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2.0.* BUGS

2.0.1 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (16 tasks) PAssigneeRequesterMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
8227 prelink does not work on qemuarmMediumMark HatleLiRongQing2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8396Alexandru Georgescu0.5gtk+'s build requires x11 or directfbMedium+Jussi KukkonenRobert Yang2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8618 iptables has open CVE: CVE-2012-2663MediumArmin KusterElena Reshetova2.0.1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
8626 glibc-2.22 ld.so has a mismatch with the prelinkerMediumMark HatleMark Hatle2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8627 prelink does not work on MIPS / MIPS64MediumMark HatleMark Hatle2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8644Mihail StanciuMultiple CVEs on 2.0 releaseMediumArmin KusterMihail Stanciu2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
9260 2.0.1 Eclipse download link is emptyHighBeth FlanaganRobert Berger2.0.1RESOLVEDFIXED
8877 WebKitGTK+ Security AdvisoriesMedium+ytaoArmin Kuster2.0.2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
9008 3libpcre missing CVE-2015-8391Medium+Armin KusterArmin Kuster2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9246 rpm: enable xz/lzma compressionMediumRebecca ChangRebecca Chang2.0.2RESOLVEDINVALID
9265 2systemd-logind: segfaults systemd == 225Medium+Bill RandleDavid Turgeon2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9353Francisco Pedraza0.5yocto-bsp: script using different kernel than the one given when creating bspMedium+Humberto IbarraHumberto Ibarra2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9357 nativesdk-python3 does not buildMediumJuro BystrickyJuro Bystricky2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9379 ncurses5 source no longer availableMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)Scott Ellis2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9483 "Testing URL" hangs foreverMediumJoshua LockJin2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED
9579 [jethro] perf build failure with linux-yocto_3.19Medium+Tom ZanussiFrederico Cadete2.0.2RESOLVEDFIXED


IDQAESummary (11 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
8610Alexandru Romanreadline 6.3 has open CVEMedium+Armin Kuster2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8141Daniel Istrate10systemd ttys0 issue causing sanity test failuresMedium+Aníbal Limón2.0VERIFIEDFIXED
8213Yi Zhao2the sdk.py script does not check for return codesMediumBenjamin Esquivel2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8509Yi Zhao0.5Building buildtools for 64-bit then 32-bit causes a failureMediumPaul Eggleton2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8661Yi Zhao0.5extensible SDK: errors from git in preparing build system logMediumPaul Eggleton2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8127Daniel Istratekernel.bbclass logic precludes building out-of-tree modules depending on in-tree modulesMedium+Bruce Ashfield2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8734Valentin HanganMissing adt-repo for release 2.0HighBeth Flanagan2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8756Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescuplease pull opkg File to long fix into JethroMediumRobert Yang2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8124Yi ZhaoFail to install sdk ext on i686 hostMedium+Randy Witt2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8281Alexandru Romanbind: multiple CVEs, CVE-2015-1349, CVE-2015-4620, CVE-2015-5477, CVE-2015-5722, CVE-2015-5986MediumRandy MacLeod2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8513Bogdan Alexandru VoiculescuVariable SYSLINUX_ROOT is hard-coded in image-live.bbclass and therefore cannot be modifiedMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED

1.9 BUGS

1.9 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - BY OWNER

IDQAESummary (4 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Alexandru Georgescu
7619Alexandru GeorgescuSystem hangs during booting kernel using kexec (cgtqmx6)Medium+Otavio Salvador2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
Daniel Istrate
7573Daniel IstrateWic hangs creating an SD card imageMedium+Ed Bartosh1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
David Lopez Barriba
8102David Lopez Barriba2RRS should remove -native, -initial, -cross, etc. suffixes from package names when doing upstream checksMedium+Aníbal Limón2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8219LibertadMultilib test is sub-optimalMedium+Alexandru Georgescu2.0RESOLVEDFIXED

