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(Bug and Feature Verification)
(Bug and Feature Verification)
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  |milestone=1.7, 1.7 M1, 1.7 M2, 1.7 M3, 1.7 M4
  |priority=high, Medium%2B
<!-- |qa=corneliux.stoicescu@intel.com,alexandru.c.georgescu@intel.com,ionutx.chisanovici@intel.com,georgex.l.musat@intel.com,stanciux.mihail@intel.com,andrax.g.necula@intel.com,costinx.c.constantin@intel.com -->

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Bug and Feature Verification

1.7 Features that need to be verified

IDQAESummary (4 tasks) PWhiteboardAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolution
6403 Automate RP's release part of the process to avoid regressionsMedium+Tracy Graydon1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5997 Build must work even if git is blocked by a firewallMedium+Mihail Stanciu1.7 M4CLOSEDFIXED
Stoicescu Cornel
5615Stoicescu Cornel7Add expect scripts for interacting with grub for automated hw testingHighCristian Iorga1.7 M1CLOSEDFIXED
Cristian Iorga
6205Cristian IorgaAdd support for building nativesdk-qemu to meta-mingw/meta-darwinMedium+Moved from Laurentiu to CristianCristian Iorga1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED

Resolved features that need to be verified

IDQAESummary (43 tasks) PWhiteboardAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolution
Alexandru Georgescu
5893Alexandru GeorgescuRationalise bootchart supportMediumMax Eliaser1.7RESOLVEDFIXED
6444Alexandru GeorgescuMove on target kernel module support to separate recipe? (Improve Performance and developer experience)Medium+Darren Hart1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
1569Alexandru Georgescu6[QA/Test] Add recipe for rt tests and automate test (ptest)MediumMaxin B. John (inactive)1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
5400Alexandru GeorgescuBest practices for multi-machine buildsMedium+24 November 2014: RESOLVEDScott Rifenbark1.8 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
6979Alexandru Georgescu1Port mail script to New PRSMediumAníbal Limón1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6435Alexandru Georgescu10Use the build system within the SDKMedium+Paul Eggleton1.8 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7783Alexandru GeorgescuYP 1.9 Dev. Tools EnhancementsMediumStephen K Jolley1.9RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
7489Alexandru Georgescu3AUH: Improve installation/usageMediumAníbal Limón1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7652Alexandru Georgescu10patchwork: ensure that merged patches get properly marked as suchMedium+Jose Lamego1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7970Alexandru Georgescu5patchwork: patches sent to the meta OE list are auto-archived after a few hours/daysUndecidedJose Lamego1.9 M2RESOLVEDNOTABUG
7348Alexandru Georgescu1We should use the ext4 driver for ext2/3MediumBruce Ashfield1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6559Alexandru Georgescu6Construct the SDK using sstate archivesMedium+Chen Qi1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6560Alexandru Georgescu5Add script to update installed SDK based on sstate manifestsMedium+Chen Qi1.9 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7493Alexandru Georgescu0.3AUH: Documentation changes for 1.9 workMediumAníbal Limón2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7653Alexandru Georgescu10patchwork: make update git hook run asynchronouslyMediumJose Lamego2.0RESOLVEDFIXED
7575Alexandru Georgescu8Identify image recipesMediumGUI design availableAlex Franco2.1RESOLVEDFIXED
7491Alexandru Georgescu10AUH: Add support for boot qemu imagesMediumAníbal Limón2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7576Alexandru Georgescu5AUH: Add ptest supportMediumAníbal Limón2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7809Alexandru Georgescu2RRS: have the url reflect the current searchLowAníbal Limón2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
7655Alexandru Georgescu1patchwork: proper support for seriesMediumJose Lamego2.1 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
8690Alexandru Georgescu3make npm style packages something devtool can also build/recipeize on the flyMedium+Paul Eggleton2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
7675Alexandru Georgescu15Rework application development guideMedium+01 April 2016: RESLOVEDScott Rifenbark2.1 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7490Alexandru Georgescu3AUH: Add testing support - master bugMediumAníbal Limón2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7855Alexandru Georgescu2Show blacklist information in layer indexMediumGUI design availableLeonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
9244Alexandru Georgescu5patchtest-oe: Create tests to validate recipes, classes or config filesMedium+Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez2.2 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7654Alexandru Georgescu2patchwork: ensure superseded patches are marked as suchMedium+Jose Lamego2.2 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
8162Alexandru Georgescu4patchwork: clear out the superseded and already merged patchesMedium+Michael Halstead2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
8193Alexandru Georgescu3add wiki reporting to public ABMediumUnassigned2.3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
8442Alexandru Georgescu2patchwork: Publish patch update log informationMediumJose LamegoFutureRESOLVEDFIXED
1683Alexandru Georgescu2Enable sound for qemux86LowRobert YangFutureRESOLVEDFIXED
Stoicescu Cornel
4106Stoicescu CornelDeployment user experience enhancementMediumCover bug no direct estimateSaul Wold1.8RESOLVEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
6791Lucian MusatIntegrate the fetcher with a gitexternalsrc class for large team developmentMediumRichard Purdie1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7667Lucian Musat1Feature request: include expanded_data in the ConfigParsed eventMediumRichard Purdie1.9RESOLVEDFIXED
7668Lucian Musat1Feature request: inject 'd' as well as 'e' into event handlersMediumRichard Purdie1.9 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5275Lucian Musat1bbnote etc just use echoMediumPaul Eggleton1.9 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
6018Lucian Musat2Replace obsolete wireless-tools with iw toolMedium+Ross Burton2.1 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
7553Lucian Musat2avahi should be kept up to date with bugfixesMedium+Maxin B. John (inactive)2.1 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
5134Lucian Musat3Add ptest for BlueZ5MediumAlexander Kanavin2.2RESOLVEDFIXED
7477Lucian Musat2runqemu should support running poky tinyMedium08 August 2016: NEEDINFORobert Yang2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
7515Lucian Musat10Add CVE testing toolMedium+Mariano Lopez2.2 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5520Lucian Musat40poky-tiny enhancementsMediumOn Track for Initial ImplAlejandro Hernandez2.3RESOLVEDFIXED
5431Lucian MusatInvestigate and document uClibc limitationMediumRoss BurtonFutureRESOLVEDOBSOLETE
Ionut Chisanovici
2415Ionut Chisanovici5connman doesn't provide a 3g configuration utilityLowNR 10/02Jussi KukkonenFutureRESOLVEDINVALID

