with toolchain sysrootMediumTim Orling2.2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
7533Valentin Hangan1.5eclipse-plugin build scripts don't fail correctly.MediumTim Orling2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Yi Zhao
10016Yi ZhaoFail to build linux-yocto for custom qemumips64 bsp with yocto-bspMediumBruce Ashfield2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
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