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2.1 BUGS

2.1 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (53 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
9009 3Failed to build pyephem on target with tools-sdk installedMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9181 3gma500_gfx depends on meta-poky via a bbappendMedium+Alejandro Hernandez2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8778 2RRS reports unknown upstream versions of gnutls and mesa, but local upstream check worksMedium+Aníbal Limón2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8937 2SystemdServiceTest failed on the autobuilderMedium+Aníbal Limón2.1 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
9201 2grub-efi-native fails to build because of trampolinesMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9278 Old conf/templateconf.cfg in existing build directory prevents shoing common targets listMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9318 sanity_conf_update() will erroneously find a var name match in commentsMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9359 1man configure script uses cross-compiler for testsMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9430 1fixup_perms fails when both /var/run and /var/lock presentMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9225 recipetool: missing shrinkwrap/lockdown files for npm modulesMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9458 devtool: "update-recipe rpm" crashesMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9469 Extensible SDK: Installation failureHighPaul Eggleton2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9250 Failing to create npm packages when modules has special characters in their namesMedium+Brendan Le Foll2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8646 2aarch64's kernel can't run 32bit programMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9182 5Build race in perf plugin_scsi.oMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9275 1right now, bitbake server has a concept of single_use which has the server auto exit in anonymous port caseMedium+Ed Bartosh2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9396 1wic does not handle --fsoptions properly in kickstart fileMedium+Ed Bartosh2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9305 -dbg packages have stopped containing sources while -fdebug-prefix-map usedHighHongxu Jia2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8767 1Fix systemd ptest supportMedium+Jussi Kukkonen2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9221 [meta-swupd] Should support empty, unset, SWUPD_BUNDLESMedium+Joshua Lock2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9324 0.25pseudo: cannot remove xattrMedium+Joshua Lock2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8973 4glibc-locale_2.22 do_package: memory clobbered past end of allocated blockMedium+Mariano Lopez2.1 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8853 3Recipe A depending on recipe B both using externalsrc, and recipe A is always reconfiguredMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9446 write_deploy_manifest() assumes all its dependencies have been built, but they are not dependencies of the rootfs taskMedium+Markus Lehtonen2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9155 update_font_cache postinst failing with read-only filesystemMedium+Martin Jansa2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9195 extensible sdk: changing the metadata does not produce an error or warning when running devtool buildMedium+Randy Witt2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9020 1populate_sdk fails when I have another version of gcc in my own layerMedium+Richard Purdie2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9230 3Tracebacks sometimes apparently truncatedMedium+Richard Purdie2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9291 1sanity.bbclass: error reporting too verboseMedium+Richard Purdie2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9289 lighttpd mod_cgi fails to load with "undefined symbol: chunkqueue_written"Medium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9337 systemd .service "WantedBy" lines not parsed correctly by systemctl scriptMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9371 user/group add doesn't work on targetMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9031 Intermittent loss of file attributes during do_packagedataMedium+Seebs2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9368 2devtool: sdk-update: metadata update can result in conflict resolutionMedium+Stephano Cetola2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Georgescu
8557Alexandru Georgescu1rootfs images are always rebuilt when rm_work is inheritedMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Aníbal Limón
8885Aníbal LimónExtensible SDK: old host distro sstate archives get copied into SDKHighPaul Eggleton2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8887Aníbal LimónExtensible SDK: pkgdata not populated after devtool buildMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9364Aníbal LimónLong filename detection may not be working (in Jethro at least)HighJoshua Lock2.1 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
8878Aníbal Limón2Add Ext SDK the ability of manually excluding some layersMedium+Chen Qi2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
9393Francisco PedrazaWhen running testimage test_xorg_running failed getting the following error message Xorg does not appear to be runningMedium+Aníbal Limón2.1 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
9231Francisco Pedrazanpm fetcher registry handling is faultyMedium+Brendan Le Foll2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9139Francisco PedrazaImage install fails on NUC6i5sYHMedium+California Sullivan2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9296Francisco PedrazaFailed to install groff package on smartMedium+Francisco Pedraza2.1 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
