How to start a build on the Autobuilder

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Note: for public autobuilder access, contact Michael Halstead <>.

  1. Ensure the autobuilder isn't currently building anything and nobody needs to run a build in the time yours will take to complete. While the autobuilder can run more than one build, this forces other builds to run slower.
  2. Go to the autobuilder waterfall page
  3. Log in

For non-release builds, you have the option of doing a specific build by clicking on that build name (e.g., nightly-arm), or the complete set of nightly builds by clicking on the nightly heading. For a release build, you must do a nightly build.

  1. For a non-release build of the master branch, the defaults should be sufficient.
  2. For a build of a branch other than master, change the repo links and branches as required. For example, to do a build of the ross/mut branch:
    1. Set the poky repo to git:// instead of git://
    2. Set the branch underneath that to your contrib branch name (e.g., ross/mutt)
  3. For a build based on a previous release, set all repo branches to match the base yocto release (e.g., krogoth).
    1. The bitbake branch is a numeric name which should be the corresponding bitbake version used for the release.
  4. Enter a reason in the box and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Force build
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