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Scheduled Design Design Complete Development Patch Review Testing Done Blocked
13198Naveen Saini2.8
13336Adrian Freihofer2.8 M1
13060Jon Mason2.8 M1
13059Jon Mason2.8 M1
13264Maciej Pijanowski2.8 M1
13318New Comer Bugs2.8 M1
13328Richard Purdie2.8 M1
13327Richard Purdie2.8 M1
11168Richard Purdie2.8 M1
13326Unassigned2.8 M1
12955Changqing Li2.8 M2
10416chandana kalluri2.8 M2
13316Richard Purdie2.8 M2
13358Bruce Ashfield2.8 M3
13261Jaewon Lee2.8 M3
13323Joshua Watt2.8 M3
13031Kai Kang2.8 M3
12274Mazliana2.8 M3
13412Richard Purdie2.8 M3
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Design Complete




Patch Review



IDAssigneePESummary (24 tasks) WhiteboardMilestoneStatus
11583yeoh ee pengMedium+4oeqa: core add support to publish results2.7 M1RESOLVED
12774HongzhiMedium+oeqa: kernel config depenency for some kernel test cases2.7 M1RESOLVED
12332Michael HalsteadMedium+2Regularly purge the error report database2.7 M1RESOLVED
13058André DraszikMedium+2split util-linux automatically instead of hard coding2.7 M2RESOLVED
13094David ReynaMedium3support custom extensions to reports2.7 M2RESOLVED
13110David ReynaMedium3Add "release" records to product records2.7 M2RESOLVED
12931Joshua WattMedium+5Change default PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT_STYLE to "debug-with-srcpkg"2.7 M2RESOLVED
13030Joshua WattMedium+Add sstate hash equivalence support2.7 M2RESOLVED
13088Aníbal LimónMedium+0.3Add support for extracting individual ptest timing2.7 M2RESOLVED
12421Mingli YuMedium+Host-compiled Python bytecode not reproducible2.7 M2RESOLVED
13011Richard PurdieMedium+Start collecting ptest for arm and x86 on Vtargets.2.7 M2RESOLVED
13114Ross Burton (Arm)Medium+Split python3-ctypes tests package2.7 M2RESOLVED
13012ApoorvMedium+10Create/merge results aggregation and analysis tool2.7 M3RESOLVED
12654yeoh ee pengHigh10QA test results management to replace Testopia2.7 M3RESOLVED
12980Jon MasonMedium+5qemuarm rename to qemuarmv5 and change to v7 as default2.7 M3RESOLVED
12981Jon MasonMedium+5Switch qemuarm to qemu -m virt rather than versatilepb2.7 M3RESOLVED
11522Robert YangMedium+2runqemu env var QB_MEM expects to be set to "-m 256" not "256" or "256M"2.7 M3RESOLVED
12650MazlianaMedium+2Export manual test cases from Testopia to oeqa2.7 M3RESOLVED
12651MazlianaMedium+14Simple script to help manual test execution in populating test results into desired format2.7 M3RESOLVED
13013Richard PurdieMedium+Run results aggregation and analysis on the autobuilder2.7 M3RESOLVED
13014Richard PurdieMedium+Handle triggering and collection of build performance data for release builds2.7 M3RESOLVED
6077Changqing LiLow2piglit depends on libx112.7 M4RESOLVED
8591Robert YangMedium10bitbake world needs a lot of time for "Preparing RunQueue"2.7 M4RESOLVED
12548Scott RifenbarkMedium5Document variable assignment for DISTRO_FEATURES, IMAGE_FEATURES, SDKIMAGE_FEATURES, etc23 April 2019: RESOLVED2.7 M4RESOLVED



Yocto Project v2.8 Release Criteria

Milestone 1 - Target June 9, 2019

Release Criteria Milestone 1 Target Milestone 1 Status
Functional Completion All high features are completed. Done
Build and Release (Yocto) All completed features can be built with no errors. Done
Build and Release (BSPs) Core BSPs can be built with no errors. Done
Open Bugs All bugs have been dispositioned. Milestone high issues have been fixed. [1] Done
Functional Tests 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done -
Distros Tested Fedora, Ubuntu, Opensuse, Centos current version Done - CentOs 7, Debian 9, Fedora 26, Fedora 27, OpenSuse 42.3, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10
BSP Testing 100% of planned tests are executed and results are logged in bugzilla. Done -
Build Performance Try to at least maintain the current performance and improve if possible. Done -
Package Update Plan to have 70% or greater packages updated. Done
Patch Upstream Status Less than 50% of all patches in Pending state. Done -
Publication The release is announced Released

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