9253Francisco Pedraza0.5oe-selftest: coverage data file is given a truncated nameMedium+Humberto Ibarra2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9354Francisco Pedraza2pTest image does not boot after installHighRobert Yang2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8680Francisco Pedraza1Cannot login as root if filesystem is read only if allowempty is setMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8681Francisco Pedraza4qemu runs out of entropy, hangs on getrandom() syscallMedium+Saul Wold2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9057Francisco Pedraza5u-boot on Edison BSP fails due to "binutils: Upgrade to 2.26"Medium+Saul Wold2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Mei Yeen Ng
8710Mei Yeen NgInstall to eMMC failed with Gummiboot and GRUBMedium+Mei Yeen Ng2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Valentin Hangan
9333Valentin Hanganman fails with missing terminator error occasionallyMedium+Bill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9262Valentin Hangan2useradd class doesn't clean properlyMedium+Maxin B. John2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9197Valentin Hangan1DEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-lib32 = "corei7-32" results in errorsMedium+Richard Purdie2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDRebecca: Need info to backport to Jethro
Yi Zhao
8825Yi ZhaoFailed to run devtool sdk-updateMedium+Ed Bartosh2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED

2.1 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - MEDIUM, LOW

IDQAESummary (123 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
8385 3Autobuilder does not always pick up changes in buildset configsMediumAlex Franco2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8543 2Redundant os.getenv('PATH') call in patch.bbclassLowAlex Franco2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9307 python detects tkinter againMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7717 build issues with Thumb-1, when building for qemuarm (armv5te)MediumAlexander Kanavin2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9248 1ROOTFS_POSTINSTALL_COMMAND used only for OpkgRootfs buildsMediumBill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9341 1building man-1.6g generates many warningsMediumBill Randle2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8633 Add LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE to the Variables GlossaryMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED3 Feb 2016: RESOLVED
8645 fetch.decodeurl throws exception with trailing ; in URLLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8660 1uninative.bbclass causes build to fail strangely when expected tarball is missingMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9065 0.5wrong message for directory displayed in case of errorMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9339 eSDK doesn't build correctly if environment variables are usedMediumPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9178 puccho ui does not startMediumbrian avery2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8991 1QA warnings from perfMediumBruce Ashfield2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8177 4Do not enable CONFIG_DEBUG_KERNEL and related options by defaultMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9269 Enable CONFIG_TMPFS_POSIX_ACLMediumCalifornia Sullivan2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9243 oe-selftest: long test name affects listing formatMediumDaniel Istrate2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8741 2nativesdk-libpam: QA issue: installed-vs-shippedMediumdengke2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6169 4Toaster data collection fails due to lack of support for PROVIDESMediumEd Bartosh2.1RESOLVEDFIXEDGUI design available
8900 Bitbake never exists when it runs out of inotify watchesMediumEd Bartosh2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9095 2Spurious tasks related to wic executed even if wic image not selected.MediumEd Bartosh2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9256 0.1Remove reference to adt-installer in "Common targets"LowEd Bartosh2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8863 dbus did not support large-file for stat64MediumHongxu Jia2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8916 5oe-selftest: add the ability to run/search tests matched by a search expressionMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9334 0.5oe-selftest: error output shown with --coverage when coverage module not installedMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8322 1yocto-bsp create script does not show usage/SYNOPSIS for all supported parametersMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8830 0.3pTest - pango tests fail for 2.1_M1.rc1MediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9241 2glib-2.0 doesn't run gio-querymodulesMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7548 3Cannot open display when running Gtk+ application as remote applicationMediumJose Lamego2.1 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9328 0.25/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-common.inc bb.error print incorrectMediumJoshua Lock2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9290 3[meta-swupd] bundle removal only partially worksMediumJoshua Lock2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8581 2Install permission error after sourcing 32 bit buildtools-tarball.MediumJuro Bystricky2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8813 0.1Frequent fetch problemsMediumJuro Bystricky2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8521 Webkitgtk JIT causes render failure on arm7MediumRobert Yang2.1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5963 4Large images fail in bizarre ways as live imagesMediumRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8922 1insane.bbclass: strange characters in file-rdepsMediumRobert Yang2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9067 3make: don't crash if ttyname failsMediumRobert Yang2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXEDNeed info to backport to Jethro - By Rebecca
