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(My activity dashboard)
(My activity dashboard)
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File:INT-002-Yocto-Dashboard-v0.9.png | 22 Mar
File:INT-002-Yocto-Dashboard-v0.9.png | 22 Mar
File:INT-002-Yocto-Dashboard-v0.8.png | 21 Mar
File:INT-002-Yocto-Dashboard-v0.8.png | 21 Mar

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This page contains information on the Web Hob project to develop a web-based UI for the Yocto project.

Mailing List: https://lists.yoctoproject.org/listinfo/webhob



Latest Files

older files

Prototype Index

Sprint Version Stage Scope Link
1 1 I,III Build analysis prototype
2 1 II,III Projects and builds prototype
2 2 II,III Projects and builds prototype
2 3 II,III Projects and builds prototype
2 1 II,III File browsing and multi-user prototype
2 2 I,II,III File browsing and build analysis prototype
2 4 I,II,III All scenarios prototype
2 5 I,II,III All scenarios prototype

  • Sprint is the design sprint (or phase) during which the prototype was produced. There are 2 design sprints in this project.
  • Version indicates how many iterations of each prototype we created as part of the design process
  • Stage refers to the Web Hob stages identified by Tobias & Tobias and outlined further down this page
  • Scope indicates, at a high level, which scenarios are addressed by the prototype
  • Link to the Yocto Project git repository where the prototype is hosted

Visual design

Visual design work by Tobias & Tobias started at the beginning of March. They agreed to deliver a set of GUI components and 3 screen mockups:

  • My activity dashboard
  • Build dashboard
  • Package information

The thumbnails below show the visual design work as it was delivered over time. I've grouped them by page, so that it's easier to see how they evolved.

Final versions were delivered on Friday, 22nd March 2013. This is the agency's final piece of work: it doesn't mean it will be the design we will implement. Changes might come based on community feedback.

My activity dashboard

Build dashboard

Package information

GUI controls

Stage II & III

Scenarios Covered

  • Create Build 
    • Set up Project 
    • Choose Hardware
    • Set Preferences 
    • Specify Layer(s)
    • Specify base image and package(s)
    • Run Build
  • Install Web Hob Server
    • Configure team servers 
    • Select team options and configure
  • Error Messaging 
    • View error logs
  • Refine scenarios from Stage I


  • 4 Feb 2013 — Workshop
  • 8 Feb — 1st review
  • 12–14 Feb — User testing
  • 15 Feb — User testing review
  • 20 Feb — 2nd review
  • 22 Feb — Final review

Stage I

Scenarios Covered

  • Show Build Metrics (minimal)
    • Identify image (minimal)
    • Define scope of analysis (minimal)
    • Run analysis of image (minimal)
    • View analysis overview (minimal)
  • Finding/Viewing Builds (minimal)
    • View list of projects/builds (minimal)
  • Install Single-User Web Hob (minimal)
    • Check prerequisites (minimal)
    • Download/git clone Web Hob (minimal)
    • Install single-user option (minimal)


  • 11 Jan 2013 — Kickoff
  • 14 Jan — Workshop
  • 18 Jan — 1st review
  • 22–24 Jan — User testing
  • 25 Jan — User testing review
  • 30 Jan — 2nd review
  • 1 Feb — Final review

Old Files

Previous Versions

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