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Here's a cut-and-paste shell session showing one way to do a start-from-scratch git checkout and build, the end result being a sato desktop in a qemu session (commands also shown for that).

NOTE: this transcript was from a build done on a Ubuntu 10.04 system. Please see the 'Yocto Project Quickstart' for the packages required to be installed on the host system for building [1]

One thing to note with this example is that I'm checking out from poky/edison.

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev$ mkdir Yocto
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev$ cd Yocto/
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ git init
Initialized empty Git repository in /usr/local/dev/Yocto/.git/
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ git remote add yocto git://
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ git remote update
Fetching yocto
remote: Counting objects: 134438, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (39702/39702), done.
remote: Total 134438 (delta 93915), reused 131102 (delta 91225)
Receiving objects: 100% (134438/134438), 75.48 MiB | 1.70 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (93915/93915), done.
From git://
 * [new branch]      1.1_M1     -> yocto/1.1_M1
 * [new branch]      1.1_M2     -> yocto/1.1_M2
 * [new branch]      1.1_M3     -> yocto/1.1_M3
 * [new branch]      1.1_M4     -> yocto/1.1_M4
 * [new branch]      1.2_M1     -> yocto/1.2_M1
 * [new branch]      1.2_M2     -> yocto/1.2_M2
 * [new branch]      1.2_M3     -> yocto/1.2_M3
 * [new branch]      bernard    -> yocto/bernard
 * [new branch]      blinky     -> yocto/blinky
 * [new branch]      clyde      -> yocto/clyde
 * [new branch]      edison     -> yocto/edison
 * [new branch]      elroy      -> yocto/elroy
 * [new branch]      green      -> yocto/green
 * [new branch]      laverne    -> yocto/laverne
 * [new branch]      master     -> yocto/master
 * [new branch]      pinky      -> yocto/pinky
 * [new branch]      purple     -> yocto/purple
 * [new tag] ->
 * [new tag] ->
 * [new tag]         1.1_M2.rc3 -> 1.1_M2.rc3
 * [new tag] ->
 * [new tag]         1.1_M3.rc3 -> 1.1_M3.rc3
 * [new tag] ->
 * [new tag]         1.2_M1.rc2 -> 1.2_M1.rc2
 * [new tag] ->
 * [new tag]         1.2_M2.rc1 -> 1.2_M2.rc1
 * [new tag]         1.2_M3.rc1 -> 1.2_M3.rc1
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0.2+docs -> bernard-5.0.2+docs
 * [new tag]         pinky-3.1.2 -> pinky-3.1.2
From git://
 * [new tag]         1.1_M1.rc1 -> 1.1_M1.rc1
 * [new tag]         1.1_M1.rc2 -> 1.1_M1.rc2
 * [new tag]         1.1_M2.rc1 -> 1.1_M2.rc1
 * [new tag]         1.1_M2.rc2 -> 1.1_M2.rc2
 * [new tag]         1.1_M3.rc2 -> 1.1_M3.rc2
 * [new tag]         1.1_M4.rc2+ -> 1.1_M4.rc2+
 * [new tag]         1.1_M4.rc3 -> 1.1_M4.rc3
 * [new tag]         1.1_M4.rc4 -> 1.1_M4.rc4
 * [new tag]         1.2_M1.rc1 -> 1.2_M1.rc1
 * [new tag]         bernard-1.0rc1 -> bernard-1.0rc1
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0 -> bernard-5.0
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0-alpha -> bernard-5.0-alpha
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0.1 -> bernard-5.0.1
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0.2 -> bernard-5.0.2
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0rc1 -> bernard-5.0rc1
 * [new tag]         bernard-5.0rc2 -> bernard-5.0rc2
 * [new tag]         edison-6.0 -> edison-6.0
 * [new tag]         laverne-4.0 -> laverne-4.0
 * [new tag]         laverne-4.0.1 -> laverne-4.0.1
 * [new tag]         m4         -> m4
 * [new tag]         purple-3.2 -> purple-3.2
 * [new tag]         purple-3.2.1 -> purple-3.2.1

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ git checkout -b edison-cur yocto/edison
Branch edison-cur set up to track remote branch edison from yocto.
Switched to a new branch 'edison-cur'
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ ls
bitbake        LICENSE  meta-demoapps  meta-yocto         README           scripts
documentation  meta     meta-skeleton  oe-init-build-env  README.hardware
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ source oe-init-build-env 
You had no conf/local.conf file. This configuration file has therefore been
created for you with some default values. You may wish to edit it to use a 
different MACHINE (target hardware) or enable parallel build options to take 
advantage of multiple cores for example. See the file for more information as 
common configuration options are commented.

The Yocto Project has extensive documentation about OE including a reference manual
which can be found at:

For more information about OpenEmbedded see their website: 

You had no conf/bblayers.conf file. The configuration file has been created for
you with some default values. To add additional metadata layers into your
configuration please add entries to this file.