8510 2TargetDumper.dump_target() from dump.py sometimes puts output in the wrong fileMediumMariano Lopez2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8235 2Password utilities are removed when package management is disabledMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8693 1do_rootfs isn't re-run when wic variables (e.g. IMAGE_BOOT_FILES) changeMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8924 1Race condition in OpkgIndexer.write_index()MediumMariano Lopez2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9245 4archiver class writes incorrect tar files for recipes fetched by gitMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8911 Storing build history in a Git submodule breaks due to a bad Git repository checkMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8950 Clean operation not done with externalsrc when S = BMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9084 0.5devtool: Don't rebuild extracted external source that has not changedMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9344 devtool: patch apply failure doesn't show the patch nameMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6774 3Daisy 1.6.1 - matchbox-keyboard doesn't "pop up" automatically any moreMediumMaxin B. John2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9219 1systemd 229 fails to build without gcrypt PACKAGECONFIGMediumMaxin B. John2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9127 DNS resolution of mirror.linux.org.au fails on AB workersLowMichael Halstead2.1 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9092 1ca-certificates-native needs to be added into postinst recipes listMediumMing Liu2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9094 2create_image.wic is missing u-boot SPL fileMediumOliver Graute2.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8722 2Warnings when running hddimg in runqemuMediumPatrick Ohly2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8670 3enhance command_variables() in image.bbclassMediumChen Qi2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8929 extensible SDK - remove requirement that BUILD_ARCH == SDK_ARCHMediumRandy Witt2.1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
8047 2Building a packagegroup with rpm5 then rpm4 does not rebuild the packageLowRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8864 git fetcher does not support non git url format based requestsMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9077 3The creation of manifests is incompleteMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9332 Error message could be improved, for incorrect syntaxMediumRichard Purdie2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8768 1No output during build if curses.tigetstr("cuu") fails in knotty.pyMediumRichard Purdie2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
9035 bitbake-prserv not exiting on SIGTERM when run in daemon modeMediumRichard Purdie2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9036 bitbake-prserv should not force umask in daemon modeMediumRichard Purdie2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4018 1webkit-gtk should recommend video codecsMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8766 attr-ptest missing dependence of attrMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8845 freetype-native fails to re-execute do_configureMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9103 0.5hwclock from util-linux doesn't override hwclock from busyboxMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9323 1legacy _thumb overrides is still being used in libmad recipeMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5635 Changing LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE doesn't always take effectMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8684 1Missing python-ast package in generate-menifest-2.7.pyMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9174 0.5keyboard pop up when clicking terminal icon, on SATO NUC D54250WYKMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9306 grub fails when building documentationMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9347 drivers/gpio/gpio-pca953x.c in Kernel 4.x does not support the PCAL9535 IC on Galileo Gen 2 boardsMediumYONG LI2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8542 1The S entry in the glossary does not make it clear that S can be an inputMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2016: RESOLVED
8566 1It's not documented that include/require checks the current directory in addition to BBPATHMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED23 March 2016: RESOLVED
8567 1The manual never mentions what environment tasks run inMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED15 Feb 2016: RESOLVED
8620 0.5It is unclear what the "native" in "nativesdk" refers toMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED3 March 2016: RESOLVED
8634 1Document LICENSE_CREATE_PACKAGE featureMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED15 Feb 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
8800 1Flesh out the do_populate_sysroot documentationMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2016: RESOLVED
8995 1Need to remove do_deploy[sstate-name] = "deploy" from manual.MediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED21 March 2016: RESOLVED
9068 1Provide means to expand multiple variables in a string, in python functions,MediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE23 Feb 2016: RESOLVED/DUPLICATE
9264 2Remove mentions of oprofileMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED15 April 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
9276 1Add note on how to run remote applications with SSH port forwarding enabledMediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED31 March 2016: RESOLVED
9343 1Documents do not specify the complete usage of "inherit"MediumScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED31 March 2016: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
Alexandru Georgescu
7758Alexandru Georgescu2RRS: Mismatch between summary and detailsMediumAníbal Limón2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8625Alexandru GeorgescuExtensible SDK should prevent users from installing it in locations with special charactersLowPaul Eggleton2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9273Alexandru Georgescutest_recipetool_create_simple fails on Ubuntu 15.04, 15.10 and CentOS 7.2MediumPaul Eggleton2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
