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1.5 QA Owned bugs

List with all the bugs and features in Resolved state.

1.5 Features that need to be verified

IDAssigneeESummary (22 tasks) PWhiteboardMilestoneStatusResolution
1474Andrei Dinu12QEMU won't run on a system that does not support tunctlLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4413Atanas Gegov OssExtend Yocto ADT Project Template to support CMake type projectsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4430Paul EggletonBring buildhistory-web up-to-dateMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1763Darren Hart10[USE CASE] More universally bootable live imagesMedium(Waiting on EFI/SYSLINUX/HYBRID Patches)1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1612Beth Flanagan1Build statistics reportingLow1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1778Beth Flanagan2License wrangling, stage 3Medium(1.3)1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
2275Beth Flanagan3License compliance: failure to detect new license filesLow1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
3723Mark Hatle2smart: Performance enhancement for attemptonly and complementary installsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4335Ross Burton2Default FILES_PN shouldn't hard-code udev pathMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
5214Scott RifenbarkImprove PACKAGECONFIG explanationMedium07 October 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3413Tom Zanussi[Performance] Use the profiling and tracing tools to see where build performance might be improvedMediumInvestigating1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5271Tom ZanussiEMGD 1.18 kernel components need to be upgraded to the 3.10 kernelLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4178Hongxu Jia14Add FUSE: File system in UserspaceLow1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4341Laurentiu Palcu3udev-hwdb postinstall does not run on hostMediumRelease Note 1.41.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1633Nitin Kamble4AMT driver integrationMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4761Chen Qireplace unionfs with aufs in live imageMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4418Ross Burton5Wayland support in toolkitsMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4352Robert Yang5prune pn-depends.dot, packages-depends.dot and task-depends.dotLow1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
1487Chen Qiqemu: when booting from live CD, X cannot be started needs unionfsLow1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4079Mark HatleAbility to ignore a package (don't install a package)High10 Sept 2013: RESOLVED (with doc change)1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4103Chen QiStop using linux live and replace with read-only rootfsMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3868Saul Wold20Add gcc security flagsHigh08 April 2014: Setting documentation flag to "Done."1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED

1.5 Bugs that need to be verified owned by RO QA

4409Scott RifenbarkAlexandru Georgescu4qemu password is asked in the console when using systemtap pluginLow14 October 2013: Changed doc requirement to "done"1.5RESOLVEDFIXED

All 1.5 Bugs that need to be verified

IDAssigneeRequesterESummary (275 tasks) PWhiteboardMilestoneStatusResolution
4633Saul WoldAlex Olsonincorrect package conflict between two different images on same machine?Medium1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4632Saul WoldAlex Olsonudev 182 init script should mount devtmpfs instead tmpfsMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4409Scott RifenbarkAlexandru Georgescu4qemu password is asked in the console when using systemtap pluginLow14 October 2013: Changed doc requirement to "done"1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4312Radu MoisanAlexandru Damiansystemd system freezes on shutdownMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4412Chunrong GuoChunrong Guocore-image-lsb-sdk build for powerpc 64bit boards is failingMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4845Randy MacLeodChunrong Guom4-native:do_configure failed with gcc version 4.1.2 on x86Medium1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5091Richard PurdieLarry BakerFix for libtool-cross do_qa_configure error when building cross gfortranMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
3197valentinBelen Barros PenaChanges to the 'Image types' tab in the 'Advanced configuration' dialogMedium+1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5084mulhernPaul Eggletonlibcap-ng has seemingly erroneous DEPENDS on libcapLow1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4252Michael HalsteadPaul EggletonWiki editing help page seems brokenMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4309Radu MoisanPaul EggletonUnpackaged file warnings for systemd units when systemd disabledMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4345Laurentiu PalcuPaul EggletonShutdown icon doesn't work with rootless XMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4486Ionut RaduPaul EggletonTraceback when inheriting useradd but not setting USERADD_PARAM or GROUPADD_PARAMMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4587Cristian