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Thanks to BitBake's client/server split there are several possibilities for graphical interaction with BitBake. At this time most development effort is being put into the hob GUI, which aims to be a general-purpose graphical tool for interactive BitBake sessions.

Current GUI's

There are currently three GUI's in BitBake, the most recent of which is in the "extremely prototype" phase of development.

depexp - a graphical dependency explorer use-case: view task dependencies in an interactive GUI

run with: bitbake -g -u depexp <some-target>

goggle - a graphical build viewer use-case: watch build progress using a GUI, potentially easier to follow than terminal output

run with: bitbake -u goggle <some-target>

hob - a graphical image creator use-case: create custom images without having to edit files by hand

run with the wrapper script from a sourced build directory: hob (this runs: 'bitbake -r conf/hob-pre.conf -R conf/hob-post.conf -u hob' after ensuring the passed configuration files exist)


Ideas for future GUI work are being collected here