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Note: this page is for tracking imminent/in progress work.

Unplanned extra features - schedule at next map day

  • (Re-)Enable removal of packages
  • Show contents of images & tasks (per community feedback)
  • Show more information for selected package (per community feedback)
  • add context menus to build view
    • view logs
    • show log directory
    • view log for task
  • add context menus to package view
    • "Rebuild-from" with a submenu for each task of the build; fetch, unpack, compile, etc.
  • hobhandler as a proxy to the server has a code smell
  • Add GUI to set mirror variables (SSTATE, PREMIRROR, ?)
  • "Overlay" files, extra files to be installed into the rootfs at image generation time
  • Display and change IMAGE_FEATURES
  • Consider allowing dragging a package from the list to the contents area
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