IorgaPaul EggletonDNS not working with connman in qemu imageMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4821Saul WoldPaul Eggletonpciutils has a dependency on kmodMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5081mulhernPaul EggletonCleanup of perl recipes in meta-securityMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5165Saul WoldPaul Eggletonbluez5 fails at do_package_write_*Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4555Stoicescu CornelPaul EggletonTest case for smart recommends support is not effectiveMedium+1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4866Laurentiu PalcuPaul EggletonSDK installer fails on hosts with Python 3.xMedium+24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "Done".1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5246Richard PurdiePaul EggletonVariable dependency parsing does not handle braces within functions wellMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4582Khem RajBogdan Marinescu[Autobuilder] ICE while compiling perf on ARMMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4583Ionut RaduBogdan Marinescu[autobuilder] matchbox-keyboard build failureMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4594Stefan StanacarBogdan Marinescu[AUtobuilder] dmesg sanity test failed because of network issueMedium1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4602Saul WoldBogdan Marinescu[Autobuilder] smart can't install gdb because of liblzmaMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4797Laurentiu PalcuCh'GansQt SDK broken with angstrom-staging-yocto1.3 branchMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4494Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaSetting static IP addresses via connman ethernet provisioning mechanism does not allow manual IP adress changeMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5029Cristian IorgaCristian Iorgalibasound-module-bluez should have a version for BlueZ 5Medium1.5 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5030Cristian IorgaCristian IorgaMultiple providers are available for runtime libasound-module-bluez (bluez4, bluez5) warningMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5028Mihai PricaCristian IorgaBlueZ 5 packs tests in a -tests packageMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4615Nitin KambleCristian Iorgameta-intel BSPs all fail with lsb: emgd-driver no package provider build crash (including meta-minnow)Medium+1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4917Ross BurtonCristian IorgaX server crashes under Build Appliance while switching between pcmanfm and terminals applicationsMedium+1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4773Paul EggletonCristiana Voicupatch for ghostscript does not applyMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5070valentinCristiana Voicu[HOB] MACHINE should be saved in conf files usign ?=Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4488Laurentiu PalcuDenys DmytriyenkoSDK installer doesn't handle spaces in pathMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
1913Darren HartDexuan Cui1need to abstract building msdos images into an msdosfs.bbclass to share the codeLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
2064Hongxu JiaDexuan Cui4[BSP] mount shows "/dev/sda4 on /media/sda4" but /media/sda4 doesn't existLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4998Otavio SalvadordggPackage : xserver-xorg-
4439Christopher LarsonDiegodevshell fails to open a new tmux sessionMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4947Otavio SalvadorDiegoCrash using 24bpp X11 color depth on i.MX6Q with VivanteMedium1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4950Otavio SalvadorDiegoBlack rendering of windowed Open GLES applications on iMX6 Vivante under X11Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4954DaianeDiegoCrash running glmark2-es2 on i.MX6Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5007Otavio SalvadorDiegomesa-demos fails to build with a undefined reference errorMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4946Otavio SalvadorDiego[Regression] X crash on Yocto with i.MX6Q BSP 3.5.7-1.0.0 softfloatMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5119Otavio SalvadorDiegoPanda3D segfaults if running with OpenGL instead of OpenGL ES backend.Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
917Ross BurtonDarren Hart1mediatomb fails to start, can't find libjs.soLowDemo layer, needs owner (30-Jun-2011)1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3423Bruce AshfieldDarren Hart2Define KFEATURE_COMPATIBILITYMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
1950Darren HartDarren Hart2EFI only live images are not bootableMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDINVALID
4890Stefan StanacarBeth FlanaganSmart failures occur during core-image-sato-sdk on nightly-mips sanity testingMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4893Nitin KambleBeth Flanaganmeta-intel missing mesa bbappendMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5131Ross BurtonBeth FlanaganSlow/hung boot failure for qemumips/qemuppc image testMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5065Scott RifenbarkElvis DowsonDocument the fact that the SRCREV_meta needs to be updated after modifying the linux-yocto metadata meta branchMedium13 September 2013: IN PROGRESS REVIEW1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4989Saul WoldEngineeringProblems with booting Yocto Linux for Arrow SoC kitMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4449DaianeErik BotöGStreamer mp3 playback on Nitrogen6X - seg faultsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4843SeebsErik BotöIssue with pseudo on 64-bit build hostMedium+1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4853Stefan StanacarNick GCan't install prebuilt SDKMedium+1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4739Richard PurdieThomas Fitzsimmonsuseradd.bbclass: useradd_sysroot not run per-MACHINEMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
1706Scott RifenbarkFrans Meulenbroeksdisabling package management is not describedMedium8 May 20131.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4505Richard PurdieFelipe Ferreri Tonellobitbake parses wrong PATH environment variableMedium1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4509JessicaGabriel BarbuCreating debug session fails when SDK is not installed in the default locationMedium1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
1088Paul EggletonGary ThomasMore fully document packaging systemsLow1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4512Andrei DinuGary Thomasrunqemu messes up terminal settingsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5343Denys DmytriyenkoGeorge Nitakeystone-evm build fails because of missing licenses in several cloud*.bb filesMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
5213Irina Patrugibran@emblemtechnologies.comFullscreen mode doesn't hide embedded panelMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4862Ross BurtonHolger Freyther/etc/init.d/alignment.sh not called for systemdMedium1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4756Darren HartHolger FreytherKernel upgrade on x86 is difficult/impossibleMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4867Darren HartHolger Freytherpkg_postinst_kernel-image calls depmod but there is no RDEPENDS on module-init-tools-depmodMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4410Hongxu JiaHongxu Jiasystemd: do_compile failed in parallel builds with system's make 3.28Medium1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4562Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia5python-scons-native: invoke scons failed on Fedora-17 while the destro didn't install sconsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4617Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2ddimage: incompatibility with dashMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4745Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia5automount failed occasionally at system coldplug timeMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4758Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2adt_installer: perl lib version doesn't match perl script on Ubuntu-13.04Medium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4760Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2adt-installer: installation failed when permission deny on the installation directoryMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4889Hongxu JiaHongxu Jiapython-native: remove unused and duplicated sitecustomize.pyMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
5060Hongxu JiaHongxu Jialist-packageconfig-flags.py: search bitbake lib dir failedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5151Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Desktop Tests: desktop-xml failedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5152Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Command Check: install_initd and remove_initd not foundMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5153Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB 4.1 Library Check: Unable to find library libqt-mt.so.3Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5175Hongxu JiaHongxu JiaLSB Command Check: su not foundMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4746Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2invoke "/etc/init.d/systemd-udevd restart" failedUndecided1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4749Hongxu JiaHongxu Jia2wget:do_configure failedUndecided1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4561JessicaIoana GrigoropolSystem tap script cannot be canceledMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4825Stefan StanacarIoana Grigoropol[Autobuilder][multilib] Qemu or its network is not up in 50 secondsMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4826Saul WoldIoana Grigoropol[Autobuilder] lib32-gcc requires autoconf 2.64 instead of 2.69Medium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4454Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropol2Refactor remote tools plug-in to prepare using common remote communication plug-inMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4455Ioana GrigoropolIoana Grigoropol7Create new remote communication utilities plug-in supporting remote tools & bitbake commander plugins functionalitiesMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4955Laurentiu PalcuIoana Grigoropol[adt_installer] Allow relative paths for specifying sysroot locationMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3947Khem RajJack MitchellGCC + eglibc + Texinfo5.0+Medium+1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4248Bogdan MarinescuJack MitchellHost gcc 4.8 issues (gcc-cross-initial do_compile failure)Medium+Release note for 1.41.