2063Alexandru Georgescu1matchbox-desktop exits abnormally when we press Alt+F4MediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
Benjamin Esquivel
9079Benjamin Esquivel3oe-selftest: add short command line argument optionsMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
Cristina Agurida
6820Cristina Agurida0.5dmesg err in EdgeRouterMediumAlexandru Roman2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8590Cristina Agurida0.5ATI card is not supported so parselog error should be whitelistedMediumCristina Agurida2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7789Cristina Aguridado_rootfs fails because of the path name!MediumEd Bartosh2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8571Cristina Agurida4Toaster "Disk I/O" and "CPU usage" fields content is not displayedMediumElliot Smith2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9247Cristina Agurida0.5Build button in image details page doesn't start the buildMediumElliot Smith2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8561Cristina Aguridadependency issues when testing multilib imagesMediumLucian Musat2.1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
6584Cristina Agurida3dmesg uvesafb: probe of uvesafb.0 failed with error -22 on genericx86/genericx86-64 on NUC and MinnowMaxMediumJianxun Zhang2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8311Cristina Agurida3Display cannot come back (black screen) after resume on NUC (Gen 5/6)MediumJianxun Zhang2.1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8153Cristina Aguridaopenssh ptests are not in great shapeMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8829Cristina Agurida0.1pTest - glib-2.0 (NUC) tests failMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8833Cristina Agurida0.1pTest - gdk-pixbuf tests failMediumJussi Kukkonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8464Cristina Agurida3Parselogs error: genericx86-64 getty[1028]: can't open '/dev/tty1': Input/output error^MMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6601Cristina Agurida1ptest output for failed glib tests uses FAILED instead of FAILMediumMaxin B. John2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8171Cristina Agurida1ptest: testxlate test case failed for apr-utilMediumMaxin B. John2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
3131Cristina Agurida2Drag and drop is implemented in File Manager but not working properlyMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8312Cristina Agurida3Bad video quality during playback on media playerMediumSaul Wold2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8526Cristina AguridaParselogs error: creating IPv4 interface lo failed; interface ignoredMediumSaul Wold2.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8687Cristina Agurida3Parselogs error: can't evaluate _CRS: 1 in lsb image on CherryhillMediumSaul Wold2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7897Cristina AguridaDmesg error BAR 14 and BAR 15 failed to assign in Minnow MaxMediumSaul Wold2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Daniel Istrate
8854Daniel Istratewic rawcopy plugin consumes source, doesn't copy (or the case of files going missing from my deploy dir…)MediumEd Bartosh2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8846Daniel Istrate1oe-selftest: coverage including non-unittest codeMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8844Daniel Istrate0.5wic generated fstab requires --ondisk or --ondrive be specifiedMediumJoshua Lock2.1RESOLVEDFIXED27 Jan 2016: RESOLVED/FIXED
8465Daniel Istrate1oetest: Dumps doesn't work with kernel_module testMediumMariano Lopez2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9041Daniel Istratetest_rpm_version_4_support_on_image fail on opensuse ABMediumMarkus Lehtonen2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
9052Francisco PedrazapTest - openssl failed, tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1MediumAlexander Kanavin2.1 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9054Francisco Pedraza3pTest - quilt (NUC) failed, tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1Mediumdengke2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9049Francisco Pedraza0.2pTest - openssh fails on basic sftp put/get tested on NUC 5425WYK for YP 2.1_M2.rc1MediumJussi Kukkonen2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
9179Francisco Pedrazapmd_set_huge: cannot satisfy mem with a huge-page mappingMediumSaul Wold2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9196Francisco Pedraza[Test Case 227] connman offline mode in connman-gnomeMediumSaul Wold2.1 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
9254Francisco PedrazaMismatch between genericx86 and genericx86-64 keyboardsMediumSaul Wold2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
9398Francisco PedrazaWhen running testimage test_parselogs failed (oeqa.runtime.parselogs.ParseLogsTest) Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt.MediumSaul Wold2.1 M4RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
8211Libertadtoaster is searching for toasterconf.json in unacceptable places.Lowbrian avery2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
Mihail Stanciu
8587Mihail Stanciu3runqemu deletes preconfigured tap on exitMediumSaul Wold2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Tracy Graydon
8098Tracy Graydon2resubmit build with exact same revisions generates an exceptionMediumTracy Graydon2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Yi Zhao
9160Yi Zhao2Invalid branch name of linux-yocto for x86 and x86-64 in yocto-bspMediumHumberto Ibarra2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6162Yi Zhao3linux-yocto failed to do_patch after add a patch by yocto-kernel toolMediumRichard Purdie2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8568Yi Zhao[p1022ds] Two strange core dump files in rootfsMediumZhenhua Luo2.1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
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