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This article is the test plan for Toaster.


The test process focuses on:

  • validating the data collected from the build process
  • verifying the correct functioning of the Toaster GUI.

Test Areas

Toaster consists of two big components, as follows:

1. Backend

Functionality tests

  • REST API verification – create Django tests to detect API calls returning no data;
  • Calculation of the data collection rate - the ratio of the number of the variables having null values ​​and the total number of variables collected;
  • Verify that all links in the simple UI are available;
  • Verify the quality of the data collected through the simple UI;

Usability tests

2. Frontend

Functionality tests

  • Manual testing in the first stage;
  • Automate testing using Selenium, in the second stage;

Compatibility tests

  • Verify the behavior of the GUI on different browsers and operating systems;

Usability tests

Performance tests

  • Stress testing (e.g. display appropriate error messages when the system is under stress);

perf 2

Test execution cycle
#Weekly Test #Full Pass Test
Build type
Weekly yes
Build type #Backend yes yes
#Frontend yes
Target machine
qemuarm yes yes
qemumips yes
qemuppc yes
qemux86 yes yes
Test execution cycle
Weekly Test Full Pass Test
Build type Weekly Yes Yes
Build type Backend Yes Yes
Frontend Yes Yes
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