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4736Laurentiu PalcuJack Mitchellpopulate_sdk compile failures; when run after target buildMedium+1.5 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5154Hongxu JiaJackie HuangLSB python tests: 3 tests failed: test_codecs test_re test_unicodeMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5169Chen QiJackie Huangcore-image-minimal: do_rootfs failed when NO_RECOMMENDATIONS set to 1Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5212Jackie HuangJackie Huangfindutils_4.2.31: do_install failed by doc build failureMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4556Ioana GrigoropolJessicaFix issue for changed RSA keyMedium+1.5 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
2318Ross BurtonJim A4Web is really quite badMedium21 March 2014: Reset documentation flag to "No"1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4984Saul WoldJoerg Bogesftp conection close core-image-baseMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
4374Paul EggletonJohn ToomeySERIAL_CONSOLES creates entries in inittab which do not have a unique IDMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5161Khem RajJon NettletonEglibc 2.18 binaries will not boot on non-NEON hardwareMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
1881Saul WoldJoshua Lock - Disabled3[DEB] Fix Debian package feedsMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4456Jukka RissanenJukka RissanenConnMan recipe has not activated VPN supportMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4016Hongxu JiaKai Kang5LSB 4.1 Library Check: symbols are not found in libqt-mt.so.3Medium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5141Kai KangKai KangFail to build midoriMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5156Marius AvramKai Kangdpkg fails to do_configure for qemumips64MediumWR1.5 M5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5160Joe SlaterKai Kangwebkit-gtk build failed randomly with "Memory exhausted"Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4566Simarpreet SinghKe Zourouterstation pro cannot bootup with NFS in yocto 1.5 20130521-1 buildMedium+1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
3449Christopher LarsonChristopher Larsonarchiver doesn't interact well with sstateMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4340Laurentiu PalcuLaurentiu Palcuqemumips: colors in sato image do not look rightMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4447Laurentiu PalcuLaurentiu PalcuThe cache checksum for the base configuration does not change when the task data variable changesMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4424Jesse ZhangRobert Yangglib-2.0-native: do_compile failed on opensuse 12.2 64bitMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4426Robert YangRobert Yang1ghostscript: do_fetch failed due to checksums mismatchMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDNOTABUG
5067Robert YangRobert Yang1bitbake make-3.81 prints stack trace of python callsMedium24 March 2014: Set Documentation flag to "No".1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5136Chen QiRobert Yang2buildhistory.bbclass: doesn't work when PV changedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5137Chen QiRobert Yang2e2fsprogs: blkid should be in ALTERNATIVE_LINK_NAMEMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5138Robert YangRobert Yang2nativesdk-linux-libc-headers: do_install: Argument list too longMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5168Robert YangRobert Yang1perf: no source after do_unpackMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5171Robert YangRobert Yang1icu-native: do_install: Segmentation faultMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5184Robert YangRobert Yang2telepathy-mission-control: do_compile failedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5201Robert YangRobert Yang2do_rootfs: File name too long (deep tmpdir)Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4398Robert YangRobert Yang"all succeeded" does not look like a reason to fail a buildUndecided1.5 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4787Robert YangRobert Yangbitbake -e: Failure expanding variable SRCPVUndecided1.5 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4379Robert YangRobert Yang[Performance] The switch to turn off the generation of temp/run.* fileUndecided1.5 M3RESOLVEDINVALID
5099Robert YangRobert Yang3glib-2.0: host contamination issueUndecided1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
