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Design documentation for the Yocto Project 1.5 and 1.6 releases

The document File:Toaster 1.6 content structure.pdf shows the content structure of Toaster in the 1.6 release.

Other design documentation

Old design documents

This page is about the Web Hob project. Web Hob is a web-based interface to the Yocto Project.

General discussion about Web Hob happens on a dedicated mailing list:

There have been 2 main pieces of work related to Web Hob so far:

Web Hob information architecture

This document represents the content structure of the Web Hob application.

File:Web Hob content structure.pdf

Different approaches to multi-user workflows

This document outlines the different approaches we have uncovered so far to facilitate multi-user and team work with Web Hob.

Visualisations index

The build analysis functionality in Web Hob will include several graphical presentations of build data. The first step to design them is listing them all.

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