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Resolved Bugs that need to be verified (1.4 M1,1.4 M2,1.4 M3,1.4 M4,1.4 M6,1.4 M6,1.4)

IDAssigneeSummary (38 tasks) SeverityPMilestoneAssigneeStatusWhiteboardE
1094Darren Hartmodule.bbclass is well out of sync with the version in openembeddednormalLow1.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVED2
1138Darren Hart[LTP] Some growfiles cases failed with Yocto 1.1 M1 buildnormalLow1.4Darren HartRESOLVEDsuggestion is post 1.1. test cases still fail with eglibc 4.5.1(June 16)
2856Darren Hartmeta-intel: gnupg version out of sync with poky layerminorLow1.4Darren HartRESOLVED(autobuilder)
3797Darren Hart[Autobuilder] qemuimage-testlib causes build failurenormalLow1.4Darren HartRESOLVED
3814Darren HartFRI2 audio playback is brokennormalLow1.4Darren HartRESOLVED
2551Nitin KambleEMGD requires video accelerationminorLow1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED(P2) Nitin: patch reivew5
3730Nitin KambleCompliance link in meta-bsp_name README is broken.minorLow1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED0.25
3347Darren Hart[FRI2]Xorg server fails to start with runlevel 5normalMedium1.4 M1Darren HartRESOLVED3
1526Nitin KambleIntel DPDK layer build for yoctonormalMedium1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVEDNo estimate yet - wind river has volunteered to help with this, let's let kishore and wind river decide on a priority and time estimate for this
3208Nitin KambleEnable GMA500 for -noemgd meta-intel BSPsnormalMedium1.4 M3Nitin KambleRESOLVED5
3238Nitin Kamblecrownbay: build has warningsnormalMedium1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED5
3257Nitin KambleEMGD installs duplicate libraries instead of symlinksnormalMedium1.4 M1Nitin KambleRESOLVEDreview2
3258Nitin KambleEMGD should package MIX separatelynormalMedium1.4 M1Nitin KambleRESOLVED2
3289Nitin Kamblebuilding an image for emenlow BSP produces warningsnormalMedium1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED1
3368Nitin Kambleemenlow kernel prints lot of messages while running glxgearsnormalMedium1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED5
3373Nitin Kamblemeta-intel: VA_FEATURES unnecessarily causes X11 dependency via libvanormalMedium1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVEDpatch reivew3
3764Nitin Kamble[Autobuilder] Missing provider for libva-intel-drivernormalMedium1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED2
3779Nitin Kamblecore-image-lsb-sdk USB boot failednormalMedium1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED0.5
3810Nitin KambleFRI2 BSP hits kernel BUG while bootingnormalMedium1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED
3846Nitin KambleX fails to start for fri2-noemgd BSPnormalMedium1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED1
2773Tom Zanussi[multilib] no provider for lib64-perf/lsb-imagenormalMedium1.4 M4Tom ZanussiRESOLVED2
3731Tom Zanussiyocto-bsp creates kernel bbappend files that override settings even when other machines are activenormalMedium1.4 M4Tom ZanussiRESOLVED2
3756Tom Zanussicrosstap and stap fail in core-image-sato-sdk (pre 1.4M3)normalMedium1.4 M4Tom ZanussiRESOLVED2
3068Darren Hart[FRI2]MMC detection FastBoot firmwarenormalMedium+1.4Darren HartRESOLVED
3787Darren Hartunable to build external kernel modules with linux-yocto 3.4normalMedium+1.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVED
3790Darren Hart[Autobuilder] Multiple build failures due to perl not being providednormalMedium+1.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVED
3799Darren Hart[Autobuilder] nightly-x86-64 dmesg sanity failed (modprobe gpf)normalMedium+1.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVED
3806Darren Hart[Autobuilder] qemux86-64 "general protection fault" after system haltnormalMedium+1.4 M4Darren HartRESOLVED
4035Darren Hartscripts/contrib/mkefidisk.sh forgets to add root= parameternormalMedium+1.4 M6Darren HartRESOLVED
4036Darren Hartscripts/contrib/mkefidisk.sh hardcodes 'rw' as root mount optionnormalMedium+1.4 M6Darren HartRESOLVED
3295Nitin Kamblemeta-intel BSPs: mesa_demos compile error on autobuildernormalMedium+1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED2
3348Nitin Kamblesugarbay: video doesn't work after vaapi upgradenormalMedium+1.4Nitin KambleRESOLVED5
3614Nitin Kambleusb3 boot not supportedmajorMedium+1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED3
3776Nitin Kamblecore-image-lsb-sdk image build for crownbay BSP fails on emgd installmajorMedium+1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED2
3447Tom ZanussiConfigure oprofile to use 'operf' perf_events mode rather than legacy modenormalMedium+1.4 M4Tom ZanussiRESOLVEDpatchset posted to oe-core maling list3
3589Tom Zanussilttng-modules crashes while doing do_make_scripts tasknormalMedium+1.4 M2Tom ZanussiRESOLVED
3993Tom Zanussiperf using host includesnormalMedium+1.4 M6Tom ZanussiRESOLVED
3775Nitin KambleKernel recipe fails for sys940x on the autobuildernormalUndecided1.4 M4Nitin KambleRESOLVED0.25
  38      58

Features(enhancements) that need to be verified (1.4 M1,1.4 M2,1.4 M3,1.4 M4,1.4 M6,1.4 M6,1.4)

IDAssigneeESummary (10 tasks) PWhiteboardMilestoneStatus
806Joshua Lock - Disabled4Consider using PatchELF rather than chrpath for modifying the RPATHLow1.4RESOLVED
823Joshua Lock - DisabledEnsure Poky can be run on non-Linux UnicesLow1.4RESOLVED
874Beth Flanagan1[AutoBuilder/FEAT] Set Bug to Fixed automatically when building in AutoBuilderLow1.4RESOLVED
1613Song LiuEmbedded java environment or even JDK supportLow1.4RESOLVED
1618Saul Wold4MeeGo / Tizen GPLv2 SyncLow1.4RESOLVED
1632Saul Wold3Eval Patch management toolsLow1.4RESOLVED
1650Scott RifenbarkNeed documentation on contributing patches and codeLow17-Nov-2011: Resolved Fixed with 3.8 of dev manual.1.4RESOLVED
3435Radu Moisan10Investigate fast boot optimization options for non-SystemD init system.Low1.4RESOLVED
3621Ross BurtonSource in -dbg packages is wasteful and not massively usefulLow1.4RESOLVED
2645Scott Rifenbark[DOC] The ADT documentation should be improved to include additional command line instructionsMedium1 March 2013: In Progress Review1.4RESOLVED

Needinfo Bugs (1.4 M1,1.4 M2,1.4 M3,1.4 M4,1.4 M6,1.4 M6,1.4)

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