Feature implementation

QA Features that need to be implemented

7853Lucian MusatError handling during testing -- fail-safe to handle exception of DUT hangMedium+Costin1.9 M3CLOSEDFIXED

Feature implementation

All assigned to QA team

7853CostinError handling during testing -- fail-safe to handle exception of DUT hangMedium+Lucian Musat1.9 M3CLOSEDFIXED

Resolved bugs that need to be verified

IDQAESummary (4 tasks) PWhiteboardAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolution
Alexandru Georgescu
5551Alexandru Georgescu3.10.9 Kernel hanging on fsl-image-gui when using U-Boot mainline (2013.10)Medium+Otavio Salvador1.6RESOLVEDFIXED
6380Costin1systemd: do_compile error on older kernelMedium+Chen Qi1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6710Costinlinux-yocto-rt recipe failing to buildMedium+Darren Hart1.7 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
Lucian Musat
5090Lucian MusatKMETA mis-used for both directories and branchesMedium+Bruce Ashfield1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED

Toaster bugs

Medium + and High Toaster resolved bugs and features that need to be verified


Medium, and Low Toaster resolved bugs and features that need to be verified

IDQAPSummary (27 tasks) PWhiteboardAssigneeMilestoneStatusResolution
5253 Medium[webhob-poky/master] work_directory in tasks table is emptyMediumbitbake, toasteruiAlexandru Damian1.6 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5254 Medium[webhob-poky/master] line_number in tasks table is emptyMediumbitbake, toasteruiAlexandru Damian1.6 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5190 Medium[webhob-poky/master] No full path to the task script file availableMediumbitbake, toasteruiCristiana Voicu1.6 M1RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
5820 MediumLink warnings to their corresponding tasks (when applicable)MediumGUI design available; needs data completion testAlexandru Damian1.6 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6135 UndecidedFilter hover button for "all" brokenUndecidedBelen Barros Pena1.6 M5RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
6039 MediumBring in orm_logmessage.message to task details pagesMediumGUI design availableDavid Reyna1.6 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6056 MediumSorting by "Variable" in the BitBake variables table is not working as expectedMediumDavid Reyna1.6 M5RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5921 MediumTask outcomes are sorted by database value, instead of alphabeticallyMediumDavid Reyna1.6.1RESOLVEDFIXED
6147 Medium"Size over total" column displays when not selectedMediumDavid Reyna1.6.1RESOLVEDFIXED
6094 MediumIf do_rootfs does not execute, license manifest and image files are emptyMediumFarrell Wymore1.6.1RESOLVEDFIXED
5563 Mediumtoaster change REST API implementation to use Django REST frameworkMediumAlexandru Damian1.7RESOLVEDWONTFIX
5490 MediumSupport multiple Bitbake server backends for each Toaster webserverMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M1RESOLVEDFIXED
5541 Mediumdesign Build REST APIMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M1RESOLVEDWONTFIX
6237 MediumAbility to identify build host and build directoryMediumGUI design pendingAlexandru Damian1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6240 MediumToaster must be able to create a build environment and launch the Bitbake server (remote use case)MediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
6586 Mediumcreate extension point in toasterMediumFarrell Wymore1.7 M3RESOLVEDOBSOLETE
6134 MediumWrong information of images.MediumBelen Barros Pena1.7 M4RESOLVEDNOTABUG
Alexandru Roman
5919Alexandru RomanMediumInteraction between sorting and "Edit columns" menu not working as designedMediumFarrell Wymore1.7 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
Mihail Stanciu
6506Mihail StanciuMediumToasters reports 0 packages included for uhd-dev-image (meta-sdr)MediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M2RESOLVEDWORKSFORME
5878Mihail StanciuMediumWe should keep some state of Toaster tablesMediumAlexandru Damian1.7 M4RESOLVEDDUPLICATE
Yuan Sun
4381Yuan SunMediumbuildtime: Filter the content of the build time tableMediumGUI design availableDavid Reyna1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4382Yuan SunMediumbuildtime: Search the content of the build time tableMediumGUI design availableDavid Reyna1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4383Yuan SunMediumbuildtime: Sort the content of the build time tableMediumGUI design availableDavid Reyna1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4278Yuan SunMediumtasks: Filter the content of the tasks tableMediumGUI design availableRavi Chintakunta1.6 M3RESOLVEDFIXED
4943Yuan SunMediumProvide help informationMediumGUI design availableBelen Barros Pena1.6 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
5748Yuan SunMediumBring in tasks descriptions from documentation.conf into ToasterMediumGUIRavi Chintakunta1.6 M4RESOLVEDFIXED
6232Yuan SunMediumDesign the ability to create new projectsMediumGUI design in progressBelen Barros Pena1.7 M2RESOLVEDFIXED
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