1.9 RESOLVED Bugs - Need Verification - MEDIUM, LOW

IDQAESummary (55 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
7664 5Cannot create empty imageMediumAlex Franco2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7732 5lsb start_daemon is brokenMediumAlex Franco2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7722 2distutils.bbclass: regenerate pyc files when py files changed by sedMediumAlejandro Hernandez1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8207 python backports modules stomp on each others' site-packages/backports/__init__.pyMediumAlejandro Hernandez2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
6765 2COPY_LIC_MANIFEST and COPY_LIC_DIRS doesn't take INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE into accountMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7752 0.5WARNING: The license listed CLOSED was not in the licenses collectedMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5318 2When installing ipkg and deb postinst script order can be undefinedMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7605 3git fetcher/checkpkg: the upstream version get from checkpkg seems not right.MediumAníbal Limón1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7777 1distrodata.bbclass should use Python's CSV generatorMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
8060 Occasional qemuarm kernel panic (linux 4.1, gcc 4.9.3)MediumAníbal Limón2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
2456 0.5combo-layer: fail to handle empty merge commitsLowPaul Eggleton1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7840 Smart package manager problemsMediumPaul Eggleton1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
8046 devtool "rewrote" SRC_URI badlyMediumPaul Eggleton1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7647 devtool add -V option does not workMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7756 devtool: fix origin of extracted git repositoriesMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7757 devtool: build: return code should reflect success/failureMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7773 The sanity_check function in scripts/combo-layer throws an exception if dest_dir is not setMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8157 devtool modify does not work with native recipesMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8160 0.13bitbake-layers: unable to determine layer when BBFILES points to a subdirectoryMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8388 modifying patch in middle of patch series leads to unrelated changesMediumPaul Eggleton2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
6611 1linux-yocto based recipes require a config (won't use Linux defconfig)MediumBruce Ashfield1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED17 June 2015: Documentation revisions made. Needs review.
7541 live image type hangs build if rootfs.img+ exceeds 4GBMediumChris Hallinan1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7874 2subversion-native compile failure with missing serf header on paths containing "-D"MediumJose Lamego1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6366 Generated mirror tarballs are not always updated when the git repos areMediumChristopher Larson1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
6693 2package_deb doesn't handle non-ASCII control filesMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7882 3gcc detects sdl and boost from sysrootMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8258 1File not found when stopping the PR Server using localhost as hostMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8260 1bitbake-prserv: when using --port 0, the daemon cannot be stoppedMediumLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
6449 3do_bootimg hangs in syslinux for large imagesMediumRobert Yang1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5532 5lib32-packagegroup-core-nfs: qa issue - install files into a shared area when those files already existMediumRobert Yang1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7107 3do_package_write_deb failure because of tar complaining file changingMediumRobert Yang1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5024 2RPM backend cannot handle RPROVIDES in IMAGE_INSTALLMediumRobert Yang2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7056 prelink does not support armhfMediumRobert Yang2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8406 3testimage: getting dumps from successful testsMediumMariano Lopez2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8412 1Add IO load and "ip -s link" stats to the host dumps from testimageMediumMariano Lopez2.0RESOLVEDFIXED30 Sept 2015: IN PROGRESS REVIEW
7597 uninative-tarball errors out during sstate restoreMediumChen Qi1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
6477 5do_populate_sysroot failed: sysroot_stage_dir: command not foundMediumRichard Purdie1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7728 BBMASK_append evaluated only after BBMASK is usedLowRichard Purdie1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7891 perforce.py cannot handle single filesMediumRichard Purdie1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
8244 python-numpy has SRC_URI warnings in multilib configurationsMediumRichard Purdie2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8398 Want to unbreak systemd <=> dbus circular DEPENDS but unable to for a DISTRO which includes ptestMediumRoss Burton (Arm)2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
5397 Issue with package_rpm : can't install files named "%name..."MediumRoss Burton - Disabled1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7801 2Improve pulseaudio.inc systemd supportMediumTanu Kaskinen1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
Alexandru Georgescu
7186Alexandru Georgescu2AUH: no note in commit message about LIC_FILES_CHKSUM changesMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8063Alexandru Georgescu5ptest - Valgrind ptest is broken - has many failuresMediumDave Lerner1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7885Alexandru Georgescu2Upstream version reported as 'unknown' for recipes where it should be knownMediumMariano Lopez1.9 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8062Alexandru Georgescuptest - quilt ptest is broken - has many failuresMediumMaxin B. John (inactive)1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
Catalin Scrieciu
7176Catalin Scrieciu2Fig bug from "openldap" packageMediumVaduva Alexandru1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
Cristina Agurida
6960Cristina AguridaKernel Config for NUC machine is incomplete in regard to Bluetooth supportMediumCristian Iorga1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6965Cristina Agurida3Add WiFi and BT firmware for Core and Atom based NUCsMediumCristian Iorga1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6101Cristina Agurida8Install script sometimes produces faulty installationMediumEd Bartosh1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
8283Cristina AguridaE-Menlow genericx86 USB install does not workMediumSaul Wold2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
Stephen K Jolley
7983Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9/2.0 autobuilder failuresMediumStephen K Jolley2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8176Stephen K JolleyYP 1.9 autobuilder failures (Closed)MediumStephen K Jolley2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
8249Stephen K JolleyYP 2.0 autobuilder failures (part 2)MediumStephen K Jolley2.0RESOLVEDFIXED

2.0 RP's Traking Bugs

IDQAESummary (9 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescu
8028Bogdan Alexandru Voiculescu3Garbage in SDK manifest fileMedium+Armin Kuster2.0.3RESOLVEDFIXED
8444Costin2WORKDIR/installed_pkgs.txt should be deleted after useMedium+Mariano Lopez2.1 M2VERIFIEDFIXED
Daniel Istrate
7772Daniel Istrate2bitbake -w option triggers FetchErrorMedium+Richard Purdie2.1 M3VERIFIEDFIXED
8139Daniel Istratesmart failures occur for core-image-sato and core-image-sato-sdk on several buildersMedium+Randy Witt2.0VERIFIEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
8304Lucian Musat3smart sanity test failed to find filelist.xml.gzMedium+Mariano Lopez2.0VERIFIEDWORKSFORME
8367Lucian Musatptest - perl tests fail for genericx86-64 on NUCMedium+Armin Kuster2.0VERIFIEDFIXED
Mihail Stanciu
8303Mihail Stanciu2dpkg-native incorrectly parsed build_alias during configure taskMedium+Maxin B. John2.1VERIFIEDWORKSFORME
Yi Zhao
8124Yi ZhaoFail to install sdk ext on i686 hostMedium+Randy Witt2.0.1VERIFIEDFIXED
8144Yi Zhao2native strip issue on arm when running BuildImagesMedium+Ross Burton (Arm)2.0VERIFIEDFIXED
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