1914Khem RajLiming Wangmodify the tune files of ppc targetsLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4932Laszlo PappLaszlo PappBusybox doe not compile with arm-2009q1Low1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4941Laszlo PappLaszlo Pappudev doesn't compile with older toolchainsLow1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4980Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappDocument layer templatesLow20 September 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5035Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappMake the official releases work with prefetched or created tarballsLow27 September 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4927Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappMake Archlinux a supported or document the unwillingness of rolling-releaseLow31 October 2013: RESOLVED1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4901Laurentiu PalcuLaszlo PappNo warning that the toolchain and machine do not matchMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4912Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappNo "Required Packages" mentioned for DebianMedium10 Sept 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4919SeebsLaszlo PappNon-obvious failure when NO32LIBS=0 but 32-bit toolchain is brokenMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4921Christopher LarsonLaszlo PappBuilding libtool_cross fails when using external cross-toolchain for 32 bit on 64 bit hostMedium1.5RESOLVEDMOVED
4923Christopher LarsonLaszlo PappCross-compilation issue with libexec when building for 32 bit host on arch 64.Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4928Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappNo documentation for UBOOT_MACHINEMedium07 October 2013 - RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4935Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappTypo in the reference book's FAQMedium29 July 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4945Ross BurtonLaszlo PappNo proper message in case of errors when building u-boot through bitbakeMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4903Ross BurtonLaszlo PappNo proper error message for layer version mismatchMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4911Scott RifenbarkLaszlo PappWiki: Distribution Support outdatedMedium18 September 2013: RESOLVED1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
3404Chen QiMarc Ferland5udev mount.sh writes to /tmp before it is symlinked to /var/tmpMediumBlocked, need some further discussion1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4286Yang ShiMark Hatlerecipes that provide kernel modules need to provide packages that begin with 'kernel-module-'Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4458Richard PurdieMark Hatleglobal methodpool checks don't work with multithreaded parsingMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4459Richard PurdieMark Hatlemethodpool does not account for two identically named files (different paths) that provide the different methodsMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4460Richard PurdieMark HatleWhen an error about already declared functions occurs, the build does not stopMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4495Khem RajMartin Donnellyeglibc causes internal compiler error with GCC4.8Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4338Richard PurdieMartin Jansabitbake hangs forever before showing any outputMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4622Paul EggletonMartin Jansabuildhistory fails or reports wrong info when building 2 SDK images in one bitbake callMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4795Richard PurdieMartin JansaPSEUDO_LOCALSTATEDIR _sometimes_ points to WORKDIR with wrong TARGET_OSMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5013Richard PurdieMartin Jansadependency on virtual providers doesn't work when added through PACKAGECONFIGMedium1.5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5037Scott RifenbarkMartin JansaBSP layer included in bblayers.conf when building other MACHINEsMedium18 September 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5174Richard PurdieMartin Jansalibtool with bashisms enabled in script can be shared through sstate-cache with host where /bin/sh is dash and cause build issuesMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5237Darren HartMihai Lindnerkernel panic - missing "root=" boot optionMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5047Chen QiMihai Prica[ruqemu] iptables rule does not get cleanedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5048Chen QiMihai Prica[runqemu] failure when already in use tap interfaceMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5111Saul WoldMihai PricaError for ptest when default shell is dashMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4916mulhernmulhernlib-perl, liburi-perl, and curses-perl all have the same description stringLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3705Hongxu JiaMaksym ZhelieznyiExisting filesystems aren't cleanly unmounted after booting from USB-driveLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5078Laurentiu PalcuNavaniPopulate_sdk does not build correct cross toolchain for arm.Medium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDINVALID
