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Feature Verification

1.9 UNRESOLVED Features

7853CostinError handling during testing -- fail-safe to handle exception of DUT hangMedium+Lucian Musat1.9 M3CLOSEDFIXED


IDQAESummary (4 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Alexandru Georgescu
7652Alexandru Georgescu10patchwork: ensure that merged patches get properly marked as suchMedium+Jose Lamego1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6559Alexandru Georgescu6Construct the SDK using sstate archivesMedium+Chen Qi1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6560Alexandru Georgescu5Add script to update installed SDK based on sstate manifestsMedium+Chen Qi1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Francisco Pedraza
6659Francisco Pedraza6Add new SDK publishing toolMedium+Chen Qi2.0RESOLVEDFIXED


IDAssigneeESummary (61 tasks) PQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
7964Paul Eggletonrecipetool: add sub-command to just create a bbappendLow 1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
6744Brendan Le Foll1extensible SDK: handle path restrictions imposed by build systemMedium 1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7441Bruce Ashfielddo_kernel_configme fails when patches create directoriesMedium 1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
6202Bruce Ashfield1Linux-yocto.bb suggests running bitbake -c devshell on do_patch failureMedium 1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6667Bruce Ashfield1Enable DRM_CIRRUS_QEMUMedium 1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7282Bruce Ashfield2linux-yocto: accidentally skips patchesMedium 1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7591California Sullivan3More reliable external kernel module selectionMedium 2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
4146Jason Wessel5Allow a layer to include another layerMedium 1.9 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7720Robert Yang10make the world build work without x11 in DISTRO_FEATURESMedium 1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6505Robert YangMultilib Support for meta-toolchain (missing rpm support, ipk fixed)Medium 2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8389Robert Yang5smart: make it fasterMedium 2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7602Markus Lehtonen5devtool: improve handling for recipes that point to local source next to recipeMedium 2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8169Ross Burton (Arm)binconfig-disabled class should make config scripts print a human-readable errorMedium 1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Georgescu
7489Aníbal Limón3AUH: Improve installation/usageMediumAlexandru Georgescu1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7493Aníbal Limón0.3AUH: Documentation changes for 1.9 workMediumAlexandru Georgescu2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7348Bruce Ashfield1We should use the ext4 driver for ext2/3MediumAlexandru Georgescu1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7653Jose Lamego10patchwork: make update git hook run asynchronouslyMediumAlexandru Georgescu2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7783Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools EnhancementsMediumAlexandru Georgescu1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
Catalin Scrieciu
7069Vaduva Alexandru2Integrate 'makedumpfile' package inside meta-cglMediumCatalin Scrieciu1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
Cristina Agurida
7475Paul Eggleton0.5bitbake-layers show-recipes filtered by classes inherited?MediumCristina Agurida1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7839Paul Eggletonbitbake-layers: remove-layer: accept just layer directoryLowCristina Agurida1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7479Cristian Iorga3BlueZ 5.xx should be the default stack for Bluetooth supportMediumCristina Agurida1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1971Juro Bystricky5Enhance BA to run in VirtualBoxMediumCristina Agurida1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED02 April 2014: Some web page adjustments made.
4421Chen Qi5systemd performance improvementsMediumCristina Agurida1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
5275Paul Eggleton1bbnote etc just use echoMediumLucian Musat1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6791Richard PurdieIntegrate the fetcher with a gitexternalsrc class for large team developmentMediumLucian Musat1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7667Richard Purdie1Feature request: include expanded_data in the ConfigParsed eventMediumLucian Musat1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7668Richard Purdie1Feature request: inject 'd' as well as 'e' into event handlersMediumLucian Musat1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
Stephen K Jolley
7778Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Autobuilder EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7779Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Overall EnhacementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7780Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Toaster EnhancmentsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7781Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 OS ToolingMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7782Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Meta-Intel EnhancementMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7784Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Bitbake EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7785Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Documentation EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7786Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Testing EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7808Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Error reporting system improvementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7815Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Package updates required enhacementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7816Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Recipe Upgrades, AUH, & RRS EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7817Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Optimizations and Misc. EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7826Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Eclipse plug-in enhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7838Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Deployment ImprovementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7841Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (patchwork) EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7860Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Autobuilder Enhancements (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7861Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (devtool:) EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7862Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Dev. Tools (SDK) EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7863Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Optimizations and Misc. Enhancements (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7867Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Toaster Enhancements (Part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7881Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 Testing Enhancements (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7842Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M1 Overall EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
7859Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M1 Overall Enhancements (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M1RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
7843Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M2 Overall EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7858Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M2 Overall Enhancement (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7844Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M3 Overall EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7857Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 M3 Overall Enhancements (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley1.9 M3RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
Mihail Stanciu
7340Beth FlanaganPerformance issue in do_rootfs (license_create_manifest)MediumMihail Stanciu1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7485Beth Flanagan2Add SRC_URI and SRCREV selection to kernel buildersMediumMihail Stanciu1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7508Beth Flanagan1package_deb: Run AB in Debian and non-debian based hostsMediumMihail Stanciu1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7685Beth Flanagan1KMETA/KBRANCH split for kernel override buildsetsMediumMihail Stanciu1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7688Beth Flanagan2Kernel props need to build SRC_URI automaticallyMediumMihail Stanciu1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6646Richard Purdie1Implement rm_old_workMediumMihail Stanciu1.9RESOLVEDFIXED

1.9 Feature Implementation by QA


IDAssigneeESummary (8 tasks) PQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Aníbal Limón
7601Aníbal Limón4Add a test for the extensible SDKMedium+Costin2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Daniel Istrate
5875Daniel IstrateTests for forcing a taskMediumAlexandru Roman2.1 M3VERIFIEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
5790Lucian Musat10Automate test results logging in Testopia using XMLRPC interfaceMediumAlexandru Georgescu1.9 M1VERIFIEDFIXED17 June 2015: Set the documentation flag to "No"
6705Lucian Musat2poky-tiny images should be boot-testedMedium+Cristina Agurida1.8VERIFIEDFIXED
6933Lucian Musat2Need a test to verify INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSEHighCostin1.8 M3VERIFIEDFIXEDTC needed
Markus Lehtonen
6319Markus Lehtonen1Automated storage and graphing of build performance metricsMedium+ 2.4 M1RESOLVEDFIXEDTRT
Richard Purdie
6006Richard Purdie1Add new sstate testMedium+Daniel Istrate1.9 M2VERIFIEDFIXED
Sonia Delgado
6737Sonia DelgadoExtend automated ptest testing to work with opkgUndecidedyeoh ee pengFutureRESOLVEDOBSOLETE

1.9 QA Assigned Features TO IMPLEMENT

IDAssigneeESummary (2 tasks) PQAMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Lucian Musat
7853Lucian MusatError handling during testing -- fail-safe to handle exception of DUT hangMedium+Costin1.9 M3CLOSEDFIXED
Mihail Stanciu
5997Mihail StanciuBuild must work even if git is blocked by a firewallMedium+ 1.7 M4CLOSEDFIXED
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