The Yocto Project has extensive documentation about OE including a reference manual
which can be found at:

For more information about OpenEmbedded see their website:

### Shell environment set up for builds. ###

You can now run 'bitbake <target>' 

Common targets are:

You can also run generated qemu images with a command like 'runqemu qemux86'

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto/build$ cd conf
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto/build/conf$ ls
bblayers.conf  local.conf

Change only the following variables in local.conf, it makes the build go faster depending on how many CPUs you have. I have 4, with HT, so I'm changing my values to 8:

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/src/Yocto/build/conf$ emacs -nw local.conf

Since this is your first build, it won't matter - it will take awhile regardless, but for later builds, to avoid re-downloading all the packages again, you can point the DL_DIR variable in local conf to the downloads dir of a previous build. Continuing the session...

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto/build/conf$ cd /usr/local/dev/Yocto
trz@elmorro:/usr/local/dev/Yocto$ source poky-init-build-env 

### Shell environment set up for Poky builds. ###

You can now run 'bitbake <target>'

Common targets are:

You can also run generated qemu images with a command like 'poky-qemu qemux86'

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/src/Yocto/build$ bitbake poky-image-sato
Pseudo is not present but is required, building this first before the main build
NOTE: Out of date cache found, rebuilding...
Parsing recipes: 100% |#################################################################################################| Time: 00:00:52
Parsing of 783 .bb files complete (0 cached, 783 parsed). 991 targets, 11 skipped, 0 masked, 0 errors.

OE Build Configuration:
BB_VERSION        = "1.11.0"
METADATA_BRANCH   = "bernard-cur"
METADATA_REVISION = "8b6416db1e04af83ecdf57522240ac859d5d8031"
TARGET_ARCH       = "i586"
TARGET_OS         = "linux"
MACHINE           = "qemux86"
DISTRO            = "poky"
TARGET_FPU        = ""

NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies
NOTE: Preparing runqueue
NOTE: Executing SetScene Tasks
NOTE: Executing RunQueue Tasks
NOTE: Running task 1 of 88 (ID: 21, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 2 of 88 (ID: 61, virtual:native:/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/gnu-config/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 3 of 88 (ID: 77, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/m4/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 4 of 88 (ID: 37, virtual:native:/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/autoconf/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 5 of 88 (ID: 45, virtual:native:/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/automake/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 6 of 88 (ID: 53, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/libtool/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 7 of 88 (ID: 85, virtual:native:/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/tcltk/, do_setscene)
NOTE: Running task 8 of 88 (ID: 69, virtual:native:/usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-core/gettext/, do_setscene)
NOTE: package quilt-native-0.48-r0: task do_setscene: Started
NOTE: package quilt-native-0.48-r0: task do_setscene: Succeeded
NOTE: package m4-native-1.4.15-r0: task do_setscene: Started
NOTE: package m4-native-1.4.15-r0: task do_setscene: Succeeded
NOTE: Running task 9 of 88 (ID: 20, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/quilt/, do_fetch)
NOTE: Running task 10 of 88 (ID: 76, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-devtools/m4/, do_fetch)
NOTE: Running task 4960 of 4961 (ID: 9, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-sato/images/, do_rootfs)
NOTE: package poky-image-sato-1.0-r0: task do_rootfs: Started
NOTE: package poky-image-sato-1.0-r0: task do_rootfs: Succeeded
NOTE: Running noexec task 4961 of 4961 (ID: 4, /usr/local/src/Yocto/meta/recipes-sato/images/, do_build)
NOTE: Tasks Summary: Attempted 4961 tasks of which 4959 didn't need to be rerun and 0 failed.

trz@elmorro:/usr/local/src/Yocto/build$ poky-qemu qemux86

Continuing with the following parameters:
KERNEL: [/usr/local/src/Yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images/bzImage-qemux86.bin]
ROOTFS: [/usr/local/src/Yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images/poky-image-sato-qemux86.ext3]
FSTYPE: [ext3]
Setting up tap interface under sudo
[sudo] password for trz: 
Acquiring lockfile for tap0...
Starting distccd...
Running qemu...
/usr/local/src/Yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/qemu -kernel /usr/local/src/Yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images/bzImage-qemux86.bin -net nic,vlan=0 -net tap,vlan=0,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no -hda /usr/local/src/Yocto/build/tmp/deploy/images/poky-image-sato-qemux86.ext3 -show-cursor -usb -usbdevice wacom-tablet -vga vmware -enable-gl -no-reboot --append "vga=0 root=/dev/hda mem=128M ip= oprofile.timer=1 "
vmsvga_value_write: guest runs Linux.
Set 'tap0' nonpersistent
Releasing lockfile of preconfigured tap device 'tap0'
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