4490Jonathan LiuJonathan Liurun-postinsts fails on directdisk imageMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4576Jonathan LiuJonathan Liulibx11: Xcms should be enabled by defaultMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4822Paul EggletonJonathan LiuAdding libdir to INSANE_SKIP_${PN} doesn't workMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4898Jonathan LiuJonathan Liumesa git: libXvMCsoftpipe.so/libXvMCsoftpipe.la installed but not shippedMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4969Saul WoldJonathan Liupackagegroup-core-boot: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for packagegroup-core-boot: busybox-hwclockMedium02 April 2014: Need some doc guidance.1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4438Jonathan LiuJonathan LiuUpdate syslinux to 4.06 (or 5.01)Medium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4149Laurentiu PalcuNing Zhangstart x11vnc on beagleboard, use a host access vncviewer, the keyboard "Caps Lock" could not workLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4558Ning ZhangNing Zhangscript "yocto-kernel config add" could add one component more than one timesLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4108Ross BurtonNing Zhangbeagleboard-sato-sdk, video player could not show menu button clearlyMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4743Tom ZanussiNing Zhangyocto-kernel tool fails when config BBLAYERS behind BBLAYERS_NON_REMOVABLE in bblayers.confMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4979Simarpreet SinghNing Zhang[beagleobard xM] Some internal error message in dmesg when boot upMedium1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4982Saul WoldNing Zhang[beagleboard xm] ltp test failed because cmd mkfs.ext4 does not existMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4904Stefan StanacarNing ZhangAutobuilder built beagleboard 20130724-2 image failedMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4994Bruce AshfieldNing Zhang[beagleboard] posix test failedMedium+1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4918Ross BurtonNitin Kambled-bus daemon fails to startHigh1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4828Laurentiu PalcuNitin KambleSupport 2013Q2 Intel Graphics Stack Release in Yocto ProjectMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4990Saul WoldNitin Kamblegrub-efi-native_2.00.bb, do_compile is failingMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5166Nitin KambleNitin Kamblenuc: mouse is getting disabled after few seconds of inactivityMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4592Bruce AshfieldNobuhiro IwamatsuPlease update ltsi branchMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4185DaianeOtavio Salvador/unit_tests/akiyo.mp4 is missingLow1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5093Scott RifenbarkPeter A. Bigotadd pointer to kernel architecture manualsLow07 October 2013: RESOLVED1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5066Chen QiPeter A. BigotLSB systemd inconsistency between busybox-syslogd and sysklogdMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5064Bruce AshfieldPeter A. BigotCONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE overridden for arm targetsMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5116Paul EggletonPeter A. Bigotmissing qt4-x11-free dependency on gtkMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4474Paul EggletonJerrod Peachbitbake fails to find patch files moved to a second valid locationMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4774Chen QiChen Qi/media diretory cleanupLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4784Chen QiChen QiAllow user to choose boot action in live imagesLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4738Chen QiChen Qi2udev-cache doesn't work well on OE/Yocto based systemsMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4886Chen QiChen Qi/etc/rc5.d/S20irattach: /etc/sysconfig/irda: Read-only file systemMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4879Hongxu JiaChen Qinss postinst cannot be configured offlineMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4881Chen QiChen QiCannot move the mount of /media/xxx over to $ROOT_DIR/media/xxx in live imageMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4882Chen QiChen Qiudev has an implicit dependency on initscripts, which is not appropriateMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4883Chen QiChen QiNo directory error for populate-volatile.sh at rootfs timeMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4885Chen QiChen Qilighttpd: /www directory should be writable in read-only rootfsMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4887Chen QiChen Qiopenssh not working well with read-only rootfsMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4937Chen QiChen Qi1Error at rootfs time: "tar: .: file changed as we read it"Medium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4939Chen QiChen Qi2Cannot start qemu image in environment created by buildtools-tarball.Medium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4997Chen QiChen Qigrub 0.97 doesn't work wellMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4880Chen QiChen QiUse a uniform way to determine whether rootfs is read-onlyMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4888Chen QiChen QiTake into consideration that possibility of /var/lib on a separate writable media in case of a read-only rootfsMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5121Saul WoldChen