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Place to discuss changes to the Regression Test Server.


Regression Test Server Introduction


  • Automating the build and test cases process
  • Compiled image we need to any branch

Basic Setup

  • git clone git://
  • cd yocto-autobuilder
  • . ./yocto-autobuilder-setup
  • Modify the /conf/auto.conf file(e.g. PACKAGE_CLASSES;BB_NUMBER_THREADS;PARALLEL_MAKE;MACHINE;...)
  • ./yocto-start-autobuilder <master/slave/both> or make start
  • If you want a more advanced setup, more hacking require(e.g. master.cfg/buildbot.tac)

Master and Slave


Detailed Task for Regression Test Server

Detail task.png

Compilation options

  • Your username:yocto-project
  • Your password:linux123
  • Git Repo:
    • Select the git repo (poky or poky-contrib)
  • Git Branch:
    • input the git branch you need(e.g. master/edison/1.2_M2 ...,default value=master)
  • Git Revision or Tag:
    • input the git tag you need (e.g. HEAD/commit;default value=HEAD)
  • Meta layer Git Repo:
  • Meta layer Git Branch:
    • Input the Meta layer git Repo branch you need(e.g. master/edsion/...)
      • if select Meta-x32/crownbay task. the default value is master
  • Meta layer Git Revision or Tag:
    • Input the Meta layer git Repo tag you need(e.g. HEAD/commit)
      • if select Meta-x32/crownbay task ,the default value is HEAD
  • example:Options.png

Meta layer option are set to None when you selected the task in addition to Meta-x32 task or crownbay task

URL and Publish_Dir of Regression Test Server

  1. URL
  2. Publish_Dir(including:image,rpm/ipk) \\\incoming\Autobuilder

Technical part

  1. BuildBot (used by Yocto)
  2. Jenkins, remote access API:
  3. LAVA


File:AutoBuilder introduction.pdf

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