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[https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/poky-stats/activity.html Commit Activity]
[https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/poky-stats/activity.html Commit Activity]
[https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/charts/daily/combo.html Daily WDD]

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This page is to show latest Yocto Project bug trend status. 5 main charts and 1 detail chart are included. The first and second charts indicate the total open bug number by importance and severity. The third set of charts show open bugs by product. The fourth chart indicates the new bug submission and bug fixing count every week. The fifth chart is the sum of weights for all open bugs and the sixth one represents the report of the wdd over the total number of bugs.

Chart data is now gathered automatically and displayed using detailed interactive charts. Hover your mouse over various parts of the charts for more detail. The dynamic axis labels will sometimes omit text for readability but the relevant data is displayed in the chart.

Bug status of current WW

Please click through to view the charts.
2013-05-06 WW18.png

View All in one

Open Bug Trend by Importance


Importance - Display by day, filter by range + data table

Open Bug Trend by Severity - Enhancement and Janitors bug not included


Open Bug Trend by Product

Products of Interest

All Products See what Other is made up of.

New Submitted and Fixed Bug number

Detailed Submitted and Fixed

Weighted Defect Density for Opened Bugs - Enhancement and Janitors bug not included

Note: How we calculate the data of "weighted defect density"? We define a weight for each severity. And the sum of these weights for all open bugs are the data we record in chart. The weight we use for each severity: Critical:10, Major:7, Normal:5, Minor:3, Enhancement:0, Janitors:0

Basic Weighted Defect Density or Advanced Weighted Defect Density (requires flash)

Weighted Defect Density for Opened Bugs pondered by the total number of bugs

Basic Weighted Defect Density Plus! or Advanced Weighted Defect Density Plus! (requires flash)

Experimental Reports

Commit Activity Daily WDD

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