QiStarting apmd failed at system startupMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5124Tudor FloreaChen Qibuilding kmod with 'ptest' in DISTRO_FEATRUES failedMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5128Chen QiChen Qido_install_ptest_base doesn't behave as expected if the host is ubuntu (dash)Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5129Chen QiChen Qido_install_ptest_base should have cleandirs flagMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5263Chen QiChen Qi1buildhistory should always record PKG, PKGE, PKGV and PKGRMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5164Chen QiChen Qi2Live image's initramfs should distinguish between iso and hddimgMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4802Chen QiChen Qi2Busybox on target upgrade fails if upgrading from 'one-binary' version to 'two-binary' versionUndecided1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5018Chen QiChen Qi5Improve the minimal installer in OE and fix bugs in itUndecided1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
349Jonathan LiuQing He[QT] fotowall warns iconv failure in QIconvCodecLow1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
2894Mark HatleKhem Rajrpm mishandling pkg_postinstMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4569Darren HartKhem RajKernel crashes when started with kvm enabledMedium1.5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5235Nitin KambleRazvan Ionescugeneric-x86_64 dmesg errors on SugarbayMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5215Tom ZanussiRichard Purdieqemumips doesn't have CONFIG_TRACEPOINTSMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5249Zhenhua LuoRichard Purdiemeta-fsl-ppc should not be overriding linux-libc-headersMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4511Daianejojoerror for using oprofile.ko to profilingLow1.5 M3RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4850Otavio SalvadorJohn WeberError building libgluMedium+1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5272Irina PatruLiRongQingslang test case strops.sl failed in x86-64Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5123LiRongQingLiRongQingbtrfs-tools_git failed (d0_compile) when enable parallel buildingMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5125LiRongQingLiRongQingptest-runner should check both of /use/lib and /use/lib64Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5126LiRongQingLiRongQingptest-runner can not deal with soft link under /usr/lib or /usr/lib64, such as perl5 --> perlMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5144Ross BurtonLiRongQingwhen use systemd, "systemctl --user" can not print out expected infoMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
5167Hongxu JiaLiRongQingLSB tcl tests: 21 failures for 'Tcl Tests' on qemux86-64Medium1.5 M5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5122Richard PurdieLiRongQingaclocal hardlinks causing problems when creating sstate tarballsMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
3969Mihai PricaRoss BurtonAdd QA warning for shipping /usr/share/info/dirMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4232Ross BurtonRoss Burtonopkg doesn't invoke prerm when upgradingMedium1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4239Ross BurtonRoss Burtonpulseaudio changes directory in do_compileMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4975Scott RifenbarkRoss BurtonLIC_FILES_CHKSUM shouldn't encourage use of ..Medium13 August 2013: RESOLVED/FIXED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4987Scott RifenbarkRoss BurtonDocument version requirements in RDEPENDS etcMedium18 September 2013: RESOLVED1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4360Mihai PricaRoss Burtonbluez5 QA warnings in multilibMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4524Zhenhua LuoRoss Burtonu-boot fails to compileMedium+(autobuilder)1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5096Ross BurtonRoss Burtonxf86-video-intel fails when opengl isn't a DISTRO_FEATUREMedium+1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5172Richard PurdieRoss BurtonCache failing when _remove usedMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4626Saul WoldSaurav Kumar GuptaCreaterepo is not workingMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
5221Otavio SalvadorSaul Wold[autobuilder] perf build failures on meta-fsl-ppcHigh1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5222Richard PurdieSaul Wold[autobuilder] universe target is failing with multiple provider ERRORs instead of warningsHigh1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5223Otavio SalvadorSaul Wold[autobuilder] u-boot-fw-utils does not build correctlyHigh1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5055Stefan StanacarSaul WoldSmart and RPM tests are not skipped correctly when no package manager exists.Low1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
3823Saul WoldSaul Woldgit-native depends on gettextMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4061Ross BurtonSaul Woldmatchbox-panel assertion failureMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4062Ross BurtonSaul Woldmatchbox-desktop - Icon warnings during startupMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4803Ross BurtonSaul Woldsystemd.class does not handle multilib well when package has multiple servicesMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4920SeebsSaul Woldbuiding pseudo with NO32LIBS=0 will fail silently if gnu/stubs-32.h is missingMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
