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Checklist for setting up autobuilders

  1. Fresh OS install (minimal X window profile)
  2. Make sure NFS is mounted and idmapd is working properly.
  3. Set firewall to allow connections from qemu sanity tests
  4. Setup any needed proxies.
    1. Including git-proxy if needed. You'll test your proxies below.
  5. Run relevant yum, apt-get, or zypper command from the packages section of the quick start guidde
  6. Install vncserver and if needed python-zope.interfaces
  7. Add a pokybuild user
  8. echo "source /opt/poky/1.5/environment-setup-x86_64-pokysdk-linux" >> /home/pokybuild/.bashrc
  9. git clone /home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder
  10. git clone git clone git:// /root/poky
  11. Install a toolchain at /opt/poky
  12. Install an SDK at the default /opt/poky/1.5
  13. echo "cd /root/poky/scripts/; ./runqemu-gen-tapdevs 1006 100 32 /opt/poky/sysroots/x86_64-pokysdk-linux/" >> /etc/rc.local (or /etc/rc.d/after.local or equivalent.)
  14. echo "/bin/su - pokybuild -c "/usr/bin/vncserver" >> /etc/rc.local (or /etc/rc.d/after.local or equivalent.)
  15. Execute /etc/rc.local file to test it. Set your vnc server password
  16. su - pokybuild
  17. Run which python and make sure your python is in /opt
  18. cd yocto-autobuilder and configure config/autobuilder.conf yocto-slave/buildbot.tac yocto-master/master.cfg (maybe yocto-slave/twistd.hostname)
  19. dot-source: ". yocto-autobuilder-setup" (touch .setupdone if needed)
  20. ./yocto-start-autobuilder slave

Watch /tmp on the first build and make sure it isn't filling up. Missed configuration changes with default to /tmp.

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