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1.8, 1.7 RESOLVED BUGs

IDQAESummary (14 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
6272Juan Ramos[PRS] Update fetcher code to handle checking upstream correctly with REGEXMedium+Aníbal Limón1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5090Lucian MusatKMETA mis-used for both directories and branchesMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5589Juan Ramos2gst-plugins-* main package itself is uselessMedium+Cristian Iorga1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6734Alexandru Georgescudo_rootfs: The postinstall intercept hook 'update_pixbuf_cache' failedMedium+Cristian Iorga1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6710Costinlinux-yocto-rt recipe failing to buildMedium+Darren Hart1.7 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6571Alexandru Georgescudo_rootfs failure when using RPM, during createrepo stepMedium+Ed Bartosh1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6380Costin1systemd: do_compile error on older kernelMedium+Chen Qi1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7100Lucian Musat2systemd startup fails due to timeoutMedium+Randy Witt1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6880Lucian MusatRedhat/Fedora Shellshock Fix Leads To oe_terminal breakageMedium+Richard Purdie1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6949CostinHanging (endless looping) after receivin SIGTERM after one package failedMedium+Richard Purdie1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6974Costinbitbake hangs suddenly, child processes frozen in stopped stateMedium+Richard Purdie1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7134LibertadENTITY variables in poky.ent not expanding consistently in HTML and PDF versionsHighRichard Purdie1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6905Yi Zhao[1.6.2] "unrecognized options: --with-libtool-sysroot" when configure iptables using mips32 toolchainMedium+Saul Wold1.8RESOLVEDFIXEDRelease Note for 1.6.2
7391Yi Zhaoyocto-bsp-tool: can not create qemu BSPMedium+Tom Zanussi1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED


IDQAESummary (9 tasks) PAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolutionWhiteboard
6435Alexandru Georgescu10Use the build system within the SDKMedium+Paul Eggleton1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6944oscar lopez arandas5kernel-dev: kernel rebuild on targetMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.8 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6361Juan Ramos2.5Make kernel-configme warnings visible on the consoleMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6943David Lopez Barriba2.5kernel-dev: make Kconfig audit output visibleMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.8 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6205Cristian IorgaAdd support for building nativesdk-qemu to meta-mingw/meta-darwinMedium+Cristian Iorga1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXEDMoved from Laurentiu to Cristian
6444Alexandru GeorgescuMove on target kernel module support to separate recipe? (Improve Performance and developer experience)Medium+Darren Hart1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
6936Yi Zhao2Add ability to use native toolchain inside of the SDK copy of the buildsystemMedium+Randy Witt1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5400Alexandru GeorgescuBest practices for multi-machine buildsMedium+Scott Rifenbark1.8 M1RESOLVEDFIXED24 November 2014: RESOLVED
6403 Automate RP's release part of the process to avoid regressionsMedium+Tracy Graydon1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
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