5056Cristian IorgaSaul Woldpossible parallel make issue with telepathy-mission-controlMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
4732Hongxu JiaSaul WoldWrong path to terminfo files in buildtools-tarball causes python version check to failMedium+1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5239Zhenhua LuoSaul Wold[autobuilder] u-boot does not build correctlyMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4741Nitin KambleSebastian Schreiber2Netfilter NAT not configured properly/different for Kernel 3.8.4Medium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
3393Christopher LarsonStefan StanacarBuild fails when using Sourcery CodeBench Lite for ARM toolchain with multiple providers errorsMedium1.5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
4971Laurentiu PalcuSteve Arnoldsed-native needed for meta-toolchain-sdk buildMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
3781Otavio SalvadorTareki.MX6Q: mfw_isink ProblemMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4422Cristian IorgatfPoky build thyselfMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4440Tom ZanussiTom Zanussi3update kernel labsMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
4599venkata ramana gvenkata ramana gConnection Properties shows the network disabled, for UNFS qemuarm targetMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
2524Khem RajVladimir Redzhepoffbuilding meta-toolchain for armv7ahf failedMedium1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
5208Mark HatleWenzong.FanFailed to remove packages via PACKAGE_EXCLUDEMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4835Hongxu JiaWenzong.Fanxterm-256color causes python version check to failMedium+1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4500xiaoxiaoutil-linux symbol link libuuid.so should in libuuid's dev rpmMedium1.5RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
1115Hongxu JiaXiaofeng Yan3LSB 4.1 error from wide characterMedium1.5 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4567Xufeng ZhangXufeng Zhangntp display some abnormal behaviorsMedium1.5RESOLVEDINVALID
4580Xufeng ZhangXufeng ZhangSCTP association can get stuck in SCTP_STATE_SHUTDOWN_PENDING state foreverMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4600Xufeng ZhangXufeng Zhangopenssl: potential NULL pointer dereference in several placeMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4406Xufeng ZhangXufeng ZhangYocto-linux-rt: BUG() warning is triggered in rt kernel when run 'perf top' command on ARM/PowerPCMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4993Mark HatleYang ShiKernel module package namingMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
2855Bruce AshfieldYi Zhao[mpc8315e-rdb] udevadm settle - timeout of 180 seconds reachedMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4817Zhenhua LuoYi Zhao[p1022ds] ltp fail to build with 1.5 M2.rc1Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4855Yi ZhaoYi Zhaoupdate-alternatives error for iproute2Medium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4895Yi ZhaoYi ZhaoEnhance LSB_Test.sh to detect the download errorMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
4978Saul WoldYi Zhao[Build Appliance] binutils-cross fail to compileMedium1.5RESOLVEDFIXED
2786Cristian IorgaYi Zhao[LTP]/opt/ltp/Version file doesn't show the correct version of ltpMedium1.5 M1RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
4550Hongxu JiaYi Zhao3ADT: iptables autoreconf run fails on CentOSMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4595Yi ZhaoYi ZhaoInvalid symbolic link file modules-arch.tgz in tmp/deploy/images directoryMedium1.5 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
4896Hongxu JiaYi Zhao[lsb image] pidof: invalid options on command lineMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
4991Darren HartYi ZhaoInvalid symbolic link kernel image in qemu rootfsMedium1.5 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
2766Robert YangYi Zhao3coreutils build error with long TMPDIR: Argument list too longMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
4924JessicaYi ZhaoRedundant directories and files in toolchain tarballMedium+1.5RESOLVEDNOTABUG
3938Mihai PricaYi Zhaorouterstation/mpc8315e: connman startup unused ethernet port when using nfsMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5277Richard PurdieYi Zhao[adt-installer] arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: command not foundMedium+20 March 2014: Doc flag reset to "No"1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5353Beth FlanaganYi Zhao[ADT] adt-installer failed to install on 32bit hostMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5112Darren HartYunguoiwconfig doesn't workMedium1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED
5110Darren HartYunguoMissing iwlwifi-7260 firmwareMedium+1.5 M5RESOLVEDFIXED

1.5 Bugs/features in needinfo

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